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Discussing serious Issues and the effect they have on our communities life.To build a strong community you must first have open dialog on topics which affect your community.Dialog helps to develop a new perception, a new way of seeing what was not seen before.It also helps to build strong, morally;balanced leadership. It is only G-d's truth that defeats falsehood.Thank you,I am your host, John Nashid, New Mind Development project

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This program will include a discussion on the effect slavery had on the psyche of America, from 1619 to 1865 and Jim Crow; separation until 1965 and the effect it is still having presently in the year 2015 on the children of slaves (Blacks) and the children of the slave masters and overseers (Whites) in this race conscious American society. Racism has distroyed America's dream of Freedom, Justice and Equality for all of it's people, by using old plantation tactics in these modern times, creating a servant, master society. Law enforcement was designed as a service to the people, to protect life and property of all American's, paid from the people's taxes, today law enforcement has become a servant of those in authority, the rich, the powerful. Their actions appear to be more military than their intended purpose. Althought we know that all Police and others in authority are not bad, but in the people's eye the bad spoils it for the good, therefore the good have a responsibility to correct the bad, the same is true amoung the people. What is the solution to our problem in America? Protesting, A Black President, Education, Jobs, Housing, etc. or Faith in G-d and Knowledge of His Word... I choose the latter.
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