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  • Eat Cholesterol, Drink More Coffee, but Cut Back on the Beef and Soda ...

    in Weight Loss

    Every five years we have a new U.S. Dietary Guidelines and some of the revised recommendations has big business ready to appeal and consumers are celebrating. Part of the growing problem with obesity and nutrition- and lifestyle-related diseases is the confusion around what to eat, what's good and what's bad. In this episode of Diet Free Life with Robert Ferguson, you'll better understand the potential impact of these proposed changes and how you can take control of your nutrition and live your healthiest life.

  • Pre-Screening for Potential Vaccine Damage

    in Health

    Over 3 Billion* US Tax-Payer dollars been have paid out in compensation for vaccine damage to children.  Yet we are supposed to believe that immunizations do no harm.
    Let's recap here, pharmaceutical companies rake-in millions from sales but if those same vaccines hurt, maim or handicap someone, it is the consumer who foots the bill for Government mandated vaccines that have been shown to cause harm.
    What is needed here, and we have suggested it many times, is a way to pre-screen everyone for potential vaccine damage.  
    Join us as we demonstrate a BioAcoustic software program, PreVac,  designed to pre-screen individuals for frequencies thought to be associated with vaccine damage.

  • BRAIN DRAIN: The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

    in Health

    After 25 years as a practicing medical doctor, Charles F. Glassman, dubbed ‘Coach MD’ came to the realization that many of his patients who were dealing with chronic diseases, had a common denominator as the root cause of their health issue. Internalizing the improper interpretation of life events and allowing the unrelenting stress to undermine the immune system and wreak havoc in their body systems.
    Charles Glassman, MD is the author of Brain Drain: The Breakthrough that Will Change your Life, he specializes in personalized, patient focused care, with an emphasis on wellness and prevention. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, from Hobart College in Geneva, NY. He graduated from New York Medical College and completed his Internship and Residency at Montefiore Medical Center and Westchester County Medical Center. Over the years he has seen the shift of medical practices from patient focused to problem focused; from health care to sick care.
    As a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and Life Extension Foundation member, Dr. Glassman approaches medicine in an integrative manner, looking carefully at all traditionally approved methods while recognizing the power of unconventional therapies. Throughout his career, Dr. Glassman has seen mainstream medicine discredit some of these unconventional approaches, only to endorse them years later. For more information about Dr. Glassman and his Rockland County, NY center please visit www.charlesglassmanmd.com
    Meet the very best integrative physicians, authors and celebrities LIVE at the upcoming Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Live (NAVEL) event www.navelexpo.com

  • Outsmarting Overeating-Karen Koenig with Scott Cluthe on P I Radio

    in Weight Loss

    Join Scott on FACEBOOK HERE  FREE Newsletter from Positively Incorrect HERE FREE E Book-1500 titles-Click HERE
    Karen Koenig, LCSW,MEd., with Scott Cluthe live @ 8 EST-7 CST-6 MST -.5 PST. Call in @ 347-308-8478. STILL struggling with weigh-over eating issues ? The Best Eating Coach in the USA joins me live tonight-call in and get support & advice !  Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed., is a licensed psychotherapist, eating coach with a worldwide clientele, motivational speaker and international author who has specialized in the field of compulsive, emotional and restrictive eating for 30 years. She received a B.A. from Boston University, an M.Ed. from Antioch College and an M.S.W. from Simmons College School of Social Work. The reason you turn to food when you’re stressed or distressed is that you don’t have better ways of managing life’s ups and downs. According to Karen R. Koenig, an expert on the psychology of eating, you can transform your eating habits — and your life — by developing effective life skills.  With Koenig’s guidance, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain functional relationships, take care of yourself physically and emotionally, think rationally, and create a passionate, joyful, and meaningful life. When these behaviors take root and become automatic, food becomes what it is meant to be: nourishment and one of life’s many pleasures.

  • Body Talk Are U Listening? - MARNEY PERNA joins ANNETTE

    in Health

    What messages is your body giving you right now? Are U Listening? Are U heeding this VITAL information?
    MARNEY PERNA,Kinesiologist and "Body Communicator" joins ANNETTE to share her point of view about dealing with Life. MARNEY will be delighted to receive your questions. Let MARNEY answer your questions via the chatroom or call in on 347 202 0232

  • DSMA en Vivo: Marzo mes de la Nutrición

    in Health

    Durante el mes de marzo en los Estados Unidos se conmemora el Mes de la Nutrición parte fundamental del manejo de la diabetes. En nuestro programa nos estará acompañando Marina Chaparro, Dietista/Nutricionista Registrada con Maestría en Salud Pública y portavoz de la Academia de Nutrición y Detetica. Marina es Educadora de Diabetes Certificada (CDE) y tiene Certificación en el manejo de peso de niños y adolescentes con obesidad. 
    Acompañanos a hablar acerca de la importancia de comer en familia y como podemos soborear una alimentacion sabrosa y saludable. 
    Sigue a Marina en Twitter @Nutrichicos

  • Ask the Angels Show featuring Sunni Welles & Christine Duminiak

    in Health

    Join hosts Sunni Welles & Christine Duminiak on Ask the Angels Show as they communicate messages from the angels and loved ones in heaven.  Everyone is welcome to call in on the show's hot line of 855-345-4718 during the live broadcast.  Be ready with the following information:
    Your first and middle name, and the first initial only of your last name The spirit's first and middle name, and first initial only of last name Date of spirit's passing Your relationship to spirit ?Your city and state For more information, visit the show website at www.asktheangelsshow.com.

  • Taking My Body Back with host Marshika Quarterman- Pazant

    in Nutrition

    Join me Marshika Quarterman- Pazant on Tuesday @ 9pm est - 8pm cst with my special guest Morris Larson..... We will break down how to read and understand nutrition labels.

  • Diva Impact - by Lovely Ellis

    in Health

    Topic: Diabetes; What you need to know to survive, the not so sweet sugar with special guest Catherine Thomas join us for our 497th episode of BevNat

  • Dr Synonymous with Mark Clasen, MD, PhD

    in Health

    Mark Clasen, MD, PhD is the Retired Chair of Family Medicine, Wright State University.  Dr Jonas will interview him about his career and his reflections on his years as Department Chair.  Dr Clasen has been in Academic Medicine in several states and decades, including time with the famous Arthur Guyton, PhD (of Guyton's Medical Physiology).
    Dr Jonas and Dr Clasen worked together at Ohio State and Wright State (but Dr Clasen was the boss) and may reminisce a bit on this show.

  • MedStar Health joins Anna's Journey

    in Health

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR to listen to Karen Kansler, RN, community outreach nurse at MedStar Good Samaritan. We'll be discussing brain fitness - how to keep your aging brain fit.
    MedStar Health sharing medical info with the listeners.  
    Listen live on air at blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault or by phone at
    1-661-554-9121...  Listen to replays of the podcast, available 24/7 online.

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