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    It’s amazing how clueless men can be at times. They often get so caught up in their own world that they fail to see when the writing is on the wall. Last week I had a random lunch with my kid brother. He had taken me out for a lunch, which, in my view, had nothing to do with free lunch; he needed someone to talk to. Reason? He was heartbroken because his girlfriend of two years had packed up her things and left without so much as a note.
    Playing the victim card, he claimed she had given him no signs whatsoever that she was unhappy. To him, everything had been going well. In fact, in his exact words: “We have been fighting less, she no longer complained when I came home late, in fact she had stopped nagging me about everything and anything.” I couldn’t help but pity the poor, clueless young man! If only he was smart, the tell tale signs were all over and he ought to have swung into action and tried to salvage the relationship.