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    Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes current events through the lens of Bible Prophecy. Every Monday through Friday 4 - 6 PM Eastern Time.
    The Paul McGuire Report radio and television ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the listeners to support us if they are being blessed. We have asked, and are believing God, to touch the people of God, businesses and organizations to sow into this ministry that they also may be blessed!
    Your support enables us to stream Paul’s messages from God’s prophetic Word on Blog Talk Radio, PodBean,, Odysee,, YouTube, BitChute, SoundCloud, iTunes and various other podcast applications. With your help we are now broadcasting “The Paul McGuire Report” from our own TV and Production Studio on our Roku Channel as well as other channels as they become available.
    As we continue to trust in the Lord to build this ministry, HIS ministry, we believe He will lead us in the direction He would have us go. May the Lord bless you abundantly for responding to this call to action! Your gift makes it possible to continue our ministry work as together we share the Great Commission and point people to Jesus Christ.
    God works through your generous gifts to take the good news of Jesus Christ to millions of people worldwide! You can donate immediately by clicking HERE!
    Thank you for partnering with Paul McGuire Ministries sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church International!
    Your Brother in Christ Jesus, Paul McGuire
    Music by Joseph Charles

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    Talking Faith - Enduring Suffering & Struggles With Character

    in News

    Talking Faith is about teaching listeners how to use their faith in their daily walk, in their conversations so that they will learn to see their faith work for them not against them. Our podcast is a tool to teach Christians to decipher between false teachers and the Godly teachers of God’s Word.
    The podcast is hosted by Dr. Ellis O Henderson who is a Christian, Pastor, Father, Son, and servant leader of the remnant with a desire to serve God and bring forth heaven on earth. Utilizing his unique teaching gift, Dr. Henderson shines a light on darkness for the sake of clarity. He has been fortunate to endure and overcome insurmountable odds to proclaim his Christian faith. He has endured childhood trauma, addictions, abuse, and divorce.

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    Access Astrology

    in Current Events

    Happy Thanksgiving- The Sun and Mercury enter Sagittarius and conjucnt this week, what will that mean for you ?Three astrologers who love their work, Anne Ortelee, Mark Wolz, and Heather Roan Robbins, talk about the astrological conditions of the week ahead, what they mean, how to navigate the shoals and make the most of the moment. We then take callers and apply the transits to their charts. 

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    Stories from the 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry with Leslie Anderson

    in History

    Join Hosts Janice and Cherekana of Speak On It ! with Leslie Anderson for a conversation about Stories from the 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry.
    The 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry included free men, freedmen, freedom-seekers, and white officers from the United States and around the world. Who were they? Where did they come from? Where did they go? And what of those who didn’t survive? Many who returned to civilian life established families and contributed to their communities. Others struggled with debilitating injuries, madness, and broken hearts. This program examines the pre-and post-war lives of selected troops and officers by using pension applications and sources from local history. Learn about strategies and sources that you can apply to your research.
    Leslie Anderson, a native Virginian, is the owner of Anderson Historic Research, LLC, and a former reference librarian at Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections Branch. Named a Virginia Humanities Scholar in 2020, she won the 2013 NGS Family History Writing Contest. Her publications include, Virginia Slave Births Index, 1853-1865 (Project Editor), Alexandria (Co-author), and the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy. Leslie holds a Master of Science in Library Science, and her genealogical education includes GRIP, IGHR, and Gen-Fed. She’s a member of AAHGS, NGS, and VGS. She blogs at "1st U.S. Colored Cavalry: Private Lives, Public Records."

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    Callers Sound Off (Rittenhouse, Dems Hypocrisy, Malcolm X) #FFriday

    in News

    Callers Sound Off (Rittenhouse, Dems Hypocrisy, Malcolm X) #FFriday 
    Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. NOT GUILTY

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    TS Radio Network: Kidnapping grandma.. with Cindy Mifsud & Randy Hayes

    in Current Events

    Join Coz & Marti as they cover another corrupt probate case.  But first!  Arthur Herring updates us on his efforts in Michigan and Coz gives the weekly "Hog Report".  The "Hog Report" details sure fire signs that you are dealing with a glory hog, whose main focus is self promotion and self adoration.  The "cause" is sinply the vehicle used to promote themselves.
    Our guest are Cynthia Mifsud and Randy Hayes
      "In 2018 my siblings and I decided my parents home was no longer a safe place for them to live because of my Dads advancing dementia. We used my parents funds to build a GrandPad at my home where they could have 24/7 care. On May 1, 2021 my niece took my mother under the guise of spending the night with her girls but I stead has not returned her. She created a revocation of my POA document naming her mother as the new POA and notarized it herself. She got PPO’s against me, my husband and my brother. I filed for guardianship which brought us into the Probate nightmare. 20 plus family members have not seen our mother in over 6 months. She has been kept isolated, lost 23 pounds and was hospitalized with sepsis. Her mental condition has rapidly declined as well. We want to see our mother that we love and have been Caring for her for many years. I’ve had POA since 2013." >

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    270: Border Invasion, Freedom Networking, Covid Detox, Saving Arizona, Branding

    in Current Events

    12:06p - Karin Weiri: The Freedom Cell Network – Peer to peer groups creating more liberty in our communities & alternatives to government tyranny
    12:17p - Jaris Tucker: Business Marketing & Branding Expert – Branding Rebirth To Reposition & Rejuvenate
    12:27p - Cherie Calbom: "The Juice Lady" - Detox & Supplements - This is the most important time to pay attention to your health & immune system
    12:38p - Gayle Nicholson: Helping Veterans & Survivors of Traumatic Experiences turn off the internal alarms that keep them from being happy, healthy & successful
    12:48p – Joanne BarryColon: Wholistic Personal Training - Guiding women to release issues from their tissues as they shed emotional weight & fall in love with themselves
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1:00p - Special Guest MIKE MILLER: Citizen Journalist & Founder of Warriors for Ranchers - A grassroots organization helping families affected by the border invasion of illegal aliens & sex slave traders. Mike has the inside scoop on what's really going on with the Cartels & the corrupt American officials at every level.
    1:30p - Special Guest JOHN ARNOLD: conservative candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 23 & a lifelong Republican who has lived in Arizona for 26 years. He understands the best manager of your hard-earned money is YOU, which is why he believes taxpayers should keep more of their income & send less to the government.
    VISIT: For our Partners' Info, Listen LIVE Links, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community & Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Much More!

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    Ep 123 Karen Grassle Little House Ma on Bright Lights, Prairie Dust

    in History

    Karen Grassle joins host Sarah Uthoff to talk about her new memoir, Bright Lights, Prairie Dust. Grassle, of course, played Laura Ingalls Wilder's Ma on the 1970s NBC series, We're going to talk about her experience on "Little House." We'll dig into what it was like to film the series. Then we'll discuss her life beyond as a theater actress and a woman's right advocate. You're going to want a copy of her new book.
    Here's the link to Karen's website:
    Upcoming appearence:

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    Solar Storm 11.9.21: Milking the Goyim Dry ‘Til They Die

    in Current Events

    Kyle goes over recent stories related to vaxx deaths, anti-White insanity, and jewish supremacism.
    Sinead’s Soundcloud
    White people love the fall and pumpkin spice products (like at Heathen Herbs!), resistance to the flu world order, predators in our midst, and more.
    T: ResolutionRDO & 
    G: @ResolutionRDO 
    Support Resolution RADIO. Your gifts are much appreciated. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising!
    Sonny Thomas P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066 

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