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The American Muslim 360 (AM 360) Radio Network is about Al-Islam and being an American Muslim citizen. American Muslims are a socially conscious community, forming the most racially diverse, faith-based community in America and are urgently working to more effectively impact the national and international dialogue, not only on the image of Islam and Muslims, but on every major issue of our day. We offer opportunities to educate, inform and to (lightly) entertain with wholesome programming that serves the best of our Community's aspirations. We welcome you as an engaged listener and contributor to this powerful group intellect. If you are interested in being an AM 360 host or hostess, connect with the Executive Producer at info@cwsc.us for details. AM 360 is believer supported radio and depends on you and our corporate sponsors for our financial strength. Help us to continue to 'remake the world' into a better place for all by making a tax deductible contribution today at www.cwsc.us. Corporate sponsors are invited to reach one of the largest national audiences in America. Contact us at info@cwsc.us for more information on how to become an AM 360 corporate sponsor. Views expressed on AM 360 by hosts, hostesses or guests are their own and not necessarily the official position of AM 360 or the parent corporation, the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC), Incorporated. AM 360 content is intended as a community service and is not designed to provide specific and personal medical, financial, legal, counseling or other professional advice and no liability shall extend to hosts or hostesses of AM 360 or CWSC. We encourage you to consult an advisor for your specific circumstance.

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EVOLUTION OF REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT and CREATED PURPOSE. Host Imam Yahya Shabazz and Karriem Hameed. Topic safety and security in a climate of Islamaphobia. Quran: Sura CVI.Quraish.With Allahs name most merciful benefactor most merciful redeemer.1 ,For the covents( of security and safeguard Enjoyed by the Quraish, 2.Their covenants(covering)journeys by winter and summer,- 3.Let them adore the Lord of this House, 4.Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear(of danger). A discussion of security measures,to protect the believers and property.Due to the horrendous murders of young college students in N.Carolina last year and the murder of two Imams in New York,we believe its time to have this discussion.What measures can and should be inacted for better safety and security?
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Everyday in this global community, we hear of something that the human being has been involved in that eclipses the thought and actions of good. Do we stop doing acts of good? Do we hide in our homes and become hermits/ Do we feed... more

The insights of Imam Warithudeen Mohammed. We shall hear a selection of lectures presented by our Imam W.D,Mohammed,and if time permits,we shall open the call-in lines for commentary and sharing with each other points of... more

That Commentary of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(RA) & Social Psychology with Imam Rashad Shabazz! 1st Hour: Audio lecture of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(RA), the Spokesman For Human Salvation! 2nd Hour: Live Islamic... more

Solutions For Our Lives, The Language of Revelation, Not Juz Talk AM360 HAS A NEW CALL IN NUMBER: 425 292 4253 1st Hour: Solutions To Critical Issues That Affect/Effect Our Life with - Dr. Jamal Rasheed and Henry Haseeb... more

The Bilal in America Project, Money Sense, A New Day For Al Islam In America AM360 WILL HAS A NEW CALL IN NUMBER: 425 292 4253 Ist Hour: The Bilal in America Project with Zayd Khan 2nd Hour: Money Sense with Adam Beyah 3rd... more

Spotlight!!! with Najmah 53, The Birth of Women, Powerful Choices Now 1st Hour: Najmah53 is an artist/activist who "spotlights" perspective on Qur'an & Sunnah. 2nd Hour: The Birth Of Women with Dr. Ameenah Ali 3rd Hour:... more

Women Concerns.

When the government paid single mothers surival money to take care of their children, the stipulation was that the woman could not have a husband. This system, known as Welfare, had the effect of chasing fathers out of the home.... more

AM360 HAS A NEW CALL IN NUMBER: 425 292 4253 Courtship & Marriage, American Coalition For Good Government 1st & 2nd Hour: Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab with Hosts Mark Shahid and Munirah Habeel: Joining us this... more
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