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  • Punches "N" Bunches Radio Boxing Talk Round 117

    in Sports

    Call in Fight Fans and lets talk some Boxing (424) 258-9273  Boxing Interviews with Weekly Recap and Preview

  • Private Label and other Regulations with Marci Kinter of SGIA

    in Business

    This week we will be welcoming in Marci Kinter from SGIA who is the VP for Government and Business Information and she is going to help us understand the regulations for private labeling for garments as well as hit on several other regulatory areas that decorators need to be aware of in their business.
    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page or join us live via the online chat below during the show.

  • Business Talk Back

    in Business

    Live call in talk radio for all business owners,start-ups, and unemployed down sized executives to become small business consultants. Training, and ongoing support, material, and a national program to succeed. Tony Pezza is your host with more than 45 years of small business experience, and has educated more than 250,000 small business owners. Contact Tony at 732 295 5855 office, 732 232 4633 cell , or email at tony@mysmallbusiness.biz


    in Spirituality

    Welcome to our Blogtalkradio !!
    Kristie Daigle, will come on the the Phone with us to share much information about what the universe wants us to know through Enochian Astrology.
    Kristie  will bring forward and share very important Channeled messages and Energy that the Universe gives us through Symbols-she taps into the constellations, planets and stars through Enochian astrology.
    This week we’ll take a closer, detailed look at the symbols for all four planets involved that Grand Cross that’s coming up, along with the effect of the Sun’s entry into the sign of Taurus. Plus, there are a number of other alignments that will be working with this Grand Cross, including the joining together of Venus and the great healer Chiron and the Part of Fortune working together with the Sun and the North Node to shine a bright light on the path to our destiny.
    Please come and join us every friday at 11 am Pacific time .
    See you all!
    Blessing !
    Tina Saelee
    Akashic Teacher, Metaphysical & Healing Teacher , Los angeles QHHT Dedicated Practitioner
    Please note that i teach via Teleconference, Skype and Webinar for those who are out of Southern California
    email : astroandtarot@gmail.com
    My Long distant classes & local meet up www.subconsciouschannel.info

  • PODCAST: David Lennhoff, a Principal at SC&H Appraisal Services

    in Finance

    Welcome to the SC&H Group podcast series.  Today, we are speaking with David Lennhoff, a Principal at SC&H with oversight of the firm’s national appraisal practice.  David, you have expressed serious concern over many of the egregiously high hotel real estate tax assessments throughout the country, and he is going to share some more insights about this today.

  • HRExaminer Radio: Danielle Weinblatt

    in Business

    We're welcoming back Danielle Weinblatt. Her company recently launched the first observable instance of a Google Glass application in HR/Recruiting. We're going to talk about wearable tech.
    Danielle  is the CEO and Founder of Take the Interview, Inc. Danielle was an Arthur Rock Fellow of Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, where she achieved First Year Honors (top 15% of the class). Danielle is also a member of Springboard Enterprises, a network of female founders and CEOs who lead high-growth companies and Leveraged Wisdom, a NYC-based network of CEOs of privately-held companies. She has appeared on Fox Business News, Fox News Boston and Spike TV as part of their “Hire a Veteran” initiative. Danielle has also been a contributor to Inc. Magazine’s, “Been There, Run That” series on scaling companies, The Huffington Post and BostInno.
    Take the Interview, Inc. is a software solution that changes the way people hire. The Company has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, Mashable, Recruiter.com, The Huffington Post, Xconomy, The Boston Globe and The Boston Business Journal and has facilitated hundreds of thousands of interviews since inception.

  • Boots on the ground news

    in Politics Conservative

    Every Friday at 11:00 am we will be reporting news from the country and around the world.  Why you ask? America has gone off the deep end and we the people must bring her a new glory.  I cannot do this alone.  My desire is to invite anyone who has a story that needs attention called to the problem.
     Government over reach is at an all-time highest level, with 22 million federal employees. (they would like to grow it more) That is like New York ruling all of America.  Together we stand or divided we fall.  Wake-up America!!!  Wake-up world!!! Government is out of control.  The new war is on America people.  What is it going to take for America to realize freedom is fleeing and power is given to the elite?  The race card has been played time after time to destroy hopes and dreams of any one that holds different view

  • A minute with Pastor Mike

    in Christianity

    Living according to The Word of God in todays world.

  • Transforming our Children into Productive Citizens! Dr. Gwyn Consulting Services

    in Education

    Dr. Gwyn has more than 14 years experience working in child welfare in the field and on a management level.  Her work led to the publication of “Cost Matters: The Analysis of Cost Services Programming and Organizational Sustainability for CBC Circuit 12″ a quantitative study currently featured on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.  
    Dr. Gwyn’s career has allowed her to participate in more than 500 forensic interviews with children who were abused or neglected. Also, during her career, Dr. Gwyn has testified in both criminal, dependency, and family court. In 2001, the Honorable Judge Roger Alcott declared Dr. Gwyn an expert witness in her field of child protection. Dr. Gwyn is very active in the community and enjoys public speaking and a professor of Ethics and Business.
    Dr. Gwyn also hosts The Drs Gwyn and Handy Show – Taking your dissertation to the next level! Dr. Gwyn is a proud member of the Phd Women’s Network. She is the mother of three adult children and has been married for more than 22 years. She is a native of Florida.

  • Jesus King of Peace-Revelation To Hang on To

    in Spirituality

    Happy Good Friday Everyone, this week I really tried hard to show that Jesus is King but a king like no other, and a king so misunderstood.  In todays time we must not over look Jesus as our King.  He is the King of peace that died for us to free us to live in HIs kingdom with HIm.  He came to fight our enemy and win victory for us so we would be free to live for Him.  We must not over look that while we are still on earth we live our lives through the kingdom of heaven, through King Jesus' life.  The earths governements are falling a part, but God's Kingdom will always stand.

  • Favor Life, the process of "there"

    in Spirituality

    We will walk through the process of  "there" by faith. The place of there is the place of our call, purpose or destiny and God will use our everyday lives to get us to our "there" place  through His Word. These empowerment series helps us look at the lives of ordinary people that God has called for His purpose and plan. We will look at different people in the Bible and see their human side, their struggles, failures, fears and victories as God takes them to their "there" moments that impacts and changes nations for the glory of God. This same God will walk us through our "there" process and we will enjoy the journey and see ourselves and God in a different light. Tune in for "Favor Life" and be empowered in your personal walk of "there".

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