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    How to know you have found a keeper

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    Tonight we are talking about Keepers and how to know when you have found one.....I am so excited about what Darryl Jones will share, and you have to be present to learn from his wisdom. .Don't miss this episode it will be off the chain!!
    Darryl is a US Veteran, Inspirational Speaker, and Relationship Specialist, who appeals to the youth, middle aged persons and veterans alike. His approach is fun, upbeat and effective. Contact Darryl at pastordarryljones@gmail.com or  www.darryljoneslw.com
    Darryl has dedicated an enormous amount of his time to helping people find their purpose and fulfil their destiny. Darryl has spent almost 20 years in service to his country, protecting their freedoms and civil liberties. He has spent close to half of that time in combat zones, war-torn lands, areas of conflict and civil unrest, and understands life's struggles first hand. Darryl strives to inspire others to improve their quality of life through self-empowerment techniques and firmly believes there is a "solution" to every problem. All we need is the desire to solve the problem, focus in the proper direction, and move with a clear-cut purpose.
    Join us at the top of the hour...call in on 3479457556 or comment in the chat room.

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    Today's Relationships Talk

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    Special Guest Ivy  Robinson singer with songs for love

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    Preparing for Love and Marriage with the Rev. Terumi Culmer

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    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon and her special guest, premartial love coach and wedding officiant Reverend Terumi Culmer, as we discuss Preparing for Love and Marriage.
    Rev. Clumer is a graduate of Tai Sophia Institute with a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership & Social Change.
    She has taught premarital & dating classes, coached singles/couples and performed wedding ceremonies in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area for almost five years.  Rev. Culmer is pursuing a certification as a Law of Attraction Coach.
    During this show, you will learn what it means to have A Sacred Marriage Love Sanctuary, Why singles have options and What is important for couples to look for when hiring an officiant?
    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

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    Is Chivalry Dead?

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    Who should pay for the first date?  Let's Talk About It!

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    How To Date as a Single Parent

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    Kim interviews Shon Hyneman, author of, It's The Woman You Gave Me, and Three Are Even Better (Eccl. 4:12), on how he and his wife, a single parent at the time, dated and 'stay saved' 'til marriage. Also joining will be Jerisha Hawkins, single parent "mompreneur" and founder of LoveU motivational speaking company. You don't want to miss this show!

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    "Dating Preferences?" feat ???CHRISTIAN KEYES???

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      Do you have a type? A preference in who you want to date? Has that preference worked for you or against you?What do you like ?Can it be altered for the Right Person? What do you prefer, ask all this questions & more ! The ladies will be Joined by Actor/Singer/Entertainer Christian Keyes Call in 

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    Masturbation - Response from viewer Ibim Marlo

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    hello Mel, finally found some me time to give my input on the topic of masturbation. my perspective about masturbation isn't as cut and dry like most people would have it to be. unlike your subjects in your video who felt as though the act purely was about preference and self gradtification, for me this act of self pleasure go far beyond ones sole decision to masturbate but more so why we are taught to believe that it is ok to do so. i could argue that it's my body and I'm not hurting anyone, i could argue that it's healthy, i can also make the arguement that it's better to find out what i like so i can help my mate please me better, but the one thing i would have wanted you to ask your interviewees was is masturbation necessary. I'm a firm believer on the strength of words, it is said that the tongue is mightier than the sword, another saying is the tongue can speak things into existence well if this is the case i would ask is maturbation necessary? after listening to the perspectives of others it appeared to me that they have adapted to the belief that self exploration is a must, they have told themselves that it's good to madturbate, individuals shouldn't be ashamed or it shouldn't be taboo. thus the tongue spoke it resulting in the mind being convinced. to support my claim take a look at the young lady who said its about her me time, it was her time to become one with mind body and spirit yet she admitted that she doesn't always climax. now there is a general consensus about masturbating which is to orgasm but this is the first time that i have ever heard male or female say they don't climax when masturbating. there was no end result with her actions, to me she just adapted to a learned process. when I want to be come one with the mind body and spirituality I pray ?? not masturbate. to be honest during the act of masturbation for me was solely about selfish self gradtification...

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    BDSM & the Submissive Lifestyle as a Sex Slave

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    Join us tonight for a juicy erotic topic of the hour, as we discuss with our guest, the hot exoticness of being submissive, and surrendering to her master as his sex slave. This is going to be a discussion you don’t want to miss.
    If you have Facebook, join our group at Erotic Talk Radio, and follow us on Twitter @eroticpleasure

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

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    “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” Researchers found that while women were generally not attracted to their male friends and saw the relationship as strictly platonic, the men usually had romantic feelings for their lady friends. Not only were the guys more attracted to their supposedly platonic female buds, they also mistakenly believed that the feelings were reciprocal, and they were more willing to act on their erroneously perceived mutual attraction. The study suggests that women generally think that guys and gals can “just be friends,” while men are secretly hoping there’s a chance their relationships with their female friends can be something more. Basically, this study gives us the scientific explanation for the “friend zone.” Women and men are often on completely different wavelengths when it comes to their cross-sex relationships! 

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    Feet Washing At Your Wedding: Humble or Shameful?

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    There's a picture circulating on Facebook that's getting lots of attention. It depicts a woman kneeling over a basin of water in her wedding dress washing her husband's feet. In the Christian culture, foot washing is symbolic of servitude and humility. The Bible tells us that even Jesus had His feet washed and He washed Peter's feet Himself. The question is this: Would you perform it at your wedding? Is it something beautiful or over the top? It's it too private or a perfect show of a woman willing to serve? Let's discuss it 

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    Ways to get the Booty ATE

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    Come rock out with the Queen of Wetness