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    jonah bey show

    in Higher Education

    for remedy go to

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    Generational Trauma S2-E16

    in Education

    Ain't no party like a slave-catcher party because a slave-catcher party don't stop. This week we examine generational trauma. What causes it? How does it manifest? Who inflicts it and why?  We'll also be joined by Rhode Island Poet laureate nominee and playwright Christoper "TheNcredibull" Johnson. Christopher Johnson is the recipient of the 2018 Rhode Island State Council of the Arts Fellowship for Playwriting. He is also a finalist for the 2018 McColl Johnson Fellowship and an award-winning Slam Poet.

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    Community Resource Paramedic Program

    in Training

    This new podcast episode of iCHIEFS spotlights a unique mobile integrated health program happening in the Gainesville, Florida, community. We’ll be joined by Ariella Bak, coordinator of Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Community Resource Paramedic program, as she shares how her team is redefining the paradigm of EMS and the pertinent role of paramedics. 
      The podcast will outline: 
    The Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Community Paramedic MIH program  Roles and responsibilities  Problems addressed for Gainesville  Solutions/results have you observed 

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    in Education

    THE HUGE TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES NOW AND UPCOMING IN EDUCATION..Presenting a first time guest, the folks from TANIUM, introduced to us from their participation at CoSN. An overview on how to understand and prepare for the emerging educational environment safely ... with  tangible resources for practitioners as the need for technology  and technology management grows and grows.
    We always enjoy hearing from you . Contact Larry Jacobs at "'.
    Enjoy "Equity & Access PreK12" online journal, The Official Journal of our American Consortium for Equity in Education at Everything we do is free to all educators.

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    The Bottom Line-Court Procedures

    in Education

    Tonight we look at couet procedures

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    Weedsday Wednesday, A Live, Cannabis Marijuana Radio Show Erin O'Hearn 2021!

    in Education

    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday!
    The #1 Marijuana Cannabis Podcast! SPECIAL GUEST: ERIN O'HEARN!!!
    Everything you ever wanted to know about marijuana!
    We'll talk about cannabis, marijuana, cbd, thc, hash, weed, pot or anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!
    Join us for Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!
    We'll share what's happening with all of the medical marijuana laws for The State of Arizona and everything marijuana happening in our exciting little trail dust town!
    Call in to join us live (646) 915-8421!

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    in Education

    TUNE IN EVERY TUESDAY AT 7 PM EST CALL IN TO (425) 569-5169 or (563) 999-3615

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    Differences Between Technical Analysis and Trading Stocks

    in Education

    In this week’s radio show Martha Stokes explains why just learning technical analysis is not going to make you a successful stock trader. Often times new traders are caught up in scams that promise huge profits with a simple technical analysis strategy or a candlestick pattern. Martha will explain in detail what you need to be successful, how TechniTrader’s Trading Process incorporates all the essential tools, skill-sets, and procedures for stock traders.
    She will also talk about how technical analysis has evolved and what that means for traders who have some stock trading experience. Learn about the changes that are reshaping how professionals and retail traders are using technical analysis and how to develop a complete trading process that includes technical analysis, chart analysis, indicators, candlestick patterns, trade management, risk analysis and much more.
    To request a Radio Show Topic, email:
    *Check out our Stock Market Courses, these courses teach you how to trade stocks and options.

  • 01:43

    Principals Of Nationality In Action

    in Education

    Join us Tuesday 16 Ramadhan 1442 (4/27/21 CCY) @ 9:00pm for MHHS Eyes Wide Open live broadcast:
    Principals of Nationality in Action:
    In conjunction with the final call series:
    Ramadhan Mubarak...!!!
    Part II - Many have a lot to say about social security, so many theories. It is alleged that the social security is a trust, that it is a link to unlimited 'money', that it is evidence of a 'corporation', that it is a 'fourteenth amendment citizen and if you have one that makes you a fourteenth amendment citizen. Does it really? Is that documented?
    When these theories are bandied about, are there verifiable documentation to substanstiate these theories?
    How about we read the entire United States of America Social Security Act of 1935, the beginning and lets think about what we read in relation to what we have been told, regardless of how 'wonderful' the theories sound.
    Join us as we take a look. The entire documents can be downloaded at
    Listen via the internet at, or to listen via telephone, call 563-999-3403, Press ‘1’ to speak.
    Remember to check us out on Facebook:, and please select like.
    Also we are also on Twitter:
    Please go to and sign up for notifications when a newsfeed is published.
    If you have a question regarding this broadcast, send an email to
    Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. We here at Moor Heritage and History School Eyes Wide Open thank you for coming together so that we may together be uplifted.
    Moors Heritage & History School in association with RVBey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, Moorish News, Mantis Views 29

  • 01:31

    Sounding Off About Gun Safety Part 2

    in Training

    Join Elliot from 610 Tactical, Duane from ZAC Tactical and Keia from Point Blank Firearms Safety.
    Please join us and our special guest, Dr.Joy Allen from E3 Personal Defense.
    Our motto, "To be responsible, you have to be informed."
    Do you know how the new laws are going to effect you?
    Do you know when excessive force is OK?

  • 03:03

    Tarhaka and Dr. Walter Williams on How to Overcome White Supremacy

    in Higher Education

    Call in ##319-527-6084 
    ?1. What is the most powerful solution to the problem of white supremacy?
    2. Can this solution solve the problem of white men murdering our children?
    3. What should we as a people do about the problem today?
    4. What part does Nationally play as a solution??
    5. What about non-violence or total violence as a solution?
    (Please share this post with everyone)GET OUT OF DEBT NOW!

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