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  • My Awesome Big Brother

    in Youth

    On today's Clever Girl, my brother named Masai is on the show! He'll talk about what it's like being a big brother, and being on crutches.
    Zora is the host of Clever Girl. She is 8 years old.

  • Uncuffed with Coach Caprice Smith

    in Women

    Join Award Winning Life and Business Coach Caprice Smith and her amazing guest. UnCuffed is a new show focused on helping women to find and understand their purpose for achieving greatness. Special Guest Darlene A. Anderson is the president and founder of Darlene’s Utopia, a company designed to empower, motivate and provide resources for clients through coaching, speaking engagements, and events
    Under the umbrella of Darlene’s Utopia, Anderson has been able to marry her purpose with her passion for helping individuals elevate to their highest personal and professional potential by using her unique blend of personal and professional experiences as a seasoned social service professional. Anderson is also the published author of the autobiographical empowerment book titled, Not Without A Fight: 10 Ways To Win When It Appears You've Already Lost. Darlene’s Utopia is the producer of the successful DU’s Conversation Series. Live or recorded, they are engaging forums that draw some of the area’s top relationship experts and life coaches to immerse in stimulating dialogue in an interactive setting.
    Sponsors: Slantress Magazine Coach Caprice Smith     Rita Ricks    Off The Vine

  • The Free American

    in Education

    My Guest today is: Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.  Very soon, all alternative sources of news, including this website, will be shut down.  That time draws ever closer. Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.
    "In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the [average person] lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind, in matters political." [Protocol #5]

  • Table Talk

    in Caregiving

    Table Talk airs every Saturday at 10 a.m. ET (9 a.m. CT, 7 a.m. PT). Denise interviews those who care for a family member or friend.
    This Saturday, Trish, who cares for her brother, joins me to talk about managing caregiving responsibilities and a career.

  • Counterfeit Christianity and the Spirit of Divination (Witchcraft) today

    in Spirituality

    On the morning of the Shabat, August 2nd, 2014 (6 Ab 5775) at 1000AM EST (900 AM CST), your Brother in YAH will be talking, teaching, and testifying in an open forum (Part 2) how the father of lies has introducted the Spirit of divination and witchcraft in the Qahal (congregation of Kingdom Citizens of YAHUAH) and how it is affecting the growth and spiritual maturity of the Body of Believers in the Mashyakh (Anointed One). Please join us by calling (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below. May YAH continue to bless and keep you. And it is so. HalleluYAHUAH! Shalum ahlekehym (Peace be unto you)!! Shabat shalum.

  • Joyce Pilarsky Finds Her Passion In Fashion

    in Fashion

    Joyce Peñas Pilarsky is an fashion designer, model, beauty queen, Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2014, MWI International Ambassador 2013, Philippine's Best Dressed and Style Icon 2013,  book author, singer, painter and philanthropist.
    Joyce had been designing dresses, gowns and fashion accessories for a long time. She always wanted to design her own clothes because she loves to create something different and it’s her passion.   
    Three years ago , she started to join fashion shows around the globe like Philippine Fashion Week, J Summer Fashion show in Paris, Fashion Week Brooklyn, New York, Summer Fashion show in Germany, Ecoluxe Luxury Fashion show during the London Fashion Week 2014 and the ECO Fashion Show during the UAE Green Festival, Abu Dhabi.
    She is set to rock the runway in Boston during the Boston Fashion Week on October 11, 2014 and for the third season she will come back to present her collections at Fashion Week Brooklyn
    Joyce luckily received rave reviews from different shows she joined and she was featured in several magazines in the Philippines, USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany. 

  • Lets talk Domestic Violence, Feminism, My Brothers Keeper and Hip Hop

    in Lifestyle

    This week on #LFCRadio, we'll continue or Next Generation of Intellectuals Series. Our guest will be Dr. Stephany Rose. Dr. Rose is an assistant professor of Women and Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado and is the author of three books including her latest, "Abolishing White Masculinity From Mark Twain to Hip Hop".
    We will be talking about feminism, President Obama's My Brothers Keeper initiative and Hip Hop. We'll get her opinion on Ray Rice & The NFL's handling of his indiscretions, Nicki Minaj's new album cover and President Obama.
    And finally, Stephen A. Smith isn't the only one who believes that women can be culpable in a domestic violence incident. We'll ask the hard question. Is there ever a time where a man is justified in hitting a woman? 
    Join us this week live or feel free to replay the podcast! 

  • Training Camp Continues -- Green and White Show Episode 66

    in Sports

    It's the latest edition of The Green and White Show with your boys Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch! On today's edition of the show, Haas and Amiri recap the first week of training camp and the annual 'Green and White Scrimmage'. Plus, they look around the rest of the sports world.
    Follow the show on Twitter: @JerseyHaas and @AmiriTulloch. 

  • RealitySpirituality Radio - Ask Rebecca Anything

    in Spirituality

    Today's Topic: TBA
    Rebecca is a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. Call in LIVE (646) 564-9619 to receive answers to your Life questions. In addition to answering questions you will learn:
    Utilize the Laws of the Universe in your Life Raise your Personal Vibration Change your Perspective Flow with Life without Resisting Make Choices that ADD to Your Happiness Need answers? Call in LIVE (646) 564-9619.
    ORDER: RealitySpirituality: The Truth About Happiness at www.rebeccanorrington.com $19.95 (USD) FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA.
    RealitySpirituality dissects everyday-life experiences down to the least common denominator to reveal WHY we're not as happy as we could be. RealitySpirituality teaches us the IMPORTANCE of our personal vibration. Our peronal vibration determines to what degree and how often we will experience happiness. RealitySpirituality focuses our MOMENTS while teaching HOW to create and experience the happiest journey imaginable.
    Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

  • Pray14Another

    in Religion

    Pray14Another was inspired by 
    James 5:16 New King James Version (NKJV)
    16 Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
    Host Evangelist Hilda brings a Daily Devotional, Inspirational Message, taking prayer request, Biblcal Topics and Guest Speakers all in 2hours daily 4pm - 6pm.  Monday thru Friday.  Saturday 10am -12pm Apostle Mother Wiggins Elder of House of Manasseh Christian Ministries.  Sunday 8pm - 10pm. Partnership in Worship Service with Pray14Another Five Fold Ministry Team.  

  • Sonia Barrett returns, as "The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed," chpt. XXX

    in Spirituality

    Please join us as we welcome Sonia Barrett back to “Get Your, It Togeth REVELATION aka will interview this internationally acclaimed author of her latest book “The Business of Disease,” that has an associated full length documentary, with the scientist, doctors, researchers, naturopaths and inventors contributing a chapter in the book.  Sonia is making her directorial debut; executive produced, is the producer, as well as wrote the narration and narrated this profound film, “The Business of Disease.” She also host and is the producer of the Inner Bridge Radio and is the publisher of Reality Bridge Magazine. Additionally, she is the founder of Timeline Publishing & Media Relations, with a 3 day retreat/workshop held in Ojai, California Friday, August 8, 2014. The name of this workshop is called “Re-Imagine” and you can register on line at the mother website www.spiritinform.com, or call 818-899-1133. Sonia is considered to be one of the most profound mystic of our time and an expert in the realm of motivating and encouraging the trusting of our instincts which should precede external approval. Sonia will share her varied transformative experiences with the creation of her first film and what inspired her 4th book dealing with heightened consciousness and acute spiritual awareness of the self from a scientifically biological sense. This show promises to be uniquely thought provoking, as “The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed,” chapter XXX. We will Ponder the Poetry, if there time, as well as encourage you to call in with your own poetic selection, or email your questions, comments and/or additional support to gyit@kyngjaymes.com.

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