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Discussing serious Issues and the effect they have on our communities life.To build a strong community you must first have open dialog on topics which affect your community.Dialog helps to develop a new perception, a new way of seeing what was not seen before.It also helps to build strong, morally;balanced leadership. It is only G-d's truth that defeats falsehood.Thank you,I am your host, John Nashid, New Mind Development project

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Lessons from: Adam, the first human community, Prophet Muhammad, the establishment of a model community for the good of all mankind, The African American, un-established in proper community life in American, 400 years after... more

A breif history of a people who was stripped of their idenity; their Country, their Culture, Religion, and most important, their Name, and forced to take the name of their oppressors for 400 years. Who is this people today.. Whats in a... more

A Discussion on three periods of African American confinement, as a business in America. Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery, Akbar Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Leary Slave by Another Name, Blackmon The New Jim Crow,... more

New Mind Development, A Focus on Issuses of Concern, we have been off air for some time now, and on this program we would like to reindroduce ourselves,and from there on continue with our weekly 30 min. segments, to give a voice, on... more

According to scripture God granted Satan a period of time to deceive Mankind with falsehood. (Holy Quran 2: 30-39) and at the end of that time God sent His last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad, Prayers and Peace be upon him, to reveal... more

The teaching of the Nation of Islam was for the purpose of raising the Black; African American people from the grave of ignorants; from the mentally dead state of mind they were reduced to after being enslaved in America for 400 years;... more

Imam W Deen Mohammed: A servant of Allah (God), the son of Elijah and Clara Muhammad, raised in the city of Chicago, a special child on a divine mission, to return mankind back to it's origin; to it's original nature, by slaying the Devil of... more

I read an article last week in, "The Daily Beast", "ISIS Targets American Imams For Believing Muslims Can Thrive In U.S." They also threatened two American Muslim Politicians, they consider them to be apostates, worse than... more

Charity is a responsibility on all who have means, to care for those in need, who can't provide for themselves. Althose the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives, your giving may cause the receiver of your gift to one... more

In the Western World today especially in American very little is known about the truth of the religion of Islam or Al-Islam and it's over one billion followers worldwide Prophet Muhammad: "Verily, a man has performed prayers, fasts,... more