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    Meet Heather Nyblade, dynamic DJ, blind since birth

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    : Blind since birth, Heather Nyblade, professionally known as DJ Hey, is a trance DJ from San Diego California. As a blind DJ, she utilizes special equipment in order to perform. Using muscle memory of her gear and knowledge of the music, she is able to transition and mix seamlessly live. Her biggest influence is Ferry Corsten, in 2013, she met him at the Hard Rock Intervention Pool Party. During his set, she noticed the reaction of the crowd, everyone was singing, dancing, and shouting to the music. At that moment, she was instantly hooked. A year later, she decided to pursue her own career as a trance DJ. Within a short time, she has performed at nightclubs, music festivals, special events, and premier parties in Southern California. She has been featured at Exchange LA and the legendary Belly Up in Solana Beach. She continues to build her fanbase and audience through her monthly “Trance By Touch” mix globally via her Twitch channel and official Mixcloud page. She was also a resident DJ on the “Trance Invasion” show with Craig Gordon and has been a guest DJ on shows such as “Onstage Radio,” “Trance Forever,” “Trip To Emotional Land,” and “Re:Trance.” She has also been on stations including AATM, di.fm, Trance-Energy, PurHits, Vinyl Monkees, Club Radio One, and Phoenix Trance Radio. Her goal as a DJ is to travel the world breaking the stigmas towards the blind and people with disabilities. It is important for her to show that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, despite any limitations they might have in life. DJ Hey lives by the quote from the great Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.” For more information about her, please visit www.trancebytouchproductions.com.

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    5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property!

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    The month of May is celebrated as Small Business Month. Join the host of Successful Woman Radio, Business Success Coach, and founder of Women About Biz, Trina Newby, as she shares how you can ensure your business is dotting all your T’s and crossing your I’s. This month’s theme is “Making Boss Moves: Building Your Empire!”
    This week episode is " 5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property" Today, Trina will explain why it is important to protect your intellectual property and ways in which you can effectively do so. 

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    IFED4WOMEN LIVE Q&A w/JoAnn Corso, Chief Executive Director & Guests

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    International Federation of Economic Development for Women
    LIVE/Recorded Q&A w/ JoAnn Corso, Executive Director & Guests
    Funding Education Community
    Participate in a fully professional, social, engaging and interactive "members only" Community of Women coming together in unity.  Helping global women build sustainable businesses. Courses, seminars, and events in supporting the female entrepreneurial spirit as a whole. IFED4WOMEN donations will support our courses, community, and approved member's projects making a huge community and global impact.      
    Contact our show to apply to be a guest or advertise on our IFED4WOMEN  radio station where WOMEN ARE HEARD.    IFED4WOMEN@GMAIL.COM
    Join IFED4WOMEN Today!!! Donate Today!!!
    We are thrilled that you are able to be a part of the IFED4WOMEN Mission.  Your generous gift will go towards helping Women build sustainable businesses and work through life challenges.
    Connect with the Chief Executive Director...JoAnn Corso’s LinkedIn Profile
    Work with JoAnn... Appointments
    Appearances, Keynote/Guest Speaker, and Experiences

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    How Do You Give Emotional Support To One Who Has Had A Traumatizing Experience?

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    Often when a family member or friend has experienced a devastating loss, whether its from a death, a financial hardship, a divorce or breakup of a long time relationship, or a health crisis, the people around them may say things that are more hurtful than helpful. When it's a child that has suffered the loss, there is even less understanding on how to offer emotional support.  Children often act out when they are sad, afraid, grieving or angry and the adults around them punish them rather than seek to understand their distress.  Too often we're expected to just "suck it up" or "get over it."  Often when we try to talk about our sadness or grief, others will just look at us with a blank stare, because they don't know what to say. And yet, people who have survived a traumatizing experience need sensitive, caring people around to help them cope with their emotional pain.  How can we give emotional support to friends and loved ones going through a crisis?  Joining us today are Cathy Ann Ellington, Grief Counselor, Airelle Bragg, Business Woman, Tatiana Vasquez, Crisis Survivor, and Latoya Wiseman, Founder of "Women on the Move." Call in and comment, 515-605-9325, or 515-605-9891. Press 1 to speak to the host Naimah Latif and co-host Karriem Hameed.

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    January Jones Sharing Mrs. C's Son, Actor/Comedian Jim Meskimen's Success Story

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    Meet Actor/comedian Jim MeskimenSon of America's Mom, Marion Ross (Mrs C./Happy Days) Impressionist, Voice-Artist and Comedian, Jim Meskimen, Portrays Phil Donahue in “Welcome To Chippendales,” In Addition To Recent Noted Performances In GASLIT, HUNTERS and THE BIG DOOR PRIZE With Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Carole Kane & More January Jones Sharing Success Stories is broadcast live Tuesdays at 2PM ET. January Jones Sharing Success Stories TV Show is viewed on Talk 4 TV (www.talk4tv.com).

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    LaWanna Bradford and Audra Agen stop by #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes LaWanna Bradford of Celebrate You and this year's Celebrate You Woman of the Year Audra Agen to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss how they are using their platforms to make a difference. 

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    Hosting Successful Women’s Events

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    *Favorites Reply*
    During this interview with Marnie and guest, Yvonne Conte, you’ll discover:
    Why now is a great time to host a women’s event How to form and keep a great team that works beautifully year after year Why volunteers are the most important part of any organization, and how to recruit more 5 simple strategies to grow your audience 7 ways to bring groups of women to your event The 8-step formula for holding a successful conference  Yvonne Conte is the Founder and Director of “Day of JOY” Conferences. She is a real, down to earth, relatable and inspirational speaker, author and collaborator. Learn more at www.YvonneConte.com and invite Yvonne to speak via www.WomenSpeakers.com.

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    Encouraging Widows

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    Facebook.com/TheNextChapter or Email: TNCwidows@gmail.com
    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widows' Ministry, a faith-based support group encourages widows and helps them heal in the years after the loss of their husband.  Nearly 700k women lose their husband each year. What a traumatic and even scary feeling a new widow can experience! So many questions. Premarital counseling never prepared you for the lonely nights, heartaches, and the many decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage was long or short, the loss was from a long illness or an unexpected accident, or how much money is or is not in the bank. What matters is that the person you married, shared secrets with, made love with, laughed with, been angry with, and a host of other scenarios is not here. TNC gives widows a unique connection with others who understand why his clothes are still in the closet, his name is still on the bank account, and grocery shopping is so difficult. Widows are loved! God has a special plan to care for them. I Timothy 5:3 says, “Honor widows that are widows indeed.”
    A Widow’s Touch, (available on Amazon.com) a collection of powerful true stories from 20+ widows can be a source of comfort. It allows the readers to find themselves in a character, as the widow, the family member, friend or someone mentioned. Readers can journey with the writers as they share loneliness, frustration, confusion, and victorious moments. A journey of faith dries the tears and turns grief to joy. TNC enjoys annual getaways, serves the community, celebrates special occasions, and produces a weekly talk show. Mary Hollis and Sheila Coley, co-founders, are available tor speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings

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    W.S.N. What's the Word with Pastor Terri Thursday

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    W.S.N. What's the Word with Pastor Terri Thursday
    Women Speak N.O.W. (WSN) is THE MOVEMENT for all women - believers and non-believers - seeking an environment of love, of empowerment, of trust and coming together as one in Christ.
    WSN broadcast on THE N.O.W. NETWORK is dedicated to real talk, to deal with real issues and to find real GODLY solutions.
    We seek the truth without compromising the word of GOD.
    We speak the truth ONLY from a biblical perspective.
    We believe that ALL those who worship GOD must worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth ~ John 4:24.
    We are calling all women of truth to join the movement of the power of ONE! Bring your real voice, your real issues and a real listening heart as Women Speak N.O.W. and are heard ~ N.O.W.
    Proverbs 12:1: The lip of truth shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

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    Mixing It With Nicki Kris - Indian Vocalist and Composer, Devan Ekambaram

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    SIMRADIO is honored to share Indian Vocalist, Composer and Producer, Devan Ekambaram.  Join us for Mixing It with Nicki Kris on May 22nd 2023 at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT. Connect with Devan Ekambaram on Facebook, Instagram, and follow on Spotify.  
    Connect with Nicki Kris on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
    Connect with #SIM on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
    Thanks to our Podcast partner “Chatting with Nat” Mixing It theme music, ‘October Sky’, by Nicki Kris
    #SistersInMusic - Together We Are Stronger

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