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  • Now The Ladies Have The #Power

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    (Way) Back in the day, let's say the early 60's, guys could call the shots.  Guys were the bread winners so that afforded them some luxuries when it came to mate selection.  A lot of guys had the ability to choose exactly what they wanted in a mate because at the time women were looking for security.  They wanted a man who could pay the bills and be a provider.
    Fast forward to 2015 and the roles have completely changed.  Guys are no longer sole providers of households.  In fact, guys are rarely providers of households in a lot of communities across the country.  Ladies have gotten educated and have started making money and support themselves.  The result: now they are the ones making the mate selection.
    Gone are the days when a woman only cared about security.  Now that she has her own, she can do what the guys once did exclusively: she can pick and choose as she pleases.  How does this affect dating in modern day society?  With guys looking for security and women looking for eye candy, can the role reversal be effective?
    We'll discuss that and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 494
    Scheduled for 90 mins.

  • Wake up beauty it's not about the prince

    in Romance

    Well this will be an evening of fun and learning more about yourself and dealing with relationships.  Our special guest and author Lisa Marie Jenkins will share some insights on the issues that keeps us trapped after a failed relationship.  So call in at 347-945-6003 and make a comment or just listen in because it's going to be a fun time hanging out with the girls while you men learn a few things as well.

  • How to Move On When You're Still In Love With Your Ex

    in Romance

    Host & Doyenne of Soulful Love, Nekisha Michelle launches her premier show with candid guest conversations exploring ways to move on even when you're still in love with the person you can no longer be with. Why does it hurt so bad? Will I ever have another to love me in the way I felt with my ex? I am craving the sex, what should I do? Is it possible that we'll get back together and how do I know if I should? Your questions will be answered in this episode of Love On Fire!  

  • KNOT: Relationships and Food

    in Romance

    More to come as this is a developing topic.

  • KNOT: The Battle of the Sexes - Who Has it Right?

    in Romance

    In this sure to be HILARIOUS episode of KNOT we discuss the many different ways that men and women behave and see the world differently. This is sure to be a polarizing show. Join in on the discussion by calling 661-449-9318. Special guest host: Comic, Author, Actor, Talk-Show host, and friend to the show - Joe Bartnick!