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  • B2b Interactive Marketing -Brian Basillico guest

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    Winner Social Media Book - Small Business
    Recognized as one of the Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014
    Author - It's Not About You, It's About Bacon! Relationship Marketing In A Social Media World
    Brian Basilico is an award winning and internationally recognized author, speaker and coach. He’s the founder & president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an award winning marketing consulting & production company in Aurora Illinois. B2b helps companies and non-profits, market their products and services through the effective use of on-line tools including; websites, blogs, eMail, social networking, Google, S.E.O., YouTube, and more.
    Brian’s career spans over 30 years. Since starting his first production company in 1979, he’s produced thousands of projects for companies ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100. Brian combines years of marketing experience, with technical expertise, to build on-line campaigns that produce measurable results. As a musician, technician, programmer, producer and consultant, he has built a reputation for creativity, innovation, and translating “geek” into english. Brian is also an adjunct professor, trainer and author of many social networking and marketing blogs. He has been featured with articles in Inc. & Entrepreneur magazines.

  • Gypsy Truth Tellers ~ Jen Duchene & Lisa Lamont

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    Call in and ask Jen or Lisa what might be holding you back?  Maybe you are looking for love? Want to know if you are on the right track with your business plan?  They can help you!
    Through the ancient and sacred systems of Akashic records and Astro-Numerology, Jen Duchene helps people change life patterns that don’t serve them, release years of “emotional weight,” and create an action plan for moving their lives forward with focus and joy
    Lisa Lamont is today's modern day fortune teller, intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, author, and speaker.  For over thirty years she has been reading her unique gypsy cards that were passed to her from a famous psychic in the Pacific NW to carry on the fortune telling tradition.http://www.lisalamont.com

  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show-Why Booking.com?

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    Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show is platform for business owners-old, new and aspiring to share tips, promotions and their stories. Our vision includes you, our listeners, subscribers and business owners. We have an underlying pledge to support a better community and to empower the members of these communities to dispelling fear and increase a stronger economic foundation.
    Show Host: Heather L Tapia-Prosperity Adviser, Author & Empowerment Speaker
    Topic: Travel & Beyond...learn best destinations for Women and the Extotic
    Learn about local, land, and sea travel options for your and your family! Disos and FREEBIES avaialble!!
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    READ & Subscribe Examiner.com  OUR SPONSORS: Abundance Travel Club

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    I Am Xena Canada ~ Empowering You! Featuring Tammy Johnston

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    I Am Xena Canada - Empowering YOU is a branch of I Am Xena.  Women on a mission and have a purpose to help other women and girls feel safe, and protected from all forms of abuse.  Each week you will hear remarkable stories of women who have beaten the odds, risen above all challenges, and are now living their amazing lives full on like the amazing Xena warrior women they are born to be.  For more information please visit www.iamxena.com
    Today on the show we welcome Tammy Johnston.
      Learn more about Tammy here:  www.thefinancialguides.com

  • 1 Hour Prayer A Thon with CoPastor Anita C Spaulding

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    Wewill be praying live.  Special guest intercessor, Pastor Irene M. Campbell, Senior Overseer of the Rescue House of Prayer.
    WE NEED A MODERN DAY MOVE OF GOD!! I want the POWER that Paul and Silas experienced in the midst of a jailhouse when they prayed and an earthquake shook the foundation of the prison and broke the chains that bound them. Our Prayers Must Be Intense We need a FERVENT prayer! Fervent (ektene¯s - ek-ten-ace') {G} intent: without ceasing. (it carries the idea of praying with urgency!) This is the type of praying the church needs today! James says in his epistle… The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16) - Our prayers must be Intentional and Intense and we also see that: Join together on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Christ and don’t forget your pastor!! (I will take all I can get) The beauty in this prayer is the intimacy and unity of the church. They were all together in one accord bowing humbly before God and making their request known! They offered their prayers and God heard them and moved in GREAT POWER!!!

  • Encouraging Widows

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    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widow's Ministry assists widows during the first three years of their husband's loss. TNC offers monthly support sessions in metro Atlanta, weekly blog talk radio show, phone calls, cards, gifts, special evnts and annual getaways. 
    Our mission to exemplify love to widows as the Bible commands  (I Peter 5:3)  Widows know no particular face. The loss can be expected or unexpected. It could be after decades of marriage or within months of the wedding day. There can be financial gain or financial distress. So many questions, so few answers.
    Grief is manifested in many stages. Professional counseling is recommended regardless of your circumstances. There are many emotions that will need to be managed. The Next Chapter can help you when you are ready to move to the next chapter of your life. God has a plan for you.
    Who understands? Who cares? The Next Chapter!!!

  • Defining the 21st Century Woman

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    In today's society, the purpose of a woman has been greatly reconfigured from it's original design and function. Because of this shift in mindset, many are on the "hamster wheel of life", lacking the key components to fulfilling their destiny. Jewels Speak Radio Show has been designed to bridge the gap and shift the 21st Century Woman back into proper alignment using #lifekeys. This will enable her to fulfill her purpose in life and live like the jewel that she is! Join your host Shelby Frederick, aka, " Lady Jewels" for a weekly Refreshing Moment in The Word as she discusses relevant topics for the 21st Century Woman. Follow her blog posts atwww.godspreciousjewels.net. For questions and prayer requests, she can be contacted at: ladyjewels@godspreciousjewels.net . 

  • Event Planner Training: How to Organize Major Women’s Events

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Lori DeWitt, you'll discover:
    1. How to start with the end in mind and set exciting yet reasonable goals for your event. 2. How to budget including important factors you may otherwise forget, and how to prioritize budget line items. 3. Easy-to-miss questions you must ask in advance. 4. How to set ticket prices to cover expenses while attracting the largest audience. 5. Why communication will make or break the experience for your attendees, volunteers, leadership team, and guest presenters, and how to be sure you nail it. 6. How to market for major impact. 7. The critical step many planners miss.   8. The power of the written word and why you must get everything in writing. 9. How to develop a schedule that will bring peace to the event while maximizing opportunities for all involved. 10. Why it ain’t over when it’s over and how to gain the greatest value from post event activities.
    Dr. Lori DeWitt, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Salisbury University and the founding Executive Director of Faith Filled Women, an interdenominational women's ministry. She is involved in organizing several events each year including an annual regional conference, community service projects, leadership summits, and networking events. Learn more at www.FaithFilledWomen.com

  • Calling in the One Unapologetically

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    Real Raw and Compassionat
    Calling in the One Unapologetically is a fun insightful show that is fun and funny "You never have to apologise for the life they desire"  Take the pain and suffering out of your romantic life so that you can see your true self and discover the internal conversations that are running your love life or lack of.  So that you can get off the Pain Train, get back on track to live the life you want while Dating. 
    Noreen Sumpter, Personal Life Coach.   Noreen, Coaches Calling in the One Unapologetically which is an amazing powerful 9 week workshop that is conducted in no other place but, New York City. Her show is real, raw and compassionate.  Get straight the heart of Calling in the One.  Noreen share's openly and honestly. She asks real questions that get to the heart of dating challenges.  

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    Take the Journey of a Marriage

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    Marriage is a lot of things: commitment, work, discipline and sacrifice ... but it can also be loving, joyous, adventurous and truly a journey. Roy Chumley, and his wife Amy, have been married for several years and share their experiences as well as the experiences and the advice of others in their podcast and on their blog, Journey of a Marriage. While marriage often gets a bad rap, these two and their guests showcase the ups of marriage and share advice on navigating the downs. 
    Podcast: Journey of a Marriage
    Blog: Journey of a Marriage
    Facebook: Journey of a Marriage

  • Stepmother Lament: Am I Competing with My Stepchildren?

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    Yes, I know.  Who would ever speak the words?  "I feel as if I am in constant competition with my stepchildren for their bio parents' love and attention."  Okay, I said it.  As creepy as that may sound, it may be true.  Let's explore the thought and find a solution.
    As always, I thank you for listening and if you ever want to talk further, you can find me at:
    For One on One Coaching and Blogs:  The Evil Stepmother Speaks: http://bit.ly/lBKSwP
    For Public Group Conversation:  Like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheEvilStepMotherSpeaks?ref=hl
    There is also a SECRET Facebook group called Stepmom Life Class.  It’s a sacred space to vent and find solutions.  To get in, you have to friend me at https://www.facebook.com/barbgoldberg
    Tweet me @StepmomSpeaks: http://bit.ly/135aHAx
    Want to change your life? Try the book  The Evil Stepmother Speaks: A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh.   You can buy it on my site or on Amazon and all other e-reader sites.
    Need more support?  I offer one on one coaching any time that you need me.