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    Abigail Morgan joins me On the Edge

    in Social Sciences

    https://www.abigailmorgancoaching.com I have studied with many mind-body experts and have studied the science of the mind-body connection for the past twenty years. I love how the practical understanding science brings to something as ethereal as inner wisdom can help the mind accept and trust that intuition is valid. I believe it’s a life skill you had as a kid, and if it feels a little harder now, it’s just a matter of re-discovering your body, understanding the wisdom in your emotions, and (here’s the biggest part!) learning to trust your wisdom again above other voices. You should get to be the intuitive, sensitive, creative soul that you are and know that following your intuitive inner wisdom is not silly or impractical. Instead, it’s THE way to create efficiently and effectively.

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    Andy Gateriewictz, Body-Chats Ceo, Best Selling Author, Software Inventor,

    in Psychology

    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions, this is your host Valerie Jarrette Bass broadcasting live from our beautiful South Florida Studio. Our Expert Guest, Andy Gateriewictz has been a dear friend for many years. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, inventor, patent holder, software developer, best-selling author, "The Unfinished Work Week" And a very gracious man.
    Founder and CEO of Body-Chats, a Guest Lecturer at the prestigious Wharton Business School - Pennsylvania. In his life, he created DVD-Collections and books on the topic of non-verbal communication and also gives seminars about efficient daily communication.
    The topics we will be exploring are: http://www.Body-Chats.com, Non-Verbal Communication Body-Chats. Email to info@body-chats.com The First complete learning system for non-verbal communication! 80% of communication is non-verbal! 
    *All aspects of communication, instead of just 7%. Body Chats is a proven system, Easy to learn https://www.body-chats.com/
    '"The Body-Chats system is based on years of experience". Founder and CEO Andrew Gateriewictz.
    The Unfinished Work Week: Lost Personal Time - Amazon.com    https://www.amazon.com › Unfinished-Work-Week-Lo...
    THE UNFINISHED WORK WEEK: LOST PERSONAL TIME, by Andrew Gateriewictz, is an insightful book designed for people wanting to regain their evening and ...

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    #OptOutside this Black Friday

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Joshua Sutton, Retail Manager at Trailyard in Valparaiso. Trailyard is a community hub for bike and outdoor enthusiasts, conveniently located next to Creekside Trails, a mountain bike and multi-purpose trail destination. For the second year in a row, Trailyard is excited to host an #OptOutside event to encourage Northwest Indiana families to spend Black Friday together enjoying nature. On Friday, November 25, they're’re hosting a family friendly scavenger hunt and a nature inspired art project children can take home with them.
    Rethink Black Friday -- #OptOutside!

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    The Pilferage and Manipulation of the Pilgrims

    in Social Sciences

    We are having a general discussion in regards to the migration of the Europeans who landed on Plymouth Rock, commonly referred to as the "The Pilgrims"
    1) Their "Self Righteousness"
    2) Their lack of regard of the cultures of the indigenous peoples who were already in North America upon their arrival.
    3) The first slaves who were sold in Jamestown, Va.
    4) Their lack of cleaniness and the diseases they brought.
    5) Their genocide of those who were already present on the continent of North America.
    6) How their influence is still relevant to modern times.
    7) General discussion of their influence in these contemporary times.

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    Ben Pfeiffer - Creating a Certified Firefly Habitat

    in Environment

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's Nature Connection Show features recognized firefly expert and certified naturalist, Benjamin Pfeiffer, founder of Firefly Conservation & Research. Fireflies are one of nature’s genuine wonders, but they need our protection now. Across the United States and worldwide, rapid and large-scale changes to our lands and watersheds mean fireflies are losing the habitats they once knew. Every step we can take to protect land for the fireflies to thrive is a step towards a literally ‘brighter’ future for new generations to enjoy. As Ben explains, now conservationists of all experience levels can create their own certified firefly habitats in their own backyard, favorite park or nature preserve to provide a permanent place for fireflies to exist. The Certified Firefly Habitat sign program is a first-of-its-kind sign and certification program designed to address the issues that are causing firefly habitat to decline. More: https://www.firefly.org/ This episode is part of our special Fourth Friday Nature Connection series with guest cohost Margot Carrera who is a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: https://www.carrerafineartgallery.com/ 

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    Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

    in Energy

     Solar Now and the Future with Its Economic Impact on Black America
    Call-In# 646-668-2948. We are your source for solar information and resources!
    Date: 11/2/2022 .... Eposide. 282 Hosted By: Ronald Bethea
    Host: Introduction: 11:00 -11:03 am est.: Introduction
    Host:11:04 am - 12:17 Pm est.: Topic of Discussion: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
    Host:12:18- pm -12:21 pm est.: Commercial
    Guest:12:22-am - 12:28 pm est.: Tpoic of Discussion: CLEAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS CENTER (CESC)
    Host: 12:29 -12:30 pm est.: Closing Remarks

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    Practically Speaking – Should I Still Get a Colonoscopy?

    in Medicine

    To be added to the distribution list, please email: DDeCastro@southlakeregional.org
    In this episode, In this episode, Dr. Bretthauer will discuss his recent potentially practice altering article discussing the role for colonoscopy in colon cancer screening. He will discuss the practical aspects of incorporating this into daily practice.
    Key Opinion Leader:  Dr. Michael Bretthauer
    Professor of Medicine Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway  Department of Transplantation Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway  Associate Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Host: Dr. Shaqil Kassam  skassam@southlakeregional.org Medical Oncologist Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, Newmarket, Ontario 
    Outline: 0:00 - Introductions 2:00 - Introduction Dr. Michael Bretthauer 3:30 - Overview Colorectal Cancer Screening 6:00 - Overview of the NORDICC trial 8:15 - NORDICC Trial - The Data.  12:30 - Are the data valid 17:10 - Explaining the lack of survival 20:10 - Number needed to Screen 23:20 - Age for screening and risk categories 25:15 - Summary of CRC screening advice
    Previous Episodes: Gastric Cancer: http://tobtr.com/12051154
    NGS: http://tobtr.com/12072620
    Paxlovid and Cancer treatment:http://tobtr.com/12090165
    Billiary Tract Cancers: http://tobtr.com/12135321
    Adjuvant immunotherapy for kidney cancers: http://tobtr.com/12149885 Neoadjuvant chemo/IO for NSCLC - http://tobtr.com/12154678

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    The Relationship Between Light & Wellbeing with Guest Scott Wachter

    in Psychology

    Scott Wachter is a podcaster and tech journalist and as Content Manager for the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors, he edits the Lighting Industry News Brief and develops their educational offerings. The relationship between light and our mental and physical health is very real. As Scott shares with us in this podcast, charity contributions seriously dip the day after daylight savings changes in the U.S. That is significant proof on how much natural light we are exposed to during the day affect our moods and even our personalities.
    This information could not be timelier as we near the end of November. Tune in to get some priceless info and tips on how to manage if you struggle with gloomy day blues this time of year.
    Listen in here, on your fav pod platform or jump over to Julie's YouTube channel (link below) to watch the video podcast.
    Connect with Scott...
    Email: WachterScott@gmail.com
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