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  • Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Issues of the Day

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club every MWF - 9-10:30a and 12-1:30p est - Listen Live worldwide online, podcasts, and (347) 324-3704 -  Join Rosie's Rants- Author's Corner -the Issue of the Day - Special Guests - Rose is a Crusader for Equal Rights and founded the first national organization for victims of legal abuse. All shows archived at Freedomizer Radio and Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com

  • Andy@Neelu On Getting your kids back with SANDS

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    Andy@Neelu On Getting your kids back with SANDS 

  • July 8, 2015

    in History

    Call-in and listening number: 917 889 2670 Wedensday July 8, 2015 at 5 pm New York time (10 pm England time) https://www.youtube.com/EgyptDecoded

  • Fighting the Tyranny with Michael Howell Guest Ed Baker

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    Fighting the Tyranny is a show designed to expose global government and the New World Order. We tackle all the fronts that they attack us on daily. Whether your fight is G.M.O.'s, chemtrails, election fraud, agenda 21, vaccines, false flags, the federal reserve, to undeclared wars. I hope you find a home here at Fighting the Tyranny on freedomizerradio.com. Open dialogue is open and encouraged. Pull up a chair to the virtual round table and let's talk about the issues. 
         On this weeks episode I will have 2016 Presidential candidate, Ed Baker on to talk about today's issues and the things that affect us today. I will go over with him his platform and his stance on the issues. Open phone lines for the show so please call in and join the discussion. See you at the virtual round table, Wednesday at 6:30 PM central standard time on freedomizerradio.com!

  • Who DId It To You? Roundtable discussion with Dr James Jone

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    The challenge facing all of us is to rise above the things that have kept us divided in the past, by focusing us on the agenda of creating a better future for our people to see how all of us, with all of our varied differences, can come together and direct our energy, not at each other, but at the condition of the reality of the suffering of our people, that we might use all of our skills, gifts and talents to create a better world for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is time for us to stop thinking and acting solely on behalf of our churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and organizations. It is time for us as leaders to come together and begin to think, plan, and act on behalf of the whole of our people. We must put an end to the Mischief and the Mischief Maker! 

  • Zoe Campos Missing Lubbock, Texas, WHERE ARE THEY? With Linda Crystal

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    On November 17, 2013 Zoe Campos Disappeared like so many other kids in this country. Zoe is 18 years of age, 5 Feet tall, 100 pounds, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. Wednesday July 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm EST we will be investigating her disappearance to see what Happened to Zoe?  Is Zoe still alive?  What are the clues?  The letters of the day?  The danger signs and zones for Zoe? America's Number #1 Forensic Astrologist looks into the case to see where she is. The information that Linda Crystal can come up with in a case is AMAZING!
    Zoe went missing from Lubbock, Texas. We are going to crack open the case and see what it says. Maybe we can find Zoe. Mark Ysasaga's body was just found shortly after the broadcast in the location and manner that Linda Crystal said.
    Melinda Campos, Zoe's mother will be our guest on the show. HELP US FIND ZOE CAMPOS!!!!

  • Mind Pool

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    If you want to know more about Fukushima and what can be done to protect dirt, you'll have ant to hear this.

  • National & International Roundtable

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    Guests to be announced...


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    With the Supreme Court decision on June 26th same sex couples won the right to marry nationwide. Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL cohosts Terry Boi and Michelle on WEDNESDAY JULY 8 to discuss the decision, backlash and next steps for LGBTQ couples as well as the barriers/fights that lay ahead are James Bennett Midwest Regional Director at LAMBDA LEGAL and Sommer Foster Legislative Director at EQUALITY MICHIGAN.
    Lambda Legal, founded in 1973, is the oldest and largest national organization whose mission is to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQ people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.
    Equality Michigan is the statewide anti-violence and advocacy organization proudly serving Michigan’s LGBTQ and HIV affected communities for over 20 years.
    Can you still be denied a marriage license and what should you do if you are? Is your Canadian marriage legal in all 50 states? Does your civil union/domestic partnership convert to marriages automatically? If you have domestic partnership benefits will you lose them if you choose NOT to marry? If we were legally married with children Massachusetts but live in Michigan do we have to do a second parent adoption? If you get married on Saturday can you be fired on Monday?
    What are your questions? Join us on CAN WE TALK FOR REAL Blog Radio Wednesday July 8 at 8:30PM EST/7:30PM CST. Call (347)215-8985 and press “1” to join the conversation.

  • What the hell is going on in America?

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    With all the blatant disrespect of our current President in Chief, police brutality on the rise, racial tensions brewing, politicians lying..(nothing new)...I am forced to ask the question of  What the hell is going on in this country nowadays?? It may be a case of history repeating itself, but this feels very uncomfortable. For the life of me, I cannot understand why as a species we "Can't get it together". I really do not see the need for all of the sensless violence and need for the "Superiority complex" in this day an age. We are supposed to be the civilized species, yet we are proving ourselves to be the more savage and weaker.
    Let's talk about it on The Menu. This Wednesday 8:30 p.m.

  • Proof Negative Radio Show: REAL Patriot News

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    Welcome to the Proof Negative Radio Show. We feature a mix of New World Order news, Health & Wellness, & whatever else comes up freedom - related.
    Please also find more of our shows here at Freedomizer Radio.
    I'm certain by this show there will be enough political hijinks & news to discuss for 3 hours alone.
    Our main website & chat room are at http://www.freedomizerradio.com.
    We do not monitor this chat room. Please go to our Freedomizer Radio Website for our shows and chat room.