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    Aging Well & Joyfully with Dr. Carla Marie Manly

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    Dr. Carla Marie Manly—psychologist, life fulfillment expert, and author—resides in Sonoma County, CA. In addition to her clinical practice focusing on relationships and personal transformation, Dr. Manly is deeply invested in her roles as a consultant and speaker. With warm, direct approach--plus a dose of humor—Dr. Manly enjoys supporting others in the ever-evolving journey of life.  Her three extraordinary books, Date Smart, Joy from Fear, and Aging Joyfully—plus her 2024 release The Joy of Imperfect Love --highlight Dr. Manly’s empowering approach and profound expertise. 
    Life can be a journey of consciously crafting the best version of oneself. Wellness and joy do not occur by chance; they are fostered by manifesting one’s true light with courage and strength. By creating a respectful, aware relationship with oneself and others, the body, mind, and spirit thrive.
    ~ Dr. Carla Marie Manly

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    Voice Of Tears

    in Culture

    Speak your truth while breaking generational curses. Speak your truth depicts sexual abuse from a male perspective with a female predator. Join us for our discussion with Christian Branch. 

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    As LGBTQ Kids are Under Siege, Who is There to Help Them? Not Who You Think

    in LGBT

    The fascist-leaning arm of the Republican Party is moving fast and hard against LGBTQ kids. As concerned advocates warn of "blood on your hands", the power brokers in many red states blatantly do not care.
    Who can at risk LGBTQ youth turn to? The logical answer, the advocacy group most funded by the LGBTQ concerned population, is the Trevor Project. However, due to issues we will review in our special report by Brody Levesque today, that organization is falling down on its ability to help kids when they are at a crisis point.
    We also will be talking to Lance Preston, Founder and Executive Director of the Rainbow Youth Project USA, a social welfare organization that promotes the health, safety, and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual young people throughout the United States. We will be talking about the real-life experiences of kids persecuted by the new oppression being put upon them. We will be talking about the help they need, the hlep they are not getting, and what can be done.

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    Would Emotional Prenups Save Marriages with Dr. Frieda Birnbaum

    in Romance

    Millennials are opting for prenups in record numbers compared to previous generations. They are also more likely to simultaneously plan for divorce while preparing for their wedding, essentially assuming that it won’t last. This isn’t surprising when almost half of all marriages in America end in divorce. But what if you could take preemptive action to have one of the marriages that last?
    Most people are aware of the financial investment involved in marriage, which is why many people try to protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement. However, the often-unnoticed emotional investment is the key to a successful marriage! An emotional prenup can help engaged couples navigate difficult topics before marriage and offer a blueprint to avoid conflict and divorce.
    Today's special guest, Frieda Birnbaum, PhD, is a research psychologist and psychoanalytic therapist in Saddle River, New Jersey and the award-winning author of Life Begins at 60: A New View of Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing Ourselves and What Price Power: An In-Depth Study of the Professional Woman in a Relationship.
    An expert on topics such as family dynamics, parenthood, relationships, addiction, anxiety and depression, Dr. Frieda is a seasoned media personality and commentator who is adept at discerning the psychological underpinnings of current issues and parsing the psychological profiles of various newsmakers- politicians, celebrities, criminals, etc.
    Notably, Dr Frieda is the oldest woman in America to give birth to twins. The mother of five, her youngest sons were born when she was 60, lending her a unique perspective on issues related to parenting and the empowerment of women at any age.

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    This show was aired 12 years ago. Dr. King shared with his good friend Mr. Belafonte that he feared that the goal of integration would not bring African-Americans the justice they deserved. He remarked that he feared that we were integrating into a burning house. WAS HE RIGHT OR WAS HE WRONG? JOIN BRO.ERIC AND BRO.SUN RE AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!

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    A Catch Conversation with Terry Mattingly

    in Lifestyle

    Terry Mattingly has worked as a reporter and religion columnist at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and the Charlotte Observer and the Charlotte News. In 1991, Mattingly began teaching at Denver Seminary. While teaching, he has continued to write the weekly “On Religion” column for Universal, which is sent to about 350 newspapers in North America. He is the founder and editor of the GetReligion website that critiques the mainstream media’s coverage of religion news.

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    The #1 Psychic/Medium Offers Free Relationship Advice

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    Cindi Sansone-Braff," the Romance Whisperer", talks with the dead to help you live well and love better. Warning: If your relationship is in trouble before you do anything -- listen to this radio show. Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling -- believing that a good relationship begins with...you. Cindi and her producer/co-host, Nicole, will share the highs and lows of their own love lives, and reveal how their lives are changing as they incorporate the Grant Me a Higher Love principles into their own lives. Cindi was named Best Psychic five years in a row by the "Long Island Press," and the psychic/medium recommended by "Newsday" and the "Daily News." She was featured on Cablevision's "Neighborhood Journal." Cindi is the author of three spiritual, self-help relationship books, available on Amazon, "Grant Me a Higher Love," "Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships," and "Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic." www.grantmeahigherlove.com.

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    #IAMRIVIERABEACH Al Shipman, Head Coach of PBL Football, Ann McNeill Dan Calloway Ep. 120

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    After reading the book ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell Conwell, I am convinced we are all leaving the diamond mines in our own backyards as we travel around the world looking for larger diamonds, when in fact the diamonds we seek are found within us and our hometown, from whence we came. Therefore, we are calling the podcast, #IAMRIVIERABEACH.   Today's Guest: Al Shipman
    A proud alumni of Palm Beach Lakes High School. 1992. He was a 3-sport athlete but after his sophomore year, he decided to concentrate on Track and Football. He earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of Miami. He later went on to enjoy 5 year career in the Canadian Football League. He is now back at his alumni as the Head Football Coach, where he has been for the last seven years. Under his tutelage, he has led the Rams to four winning seasons reaching the 2nd round twice.
    Connect with Mr. Shipman: 561-707-2086
    Call into the podcast dial 661-554-9219. Join me Ann McNeill, and co-host Dan Callaway 561-531-9184 or 561-848-4991 as we discuss the history, the present, and the future of our great city. Any questions or comments you can reach Ann McNeill at 786-546-0184

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    CELEBRATION TIME !!! Happy 2nd Anniversary Boomer Talk !!!

    in Culture

    2 Years of Relevancy" & counting...
    BIG thanks to the "Framily"  (its a port manteau, family + friends, meaning people who are more than friends to you usually because they've been around sooo long & because you have shared many experiences & consequently have a very, very close intimate relationship with them, LOVE Er' One of Y'all ) for all the support , L<3VE & participation you ALL have given in soooo many ways over these past 2 years! It has been a BLAST & I look forward to expanding & growing Boomer Talk in soooo many ways. 
    Thanks to a suggestion from a "Framily" member we will begin the "Boomer Journey' by land or sea, by car, plane or boat you'll be listening to the next generation of Boomer G.O.A.T.*-$  from wherever they may be  Boomers around the Country & from around the World will share "what they know 4 sure" and learn things they didnt know about at all while we laugh a whole lot,  using our Edutainment model. 
    *GOAT $= Greatest [Boomer$] Of  All Time, that's with an"S"  because there are many sooo many of us! 

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    Listen to YAHWEH's Truth from His Late Great Prophet Mowreh Elesha

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    Shabbath Shalom, All Praise, Glory, and Honor belong to The True and Living ELOHIM, The Mighty YAHWEH on His Holy SABBATH DAY by saying, HalleluYAH!!!!!!!

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