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Get ready to experience the adrenaline of radio again. If a show that is more intense and informative is your idea of radio then this is the show to listen to. The host of Lone Wolf Radio, Kiler Davenport, brings a heightened intensity and a heightened level of freedom to talk radio. In this rare show, you get the freedom to make your own opinions, speak your mind and explore any topic you want to. Take a listen to this show. You've decided that listening to Lone Wolf Radio is a great idea.

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight I am a free man after being locked down on a mental health hold at the emergency room for saying I am a talk show host and investigative reporter and researcher. It has been a very interesting 7 days, and I am exhausted, You all... more

I want to talk about the many people that are out there with good hearts, good minds and lots of experience in working with the underserved populations around the world. Giving their hearts, minds, time, abilities, talent, and even personal... more

Tonight I am going to talk about the galactic federation and the galactic council. I am going to talk about fully staffed and operational underground bases around the United States and the world. I am going to talk about the new digital surveillance... more

Tonight I will talk about the major move Mary and I are going to make and why, I will talk about how hard it is for senior citizens to navigate this current system at any level, I will talk about this major depression we are in and how most... more

Tonight I will be reflecting on this illusion we call reality and this mission I am on to wake everyone from this deep sleep that they are in and expose this fiction we call government and leadership and politics. And the disillusioned religious... more

Tonight, I want to talk about the coming dangers that we are facing here in the US and the agenda that this New world order has to depopulate the planet and bring about this reset that will completely abolish all human rights and liberty. I will... more

Tonight I will talk about the clueless folks we have interviewed in the last few months and why I believe that they are so uninformed, This is getting worse and has much to do with why we are not gaining any solid ground fighting this new... more

Tonight I am going to give a full update on the Russian invasion of Ukraine; China's talks on invading Taiwan; and the link between Russia and China and their strong bond; and their plans to attack the United States.

America has chosen its dangerous path through sloth and laziness and looking the other way and kissing the ass of the ones that have enslaved us. All of you have made your own bed, and now you must lay down and go through the... more

Tonight I am going to count my blessings and talk about how all of you can have a better life by learning how to use your higher consciousness and keep your mind body spirit and soul free from oppression and out from under the control of... more