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    USA/Babylonian Prostitution: SECRETS - SEX - HUMAN SACRIFICE!

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    Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood. Peace, prosperity, protection and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. A long time industry pervert has been expelled amongst the ranks of his own. The question we all should ube asking is why and why now? The proverbial casting couch has been a long held and known about industry secret that has only gained mass attention 1. because the abuses of the industry Mogule untouchables have increased beyond imagination and 2. the VICTIMS and or insiders not yet drugged out basket cases willingness to come forward and tell what they KNOW has also increased. The RAPE & MOLESTION Culture here in America has become just that, an unholy culture of abuse, perversion and exploitation that has now been accepted by (all) those in power and influence. 
    The wicked rejoice in said climate while the righteous and the victims are made slaves to the perverted ELITE. A Cabal of evil who are never satiated or sastified. They hunt without sleep for another innocent to devour, another soul to bind and another SAINT to MURDER.
    The tragedy is how easy it was to get we the citizens to accept said culture & LOOK the other way. Truly we must be as soulless as the Predators and are just as deserving of judgement and damndable destruction as those who hate innocence and virtue. 
    My soul is vexed at this unholy culture that robs children of their natural birthright to be protected, cherished and loved in a pure and healthy way, rather than become mere vessels used to fulfill the ungodly lust of fallen demonic Angels. Sad times my Sisters, very sad times indeed. What can (we do)? 
    Appeal to the higher POWERS beyond this damdable Matrix to no longer condone the enslavement of Souls down here and to heed all petitions of freedom and mainly, REVENGE!  https://youtu.be/mO0tU8ziGml

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    Ep. 89 Women in the Music Biz-Women in Business Month on the JTS!

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    Pop the Glam-page, it's time for The Julie Tussey Show!  Live guests, current events, scathing exposes! The Original Suburban Bombshell, The Big Blonde Baby, giving you the fastest, funniest, most informative 30 minutes of your life!  
    Ep. 89  Women in the Music Business As we get closer and closer to 100 Episodes Julie and April Dedicate March to the celebration of Women in Business.  In this episode Julie, who has been in the music business for over 30 years talks with April about Booking and Marketing The Julie Tussey Band, and about April's journey as she and her Duo Band begin in the music industry.  On everything from preparation, business plans, rejection, tenacious strength to go get what you want and how to bring the goods being original and what people will pay to hear this podcast covers it all!  
    thejulietusseyshow.com facebook.com/thejulietusseyshow facebook.com/tusseyconstruction julietussey.mypremierdesigns.com wellsplasticsurgery.com cdbaby.com/cd/julietussey2 Produced by Julie Tussey Copyright 2018

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    Healthy Eating on the Go for PCOS

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    Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome find that their busy schedules make it difficult to eat healthfully. With nutrition being an essential part of PCOS management, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Martha McKittrick, R.D., C.D.E  joins Sasha Ottey on the PCOS Challenge radio show to give tips for healthy eating on the go.
    Martha McKittrick is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator in New York City. She specializes in weight control, cardiovascular health, diabetes, sports nutrition, PCOS, GI issues including IBS, women’s health and preventive nutrition. She has worked at a major New York City  Hospital for over 20 years as well as in private practice. Martha has appeared on numerous television, radio and webcast programs. She has written for publications and serves as a nutrition expert on sites including EveryDayHealth,  About.com, and CafeMom.  Martha also lectures on a regular and has been a spokesperson for several major companies. She also served as the nutritionist for a New York City Marathon.
    Join other women and girls with polycystic ovary syndrome at PCOSChallenge.com.

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    The Waverly Project: Passion Based Learning for Global Change

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    Molly Wills is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion towards the arts, fashion, travel and, most of all, empowering and mentoring girls. She founded The Waverly Project in 2012 after being inspired by many female mentors in her life that helped realize her own creative passions. The Waverly Project connects young girls and women through creative projects and experiences called “Tours” with a mission to empower girls to find their passions, build confidence and think globally.
    The Waverly Tours are designed by Wills for elementary school girls to high school age girls. Each Tour is led by Molly or another female role model that shares her story on topics ranging from business, culture, cuisine to fashion and leads the girls in a creative project that inspires and educates. Each girl must sign a code of kindness that Molly has created to foster a positive and respectful community.
    Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Wills has established new roots in Greenwich, CT where she currently resides. After graduating from the College of William and Mary, Molly started her career in art and fashion, with two years at the Polo Ralph Lauren Fashion House. Molly’s passion for travel and service led her to work closely with organizations such as Eschool 4 girls in New York City, South African Orphanage and Empowers Africa Foundation, all of whom she still supports today with her Waverly girls.
    The Waverly project is based inGreenwich, CT in addition to travel tours that take place at local businesses and studios. Waverly has hosted pop-up tours in New York City, London and South Africa with plans to expand to other cities.
    Wills also founded The Waverly Foundation to provide resources and support for girls around the world. Waverly raises money to provide Waverly Tours to girls in underserved communities as well as for orphan girls in Africa and other parts of the world.

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    For Women Leaders: Competence + Likability = Success

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    Ellie Nieves interviews Renee Weisman, Author of Why Hillary Lost: What Women Can Learn from the 2016 Election. During the interview, Renee shares that likability and competence are directly affected by gender, much more than experience or evidence of talent. 

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    Ready for Relaunch?

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    Just a quick heads-up to tell you what's coming. Stay tuned!

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    In The Light of Birth With Midwife Claudia Booker!

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    This has been a long time in the making.  In the Light of Birth is proud to have midwife Claudia Booker as special guest with show producer/host Denise Bolds.
    For Black History Month, Claudia Booker will be discussing birth, Blackness, and how we can do better. She will also bring light to the myths of homebirth.
    Claudia’s life is rich with history, travel and a calling. From Court Judge, Midwife, Advocate and Educator,  Claudia Booker has traveled the world when it comes to birth. Supporting births in the Washington D.C. area, Claudia wears all white in her role as midwife in a birth.
    She tells it like it is; get ready to feel the real in Claudia’s light!
    Claudia Booker can be reached at: birthinghandsdc@gmail.com She’s the owner of Birthing Hands of D.C., LLC You can also find Claudia on Facebook.
    Denise Bolds is Bold Doula, you can find her at www.BoldDoula.com, Facebook, Twitter and she’ s the blogger of The Audacious Black Woman. Denise is also a published author. denisebolds@gmail.com 8457974177

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    The Other Side Intercultural Theater Exchange-Young Women Sharing Their Stories

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    Voice of Evolution Radio welcomes back Melanie Closs and The Other Side Intercultural Theater! http://www.theothersidenyc.org/ In this podcast, a young woman from Kenya and a young woman from the US, speak for the first time about their cultures, concerns and connections. The Other Side's new relationship with PolyCom, at http://polycomgirls.org/?, which began in response to the sexual violence and exploitation faced by young girls in Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi, gave us an opportunity to explore this subject through the thoughts and experiences of these two young women. The girls share a monologue that they've each written and then comment, ask questions and make a connection about their similarities and differences. This is always an honor for Voice of Evolution Radio to host. Linda Lombardo, Voice of Evolution Radio's producer and host, moderates this podcast. 

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    Karen Karbo: In Praise of Difficult Women

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    Not willing to settle for the 1950’s female role models of our youth, we boomers put our hearts, souls and youthful energies into mounting the women’s movement of the 1970s. Now I like to say we are… “Embracing life, as we grow older. There are no invisible shrinking violets here, we're an amazing and bodacious group of women who are revolutionizing and reinventing the spirit and style of aging.”
    And speaking of bodacious, bestselling author, Karen Karbo, is especially beloved by those of us lucky enough to boast a double-X chromosome, for her “Kick-Ass Women” series. Karen has just released her latest book. It’s called In Praise of Difficult Women: Life Lessons From 29 Heroines Who Dared To break The Rules, and she joins us to share all about it.
    Believe me, this is one book and one interview you are not going to want to miss!

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    The Space Doula is back! Special Guest Dorena Kohrs

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    We are so excited to bring back our resident Space Doula! Host's Cari Butler and Cathy Anello have both used the methods and space coaching services she offers with AMAZING results. Today's show we will dive into whats new, and how to make your home your most sacred place- discard the "stuff" that is holding you down and open up the possibilites for the life you are meant to live. WE will also share how her work has impacted our lives personally!  Dorena is a Space Doula. A licensed practitioner of Interior Alignment and a Certified Clutter Clearing Coach. She has had a life long love affair with her home. Born under the astrological sign of Cancer, she has craved the security, harmony and sacred space of her home since she was a little girl. She has always intuitively known that our homes can support us in how we want to feel. And that when we change our outer world, our inner world transforms as well! 
    Today she uses the practices of clutter clearing, feng shui and space clearing along with her compassion and intuition to help her clients create a home that reflects their truest self. 
    A show not to miss! 

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    THE LADY IN BLUE with Cynthia Jordan

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    Cindy Jordan, noted songwriter, musician and performer, has uncovered the deep mysteries of Maria, a cloistered nun from Spain in the 16th Century, who never left her nunnery, yet ministered to the Humano Indians in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Many legentds and much proof abounds along with a handwritten manuscript that detailed Maria's ministry.  Cindy has written music for a presentation this May in San Angelo, Tx, that is drawing thousands of people from all over the world, including the Vatican.

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