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    Cultivate Compassion + Create Boundless Bliss ** Throwback Show :)

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    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' Podcast is a Global Sensation in its 4th year ~ Reaching and igniting hearts all over the world with her warm, signature voice and infectious energy, Jessie May freely shares her fierce wisdom with an inspiring palette of powerful themes ~  all centered in the heart of our human experience. 
    With show titles ranging from: “What We Fear is What We Desire”, “The Nature of Love,” “Trust Grows from the Inside Out”, “Where Focus Goes, Creation Flows”, “Surrender Is the Bridge”, “The Way We Walk”, “Staying Soft in the Heart of Pain”, “The Power of Your Presence” ~ Jessie May covers topics ranging from relationships, living in the moment, connection, intimacy, communication, creativity, wellness, freedom, trust and more. With each show she unleashes the potential for living a heart-powered life ~ offering listeners valuable tools and inspiration to integrate and transform their lives.
    As part of her growing global community, she regularly welcomes luminary guests whom she effortlessly engages in great convo and deep, stimulating inquiry, laughter and insight ~ creating stimulating discussion and food for thought! 
    Her roster of guests have included pioneering brave hearts and innovators, from celebrated authors and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz to local visionaries from far and wide!
    Sure to light up your week, tune into Jessie May's bright energy and ignite your heart with your regular dose of Sunny Side Up!!!

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    125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life: Dr. Jan Yager

    in Romance

    Intersections Match Talk Radio - Jasbina Ahluwalia's Lifestyle Radio Show Presents:
    THU. JULY 14, 5:00 pm ET Listen Live: (646) 595 2850
    ...An interactive discussion with Dr. Jan Yager - sociologist, relationship expert, speaker, and author of 125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life.
    ARCHIVES of Jasbina's previous radio shows available at: http://intersectionsmatch.com/talk-radio/relationships/
    To learn more about Intersections Match, The Only Premier -> Matchmaking & Online Dating Support Firm --> For Indian Singles in the U.S., Canada & the U.K. --> For Indian Singles: http://intersectionsmatch.com/

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    NOI Series: Waliakbar Muhammad, Photojournalist for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad

    in Culture

    THURS. 12/1/16 8pm EST, Call in# 646-595-4289
    The Allah Team Radio presents: The History of the NOI Series
    "An Interview with Waliakbar Muhammad, the Photojournalist for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam"
    Waliakbar Muhammad was born in Washington, DC, the grandson of former slaves and the ninth of ten siblings. He attended segregated schools until the fall of 1954. It was right after the Brown v. Board of Education decision by the U.S. Supreme Court he became one of the first students to de-segregate public schools in the United States.
    Waliakbar didn’t become involved in photojournalist until 1968 after becoming fast friends with Ghayth Nur (FKA Lonnie Kashif), a contributing writer for Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. After concentrating on local photography for a while, Muhammad carried cameras and darkroom equipment to Chicago for the first ever Muslim Parade in the fall of 1969.
    February of 1970, Muhammad’s photographs of the annual Muslim Convention were featured on the cover of the Muhammad Speaks. That same year he was hired to work in the Camera & Plate Making department of Muhammad Speaks and moved to Chicago. 
    In 1972 he went to work in Muhammad Speaks editorial department. Later he was personally commissioned by Elijah Muhammad to visit NOI (Nation of Islam) Temples throughout the U.S. to document the growth and development of the Muslim community. These photos appeared in the publication’s weekly eight-page pull-out entitled the Progress Section.
    After 1975 was given the name Waliakbar and continued to work with the succession of publications that mirrored changes in the Muslim community: Bilalian News, World Muslim News, American Muslim Journal and AM Journal where he served and Editor and Publisher’s Representative from 1981 to 1985; 
    co-hosts Brother Wakeel Allah and Brother Understanding Allah

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    Are You Stuck?

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    Today's guest - Ms. Halimah Aziz, will join Dr. Joyce J. Dorsey to discuss what it means to be stuck.  A lively conversation will attract attention to the ways in which many of us get caught up in being stuck.  Stuck in a financial rut?  Stuck because of social rejection?  Stuck because of shame?  Stuck because of mistakes?  Suck because you simply don't feel like you fit in?  Stuck because of past or  Incarceration? Children gone astray ........
    Sadness, Disappointment, Anger, and other emotions can cause illenesses like High Blood Pressure, Depression, Substance Abuse and even Crime.  Stuck because you lost your job and can't find another one? ... an a big one...Unforgiveness. What are the answers?  Who can Help?
    FACAA has developed a way to converse in the matter of being STUCK.  We know that anyone can be stuck in a mindset, a negative situation, and a feeling like nothing works.  We have a new brochure which is given to those who visit our office.  Let us know you heard about this program....we want to share it with you.  

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    MXMGATL 98.9FM - 12/01 "True Life Experiences" Yvette & TI Mason

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    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Yvette & TI Mason, "also known as LIA (Ladies in Atlanta Travel Club LLC ), have had an amazing journey together since the beginning of our relationship in 2011. No amount of traveling whether by bus, car, train, or plane was going to stop us from seeing one another. You see we endured a long distance relationship for a large part of our relationship with Yvette living in Atlanta and TI in North Carolina. When we met for dates we would meet in different states, to make the dating experience more fun and adventurous, so that we were experiencing new adventures together.
    We dated for 4 years, before sharing vows on May 23, 2015, in an elegant private ceremony in front of family and close friends. This was also the start of our adventurous traveling escapades as well. We were able to take our first international trip together to beautiful Punta Cana which is located in the Dominican Republic. Since traveling is obviously a MAJOR part of our lives and feel that LOVE is a major part of everyday life, we decided to start our own traveling club. In August 2015, just three months after saying I Do, came the birth of Ladies Loving Ladies Atlanta Traveling Club. Within four months, we were able to meet, connect and network with women from all regions of the country and all walks of life that truly enjoyed to travel as much as we did. After this, is when the name changed to Ladies in Atlanta Travel Club, LLC or (LIA)."

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    Generation: Re-Run, The Trump Scenario, and The Black Wall Flower

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    On this episode of The Chop Up:
    -Generation: Re-Run - Is this generation creative? We discuss innovation in a generation of sequels, samples, and racism that'll never change.
    -The Trump Scenario- Trump won. Womp, womp. Who's to blame and why you should wear that safety pin with shame.
    - The Black Wall Flower- We take a deeper look the mental health needs of black folk and other marginalized people in an interview with content curator, Jordan. 
    -Riley - "Wig Split"
    Soundcloud: @RileyPnP
    -The Midwest Depressed ft. Brixz - "Bad Guy"
    Soundcloud: @MidwestDepressed
    SEND YOUR ARTISTIC SUBMISSIONS TO- thechopupemail@gmail.com

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    Election Year: The Purge

    in Culture

    This week on the Spiritual Warfare Radio Show we'll engage you listeners with a much needed exhale of all the purging that has taken place throughout the past year of campaigning and presidential election. True colors has been shown along side of vows that were made. Many Americans as well as the presidential elect would like to make America great again. Let's talk about the real meaning behind all of the rhetoric. Recent outcry from voters has sparked protest that lead to riots. The walking dead... please join us as we try wake up the majority that fall into that slumber stage. This is a live call in show, so hit our lines to speak with our host. We'd love to hear what you have to say about what it is that you may be seeing going on. Our call in number is 319.527.6302 going live @ 8:30 cst.

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    Fidel Castro Life and Legacy

    in Culture

    Call In No. (347) 857-4514
    Global Peeks discusses Former Cuban President Fidel Castro who died in Havana Cuba on Nov. 25, 2016. He was 90-years-old. The late leader was lauded by many as a rare and consequential person who impacted the world. He was loved by some, and hated by others.
    Tonight we discuss the life and times of the leader and what his death means to Cuba and the world.
    Statement bt the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the passing of Fidel Castro  

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    Got A Lite?

    in Lifestyle

    Pattie Canova hosts a talk show using wit, candor, keen insight, perception, experience, and the tales and symbols of Tarot to inform, illuminate, enlighten and entertain her listeners. Write Pattie at pcanova@optonline.net w/your questions, feedback or insights. Visit my website: www.pattiecanova.com  Let's discover what it takes to walk our road toward awakening.  www.pattiecanova.com

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    Swop Dallas with Lindsay Morgan

    in Lifestyle

    Lindsay Morgan Sex Worker and Founder Of Swop Dallas Chapter Will Be On and we will talk about how you can join, what they do to fight for sex workers rights and what part she plays in helping to get Prostitution decriminalized . We will also find out a little about her and how she started and what made her decide to join in on the fight !!.. Plus more... Stay Tuned !!
    Swop Dallas Facebook:
    Lindsay Morgan On Facebook :
    Swop Dallas Twitter:

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    The Rules Of Style

    in Romance

    Special Host Camden McInnis is back for another week. This, time he sits down with one of the top style experts Pablo Espinosa to confront the cold reality of how our looks changes the behaviour of other people around us and how our style can change our lives for the better or worse.  

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