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  • Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Poulston

    in Health

    Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help!
    On Saturday, October 10 at 10 a.m. Eastern she welcomes Dr. Kevin Poulston, BS, DC to discuss the healing benefits of chiropractic care. As Dr. Kevin notes on his website Dockside Chiropractic.com:
    One of my missions here on Earth is to help make Brevard County one of the healthiest, happiest communities in all of Florida through Chiropractic.  
    I truly believe in my heart that located within each and every one of us is a special gift. A special God given skill and purpose that was meant specifically for you and I.  Oftentimes things happen around us which tend to distract us from finding the purpose driven life that is in store for us.  Things like accidents, loss of a loved one, addiction, depression, illness and a multitude of other things.
    Let’s face it if we are expecting to go through life without any “hiccups” then we aren’t really being real with ourselves and consequently not really getting the most out of life. So what is the answer? You don’t wait for the engine in your car to blow up then get an oil change.  You don’t start saving for your child’s college fund once they turn 21, so don’t wait to be proactive with your health!!
    During the live show, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246 and be sure to press 1 so we know you'd like to get on the air.

  • O2 Breakthrough™ *Power #Perfect10in10™ Training Minutes a Day

    in Health

    My clients burn 7,000 calories 1st minute~END PAIN in 30 seconds? How? Why? Scientific Studies show 21 times more weight loss than all other exercises. World renowned research scientists explain why these O2 Breakthrough™ unique exercises feel fantastic & are the SOLE SOURCE of a "HURRICANE of OXYGEN" building 6 times more lean tissue, muscle mass than all exercises including weight training as documented in comparative research revealed via press releases. *Archives back to 10/ 08 REVEAL RECORD RESULTS for many~now *YOU*~FINALLY find out how we do *O2*Breakthrough™ miracles for clients and *YOU* too! *Only MINUTES a day *FOR *YOU: A #Perfect10in10™{TM}POWER*Perfect 10™{TM}™ Telephone Training Techniques *O2 Secrets shared for 24/7 available peak performance conditioning. Your perfectly chiseled face and body are only a short time away, only weeks! ANTI-AGE YOU*for best health for your *YOUNGEST, YUMMIEST YOU YET! You'll love how young you look and FEEL!!


    in Health

    IT IS FINISHED! The chidren of light therefore the children of God has been commanded to take a leave from feeling hopelessness and despair. God has said MY WORD WILL NOT RETURN TO ME VOID, VOIDED AND COUNTED OUT BY MEN WHO WALK ON TWO FEET, made of flesh in blood and whose life is in his nostrils. GOD HAS DECLARED A NEW DAY, WORLDWIDE EDICT against any who are on a hell bent course to make him look like a fool on earth and who have not the power to STOP CANCER, BRAIN DISEASE ON THE THE RISE, THE FALL OF THE NATIONS AND THE DECLARATIONS OF THE PEACEMAKERS.
    Hear how you can avoid falling into their trap of lies and receive all that God has promised to those who lov whis name and who honor his words.

  • 10 pasos para bajar de peso YA!

    in Weight Loss

    Si hay un programa que proteme ayudar con tu perdida de peso, es este. No busques más, Yan es tu nuevo aliado en este camino. Descubre todo lo que necesitas para estar saludable todos los dias. 

  • How To Boost Your Metabolism, Lose Weight & Supercharge Your Energy Levels

    in Nutrition

    There are so many websites, products and expensive programs that claim their “secret” will help you lose weight and increase your energy.  It can be hard to know where to start and who to trust. Also, many of these so called methods can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But there are several easy and simple daily things you can do that won’t break the bank or take hours out of your day.
    In this episode, Dr.  Budweiser founder of Weiser Living will reveal some of these simple strategies that you can apply daily without having to whip out your credit card or spend time you don’t have.
    Some of the points he will cover are:
    How Your Metabolism, Weight Gain And Energy Levels Are All Connected. How To Jumpstart Your Body Every Morning The 1 Minute Exercise That Will Kick Start Your Metabolism And Help You Drop Pounds Water, Plus These 2 Simple Ingredients That You Already Have In Your Kitchen! The 1 Teaspoon Of Surefire Energy Bulletproof Your Drink For High Energy And Mental Clarity How Oxygen Plays A Role In Energy Production 1 Super Simple Technique To Radically Increase Your Oxygen Levels The Myth That Age Equals Weight Gain 3 Major Energy Drains To Avoid 7 Foods That Support Your Metabolism 3 Ways For A Perfect End To Your Day Supplements That Can Support Your Mission! … and much, much more!
    So be sure to stay tuned for an energizing 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser.
    Meanwhile, be sure to sign up for your free newsletter at www.WeiserLiving.com for more articles, videos, recipes and products.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    in Health

    Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. When cancer starts in the breast, it is called breast cancer. Except for skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. Breast cancer screening means checking a woman’s breasts for cancer before she has any symptoms.. Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat and before it is big enough to feel or cause symptoms. Most women who are 50 to 74 years old should have a screening mammogram every two years. If you are 40 to 49years old, or think you may have a higher risk of breast cancer, ask your doctor when to have a screening mammogram. Some things may increase your risk. If you have risk factors, you may be more likely to get breast cancer. Reproductive risk factors • Being younger when you had your first menstrual period. • Never giving birth, or being older at the birth of your first child. • Starting menopause at a later age.• Using hormone replacement therapy for a long time. Other risk factors • Getting older. • A personal history of breast cancer, dense breasts, or some other breast problems. • A family history of breast cancer (parent, sibling, or child). • Changes in your breast cancer-related genes (BRCA1 or BRCA2). • Getting radiation therapy to the breast or chest. • Being overweight, especially after menopause. Can’t afford a mammogram? If you have a low income or do not haveinsurance and are between the ages of 40 and 64, you may qualify for a free or low-cost mammogram through CDC’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. To learn more, call (800) CDC-INFO.     Ref:  cdc.gov

  • The Fitness Diva™ Dee Dee Carter

    in Weight Loss

    The Fitness Diva™ is set to launch via TRIBE Family Channel™ on the second Saturday of the month, beginning this Fall of 2015. Dee Dee's life changing testimony leading to losing over 250 lbs. is AMAZING! Learn how she did it, while transforming into The Fitness Diva™ Join Dee Dee Carter, with health and fitness experts, Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Allen MikHail (1st hour) and Fitness Trainer Jay Hollins (2nd hour) 

  • Human Behavior What a Trip with Jonathan Brower – today’s Guest is Marty McCoy

    in Health

    You can listen to Jonathan on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:00 AM PST. To listen or talk with Jonathan call 657-383-0369.
    You can follow Jonathan on Facebook facebook/com/humanbehaviorwhatatrip or Twitter @humanbehavior_

  • Monastic Times

    in Health

    Dr. Charles McWilliams, Grand Master of SMOCH (SMOCH.org), will talk about the history of Monastic medicine, what the sacred medcial order is, what it has to offer members, and where it is going in the future.
    If you are a physician, clinician, therapist, nurse, or part of the healing community, please join us to learn how belonging to the medical order might be a benefit.
    If you are looking for something greater than yourself, please join us on Sunday mornings at 9 AM EST to see if this is the answer for you.
    We welcome questions during the show.

  • Dr. Doris Rapp, Still a Thought Leader in Environmental Medicine

    in Health

    Dr. Rapp is a board-certified environmental medical specialist and pediatric allergist. She is also a homeopath. She served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo until January 1996. She practiced traditional allergy medicine for 18 years. After learning about environmental medicine in 1975, Dr. Rapp began to incorporate the principles of environmental medicine into her pediatric allergy practice.
    Dr. Rapp is a past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She is also the author of the bestselling book "Is this Your Child" and "Is This Your Childs World" These books will help identify and provide practical methods of treatment to eliminate substances which can cause illness and behavioral changes in both children and adults.
    Dr. Rapp has published 29 medical articles, authored eight chapters in medical texts, written fourteen books and three booklets about allergies. She has also produced numerous educational videotapes and audiotapes for the public, educators and physicians. Her videos vividly demonstrate the dramatic physical and behavioral changes in children and adults that can be produced using the more precise method of allergy testing called Provocation/Neutralization.
    These diagnostic testing and treatment methods can produce and then relieve symptoms in a few minutes. The identical reactions of which patients complain can be easily reproduced by asking patients to eat offending foods or to smell offending odors. Single- and double-blinded research studies indicate changes in the brain waves, immunological blood factors, psychological tests, writing and drawing, all of which can occur during Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing and treatment.