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  • A radio-active forum where new (original) music are played by Artists On Da Rise

    in Entertainment

    A radio-active forum where new (original) music are played by Artists On Da Rise. This Blog Talk Radio Show purpose is to make the audience aware of Artists music that you can hear on the radio... We have so many great Artists out there with amazing songs but they don't have a platform to play it on because the major radio stations around the world is controlled by corporate money. We at ARTISTS ON DA RISE is here for independent Artist with great music. We are an advocate of independent music. Make sure to tune in and give support to the up and coming artists.

  • The Lisa Lisa Show

    in Entertainment

    Running commentary that's entertaining & educational; based on all types of events & occurrences; various influences, information & what interests me; sometimes story telling or an account of the week.This could B just sit down comedy.

  • Inside the Berger Shop with guest CEO of MRY Matt Britton

    in Pop Culture

    In podcast #2 of Inside the Berger Shop, Ryan talks to Matt about his career path from Boston University to Mr Youth to MRY, as well as chatting about Matt's new book, YouthNation, and the importance of today's youth who are shaping the world and the brands we are hear about. 

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    Equestrian Bling Dazzle Them in the Ring

    in Fashion

    Do you want to mesmerize the judges and audience in the show ring? Dazzle the crowd with Equestrian Bling on you and your horse. Dina Hooton, owner of The Equestrian-Bling company provides a bespoke digitizing service for clients who want to wear and be proud of their company logo. Diamante the cuffs and collars on your show jacket, add that little extra that will sparkle in the sun. 
    Listen to Dina as she describes the many options of "blinging" to your heart's content. There is nothing more mesmerizing, or magical than a horse and rider sparkling in the show ring lights!

  • BE the Difference not turn a BLIND EYE

    in Entertainment

    Hey there Tea Sippers! As we are ending our month long anniversary celebration, we have decided to shed some light on a subject that is often talked about on one side, maybe two, but never from the ongoing aftercare of coming out of the darkness.  As we all know, Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse is an ugly reality that many people face across the world. Women and Men who deal with this often find strength to get out of their situation and move ahead to rebuild their lives and regain their sense of self.
    My guest today is a survivor who has come out of the ugliness and shame that DV/IPVA loves to cloak its victims under.  Ms. Katrina Walker has not only shedded that very cloak, she has become a beacon of light for others who are seeking a way out of their situation. Not only she pulled herself out of the muck and mire, she has built an empire for herself where she can proclaim being a self made Millionaire!
    Join us as we Dish Tea on how to learn the steps to come out of a bad environment and situation and FLIP IT into a flourishing life of happiness and success!  This is a HOT POT of tea baby so make sure you bring PLENTY of crumpets!

  • Ace Micheals interviews w recording artist Teresa Glam

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    We'd love to feature your 15 minute interview on the NUMBER ONE talk show on FACEBOOK having reached over 30,000 listeners - it's a great way to promote what you're up to WORLDWIDE!! 
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    FEATURE GUESTS - We love to keep our show exciting and interesting. We encourage you to call in regularly and promote your events and give your outstanding insights on all our topics. If you provide us with "talking points" via email to beonthebuzz@yahoo.com 24 HOURS in advance we can center the questions on your interest. If you forward a song in .mp3 or .wav format we can play it on the show.  
    Call in to be on the air (646) 595-4802
    Call (818) 334-3045 to schedule your 15 minute phone interview our email beonthebuzz@yahoo.com 
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    Thank you for being my featured guest on THE ACE MICHEALS BLOG TALK RADIO SHOW - to promote your episode please share the active link we provided or download us as a podcast on ITunes!!

  • Callywood Live Repeat

    in Entertainment

    Callywood Live Repeat

  • Get Your Kids Back Strategy 2015 Andy @ Neelu with guests

    in Radio

    Live Everyweek with Troy Mathieson http://www.itnjcommittee.org/ Andy Peacher @ Neelu.
     Get Your Kids Back Strategy 2015 - Corporate policies, by which employees, impersonating public servants kidnap children from loving parents and homes based on fraud and perjury, to keep to targets and profits, are satanic - against God's laws of serving and protecting His children, humanity.   The remedy is to stop and reverse such crimes and stop the corporation trading illegally, dishonourably by issuing a non-judicial Commercial Obligation Salvage lien by way of an affidavit of truth, giving notice of 10, 21 or 30 days to protest or rebut, failing which the remedy becomes law.  Children are God-given to parents and families to be educated, nurtured, served and protected without corporate influences and violations of divine laws of Freewill, Non-interference & one-ness,  according to the beliefs and cultures of their heritage and lands and forefathers, not for satanic rituals.  All public service outside of consent is illegal trading.  The Commercial lien process can stop the illegal traders from trading in all public services and seize their assets.  The injured party issues an affidavit of truth of dishonour, Notice to Cease & Desist Trading, Notice of Dishonour, Notice of Acceptance of remedy and invites rebuttal, failing which the remedy sought becomes law without going to court.  The only way to stop a lien from remedy is by a jury.  Writ of Habeas Corpus releases all individuals from hostage situations such as forced care, forced adoptions, false sectioning under the Mental Health Act & false imprisonment.

  • The Shirley Ajayi show on Romance Scam Alphas

    in Entertainment

    Discussion about how Women get scammed by Romance Online Scammers and pay out thousands of dollars

  • DJ STYLES classic rock-n-roll show

    in Television

    Join DJ Styles as she spins some of her favorite songs for you.

  • Conversation with DownSound Record Reggae Artist Nature

    in Entertainment

    Reggae singer NATURE has inked a production and booking deal with successful independent record label, DownSound Records (DSR), a move he believes will finally propel him into the spotlight and get him recognition he richly deserves.
    The artist, who’s real name is Andre Ellis, known for singles such as “Wasting Time” and “Hold On”.   Both songs generated a lot of airplay on radio and television, and created a buzz in Europe a few years ago.  On the strength of these singles, Nature has been touring extensively, doing a three month stint in Europe where he did shows in France, Italy, Germany, Beligum and Switzerland.