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Last week's G7 talks were an abysmal failure, but we shouldn't be shocked by that obvious conclusion. The G7 talks were always meant to serve the casino capitalists, while allowing the planet to burn. The Guardian reported that while the G7 ..."reaffirmed goals.." they ..."failed to provide funds needed to reach them," according to multiple experts in a piece published this past Sunday, by Fiona Harvey. Predictably, the G7 merely served as a rubber stamp for corporate's fiscal 'wet dreams' and little more. Furthermore, the news of environmental activist protests was treated as a childish tantrum that the alleged 'adults in the room' generously tolerated, except it's groups like Extinction Rebellion that are the actual 'adults in the room.' We may as well have provided Pampers for these world leaders for all the actual leadership they provided. Come tune in at showtime, or listen to the archived program anytime, as we work to hold corporate polluters and their political enablers accountable! Jeanine

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Brook Hines with Sam Husseini, reporter/activist talks to PNN on biological warfare programs and how the left failed us with a sectarian approach to facts and science vis-a-vis the pandemic. Jeanine Molloff on a new "minority report"... more

POETS of the EAST - Season Two Episode One We start up our Second Season with TWO AMAZING POETS Lesley Constable and Noah Levin. Lesley is an amazing poet with years of experience as a writer, journalist, art critic, painter... more

The net-zero scam is not the solution environmental warriors have been hoping for.

Brook Hines and @JustinInBmore discuss insidious Twitter initiative to blacklist and censor the left. Also, unity for me but not for thee. And what's the deal with AOC's Courage To Change PAC? Jeanine Molloff on freedom of speech and... more

The filibuster is unconstitutional. Always was--and always will be. Now, I'm not talking about the Jimmy Stewart, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" brand, but rather the SILENT FILIBUSTER which grants the GOP slim minority an... more

Brook Hines, Jeanine Molloff, and Rick Spisak.

This week is all about WATER, WATER, WATER. Erin Brockovich exposed unsafe water in parts of Louisiana which rivals the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Towns such as Sulphur and Shreveport, (both in Louisiana), have orange water flowing... more

Brook Hines — pandemic gets personal. Forcing low-wage and unsafe work by cutting off unemployment benefit is cruel and stupid (i.e. totally unsurprising for Republican Governors). SARS-CoV-2 origin: US funded gain of... more

This episode will speak to the way public relation firms subvert the true debate on climate change, and the corporate polluters who contributed most heavily to this looming global disaster. By deflecting the facts, public relation firms essentially... more

Greenpeace just released a report this week aptly titled : Dollars vs. Democracy: Companies and the Attack on Voting Rights and Peaceful Protest. This report details how large corporations are bankrolling the majority of anti-democracy... more