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  • Live & Upcoming Episodes (100)

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    I ran from god and turned my back on God and now I am a living mess! I cannot seem to get ahead in life and stay ahead and my life has become a living hell! Nothing is working for me and I know if I can run back into the arms of God, I can make it, in spite of the hottible things I have done and the abominable life I have lived!!!
    How do I return to God in and from the mess I have made for myself?
    Next weeks lesson will share 10 ways you can RETURN TO GOD, GET GODS FAVOR OVER YOUR LIFE AND NEVER LEAVE GOD AGAIN.

  • Perfecting Health In the Millenium

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    The news is filled with stories about Ebola, and breast cancer gets a lot of press too. Would it surprise you to know that neither makes the list of the 10 deadliest diseases? Even more surprising, perhaps, is that several of the deadliest diseases, including the number one killer in the world, are at least partially preventable. Where a person lives, access to preventive care, and quality of healthcare all factor into their risk.  Some of the most prevalent disease states suchs as Heart Disease, Cancer, COPD, CVA-Stroke and Alzeihemers disease are preventable if you consider some healthy Lifestyle changes now. Tune In!!  With Special Guest Apostle Barbara J Robinson:Perfecting of the Saints Conference Host.    

  • Fresno Homeless Speaks Out With The Blues

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         Salt Lake City, Utah, a city that walks its talk. Where the homeless issue is concerned Salt Lake City, Utah has been working a solution, called Houseing First. They are at a functional "0" Homeless on the street. This will be our topic for the next show, tune in as we examine the work they have done. We will be watching both Boise and Los Angles' case's and will keep you informed.

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    What is Kinesiology ? Chattin with Adam Lehman a speaker at the IKC 2015

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    Today's show with Adam Lehman (KinesioGuy), a speaker at the International Kinesiology Conference 2015, took us into his work and how Kinesiology can be used in our daily lives, or with medical practioners etc. Very insightful discussion.
    Adam shared his experience with it, what he teaches and to whom etc....the big question for some is simply...'what is Kinesiology' and how might that be important to understand for my day to day life...who could use this tool? Please visit www.celebrate2015.com for all the details on the conference being held in Banff, Alberta Canada Sept 23-27 and you can go to www.lgrcc.com for the show listings and inspiring guest profiles too!  You can also view this video chat here

  • Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn: Active voices for a more soulful life

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    Join Mildred Lynn McDonald for a fascinating tour of the mind-body-spirit connection. Enjoy nourishing conversations, thought-provoking guests, personal growth tools, compassionate guidance, practical tips ... plus a generous sprinkling of East-coast humour and warmth! You’ll also love our popular Round Table discussions featuring Deb Carosella, HiC Luttmers, John Carosella and Mildred Lynn.  Airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @ 10:30am PST. For more information, please go to www.healingconverationswithmildredlynn.com.

  • In Short Order - Dr. Martin Dayton

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    Dr. Martin Dayton, D.O. is a licensed Florida Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon. He holds two doctorates MD and DO. Dr. Dayton has been integrating conventional and alternative medicine for over 40 years. His practice is primarily outpatient although he does maintain hospital privileges. -- http://daytondandesmedical.com/

  • Isolating Dialysis Patients

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    Some dialysis administrators and nurses do not encourage their patients to socialize with other patients while visiting the clinic to  receive dialysis treatments.  Some even go as far as to purposely keep  patients isolated from each other.
    .Most dialysis patients have to visit these clinics 3 days a week for about 3 to 4 hours per visit.  There are some dialysis patients that admit to  experiencing feelings of  loneliness and .boredom  during these visits..
    Patients who do have positive interactions with other patients say they seem to  have improved social, emotional and physical health.
      What are your thoughts concerning this subject matter?
    Let's talk about it!

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  • Herbalife Rocks!

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    Its Mel Lopez online live....with guest and Coach Angie Godiness with Herbalife knowledge! what fun:) stay positive #herbappl

  • Survivors Taking This One Step

    in Nutrition

    This first episode is hosted by Polly Moore, the founder of This One Step, a grassroots organization that will forever be dedicated to helping fellow survivors heal from their trauma.  This One Step works each day at setting an example of how all survivors can live better lives by healing physically and mentally using homeopathic and natural products.   Polly is also a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse.  She was molested by four different boys in her neighborhood from the age of 8-12.  She kept her secret for over 40 years and finally found an organization with a support group dedicated to helping fellow survivors heal from their childhood wounding.  This wonderful organization is VOICE Today, a nonprofit founded by Angela Williams in 2008 dedicated to breaking the silence and cycle of Child Sexual Abuse.  Polly spent four years with VOICE Today, three as a full-time volunteer and has today taken the challenge that her mentor, Angela Williams has asked so many to do and that is stand up beside her and stand in the gap.  Polly is standing in the gap by starting This One Step which will be based in New York.  Enjoy the show.  

  • Ask the Doctor! Live Show ~ Call In!

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    Caroline’s guest today is Dr. Edward Pearson M.D., Functional Medicine practitioner in Florida. Today is your time to ask Dr. Pearson any question you’d like. From hormone balancing, to special types of testing or Angelina Jolie’s decision to have her reproductive organs removed and more! Dr. Pearson is an integrative medicine physician who works with the whole body and whole person and offers strategies to help you to improve your health, or balance your hormones. Dr. Pearson is well-known for his expertise in alternative medicine, BHRT, and numerous holistic therapies. He works with clients and patients across the country – not just the Florida area. He is smart, conservative in his approach to body balancing, and right on with his information. Dr. Pearson will offer deep insights into the importance of supporting key organs for optimal health. After the interview, Caroline and Dr. Pearson will take your calls and answer questions, and Caroline will do "spot readings" via the chat or telephone. Don't miss this informative hour.
    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.” - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life