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    M.E. Browning, writer of wrongs, chats about her new book SHADOW RIDGE with Pam

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes M.E. (Micki) Browning to the studio.  This second visit with Micki is all about her new brand and new book SHADOW RIDGE.   
    Micki Browning writes the Jo Wyatt Mysteries and the Agatha-nominated and award-winning Mer Cavallo Mysteries (as Micki Browning). An FBI National Academy graduate, Micki worked in municipal law enforcement for more than two decades and retired as a captain. Micki also writes short stories and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in dive magazines, anthologies, mystery magazines, and textbooks. She is a professional divemaster and owns a vast array of scuba equipment she uses for "research".  
    About SHADOW RIDGE:  Echo Valley, Colorado, is a place where the natural beauty of a stunning river valley meets a budding hipster urbanity. But when an internet stalker is revealed to be a cold-blooded killer in real life the peaceful community is rocked to its core.  
    It should have been an open-and-shut case: the suicide of Tye Horton, the designer of a cutting-edge video game. But Detective Jo Wyatt is immediately suspicious of Quinn Kirkwood, who reported the death. When Quinn reveals an internet stalker is terrorizing her, Jo is skeptical. Doubts aside, she delves into the claim and uncovers a link that ties Quinn to a small group of beta-testers who had worked with Horton. When a second member of the group dies in a car accident, Jo’s investigation leads her to the father of a young man who had killed himself a year earlier. But there’s more to this case than a suicide, and as Jo unearths the layers, a more sinister pattern begins to emerge–one driven by desperation, shame, and a single-minded drive for revenge.  As Jo closes in, she edges ever closer to the shattering truth–and a deadly showdown that will put her to the ultimate test.     

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    in Poetry

    There is NEVER a strict theme on this show!  You DO NOT have to read something SPOOKY, bring what ever you like, but SPOOKY would be COOL!
    Show time: 5:00 pm West coast - 8:00 pm East coast
    REMEMBER TO CALL IN EARLY!! The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room. It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun! You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark! Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family... Nyla Alisia, Debbie Philly, Michael Quigg, Jason Tucker

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    Author2Author with Clifford Brooks

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes poet and editor Clifford Brooks back to the show. Clifford is the founder of the Southern Collective Experience and Editor-in-Chief of the Blue Mountain Review. He hosts Dante's Old South on NPR/WUTC and This Business of Music & Poetry. He has three books of poetry: The Draw of Broken Eyes & Whirling Metaphysics, Athena Departs, and Exiles of Eden. He currently bounces around Georgia writing his new collection, The Book of Old Gods. His poetry/fiction hybrid, The Salvation of Cowboy Blue Crawford, is due out in the spring of 2022. We started this conversation a few weeks ago, and this time we'll finish it. Don't miss it!

  • 00:17

    Author Dolores Cruz talks #LookAround on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Dolores Cruz to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book #LookAround: A Mother's Journey from Grief and Despair to Healing and Hope. 

  • 02:41

    Epiphany Radio presents The HIDDEN: What does it Mean to be Afro- LatinX?

    in Poetry

    What does Afro-Latinx  mean?Afro-Latin refers to people from Latin American countries with African ancestry. In both Latin America and the United States, this population is usually coded as being Black.Afro-Latin, and other identifiers like the Spanish afrodescendientes (those of African descent), have long been used by governments and academics for Latin American people with African roots. Due to slavery and colonization, there are large populations of Afro-Latin people in Latin America, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Brazil. In this  show  We will explore  what is means to be  Afro-Latinidad. the Discussion will be  Seasoned with some Incredible Poetry! From  Shaggy Flores: Nuyorican-Massarican Poet Shaggy Flores hails from Guaynabo (Borinken), El Barrio and Shaolin (Nueva Yol), Springfield (New England), and the DMV area. He is the author of Sancocho: A Book of Nuyorican Poetry and Obatala’s Bugalu: A Book of Nuyorican Sights and Sounds. His work can also be found in Manteca! An Anthology of Afro-Latino@ Poets.
    Mercy Tullis-Bukhari is an ELA Teacher at NYC Department of Education, an Adjunct Professor at The College of New Rochelle. She is a poet, fiction writer, essayist, lover, mezcal aficionado, poet... Blaize the Poet "Blaize The Poet" is a Baton Rouge native by way of Chicago. She has inspired many audiences around the nation with her authentically southern poetry and personality.  John Robinson  also known as Jrob the Wise Son is a  Poet, Writer, Performer Harlem  Writers Guild Member, Epiphany Radio Host and Bronx Native.Founder of A DEEPER SHADE OF SOUL, ENTERPRISES, LLC, John is the author of the soon to be released  A Spoken Word Soliloquy and co-author of the book “ Sygnifyn Harlem “ in collaboration with the poet Jade Banks. 319-527-6300 press 1 to be heard

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    Rhythm & Rhyme with Rex & Luna...

    in Poetry

    WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS We are built in and of fluidity where tonal resonance in both voice and instrument beats heavily and with strength inside every fibre of our being. Poetry and music have been intrinsically intertwined for thousands of years, ancient Greeks used the lyre and Chinese the pipa and guqin. Think of the troubadors and minstrels who had unprecedented freedom of speech inre content and how voice and strings could soothe the savage breast and delight upper crust audiences as well as local townsfolk. At LNP, we encourage you to join in and draw from the modern offerings whom we shall highlight, thereby opening our thoughts, ideas and genres that we enjoy at home, in stadiums, outdoor venues and on the radio anytime, anywhere. We are generations of tempo-ed voices birthing our hearts, pain, anthems, protests, humor, satire, embracing all things poetic, musical and those forms where the love of, begins, with you. 

  • 01:45

    Songs of Selah with Scott Thomas Outlar

    in Art

    Songs of Selah October 31, 2020
    Halloween Special Edition with Red Focks and Alien Buddha Press.
    Authors from the ABP House of Horrors anthology series will be joining the program to read their work.
    Call in with questions and to win free copies of the anthologies at 646-668-8757.

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    Essential Retirement Planning For Solo Agers

    in Books

    Retirement planning starts early, especially if you want to be financially secure during your mature years. Join us on Off The Shelf Books Talk Radio this Saturday, Occtober 24, 2020 at 11am/EST (New York City time) to gain retirement planning tips. Dr. Sara Zeff Gerber, author of the book Essential Retirement Planning For Solo Agers, is our special guest. 
    Retirement planning topics that Dr. Sara Zeff Gerber and Off The Shelf Books Talk Radio host, Denise Turney, will discuss include Social Security, avoiding isolation during retirement, end-of-life arrangements and making a living will. Sara and Denise are also set to talk about a legacy worksheet, aging in place and the importance of building a strong support system to enjoy a rewarding retirement. 
    Listener dial-in number:  (347) 994-3490
    Saturday, Occtober 24, 2020 at 11am/EST (New York City time)
    Tell your family, friends and neighbors to tune in!
    ABOUT DR. SARA ZEFF GERBER:  Sara is an author, public speaker and workshop leader. Sara is also the founder of LifeEncore, a life planning and consultancy firm for Baby Boomers. Sara helps people prepare to live a rewarding and victorious life after retirement. She has a doctorate in Counseling and Human Behavior and a master's in Guidance and Counseling. Her bachelor's degree is in Psychology. She has appeared in several media outlets, including USA Today, The Huffington Post and the Longevity Network. She loves the outdoors and singing soprano in community choirs. Sara is also the author of the book, Essential Retirement Planning For Solo Agers. 
    Listener dial-in number:  (347) 994-3490
    Saturday, Occtober 24, 2020 at 11am/EST (New York City time)
    Tell your family, friends and neighbors to tune in!

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    Strange Magic After Midnight...with Incoherent Dust...

    in Poetry

    “There’s a strange magic we encounter reading poetry. Something undefinable, a lifting of the spirit to match that of a writer who expresses in words what we thought had only existed, unspoken, in the heart. Have you ever had that moment, reading, when an artist’s words stop you in your tracks and make your jaw drop? Felt that rawness and exposure when someone captures in a poem what was once secret, hidden within your soul? Here we dig deep and unafraid. We find our inspiration in unexpected places and unearth that strange magic within.”

  • 01:58

    Drip Da Mic: The Authors Lounge

    in Poetry

     Drip Da Mic: The Authors Lounge 
    A platform for the literary community can display their amazing potential throuhg published books, cover designs, publishing houses, book promoters and much much more. I invite you to join me every Tuesday.
    With your host Author Hezzy
    The call in number 646-378-0355
    press 1 and make this mic drip.

  • 01:02

    Literary Ladies Book Tour presents Author: Michelle Griffin-Carter

    in Books

    Call into the show (516) 453-9097 to speak with the author Michelle Griffin-Carter, who is the creative genius behind the children's book,Whatcha Doin', Ivy Rayne?: The Window. This book was inspired by her youngest daughter, Ivy Rayne. While walking into her room,  Michelle saw Ivy busy pulling things apart and building them back together again. She asked "Whatcha doin', Ivy Rayne?" Ivy looked up at her mom with her bright eyes and said, "Oh, nothing, just being Ivy." Michelle laughed and immediately went to her laptop and began typing.  The process was just that easy. Learn about her process, her experience as an author. Purchase her book here
    Michelle Griffin-Carter,  a wife, mother  and educator, was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York. At an early age, she discovered a love for reading and writing.  Her passion and love for children to read and learn has inspired her to write stories that children of all ages can enjoy. 
    Music: by Kelton PFUNK Davis

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