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  • Lesia Cartelli discusses Heart of Fire on Life Lessons

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     Speaker, and founder and CEO of Angel Faces® (angelfaces.com), Lesia Stockall Cartelli's newly released book, Heart of Fire (Carlyle Publishing), delivers hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with pain, emotional or physical. No stranger to pain, Lesia suffered a serious burn injury over 50% of her face and body at the age of nine in a natural gas explosion.    In her authentic open voice, Heart of Fire demonstrates how to discover blessings and gifts within any type of challenge. Throughout her life and those of the lives she touches, Heart of Fire shares the importance of opening our hearts to deeply heal what blocks our life's pathway.   Lesia has transformed her pain into a life of passion and purpose. She insists that we are here on Earth to do more than simply survive. 
    Cartelli founded Angel Faces®, a unique, national nonprofit organization, which provides healing retreats and ongoing support that inspires adolescent girls and young women with burn/trauma injuries.  Heart of Fire also teaches about the power of embracing your fears. Resiliency and courage motivated Cartelli to face her fear of fire at age thirty-three.  She suited up in breathing apparatus, full firefighting gear, and entered a burning building known as a "control burn.”   For more information on Lesia, Angel Faces®, or her newly released book, please visit: www.LesiaCartelli.com or www.angelfaces.com.     

  • Music for The Mind of The Scientist

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    Music for The Mind of The Scientist is a spirt grooving, mind improving time! Join "Music Maestro" Maurice Thompson for intriguing conversation on the science of frequency as well as the collective impacts of music  not to mention a wide range of classic and contemporary musical selections fitting for the Mind of the Scientist!

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    Marriage Equality: LGBT Advocate Ben Patrick Johnson, Kelly McCracken Plaintiff

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    Welcome to the very first podcast of the "Left of Str8" Show!  The first episode premiere's right after the landmark victory in Marriage Equality in the Supreme Court, and for the first show, we are excited to have one of the plaintiffs in that historic case, Kelly McCracken from Ohio, talking about her road to the Supreme Court while trying to be the legal co-parent on her and her wife's daughter, Ruby's birth certificate.  
    We also have longtime LGBT Advocate, Ben Patrick Johnson from L.A., a familiar voiceover actor, whose voice is featured literally on hundreds of movies and television openings, as well as being a huge advocate for California's Prop 8 marriage equality case, a husband, a philanthropist, and an author, where this August, his 5th book is coming out, SPLINTERS.
    We hope you will enjoy our first show and we apologize for the first minute and a half of audio issues.

  • How is the dating experience for singles across the pond?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about what is going on in singlehood across the pond. We will be talking to Cynthia DeLeonardo who is a relationship host based in New York. We will be exchanging stories about what's really going on in the singles world. Cynthia can be found at http://www.barethisandthatrelationship.com.  We are really looking forward to connecting and exchanging information.
    Join us on 3479457556 prefix 001 if you are in the UK. Please comment in the chatroom

  • A Changing World--Live With The Rayfords

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    Welcome to our broadcast today! We are Mary M. Hall-Rayford and Tyrone Rayford and we want to praise God for all of His goodness towards us!
    When we get together every Thursday at 5:00 EDT, we never really know what we're going to talk about--current events, education, politics, The Word, family, kids, etc. Sometimes, we get around to everything, including some things that people just don't want to hear about--repentance and salvation.
    Whatever the Lord puts on our heart, that's what we discuss. It is never our intent to offend anyone, but if anyone is offended by our use of The Word in our discussions, they should it up with God, since we only say what He says in His Word.
    There used to be a time in the lives of most in our society that people understood we are not here on earth simply to please ourselves. But--with a whole new "age of political correctness" believing God and standing on His Word is an "ancient practice" as some would say. I would rather keep believing in "the ancient practice" than offend God with this new age rhethoric where everything is accepted and God's Word is obsolete.
    The last time I checked, not one person on earth had a heaven or hell for us, so we'll keep believing God.
    If you'd like to join us in our discussion, please call 619-638-8499 or listen to the archives and leave a comment.
    I have a wide selection of books available right here   viewAuthor.at/maryglobal. Wholesome Christian Literature, no or profanity--romance, suspense, mystery, fantasy, poetry and more.
    Until we meet again next week, allow God's love to freely flow through you onto others. We love you and God loves you, too! Have a blessed day!


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    ENVISION THIS: Stepping outside the D-Box and R-Box boundaries to evolve the better America we know is possible
    Jill Stein has declared a people-powered campaign to become the Green Party’s 2016 nominee for President of the United States. Jill is an organizer, physician, and pioneering environmental-health advocate. She has led initiatives promoting healthy communities, local green economies and the revitalization of democracy – addressing issues such as campaign finance reform, green jobs, racially-just redistricting, and the cleanup of incinerators, coal plants, and toxics. She was a principal organizer for the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit. Jill is a mother, physician, longtime teacher of internal medicine, and pioneering environmental-health advocate.
    “We are being battered by unemployment, inequality, poverty, injustice, endless war, impending climate catastrophe, and a broken, corrupt political system. There are solutions for all these problems, but they're being blocked by political parties that serve the corporate elite, not the people. We need a new way forward that puts people, planet and peace over profit. My campaign is dedicated to empowering the American people to make real the promise of democracy, and set our own course toward a brighter future. If not now, when? For our families, our communities, and our Earth, let's come together to create the better America we know is possible. It’s in our hands!”
    Jill’s "Healthy People, Healthy Planet" teaching program reveals the links between human health, climate security, and green economic revitalization. This body of work has been presented at government, public health and medical conferences, and has been used to improve public policy.

  • Political Rush Hour

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    Show: Political Rush Hour
    Hosted by: John Stammreich
    Co-Host: Matt Kauble
    Air Date: Thursday, June 2, 2015 3-4pm


    in Culture

    Call In # 347-857-4514
    The hostility of Whites is increasing amid the Charleston Massacre and now Church burnings, an intense debate over the confederate flag & symbols of White Supremacist thinking & racism. In preparation for #JusticeOrElse and the Gathering, Oct. 10, 2015, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March Global Peeks is having several conversations around Black/Brown/Red rise and it's implications.

  • Bhyy - Self-Control Part 2: Maintaining Sexual Self-Control

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    Prophecy is being fulfilled everyday. Literally. If we cannot control something as close to us as our own loins, then we are lost. Sex is good because it is a gift from Yah and Yah is good. But, it is also greatly used by Satan as a massive deterrent and deceiver. People have done unspeakable things in the name of sex. It can therefore be deadly when left in the hands of the undisciplined and the one who lacks self-control. 2Pe 1:4  Through these there have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, so that through these you might be partakers of the Mighty-like nature, having escaped from the corruption in the world, caused by lust. 2Pe 1:5  And for this reason do your utmost to add to your belief uprightness, to uprightness knowledge, 2Pe 1:6  to knowledge self-control, to self-control endurance, to endurance reverence, 2Pe 1:7  to reverence brotherly affection, and to brotherly affection love. 2Pe 1:8  For if these are in you and increase, they cause you to be neither inactive nor without fruit in the knowledge of our Master Yahoshua Messiah

  • Ramadan

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    Ramadan lecture for all

  • Part II: Jesus, Money, Marriage

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    The reason why your relationship is lacking the spark might be due to you and your partner not being playful. Too much seriousness take away the fun in the relationship. This episode you are in for double dose of knowledge on relationship from multiple relationship experts.
    What to gain:
    -Rediscover the adventure in your relationship
    -Pragmatic ways to merge your sexuality and spirituality
    - Jesus perspective on Money and Marriage
    Listen on WWIN 1400 AM station, online on www.gfemspeaks.com, phone:347-989-1700. 6pm ET. Follow on twitter @gfemradio, facebook: Gfem