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  • 01:01

    Black Urban America

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight at 8pm eastern standard time, 7pm central and 5pm pacific time, We Talk Productions presents Black Urban America. Kenny and MeShaun will have a conversation with Mr. Alonzo Waheed, Sr., advocate. We will be discussing defunding the police and the status of the Black family. To listen to the show you may dial 516-531-9540 or go blog talk radio//wetalkproductions/blackurbanamerica

  • 02:02

    "Rallying Against White Supremacy: Red Fists Rising"

    in Lifestyle

    Black Lives Matter protests and legislature against the horrors of racism and white supremacy continue across the globe. For Black America, the goals we seek and march for are literally a matter of life and death. Tonight we meet Omo Aiye. an amazing woman who is part of a powerful strategic push in the campaign against white world supremacy, coming in the form of the upcoming Red Fists Rising rally on July 4th. Omo Aiye will tell us all about the rally and how we can be part of it in our own areas. Tune in tonight at 9:30 pm by calling 347-327-9967, or livestream at 

  • 01:04

    Episode 32 - What will next school year look like?

    in Culture

    - Journal entry from Manny A
    - Will the riots and protests help spread coronavirus?
    - What will next school year look like?
    - Peanut allergies, your immune system, and vaccines.
    - Journal entry for Wednesday
    - Idiom for ELA Periods C and D 

  • 01:00

    Celebrating You with Nicole "Epic Shae" Sanders, Founder & CEO of WigSlayers

    in Lifestyle

    Queen Diva will discuss with Nicole "Epic Shae" Sanders, Founder & CEO of WigSlayers & WigSlayers Unlimited, an Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Hair & Beauty Professional with a Facebook Group Following of 83, 000 members (WigSlayers) and over 400 Facebook subscribers (WigSlayers Unlimited) will discuss how now more than ever the importance of celebrating ourselves! You do not want to miss this broadcast!

  • 01:47

    The Hour of His Judgement Has Come

    in Culture

    The Hebrew Israelite Nation Elders will be discussing the judgements of Yah and his Hour of judgement.  Revelation 14:6-7  (6) And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying,  “A quart of wheat for a day’s wage, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wage.  And do not harm the oil and the wine.”  (7) And when He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.”

  • 01:33


    in Lifestyle

    Brought to you by IHP GLOBAL 
    Radio Boomers Live
    Like our FB Page
    Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST
    With Host: James Zuley and Reatha Grey
    Reatha Grey Tech Time: Surprise segment 
    Special Guests:  Renee McCray
    Hot Topic: News Updates
    Jim's Gem:  Positive Thinking
    Carmelita's Corner:  Cornelius Grant

  • 00:31


    in Lifestyle

    I have never experienced a Quarantine in my lifetime.  As such, I have never experienced a Global movement in the name of Social Justice in the middle of a pandemic!  It's too easy to say people have just gone crazy from being couped up in the house.  What I've witnessed in terms of our behavior both facinates me and horrifies me.  On this episode we will explore a few recommendations for getting past the awkward reunion with people you thought you knew but may have misjudged.

  • 01:08

    Compassionate Capitalist: The Black Lives Economic Story: Past, Present, Future.

    in Culture

    True equality comes with economic prosperity. The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast will explore the history of black enterprise, and government policies intended to aid in economic prosperity, and the racist practices that created barriers and obstacles to African American prosperity so that wealth and education gap which exists today has its roots dating back to the late 1800.  History shows time and time again how naive, well intentioned white people, in the spirit of compromise, released authority and control to other white people that had a sole intent to harm and hinder black people from achieving equality - socially and economically. 
    There are many examples of progress being made and initiatives seeking to grow black entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and reinvestment into the communities that have been neglected and abandoned.   As we look forward with these new sources of funding and entrepreneur development, we must also look back to see how to fix the fissure that over a 100 years of systemic racism has caused in our communities.  If you are opposed to giving hand outs, then give a hand up.  Work to get the loopholes that enable racists to harm and prevent the success and empowerment of people of color out of our financial, judicial, and legislative systems.
    Links referenced in the podcast:
    Economic Wealth Gap: History of Black Veterans: Drug Policy & Race: Banks: Funding: Top 100: System Racism Video:

  • 02:05

    What is REAL Black Power? A Black Woman's Perspective - Guest Spirit Halima

    in Culture

    The matter of the day is power, Black power. With everything that is going on and the current climate for change, for better or worse, WE will be something different as a collective moving forward. The jury is still out on where everything is headed and we see things happening that we never thought would happen in our lifetime. The question is whether or not these things are happening organically or are they part of a strategy that was just waiting or creating the right opportunity to actually take what little chance at power we have. Let some tell it, we have arrived. Let our guest this week Spirit Halima, a personal life coach and mentor tell it, we are on a slipery slope. She is not just another social media noise maker,  she has been decoding media for well over 2 decades. Her main interest, focus, and business is in empowering, REALLY empowering Black women and not just co-signing with dysfunction masquerading as power. Her contribution to building a community is showing both men and women, their true power station. We can't get where we want to go if we keep doing the things that take us nowhere. She is controversial but she is consistent and she knows of what she speaks. One way or another you will be in thinking mode after hearing what she has to say. Tune in and turn on. 

  • 01:41

    Listen to Truth of The Mighty YAHWEH from His Late Great Prophet Mowreh Elesha

    in Culture

    Praise YAHWEH for His Holy SABBATH DAY! Shabbath Shalom

  • 00:21

    An Old White Guy Explains "Black Lives Matter" to White People Who Don't Get It

    in Lifestyle

    Instead of the usual stories this week, GamerDude talks about the Black Lives Matter movement. As an old, white guy, he recognizes that the movement isn't about him, but also knows that he has a voice that he can use to support the movement, and perhaps explain it to those who might not understand it. He explains how Black Lives Matter actually means Black Lives Matter Too, because in the current climate, too many people - including the police and the criminal justice system - place less value (or no value) on black lives. In old, white guy language, GamerDude explains that the point of Black Lives Matter is to draw attention to this fact, and to demand change in a system that is being implemented and enforced in a racist way. He borrows some analogies to try to explain that, just as it's true that All Houses Matter, but when your house is on fire, Your House Matters and needs immediate attention, the Black Lives Matter movement is intended to highlight the need for immediate attention to the racism inherent in our system.
    GamerDude also shares a post he made to social medial in which he talks about how he cannot imagine the fear that black Americans, and other people of color, face every day, and that he wants to use his voice to help spread the information about, and support, the Black Lives Matter movement.
    He also steps into the role of presidential speech writer, because he is well aware of the fact that the current occupant of the White House is incapable of leading in the way that this country needs to be lead, is incapable of unifying the country around a common goal, and is unable to heal the open wounds caused by the racism in our system. GamerDude shares the kind of speech he believes an actual, functioning president should deliver to help move this country forward towards resolving the problems that Black Lives Matter is showing us.

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