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    "What’s the Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?"

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    In the face of gender wars, many men feel cornered. They have heard the cries of women and most men believe they have been responsive. Yet, with the advent of the “Me Too” movement, masses of men are lost for words. Women have pointed the finger at all men with terms like “toxic masculinity”. This has resulted in frustration, disappointment and anger on the part of men. Many are not sure which way to turn to support women. Others feel cornered and voiceless.
    To bring voices back to men, the co-hosts, Ted and Blair are going to dedicate an entire show to providing sound advice for men, whether in a relationship or seeking love. We also invite the callers to share the best advice they have received.
    For this show, Ted and Blair are going to provide advice backed by decades of experience as trusted advisors to men and women. In addition, they will include insights into why these strategies are so effective. Ultimately, the advice is designed for men who truly want to make relationships work.
    Join us!
    Sunday, December 30, from 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos and Blair Nash on Blog Talk Radio.
    Call to comment live at: (323) 642-1387.
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    Achieving the Female Orgasm

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    It is a little known fact that many women haven't (yet) experienced orgasm. There are many reasons for this, and many ways to understand the ways towards acheiving the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Join me in this quick podcast to explore the ever elusive female orgasm. 

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    Do White Men Treat Black Women Better??

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    Serena Williams is marrying and carrying the baby of her fiance, Reddit Co-Owner, Alexis Ohanian. She has come out to say that White men have treated her better than black men. Serena has dated many black men including Drake and Common. Is this true?? Is this just her own bitter opinion or is there merit in what she says? Black men date and marry outside their race in DROVES but black women seem to remain loyal to the very men who degrade them in rap videos, lyrics, and in life. Is this fair or is this just an URBAN Myth?? I for one say I think there may be some TRUTH in this FICTION!! What do YOU think??
    FIND MORE PODCASTS AT The Crystal Show: http://thecrystalshow.com

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    The #1 Long Island Psychic/Medium Offers Free Relationship Advice

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    Cindi Sansone-Braff," the Romance Whisperer", talks with the dead to help you live well and love better. Warning: If your relationship is in trouble, before you do anything -- listen to this radio show. Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling -- believing that a good relationship begins with...you. Cindi and her producer/co-host, Nicole, will share the highs and lows of their own love lives, and reveal how their lives are changing as they incorporate the Grant Me a Higher Love principles into their own lives. Cindi has been named Best Psychic five years in a row by the Long Island Press, and the psychic/medium recommended by Newsday and the Daily News. She was featured on Cablevision's Neighborhood Journal. Cindi is the author of two spiritual, self-help relationship books, both available on Amazon, Grant Me a Higher Love and Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships. www.grantmeahigherlove.com.

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    The hypocrisy of women and

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    Join us debate the hypocrisy of women and how it is altering the male/female paradigm and the dating culture as a whole.

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    Insights From A Psychiatrist - Dr. Amir Levine Discussion - Author 'Attached'

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    OCT. 18, 1:00 pm ET: This show features a discussion with Dr. Amir Levine, Psychiatrist, Columbia Professor and Best Selling Author of 'Attached.  

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    Life After Porn with Adult Film Star Mr. Marcus

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    Join us for more love, more sex and more soul with adult film star Mr. Marcus. We will go inside the mind of one of the sexiest men in the adult film industry. We will discuss his 20 plus year reign. The pros and cons for Black men in the adult film industry, and some of the challenges he had to overcome. We ask, "What's next for Mr. Marcus?" 

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    Tune in as we spinn the music to get you in the mood with some adult conversation @ 9m -EST/ 8pm -CST / 7 pm -MST .. Not all slow, but sexy for sure!! -Rnb, Couples Music.
    Tonight Question: #1. Sex and watching movies ** Have you tried to bring excitement into your love life, Have you tried watching together? some get a turn on by watchinging others  .. How do you feel about it?
    *Rated - sexy
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    Mike Trojan’s Dating Advice, Aug-15-2018

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    Mike Trojan’s Dating Advice, Aug-15-2018
    Talk to attractive women. Ask what time they have, then show her your phone’s time and say “good, we’re sinced”. 

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    The Ultimate Webcam Experience with Trina the Natural

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    Having you ever had sex over the internet? Talk SeXcetra is going to take you on a journey of webcam experiences with Trina the Natural of Touchy Situations, formerly on the hit show Catfish.
    From voyeurism to chatting online is this the new way to indulge in sexual pleasure? call in and tell us what you thnk?

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    Author Olave' Sebastein of " Memoirs Of A Hopeful Romantic"

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    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show We Welcome Author Olave' Sebastein of " Memoirs Of A Hopeful Romantic". 
    Meet Our Guest: Speaker, Influencer, Emotional Disruptor and Author who is passionate about informing and inspiring men of color that they were created to love and display emotions despite their life struggles. Teaching men of color that the walls around their heart can be slowly removed by having an open and trusting mindset that love does exist in all aspects of relationships, be it romantic or platonic. Encouraging men of color that each person that have hurt them or anyone they have hurt are imperfect human being with feelings going through similar struggles with a guarded heart. Understanding and experiencing that men of color take heartbreak extremely hard especially when they have tried their absolute best in a situation that did not come out the way that was expected.
    I am Olavé Sebastien, a man of color who has been hurt and chose to turn my pain into my passion. I found my purpose when I decided to embrace my vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness and start writing and sharing my heartfelt poetry with family and friends. The authentic feedback I received caught me by surprise but also gave me confirmation of what was already being placed in my heart about my purpose and path. By creating a world in which men can feel safe and confident in speaking about their emotions without care, worry, doubt, or fear.
    It begins with having simple and subtle conversations in a world in which people can be confident in embracing the euphoria that love brings and is not equated with weakness.