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Dr Karen Kan

Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan


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Listen to the Light Warrior Radio show where Light Medicine Doctor, Karen Kan, MD, interviews experts in holistic healing, wellness, spirituality, prosperity, relationships so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. Dr. Karen's mission is to help sensitive souls harness their sensitivity as a superpower, fulfill their mission, and create a life of joy. What she is most passionate about is seeing them shine so they can help pull the world out of the darkness. Dr. Karen Kan is the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine and the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method. Go to to receive her free Sensitive Soul Empowerment Guide.

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Health is wealth, especially as we get older, but medical care is not healthcare. It's actually a leading cause of illness and death due to adverse drug reactions. In this episode, I will interview Dr. Richard Ruhling who understands this better than most physicians. Dr. Ruhling is a retired physician who was board-certified in Internal Medicine and had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University. He applies what's happening in healthcare to America in general, saying that all major systems are broken. Education gets a failing grade; preachers are responsible for the bad shape things are taking and the government is no longer working--as John Adams, 2nd US President cautioned re the Constitution. We are seeing huge forces pushing the US to a global government/bad idea. During this episode, you will learn How medical care is the leading cause of death, Why medical care is a rip-off, What healthcare actually looks like, and much more! Learn more about Dr. Richard Ruhling by visiting
  • by Dr Karen Kan
  • in Health
  • 01:30

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In our homes, we see clutter stacked on counters. We see clutter stuffed behind cabinet doors and piled in closets. All that stuff is dragging us down. It is weight keeping us held in one place like an anchor at sea. When we release that... more

LifeWave patches can be used to regulate the energy of the life force known as qi in the acupuncture meridians. According to Asian medical physiology, Stomach qi normally flows downward in the Stomach Meridian. However, when certain... more

As a Conscious Leadership Expert, Sarah Rose guides spiritual messengers, lightworkers, and coaches to fully own their gift and step fully into their power + purpose as a leader so they can make a global impact with their gift and answer... more

In this episode of Light Warrior Radio, I have the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Cory, creator of the Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible Film which is now available to the public. I was able to watch this film during the... more

Music is both mathematical and magical. It can touch so many different people in so many diverse ways. In this episode, I will be interviewing Ian Morris, the Sound Alchemist and Founder of Listening to Smile. Listening to Smile is a unique... more

Join me during this episode of Light Warrior Radio as I interview Medical Intuitive, Wendie Colter. She will be sharing her personal story about her childhood intuition and experiences where she successfully assessed and undercovered the root... more

Chaos is not random. Chaos actually has a central attractor, which organizes the pattern. The biofield of the body also has an organized pattern, which may appear chaotic. So, the biofield may be a relatively organized coherent pattern, or it... more

Have you ever thought to yourself, ?Why am I always struggling with money??. Maybe you've been sick and conventional medicine hasn't helped you and you've reached out to acupuncturists and holistic doctors, only to realize that you ?can't... more

During this episode, I will be interviewing Genevieve Siegel, Holistic Fertility Empowerment Expert, creator of the Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™, she guides those who are having challenges trying to conceive and feeling... more