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    Mixing It With Nicki Kris - Singer - Songwriter, Megan Blue

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    SIMRADIO is honored to share Singer-Songwriter, Megan Blue.  Join us for Mixing It with Nicki Kris on November 14, 2022 at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT. Connect with Megan Blue on Instagram, Facebook, and follow on Spotify.
    Connect with Nicki Kris on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
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    Thanks to our Podcast partner “Front Range Radio” Mixing It theme music, ‘October Sky’, by Nicki Kris
    #SistersInMusic - Together We Are Stronger

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    Deborah Perdue - Spiritual Practitioner

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    Come and listen while Host Joyce Benning interviews a variety of extraordinary women, whom are working to make the world a better place! #DivasThatCare
    Deborah Perdue is the author of five books on Gratitude, www.graceofgratitude.com. She teaches workshops, classes and facilitates retreats. It is her passion to help others transform their lives, as she has transformed her own through her spiritual path, and the power of being grateful! Ms. Perdue is a licensed practitioner for the Center for Spiritual Living in Grants Pass, Oregon. She is also a book designer.

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    How to Bless Your Ex with Elmira Loftin, The Self Care Boss

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    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | Tuesdays at 6pm EST | www.Sharvette.com
    Our guest:
    "Movement is the best medicine when your heart is broken."
    Elmira Loftin combines her experience as  a massage therapist, singer, songwriter, death doula, and dancer to teach effective grief recovery skills in uniquely curated programs.
    "You don't have to go through a breakup alone. Get the support you need. Plus healing doesn't need to be stale."
    ?Meet our host: Sharvette Mitchell is a Marketing Consultant that works with small businesses to enable them to build their platform so that they generate more revenue with increased visibility of their brand and business. She does this in a couple of ways by focusing on their positioning, visual branding, and marketing with one on one consulting, group coaching programs  based on her trademarked framework, THE PLATFORM BUILDER®,  speaking,  book collaborations, and hosting conferences & retreats. 
    Since 2008, Sharvette has hosted a weekly internet talk radio show  - The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show. She has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network, and featured in publications such as Huffington Post & AARP.  www.Mitchell-Productions.com

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    January Jones welcomes back Bernie Siegel with more “Love, Magic and Mudpies”!

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    For many, Dr. Bernard Siegel—or Bernie, as he prefers to be called—needs no introduction. He has touched many lives all over the Planet. In 1978, he reached a national and then international audience when he began talking about patient empowerment and the choice to live fully and die in peace. As a physician who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our Society grapples with today. In May 2011, Bernie was honored by the Watkins Review of London, England, as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet. He continues to break new ground in the field of healing, supporting changes in medical education to “humanize” medical practice.

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    Leadership Training: Inside the Heads & Hearts of Hurting Women

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    Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, is a survivor of abuse, anxiety and depression who is now 41 years sober with 28 years of experience in the addiction and mental health fields. During this interview with host, Marnie Swedberg, she shares openly and with purpose about: 
    Living through depression, brain fog and confusion How surrendering to God’s love changes everything Why wounded women compartmentalize (and how to help them ??become whole??) Helping women see they are OK (that the "stuff" simply is not theirs) The soul-destroying habit of self-blame and how to help your women finally leave it behind The truth of Romans 8:28 - that no matter what life throws at you, it is possible to heal and thrive Evelyn Leite is an author, counselor and speaker who shares her heart-wrenching, real-life experiences, related to family addictions and mental health, to lead women to Jesus. Join us to experience truth, redemption, love and acceptance. Learn more at https://www.EvelynLeite.com.

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    Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Betty J. Houbion from ReZolve LLC

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    Murrells Inlet, SC - Betty Houbion is a human sex trafficking educator, advocate, and one of the most influential voices in raising awareness. Betty’s unwavering mission is making certain that one day we will eliminate the horrors of human trafficking and she will not stop until this has been accomplished. Thanks to Betty’s incredible perseverance South Carolina has become one of the highest-ranking human trafficking laws in the country.  Although it took three years to get it passed, Betty managed to draft laws for South Carolina in 2012 when legislature passed the human trafficking laws unanimously into law, part of which South Carolina can seize all assets of that convicted trafficker, and if a business owner is convicted  their money is confiscated and the business is closed down and liquidated. The State of South Caroline can seize all assets regardless of location.
    The horrifying ways people are used in trafficking include forced labor, forced marriage, and sexual exploitation including prostitution. The poor and the most vulnerable are generally the most at risk and the most population that is preyed upon by traffickers.
    In Betty’s eagerly anticipated 2-part radio series she will discuss the reality of human trafficking, her continued fight to continue to bring awareness that is both eye opening and truthful. Betty will go over books written and harrowing real life accounts that are disturbing, heart wrenching, and a triumph of human resilience and survival.
    For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/betty-houbion-98ab0317/

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    Encouraging Widows

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    Facebook.com/TheNextChapter or Email: TNCwidows@gmail.com
    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widows' Ministry, a faith-based support group encourages widows and helps them heal in the years after the loss of their husband.  Nearly 700k women lose their husband each year. What a traumatic and even scary feeling a new widow can experience! So many questions. Premarital counseling never prepared you for the lonely nights, heartaches, and the many decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage was long or short, the loss was from a long illness or an unexpected accident, or how much money is or is not in the bank. What matters is that the person you married, shared secrets with, made love with, laughed with, been angry with, and a host of other scenarios is not here. TNC gives widows a unique connection with others who understand why his clothes are still in the closet, his name is still on the bank account, and grocery shopping is so difficult. Widows are loved! God has a special plan to care for them. I Timothy 5:3 says, “Honor widows that are widows indeed.”
    A Widow’s Touch, (available on Amazon.com) a collection of powerful true stories from 20+ widows can be a source of comfort. It allows the readers to find themselves in a character, as the widow, the family member, friend or someone mentioned. Readers can journey with the writers as they share loneliness, frustration, confusion, and victorious moments. A journey of faith dries the tears and turns grief to joy. TNC enjoys annual getaways, serves the community, celebrates special occasions, and produces a weekly talk show. Mary Hollis and Sheila Coley, co-founders, are available tor speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings.

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    Why women don't like to take responsibility

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    Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of women taking responsibility or not taking responsibility versus men taking responsibility or not taking responsibility

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    Mornings at The Mansion Show: Harvest Time ; Lessons from the Ants ?? Pt 2

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    Proverbs 30:25
    Proverbs 6:6-8

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    Dr. Adhi Two Owls speaks about Shamanism

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    Dr. Adhi Two Owls is a practicing healer in the methodology of Shamanism and dowser. For 26 years she has traveled all over the United States, Canada, and places beyond as a teacher and researcher to understand the wealth of knowledge the earth offers us and to seek solutions to the challenges we faces as we evolve forward on the planet. www.thenewglobalshaman.com

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    Issues Concerning Women

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    Welcome to Issues Concerning Women with your host Francine Humphrey and co-host Veronica McMillian of the Micro Nonprofit Network Inc.
    Issues Concerning Women focuses on women and their families reaching long and short term goals. Assisting them in the areas of business, careers, housing, finance, and life skills.
    The Micro Nonprofit Network Inc. helps small nonprofit organizations become foundationally strong through education, coaching, mentoring and program development for 501 (c) 3 organizations.
    We offer advocacy services to infuse and stabilize households and foster a sense of community involvement, self-worth, & self-determination.
    Our vision is to empower women through hands on demonstrations, details of homeownership, career development, investing for retirement, exercise and nutrition classes, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and adult literacy programs.
    We are dedicated to making a difference.
    Our mission is to create economic independence for all women by providing a voice to those that would otherwise not be heard. ICW was created to encourage all to take charge of their lives and become educated and savvy about all aspects of life
    You may contact Ms. Humphrey at icwdirector@gmail.com or go to the web:www.issuesconcerningwomen.org
    Contact Veronica McMillian at info@micrononprofitnetwork.org

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