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  • 00:45

    General State of Things: Part 4

    in Psychology

    Please join us for more exploration about the current state of things.

  • 01:01

    Undiscovered Beasts and Strange Phenomena / Swamp Shadows ...Sinister Swamps!

    in Science

    Please join us Tuesday June 16th at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT) for a very special live simulcast event! Undiscovered Beasts and Strange Phenomena with Adam Davies and Swamp Shadows -Tales from the Tupelos both welcome Lyle Blackburn to discuss his brand new book "Sinister Swamps - Monsters and Mysteries from the Mire". Please join Adam and Mike as they interview Lyle about this exciting new release! 

  • 00:30

    Stories About Police Brutality, "Racism" and Dehumanization

    in Psychology

    I will present an arguement that America's current attempts to deal with "racism" and police brutality are best understood as common elements of authoritarian political structures. Authoritarianism is the dominant  type of politics both in our world and the historical past. Authoritarian political structures are always hierarchical and maintained by convincing their citizens that those in the higher levels are inherently superior as human beings than those in the lower strata of society. The psychological mechanisms of control involve dehumanizing some individuals and demonizing those who would seek to rebel against their fixed position in the hierarchy. The police and the military usually represent the mechanisms to enforce compliance and punish rebellion among those dehumanized and demonized. The solution to the problems created by authoritarian heirarchies are found in democratic political structures adhering to the idea that all human beings are equal in their essential worth, have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities and that all its citizens are more human than otherwise. 
    These ideas are explored in my book "Psycho'therapy' and the Stories We Live By" to be found on,, and       

  • 01:06

    Look at Systematic Racism and Injustice in Solar Industry Workforce

    in Energy

                                   Date 6/17/20- Episode 153
    Host 11:00 am - 11:03 pm Est.: Introduction
    Host: 11:04 am – 11:15 am Est.: Topic:  Look at Systematic Racism and Injustice in Solar Industry Workforce
    Host: 11:16 am -11:26 am Est.: Solar Industry Diversity Study
    Host: 11:270 am -11:30 am Est.: Commercial
    Host: 11:31am – 11:52 am Est.: Topic: Funding, Expertise, Utility Cooperation: Three Things Cities Need to Reach 100% Renewable Energy
    Host: 11:53 am – 12:27pm Est.: Topic: Host Commentary
    Host: 12:58 pm-12:00 pm Est.: Closing Remarks

  • 00:36

    Breathing into a Confident, Charismatic Voice

    in Psychology

    How can someone learn to feel more confident when they speak if they have "nerves" or stage fright? What are some common pitfalls that undermine a speaker's vocal authority? Why do so many people dislike the sound of their voice on recordings, and is there anything they can do about this? Are there any tips you have for more effective virtual communication? How can I prepare my voice for speaking?
    Free Communication Clarity Coaching Call- use the link to my calendar below

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    test test

    in Environment


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    Caring Moments Episode 5

    in Environment

    As we read the essays, we cried, we laughed and were continuously awed by the courage, determination and creativity of almost 200 submissions from across the entire country. All of the entrants clearly expressed their desires and solutions for a more caring future for children, animals, reforestation or the elderly —  and for that we are very proud of them!  It is our hope that as you read the essays you, too, will feel the passion and potential of a kinder, more equalized future expressed by these young writers.
    Visit to indulge yourself in hope, compassion and joy as you envelop your heart in their beautiful vision. 
    Becoming a member is easy too, and you will enjoy the benefits of tools for self care, health, savings and more. Click on the link above for more information, you'll be happily surprised as to the many benefits we offer our members. 

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