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    "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1533)

    in Spirituality

    On Thursday June 23rd, 2022 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will reappraise and read from the Hermetic classic  "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, first published in 1533 in Latin. This master work has been the foundation study of Hermetic science, Magick and mysticism for nearly 500 years. It is divided into three sections, or books: 
    The Natural World, The Celestial World, and The Divine World. The first, The Natural World dealt with The Hermetic Elements, the second The influence of The Heavens, Stars and Planets upon human affairs and events and the third the Divine World, dealt with the spiritual sciences of Magick and Qabalah. Unfortunately many students get these volumes as a reference work. Agrippa intended it to be read and studied from beginning to end as one continuous and contiguous work. The Hermetic Elements of the Natural World are reflected in the Celestial World, and spiritually empowered and directed from The Divine World. We will demonstrate this with selected readings from the first Volume. We will be reading from the newly translated 1533 Latin edition from Inner Traditions translated by Eric Purdue. So if you want an old fashioned introduction to wizardry, tune and we'll start you on the path.

  • 01:31

    Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Spiritual Gatekeeping with Papa Gee on 6/12/22

    in Spirituality

    The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour is a real, live call-in show where the general public gets a chance to ask about actual problems with love, career, and spiritual protection, and we recommend and fully describe hoodoo rootwork spells to address, ameliorate, and remediate their issues. We begin this show with a Tutorial on Spiritual Gatekeeping. You will learn a lot just by listening -- but if you sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum and call in and your call is selected, you will get a free consultation from three of the finest workers in the field, cat yronwode, ConjureMan, and a special guest from AIRR, Papa Gee.
    Sign up before the show to appear as a client! Post at the Lucky Mojo Forum at:
    Then call in at 818-394-8535 and dial '1' to flag our Studio Board Operator that you want to be on the air! We select new client sign-ups first and then call-back sign-ups. Call in just before the show begins and listen via your phone. Message the Announcer or the Studio Board Operator ("Lucky Mojo Curio Company") in chat to let them know you're available.

  • 00:54

    Jewels: The law of Attraction and MONEY MANIFESTATION

    in Spirituality

    Join Jewels as she talks manifesting money globally and then individually. She talks with Best selling author Jerry Gillies about Moneylove 3.0.  Join us for a great show!

  • 01:29

    Modern Merlin, Uncover Your Magical Powers with Author Lon

    in Spirituality

    Lon is an internationally acclaimed Sacred Geometry artist, author and creator of two bestselling and awarded oracle decks. As founder of Lon Art she offers tools for transformation, readings, and personal soul portraits that connect you to your soul purpose. She is the author of the book Modern Merlin, an insightful and practical guide through this fast changing world. The book has an associated online course with it. Lon's work inspires original thoughts and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life, and become the best possible version of yourself..
    ________________________________ Awakenings with Michele Meiche is your place for information and insight to understand the Global Shift of Awareness and Awakening to live a more Soul fulfilling life and experiencing Soul fulfilling relationships. Awakenings broadcasts ‘Live every Wednesday 12pm -1:30 pm PT    Call in for Intuitive and Numerology Readings  # 347-539-5122  Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Dreams, Self Development and the Soul Path.  You can also connect with Michele on the app @MentorCam where she can answer your questions psychically, as well as help you via her Soul Insights and life advice. Email for guest and topic suggestions, as well as to have your questions answered ‘On Air’.

  • 01:16

    Seven Sisters Mystery School

    in Spirituality

    Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD, joins us to talk about her Seven Sisters Mystery School course, because a veil is now lifting on the epoch of Queen Guinevere and King Arthur, revealing a mystery of many levels that holds important keys to help us rebalance the Feminine and Masculine, relink with the Subtle Realms within Nature, restore our inner connection with the Divine, and co-create world harmony. This course is based on the understanding that these great beings ~ along with others like Merlin, the Knights, and the power women associated with this retinue, were real people who merged the lineages of the Essenes and the Sidhe/Fae in service to humanity. And that only now, in this time of great tribulation, are they fully accessible to us as role models for our own spiritual awakening. Margureite takes an integrated deep dive into the stories that have come down in writing, reading between the lines with inspiration from the Divine realms to tease out the true history here. To unfold a fascinating new understanding of this truth, she applies her intrepid research skills, her expertise in divine birth, and her own downpours received in ceremony, while integrating information offered by oracles such as Lisa Renee, Wendy Berg, Claire Heartsong, and David Spangler. The result is a stunningly clear, new vision of the ancient future of Avalon/Camelot that serves as a guide for your individual, and our collective Ascension.  The 4 week course starts Wed., June 15 and is available either live on Zoom or in replay, and continues for 3 more Wednesdays.  Her website: Anastasia's Starseed News starts the show, with topics of interest to starseeds! We have a few spots open for the Aug. 12-15 Starseed Quest, so write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for info!

  • 01:22

    QFS Ready, Final Chess Moves, The Revolution Arrives On The PHYSICAL Plane

    in Spirituality

    The breaking point on the physical certainly is close - and hard work [in raising the timelines] pays off!
    My estimation that it will all happen in Sept or Oct, still stands ... but Simon Parkes was even more optimistic than that. The White Hats working with quantum financial system noticed a big shift in energy at the moment of the 6/5-6/2022 meditation he called for, which no doubt helped existing operations.
    I'll cover this, and so much more on the show, to once again 'brief the troops' & rally just days before our 'notorious' 144K Mass Intervention/Meditation, on the June Solstice - early Tuesday morning EDT!
    For notifications about free Planet-Wide Advancedow). Mass Meditations:
    Subscribe to 144K HQ on Patreon: for more empowering & healing content & to support mass meditation promotions to reach critical mass:
    Telegram Channel:
    Brought to you by Return To Your Truth Dot Com:

  • 00:43

    ?? The Struggling Empath ??

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel like you are struggling? Do you also feel like you might be an Empath? It's super common for Empaths to feel confused, directionless, unhappy, and just sort of hopeless at times...and it leaves them with some very good questions.
    "Why do I even have this gift?" "How is this helping me?" "Why do I feel unhappy?"
    Many people who find out they are an Empath are more confused than before. So I wanted to help give struggling Empaths some clarity. In this podcast I talk about:
    ~ Defining who you are as an Empath ~ How is being an Empath useful to you ~ What are some of the biggest mistakes Empaths make ~ Is being an Empath affecting your happiness I'm going to give you a little insight on these things and more. Enjoy!
    *  Join my SPIRIT COMMUNITY (Ask for an invite here):
    * TAKE EMPATH QUIZ: Do you wonder if you are an Empath? Find out now…
    * FREE EMPATH MASTERCLASS: 5 Simple (But POWERFUL) Energy Management Techniques! ? 

  • 01:10

    Solstice Gateway Activations

    in Spirituality

    Join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the Solstice Gateway Activations.

  • 00:05

    Humanities’ Supreme Prayer

    in Spirituality

    Pray for humanity with Rev. Stephanie Neal

  • 03:32

    Summer 1Drop W/Kaya and Baba Kentu

    in Spirituality

    Kya French, a professional Numerical Analyst. Born and nurtured in Detroit, MI under the Sun sign of Capricorn, with a life path number of 7, born on the 7th. I hold a BA in Organizational Management from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. Since early age, math, and creative writing were my favorite subjects of interest. I've always been drawn to Numerology and Astrology, along with the energy relationship connecting the Cosmos and people. Passionately, I now tap into my creative imagination and write Numerical DNA Patterns and Sequences for people and businesses.
    Djed Institute of Learning
    Since 2015 the Djed Institute has become a leader in community-focused education. We focus on three main pillars of the community; our children, our parents and our educators. We do this through classes, courses, and learning materials that connect with the heart of our community. Get in touch with us to learn more about our vision and educational approach.

  • 00:52

    The Nature of Reality: (Part II) How to Identify and Heal Childhood Hurts

    in Spirituality

    Bill Ferguson joins Spiritual Insights to discuss The Nature of Reality where we explore a variety of topics to help you gain clarity around what is and what isn’t working in your life. Let’s learn together that when the experience of love is present, life works! He speaks a profound yet simple truth that can help you experience Miracles!
    Bill’s work has been called the “Penicillin of Psychology.” He’s been featured on Oprah, recommended by both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and has authored the best-selling books Get Your Power Back, How to Heal a Painful Relationship and Miracles are Guaranteed.
    He has led over 2,000 programs and has worked with thousands of people around the world.
    Visit to learn more about how you can benefit from his work and individual consulting sessions. Most situations take only a few sessions to resolve.
    Charlotte is an Energetic Healer and Channel for Yeshua (Jesus) and other members of the Divine. Book a private session at
    If you enjoyed this segment, please send feedback or a testimonial. Thank you for listening!

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