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    Mystical Empress Life Coaching with Brenda Renee' and guest Sarah Maxey

    in Self Help

    "What do you dream?"
    Please join our new show!  Listen in or call with your quantum and metaphysical questions 646-478-3085.  Press 1 to be put in the cue.
    Guest: Sarah K. Maxey
    What if you found yourself in a dark, comfortable room watching the Story of your Life in Living Color.  What if in the moment you could see all the way through to the end with full view of the Spectrum  of Colors that make up your life.  ….from start to finish.  In this moment, you KNOW that the answer was always going to be that you lived it just the way you ordered it!  ….and you ordered it by virtue of your vibration.
    Sarah K. Maxey reveals the results of a Life Long Quest to discover The Rules to the Game of Life.  A fresh  Perspective based on the Universal Power of thought and emotion.  She and Host, Brenda Renee will share in what is sure to be a lively conversation about deliberately Raising Your Vibrational Frequency to Match Your Dreams.  ?They will be talking about REAL Stories and some Tricks to help you align your Energy with Your Highest  Thought.    Then watch as your dreams manifest before you!!
    To learn more about Mystical Empress offerings go to:  http://www.mysticalempress.com
     Mystical Blessings!

  • LIVE!

    Using Fear to Strengthen Self-love

    in Self Help

    Guest Jenean Zunk is a Spiritual Living Coach for Intuitive Women. She helps people who feel self doubt, fear and shame reconnect with their Inner Divine Self. Jenean shares immediate actions steps that move you forward to finding peace within your heart. You can find her at Namaste Living Online and Facebook at Jenean Zunk.
    Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, knows healing is in replacing the trauma mindset. Her book, How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse is available at amazon. To pick up your FREE ebook, 11 Tools for Happiness CLICK here. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

  • LIVE!

    Episode 014 – Fraude du nom légal et c’est explications

    in Education

    Découvrez comment vous n'êtes pas un nom légal, ni vous en ayez un, car tous les noms légaux demeurent la propriété de la Société de la Couronne, et que d'en en utilisant un, sans leur permission, c'est de la fraude. Par la compréhension de cette information, vous coopérez à mettre fin au mal et l'esclavage en ce monde.
    http://legalnamefraud.net (Anglais)
    http://nowyouknowthetruth.net (Anglais)
    http://youarenotalegalname.com (Anglais)
    http://legalnametruth.com (Anglais)
    http://kateofgaia.net (Multi-Language)
    http://truthbillboards.net (Anglais)
    http://losethename.com/ (Anglais)
    https://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/ (Anglais)
    https://itsillegaltousealegalname.wordpress.com/ (Anglais)
    LNF Radio XT partage la vérité sur la fraude du nom legal dans d'autres langues. En association avec le travail de Kate de Gaia et légal name fraud Radio. Pour certaines traductions des Écrits de Kate aller ici: https://kateofgaiatrans.wordpress.com

  • LIVE!

    Grove's Avenue - The Latest Updates And Information From Aroga's Club

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us today for a exciting show featuring Grove Bennett and Greg Crosby as they showcase and share how to get all of the enrollment done for our Aroga Health Care! It is very important to make sure that you have coverage for you and your families. Health Care is not something to be taken lightly. You families need to be protected. 
    Are you saving money on your travel expenses? If you are still paying the regular rates at hotels and resorts, you need to take a look at what our Wholesale Travel Club has to offer. 

  • LIVE!

    MLB Radio On The SportsCrew Radio Network 02/22/17

    in Baseball

    Join Lou Landers and The SportsCrew for MLB Radio. On today's show they will be previewing the National League teams. This is a live Call in show and you can reach them at 516 387 1306. 

  • LIVE!

    SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP: Universal Basic Income (UBI)

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu discuss Unviersal Basic Income in modern terms.  Is it free money that promotes laziness?  Is it a natural right to have the necessities of food and shelter?  Should natural resources benefit everyone?  In this episode we figure it all out!

  • LIVE!


    in Entertainment

    Tune in!

  • Readings! Paul Quinton! Mentor, Coach and Healer from London!

    in Spirituality

    My name is Paul Quinton - I'm a Mentor, Coach and Healer. Growing up in a spiritual family has given me the base and knowledge to work in this field. My mission is around the unseen world where I work very closely with spirit to fulfil my Soul contract - to help humanity at this time with the struggle of moving through this extremely polarised world. I work to empower and bring people out of their heads and into their hearts, by connecting them with their Soul’s - transmuting the emotional body and releasing fear and negative thought forms.
    Contact www.universal-healing.co.uk paul@universal-healing.co.uk Work with me http://paulquinton22_4.gr8.com Short course - Empower your Intentions http://empoweryourintentions.gr8.com/

  • Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me Tirgearr Birthday Bash!

    in Books

    It's that time of year again! Dellani and Christina welcome Kemberlee Shortland of Tirgearr Publishing for their fantastic Birthday Bash! Also on the show, three of Tirgearr's Authors: Susan Clayton-Goldner, Jenne Marsland and Maya Tyler. Tune in for fun, laughs and a special birthday bash offer from Tirgearr!
    Susan Clayton-Golder is author of A Bend in the Willow.
    Jenne Marsland is author of Where the Heart Is and To Capture the Sky.
    Maya Tyler is author of A Vampire's Tale
    Kemberlee Shortland is publisher and author of The Carmel Charmers series, The Irish Pride Series, and many more.
    We're looking forward to joining Tirgearr for another Happy Birthday!

  • Becoming a Woman of Influence

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Kathleen Cooke, you’ll discover:                                                     
    What influences women today. How you can cut through media clutter and distraction to be an influencer. Why your unique story matters. (brand) How to cast your net (your unique audience). 9 strategies to help you tell your story: The key is in the words.  The most important piece.  How to set yourself apart. What you must have in place. The one thing you can’t afford to stop doing.  How to get comfortable with change. The inevitable surprise and how to master it.  What to have ready before you begin.  The most valuable thing you can offer for free.  Kathleen Cooke is a businesswoman, writer, and speaker. She was a founding partner at Cooke Pictures (www.cookepictures.com), a media production company, and the nonprofit, Influence Lab. Learn more at http://www.kathleencooke.com.

  • Writers At Their Best - Special WOI -Host Marsha Casper Cook

    in Writing

    Please join Marsha  Casper Cook on Feb 22 at 4PM EST 3 PM CST 2PM MT 1 PM PST for a very special show about writing. This isn't about marketing, social media or politics- this is about writing and why authors need to write. Jack and Dennis are both highly educated wonderful writers who are constantly writing and putting out nothing but the best. They have learned their craft well and will be discussing how their lives have changed through writing and the importance of being the best you can be by telling a good story and making it work.
    There's also a discussion planned about Audio Books - it's a special hot topic!
    For more info: