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Many medical experts agree that glutathione is the most important and effective endogenous antioxidant. It is considered by some as the body's first line of defense against oxidative stress and a number of toxins such as benzenes, heavy metals and pesticides which are constantly attacking our cells and enzymes. If you have lowered level of glutathione, then you likely have an "out of whack immune system" and maybe you've even been labeled with some disorder. But careful! low glutathione also means that certain prescribed treatments, instead of helping, may actually aggravate the condition since some drugs can cause further decline in glutathione levels. What if you could re-balance and re-boot your immune system by effortlessly increasing the level of Glutathione in your body with an acupuncture patch. Wouldn't you want to see if it works? Join me as I interview LifeWave Patching Pro Dr. Dennis Lobstein as we talk about the science behind how LifeWave acupuncture patches are used to support our immune system, and WHO it best works for. Be sure to call in live with your personal questions (no disease names please!)
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Join me as I team up with a fellow powerful energy healer Lottie Cooper as we offer a very special LIVE on air healing specially geared towards Starseeds and Earth Angels. Starseeds and Earth Angels function very differently in... more

A few years ago I started the Paleo diet myself. I thought it was a great anti-inflammatory diet (it really helped reduce my pain), but I must admit it was a little confusing starting out. A lot of people understand the basics, such as... more

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Join Dr. Karen Kan and powerful energy healer Jenny Ngo for this unique radio episode where we will be doing LIVE group and personal spiritual healing sessions with you! We will begin the show by sharing some simple yet powerful... more

There is a lot of talk in spiritual medicine about reconnecting with your "Higher Self." But what does that REALLY mean? I'm sure you have probably heard bits and pieces of how we should allow our Higher Selves to help guide us, but... more

There are many factors that come together that influence who you are today: your environment, those you surround yourself with, diet, exercise, Karma.. the list goes on and on. But what about your names? Have you ever given thought... more

What do you get when you combine a modern mystic with an computer geek? You get Peter Schenk. Peter is one of those gift energy healers - a superseer actually - who can tell you things about yourself and your path that no other... more

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints I see in patients. Why? It's often an overuse injury, sudden injury (such as a torn ACL or meniscus), or an underlying condition like arthritis. As a result people end up ?dealing with? the... more

I know what you are thinking. Another vaccine debate. I have had my fair share of discussions about vaccines, and then I ran across a really great article by Dr. Suzzane Humphries. she points out that this heated debate is much more... more