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    Slow food, super greens, fermented food & herbal alchemy.

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    Have you truly thought about the frequency, the life force energy of your food?  If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, if you want to take your health to the next level and if you want to bring it all to your kitchen table with a higher frequency and with more mindfulness then don't miss this interview.  Shakti Grace (aka The Holistic Chef) talks slow food, clean food, fermented food and herbal alchemy to nurture and nourish your family.  She has translated her cheffing skills from high-end private yachts to your table.  Shakti brings fine food to the household kitchen and includes super foods, fermented foods and herbal alchemy so that you can enjoy food on a whole new level - a level of nourishment and healing.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" has a whole new meaning here.  Not only medicine for the body, but also for the soul, your family and the planet. www.theholisticchef.com.au

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    "Women's Grit & Grace: It's Simple, Altho' Not Always Easy "

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    Life offers women more choices than ever, so why aren't women happier than ever? It's simple-more choices is not the same as knowing YOUR choices which will create the happiness and love you are seeking. It really is simple-altho not always so easy. Simple is knowing what is true for you and living with congruence to this in you choices of actions and even your words. Simple is knowing what makes you happy-and then making those your choices you commit to action. Easy? Not if you are a people pleaser and don't like to make waves.
    Join JaiKaur as she shares how making your life simple may not be easy but is will make you happier and more likely to have the love you desire more present in your life.  JaiKaur mentors women for embracing their power in life and love. If you would like to learn more about JaiKaur's support for women doing so check out her website or email her.

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    Beauty and Health: Dr Ivory Hancock

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    Join TV Journalist Victoria Gaither as she talks with Dr Ivory Hancock of the Presidential Dentist Group in the Washington DC area. Dr Hancock will chat with Victoria about the latest innovations and technology in dentistry.  All of your questions about cosmetic dentistry will be answered today on the show.
    Plus, the second half of the show Janell Walker joins us to talk nutrition.
    Its a New Year New You

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    Christian Author Romel Duane Moore Sr.

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    We are going to get to the this well-written book and dive into some of the topics. We have the author to answer questions on his series

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    Healthy Eating on the Go for PCOS

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    Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome find that their busy schedules make it difficult to eat healthfully. With nutrition being an essential part of PCOS management, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Martha McKittrick, R.D., C.D.E  joins Sasha Ottey on the PCOS Challenge radio show to give tips for healthy eating on the go.
    Martha McKittrick is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator in New York City. She specializes in weight control, cardiovascular health, diabetes, sports nutrition, PCOS, GI issues including IBS, women’s health and preventive nutrition. She has worked at a major New York City  Hospital for over 20 years as well as in private practice. Martha has appeared on numerous television, radio and webcast programs. She has written for publications and serves as a nutrition expert on sites including EveryDayHealth,  About.com, and CafeMom.  Martha also lectures on a regular and has been a spokesperson for several major companies. She also served as the nutritionist for a New York City Marathon.
    Join other women and girls with polycystic ovary syndrome at PCOSChallenge.com.

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    Welcome To How Do I Know I Love Myself

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    It's time to take a course about you. This conversation is not about who you have become....this is about who you are....authentically!! 
    Should you be arrested for loving yourself....would there be enough evidence to convict you? 

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    Meet the Prince of Palm Springs Fleet Easton

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    Fleet Easton, is known as the Prince of Palm Springs.  He recently also was presented with a Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. He plays many celebrity events in Palm Springs as well as numerous restaurants and night clubs every week. He has appeared in several plays in Palm Springs and Los Angeles. He has also performed at several events in the Menifee area over the years.
    He is a seasoned entertainer born in Akron, Ohio. He began his show business career by appearing in many musical productions at the Goodyear Musical Theater. He has an extensive background in dance, acting and singing. He studied at American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Arts and took master classes at the world-renowned Julliard School.
    He has toured nationall, and has also been in several plays
     Since being in California he has become one of the stars of the Cabaret there and won the Desert Idol competition in 2008. He is a sought out performer because he is amazing.Fleet also volunteers for many non profits like "Well In The Desert" an organization  in Palm Springs providing hot meals for those in need.
     Fleets believes, that to move forward in life you must give back and do all you can with what you have where you are. Even though he is performing in Palm Springs that night he is making time to perform (sings &dances) at our event. We are also  excited to have him be part of this wonderful event.
    He has received numerous awards for his charitable and performing works including the Call To Service Award from former President Obama check out his website at www.fleeteaston.com 

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    WWD 279 Your Soul It's Revealing Secrets

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    Your Soul It's Revealing Secrets God pulling back the curtain pulling off the blanket to show you things done to you in your past you never knew.  Healing your soul.  To be a Successful Business Queen, Wife, Mother etc.
    Show notes: https://radioshownotes.weebly.com/
    Free Resources
    https://freebooksdy.weebly.com/ https://marriagebydesigndbw.weebly.com/ https://uniquelyyoudbw.weebly.com/ https://businessempowermentdbw.weebly.com/ https://specialqueensdw.weebly.com/  

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    Aging in the Workplace

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    Principal HR Consultant/Owner of  iHR pro, LLC, Fonda Duse, will give tips on how mature women need to go about seeking employment and navigating herself through the workforce. We will discuss how to get over the hurdles and address the obstacle that keep older women lock out advancing in the workplace. Start your new year or your new job armed with the information you need to survive in the work environment.

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    New Ventures from Kemi Ingram Here on WoMRadio

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    As a new media producer since 2006, Kemi Ingram has become a leading voice in social media marketing and branding. Kemi, President of Kemi Ingram LLC, is responsible for social media support services to humanitarian agencies, faith-based organizations and resonsibly produced consumer products. She joins me on Dec 13th 11amPST/2pmEST.
    The creator or the #momsandbrands twitter parties, Kemi works to connect moms to 'brands and causes they can believe in.'
    Having produced and hosted The Radio Mom Show, creating MOMbo TV -a video blog aimed at connecting mothers issues, causes and brands to know, Kemi has become a force in social media branding.
    Tune in on the 13th of December and meet this amazing MOMpreneur and long-time MOMpreneuer friend of WoMRadio!
    Today our show sponsors are Safety First Bags and Financailly Authentic. Take a look at what they have to offer and the speciall offer on the Word of Mom Radio website.
    Be sure to follow us on Twitter -- Like us on Facebook -  and email us at wordofmomradio@gmail.com with questions and guest ideas. Our website - WordofMomRadio.com will share our blogs, show schedules and advertising opportunities to grow along with us.
    Tune in for Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.

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    MISSING: Help Find Baby William & Maddie Jones- Interview with Jacob #27

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    It is any parents worst nightmare to have a child go missing.  We will get an inside look of the case throught the eyes of Jacob Gouchenour.  He is the father of baby William and ex-husband of Maddie Jones.  This guest podcast interview will allow us to help spread awareness about this missing persons case.  Since the case is considered a "domestic dispute" there will be no Amber alert and the media has been very hesitant to pick up and share this story.
    Help us by following our show and sharing this broadcast.  We are desperately trying to help Jacob get his son back and find answers in this strange case.
    TIP LINE: 800-479-9262
    $5,000 reward offered https://youtu.be/ziI9C4VwLQg
    A facebook group has over 5,000 follower has formed in an effort to find Baby William & his mother:https://www.facebook.com/groups/133609040580810/
    To review the timeline of this strange event: https://www.facebook.com/notes/missing-bring-baby-william-and-madeline-jones-home/timeline-of-events/140033143271733/  ( I do warn you in advance, this case will suck you in.  It is such a bizarre case.)
    Soul Saturday-Reconnect, Refuel, & Renew Women's Workshop http://www.everydaylivingwithkelli.com/soul-saturday-refuel-reconnect-renew/

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