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    Growing Inner Wealth® in the Elementary Classroom

    in Education

    Join Stephanie Rule and her guest, Maxine McFarlane, as they dive into building Inner Wealth in the elementary classroom. They hold an informative discussion around weaving NHA into school disciplinary policies. Tune in for real-life examples of how to implement The Nurtured Heart Approach® in a classroom environment, and how to create a paradigm shift to help you begin to see your students' intensities in a positive way!
    Guest Bio:
    Music: Reset To Your Heart's Intention- John Frick  
    Lyrics: Howard Glasser

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    Podcast: Breaking News, Distressed Real Estate (REO, Shortsales) Market Update

    in Training

    Update on distressed property...
    -22 million jobs lost
    -Peak of Forbearance requests was March of 2020 when 8% of mortgages were in forbearance.
    -Averaging more coming OUT of Forbearance than going IN.
    -87% of Forbearances are successful
    -400,000 new ones expected to default plus 250,000 already in system = 650,000 total.  During housing crash there were 2 million total.
    Are you ready to join EXP REALTY? Choose Tim and Julie Harris as your sponsor! Text Tim directly 512-758-0206.
    Will there be an REO surge?
    -Not likely anytime soon.
    -The market will easily absorb inventory, Fed Intervention, -equity.
    What about Short Sales?
    -Some short sales or a short sale like solution will arise but no time soon.
    -FHA borrowers are the most behind, most likely to go into default but also most likely to get government intervention.
    Also: regarding investors.
    In 2019 there were 250,000 fix and flips
    10 to 12% of all transactions are investor purchases, 13 to 15 billion in volume yearly.
    Unlike the last time, the big opportunity won't be in buying distressed opportunities.  The biggest opportunity will be helping people who have EQUITY but can't pay their mortgage because they've yet to find replacement employment.
    More facts:
    According to NAR, 35 to 45% of agents own at least 1 rental property.
    90% of investors are 'Mom and Pop' investors who own 1 to 10 rentals.
    Get to know Tim and Julie Harris:* Tim and Julie Harris are the 5 Star rated, award-winning authors of the best selling book, HARRIS RULES. Available everywhere including Barnes and Noble, Amazon.

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    in Education

     THE NEA FOUNDATION  SALUTES EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION BY  HONORING GREAT TEACHING PROFESSIONALS We are honored to  have three recipients of the Excellence award with us for this show ; Amy Gallaway of Fairbanks ,AK...Casey Keyser of Frederick, MD ....and Leila Kubesch of Norwood OH to speak of their experience and their hopes as educators.

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    A Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith

    in Higher Education

    Dr. Sonya Reddick Shaw has served in local government parks and recreation for 27 years, spending the past 15 years as parks and recreation director. She has successfully served in the communities of Chapel Hill, Goldsboro and Garner leading communities through collaborative partnership building, community engagement initiatives and national accreditation. Dr. Shaw travels the country speaking on leadership development at local, state and national conferences.  Her career interests include advocacy for educational and professional development opportunities of underrepresented students and young professionals in parks and recreation. Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor in the Kinesiology & Recreational Administration Department at North Carolina Central University (NCCU).
    Dr. Shaw obtained her B.A in Recreation Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Masters in Public Administration from NCCU, and Doctorate Degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from North Carolina State University. In addition to serving as Past-President of NCRPA, Dr. Shaw is President-Elect of National Recreation and Park Ethnic Minority Society. She is a Board Regent for NRPA Supervisors’ Management School and Practitioner Rep. for the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions. 
    Join us on A Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith at 10:00 am EST. Come listen to our guest’s career path, her advice for others and current initiatives. Right here On A Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith, where Significance Blooms via 563-999-3513 or This is Season 7, Season 1-6 can be found on, previously broadcasted on Survival Broadcast Network.

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    Can the Little Guy Make it Big in the Stock Market?

    in Education

    The recent Gamestop Reddit Group gambling run up has caused many investors and traders to wonder if the stock market is just for rich people. In this radio show Martha Stokes explains some of the things that happened in the last week of January 2021 to GME and why. She also talks about why brokers and the exchanges halted trading on GME that day. This radio show is for anyone who wants to understand what happened and how they can invest or trade for monthly income in the stock market.
    To request a Radio Show Topic, email:
    *Check out our Stock Market Courses, these courses teach you how to trade stocks and options.

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    in Education

    The officer who carried out this attack, Lt. Jenkins, has a long and sordid history of brutality and violence. Jenkins has been promoted several times during his tenure under Commissioner Dunn, showing a pattern of reward for brutality at Donaldson. 
    Additionally, there have been multiple lawsuits brought against Donaldson Prison and ADOC on behalf of the men incarcerated there who have been beaten, brutalized, and raped by officers.

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    in Education

    TUNE IN EVERY TUESDAY AT 7 PM EST CALL IN TO (425) 569-5169 or (563) 999-3615

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    Weedsday Wednesday, A Live, Cannabis Marijuana Radio Show Podcast 2021!

    in Education

    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday!
    The #1 Marijuana Cannabis Podcast! 
    Everything you ever wanted to know about marijuana!
    We'll talk about cannabis, marijuana, cbd, thc, hash, weed, pot or anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!
    Join us for Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!
    We'll share what's happening with all of the medical marijuana laws for The State of Arizona and everything marijuana happening in our exciting little trail dust town!
    Call in to join us live (646) 915-8421!

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    The Bottom Line- using lawful money

    in Education

    Tonight we discuss using lawful mowny

  • 00:52

    Zeta Report on Situational Preparedness

    in Education

    The #ZetaReport End Times Evidence
    #USAEBN Also available on YouTube
    In order to save as many lives as we can please share the link to our site, whatever you need to do to share this information. USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Help us get the Preparedness message out to millions of listeners. Remember: Research everything before you Believe anything!!

  • 01:31

    Richard Knight Part VI ~ 02/08/21 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Host Janet Kira Lessin

    in Education

    Who is Richard Knight?  A renaissance man !!!!  Where do you come from? The Source of All as a Celestial Healer !!! What is it you intend to do for humanity? Serve others to help them become their truest selves !!! Have you been given insights into your identity? Yes Would you consider yourself to have a mission? Sort of !!! Would you classify yourself as a lightworker? Starseed? Alien? My awareness stems from Creation itself being a very Ancient One !!! Has something changed that helped you reach these conclusions? Since I came in fully aware then had this further verified at 5, 12,14, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 29, 33, 35, 45, and 50 !!! Age 5 alien abduction Age 12 began channeling and reading the tarot Age 14 death and resurrection Age 17 attempted suicide, demonic encounter Age 18 Near-death experience from pneumonia, encounters of the third kind Age 19 Healed a crippled man with rheumatoid arthritis; told I had only six months to live,  became an ordained minister, later a Doctor in Divinity, outreach center counselor, and went into business for myself as a freelance investigator  Age 22 encounter with the Vodou high priest, Egyptian little death Age 23 met St Michael my awareness expanded tremendously. Began writing professionally.  Age 24 encounter with St Germain later healed from old wounds and transformed  Age 29 Became doctor of theology, Bishop, and Patriarch helping to found Church Age 33 Began healing others gaining training in 5 kinds of Reiki  Age 35 Tracking device removed by nasal surgery

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