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  • Understanding The Times In Which We live Today Joseph Gibson Examines Today

    in Current Events

    UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES IN WHICH WE ARE LIVING IN TODAY! Your Host a expert on The New World Order & American History Joseph Gibson Examines The End Of Days and the Times in which We all live in today and what we can to do to live a better life in the End Times, also Joseph examines the news of today with comment. Everyone is invited to contribute with their thoughts and ideas and comments on the best blog talk radio/Internet/podcast show  around the World today! blogtalkradio.com/josephgibson nodody is censored or screened or denied there say on my show! All callers please call in at 657-383-0616 press 1 if you would like to share on this World Wide Stage!!! All Callers can remain Anonymous! Sunday evening we will have the Founder of a grass roots organization Called Not Just Another Number. A organization exposing prison corruption and much more! So tune in and listen or share and lets learn about The Connecticut Prisons System

  • Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering Preliminary Meeting

    in Current Events

    A Council of the up coming Eagle Quetzal Condor gathering in North South Central America 2016-2017 We will be guiding the Next Sponsors and Benefactors to move us into the future of this great movement. We are also looking to have a benefit concert but together before the end of 2015 to raise funding for past Due Bills from Aprils gathering. Looking for a Great Video editor to create the next Video of Interviews of the Elders and Planetary advocates.

  • Voices InJustice - Would you make the call? Carolyn Wilson, MSW, LCSW

    in Current Events

    Voices InJustice Radio, an outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, supporting the 'Family Crimes & Terroristic Abuse Act'. Join us live, Sunday evenings @7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific time for a live discussion about the injustices we see in our communitities, our schools, our political leaders, family service organizations, and inside our very close circle of family/friends. We welcome your calls at 929-477-3163 or use your Social ID; log into blog talk platform for our live chatroom during the shows. We take all calls & questions, so don't hesitate to bring it to our discussion table.
    This Sunday evening, Oct 4th, it is a huge honor to welcome friend/colleague Carolyn Wilson, MSW/LCSW Sexual Abuse Therapist. Let's talk to someone who has been working with victims and families for over 30 years, as she gives us a very close personal insight in how this act, which so many believe is gentle and loving, will never harm the child; let's find out exactly what she has seen in helping survivors & families learn to cope and rebuild. There are many challenges you hear me talk about all the time, write about them, speak about them, and have helped my share of persons, but Ms. Wilson is the expert we welcome to answer your concerning questions. Let me ask you - Would you make the call to report/help a child in need, especially if you believe it to be a close member of your family? What types of backlash might we expect in reporting? Is it really anonymous to make a report?
    Keep in mind our shows are for entertainment purposes. While we may have experts join in we cannot & do not provide any form of professional theraputic, legal, or medical advice. It is necessary for you to connect with a Hotline or a service in your area. Please join in and invite some friends, or your teenagers. It's a great way to start a conversation about today's matters and how to help. Thank you stopping by! 

  • Sunday Night Real Talk w/KMAN & MisterDirect

    in Current Events

    What has happened all week long?
    What is the latest news story to capture our attention?
    Tired of Fox, Cnn, Msnbc, or other Slanted news?
    Tired of slanted links and not knowing the other side of the story?
    Join the KMAN and MisterDirect for an open banter discussion on the latest topics. 
    That's right join MisterDirect and the KMAN for 
    Social, Political, Scientific, Technology, Health, and many more subjects. 
    Since it's REAL TALK you never know where the conversation will go.
    Guest call in line (347)205-9571

  • The Catholic Geek: Tom Knighton on shootings, Marina Fontaine on Dean Koontz

    in Current Events

    Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) interviews author and former Corpsman Tom Knighton  (Bloody Eden, Bad Moon on the Rise, and more) on mass shootings, including the recent slaughter in Oregon.  
    Marina Fontaine will discuss Catholicism, horror, and Dean Koontz.
    T.L. "Tom" Knighton is a former Navy Corpsman, a journalist, blogger, husband, father, and writer living in Albany Georgia. He is also a contributor to SamePageNation.com
    Marina Fontaine is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a proud American and an unrepentant book addict.Because of her background, Marina especially appreciates an opportunity to discover, share and support pro-freedom art in all its forms. She is a co-founder of Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance group on Facebook, runs Small Government Book Fan Club on Goodreads and has a blog on Liberty Island. Marina lives in New Jersey with her very supportive husband, three children and four guinea pigs, working as an accountant by day and an aspiring writer by night.

  • Oregon College Shooting Examined

    in Current Events

    Joe and Bill comment on the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. More gun control rhetoric from the White House. These staged false flags will be examined for their predictable nature.

  • Fact Checking: Who's Telling the Truth?

    in Current Events

    Politicians are giving us all kind of facts, but are those facts true. On this week's episode will talk about it.

  • The Westchester Put On Interview Series Ft-Big City , Wrekognition & Los Wavey

    in Current Events

    Lord Judah Interviewing Big City and Los Wavey and Wrekognition about their current Music project and upcoming Movement.

  • MJJTalk with John and Javanks (Talk Show) Hosts: John and Javanko LIVE Sunday

    in Current Events

    MJJTALK LIVE With John and Javanks! John a political nut and with Javanks a college students that cares alot about history, fine arts, and environmental issues! Call in we want interaction and fun! Everyday conversation with the viewers!

  • Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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  • Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Hot Issues of the Day/Freedomizer Radio-BTR

    in Current Events

    Welcome to Rose Colombo N The Justice Club where freedom is still free!  Listen Live Worldwide Online - Podcasts, (347) 324-3704 - Author's Corner - Experts Corner - Health Corner - Political Corner - The Justice Corner - and more....Rosie's Rants and critical thinking on the issues that affect our daily lives - pocketbooks - elderly - seniors - unborn babies - constitutional rights, freedoms, liberties - sovereignty - Tell a Friend, Co-Worker, Neighbor , a Stranger - Grab a cup o' coffee and a snack and sit back and relax - 9am-12pm pst or 12pm-3pm est - Bookmark - Follow - Share - Like - All shows are archived at www.freedomizerradio.com or check out Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com - If you have a topic to talk about or a public service announcement email - Rose4Justice.com