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Join Spiritual Medicine guru, Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician and energy healer for this radio show so you can learn how to manifest health, happiness and prosperity and express your Soul's Mission, and in doing so, increase the Light and Love in the Universe! Dr. Karen interviews experts in energy healing, spiritual awakening, nutrition, Chinese medicine, Law of Attraction, prosperity and Consciousness. Dr. Karen's fans, students, and clients are Light Warriors - they are sensitive, loving souls, like Indigos, Crystals, Starseeds, Empaths, Hybrids, Walk-ins, and Earth Angels. Once a month, Dr. Karen does a free healing show where you can call in live (or use the chat) to get a mini-reading or mini-healing.

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Family relationships can be tricky. My overwhelmed stressed-out mom used to put me into a tailspin whenever we connected, and another family member tried to commit suicide. And the list goes on… It was very scary. But I have to say that learning good self-healing tools has magically ?changed? the quality of these relationships, and now I look forward to (rather than feeling dread) whenever we have a family reunion. We don't always get ?permission? to heal a family member, but what if by healing ourselves, our family members can ?change?? I've seen it time and time again in my own life and in other people's lives. In this enlightening interview, Dr. Brad is going to give us some strategies on how we can do just that! We'll be covering: How does self-healing support relationship harmony? How do we support a family member who is ?self-destructing?? How do entities play a role in interfering with relationships? How do we use tools like The Emotion Code and The Body Code to support happier, healthier family relationships? ….and more! To learn more about The Emotion Code and The Body Code click HERE or connect with Dr. Brad on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
  • by Dr Karen Kan
  • in Health
  • 01:30
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