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    The Healing Power of Self-Awareness and Taking Responsibility

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with chiropractor and rehabilitation / pain specialist Dr. Tovah Goldfine about the evolution of her practice and the mind body principles she uses to help patients discover their self-healing powers.  She explains that emotional healing can help us survive and rise above pain and disease. But the first step, she emphasizes, begins with taking responsibility for yourself and your healing.
    Dr Tovah Goldfine, like other passionate doctors in her field, was drawn to the healing profession from a whirlwind of trauma and drama in her own personal life. She has been in practice for 36 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Pain Solutions. She has assisted her patients with acute pain, chronic pain, autoimmune disease and most importantly, tools and insights they can use to take responsibility for their conditions and their ultimate health and emotional well-being.
    Originally from Philadelphia, she is now living and working in Israel. Dr Tovah (as her patients call her) along with her 3 cohosts are presently educating and inspiring self-healing on 3 weekly Facebook Live broadcasts:
    TMS RoundTable Global, TMS RoundTable Israel Disrupt and Heal Autoimmune Disease Dr Tovah has been deeply influenced by the work of the late Dr John Sarno.

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    Rev. Safiya Oni Brown.. Radiant Alchemy Wellness & Kamilah Birthworker

    in Health

    Rev. Safiya Oni Brown
    Coming from a family with 3 generations of natural healing and traditional healers, I never had a doubt that helping people get peace of mind and healing was my destiny as well. For over 13 years, I’ve been providing individual & family coaching, focusing on helping you all achieve a kind of clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit that is crucial in the hectic world we live in today... B.S. Psychology minor in Early Childhood Development (SHU)Certified Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)Certified Therepeutic kineisiology Practitioner, Dream Lotus Acadamy (DLA) Childrens Spiritual Enrichment program – Director (10yrs)Monthly Group Juice Cleanse – Director (5yrs)Radiant Alchemy Wellness – Director (13 yrs)Quantum Kombucha- Director & Mastr brewer (15 yrs 2nd gen.) Non-Denominational Minister (Universal Life Church)Certified Usui Reiki Master (May 23, 2007)Certified Therepeutic kineisiology Practitioner, Dream Lotus Acadamy (DLA)
    Birth & Pregnancy Support Services
    Children and Breast feeding Education, Labor and Birth, Postpartum & NewBorn Care
    Birth Work South Florida - Birth and Pregnancy Support

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #350 - Special Guest Dr. Sean Brooks

    in Health

    On August 21st, 2021, Dr. Sean M. Brooks spoke to his local school board in Ohio at a public meeting ( He explained to the board members and the audience that the so-called COVID-19 vaccines are deadly. Even the CDC's own VAERS database (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), to which about 1% of actual adverse events are actually reported and even fewer may be posted for public view, gave the latest figures (August 29, 2021) on the damage and death from COVID-19 vaccines at 13,627 dead, 2,826,646 injured, and 1,429 unborn babies killed by vaccines given to their mothers. Based on about 1% reporting, multiply those figures by 100 to get a rough idea of the carnage done SO FAR, with endorsement by CDC and the "health agencies". Dr. Brooks explained that most of the deaths, based on animal studies that have been done, are expected to take place over the next 3-5 years, starting now.
    Dr. Sean Brooks, in the video above, is demonstrating an amazing alternative, called "speaking truth to power." He does that weekly in his podcast that you can tune-into at
    After the video of his short presentation went viral, mainstream sources online started calling him a fraud. That is their job, to make sure we don't become aware of what is going on around us, and especially that we don't realize we each have great power to change things for the better. So who is Dr. Sean M. Brooks, really? A fraud, pretending to be an Oxford-trained medical doctor? Or maybe a great man, brave enough to show us we could discover the facts for ourselves and tell the truth?

  • 01:07

    Luminous Life: How Light Unlocks the Art of Living

    in Health

    I’ve been surprised by how many Sensitive Souls have significant vision problems. Their psychic abilities are more pronounced than others (inner vision), but their “outer vision” seems compromised. Some even have significant eye diseases.
    When I asked Source why my vision hasn’t spontaneously improved (not that I’ve been doing specific healing on it), I got the answer “habit”.
    As is often the case, the Universe presented to me a teacher who can give us IN-SIGHT to the whole vision problem. Through one of my TOLPAKAN™ Healing Certified Practitioners, Diana, I found out about Dr. Jacob Liberman. He “cured” his own near-sightedness. I bought one of his books and knew I had to get him on my Light Warrior Radio show so he could share his wisdom with the tribe.
    During this EnLightening interview, Dr. Liberman reveals
    How his eyesight spontaneously cleared after wearing glasses for many years and has remained clear for 45 years Why it is so common that eyesight deteriorates over time for most people Why wearing one contact lens for near vision and one for far vision isn’t a good idea Actionable steps you can take TODAY to start to improve your eyesight How the luminous intelligence we call light effortlessly guides us toward health, contentment, and a life filled with purpose.  Lucky me, I felt like I got a personalized “prescription” of what I can do to improve my eyesight, and I’m super excited to start taking simple actions today as soon as I finish writing this email.
    To learn more about Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, please visit

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    The Healing Power of Essential Oils w/ Dr. Eric Zielinski

    in Health

    DR. ERIC ZIELINSKI is the author of the national bestseller The Healing Power of Essential Oils and The Essential Oils Apothecary Dr. Z has pioneered natural living and biblical health education since 2003. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started in 2014 with his wife to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively. Now visited by more than three million natural health seekers every year, has rapidly become the number one online source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils education.
    Purchase his book on Amazon:
    Episode brought to you by: Integrated Brain Centers

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    Whatever Wednesday - September Challenge - Bodies On BEMERs Iowa State Fair

    in Health

    This month's challenge - how many BEMER demos can you do this month? And how many of those demos convert to sales?  We will also be discussing how to santize your BEMER and proper care.

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    Supporting your Immune System - As a Lifestyle with Paul Gaylon

    in Health

    Paul likes to be on the cutting edge. President and founder of Herbal Products & Development, he has studied herbs and formulated innovative herbal products and whole-food concentrate blends for over 30 years. Through his extensive travels and ongoing learning, he has become very knowledgeable of both native and foreign herbs. Herbal Products & Development implements Paul's vision, of bringing nourishing and effective original formulation and other products that he believes in, to market.
    Paul  joins us to discuss how to use substances such as:
    Herbs Enzymes Oils Mushrooms To support a vital immune system! 
    Pauls sites

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    The Functional Health Coaching Show

    in Health

    In this week's show, here's what we discussed:
    Caller #1 – What tests to run for someone living with mold?
    Functional lab screening Compromising FDN fundamentals Implementing DRESS Mold testing Mold supplementation Mold lifestyle modalities Question #2 from caller #1– Why do the intake forms ask about clients startling easy?
    Adrenal health Exhaustive phase of HPA axis Caller #2 – HTMA & metabolic typing correlating with oxidative rate
    Metabolic typing diet HTMA diet Adrenals & blood sugar HTMA compared to SHP Caller #3 – What is the best heavy metal testing?
    HTMA Tri metals Provoked Caller #4 – Why am I moving from a fast oxidizer to a slow oxidizer on the HTMA retest? Caller #5 – Intravenous glutathione vs liposomal glutathione
    Join FDN founder Reed Davis, FDN Mentors, and Special Guests to learn about functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to confidently solve health issues and grow your health coaching business. Submit questions in advance, or better yet, call the show LIVE and join the discussion by calling (347) 637-1378. The live show takes place every Friday at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST.  If you are interested in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Health Coach go to

  • 02:38

    250: Covid Vaccine & Kids, Medium, Mindset, Side Hustle, HomeSchooling, Wellness

    in Health

    12:06p - Daniel Jackson: Spirit Medium - Communicating with Spirit Guides, Angels & Archangels
    12:17p - Virginia Prodan: Victory Coach showing you how to LIVE a Life of Significance
    12:27p - Brian Winch: Simplest Side Hustle Home Based Business
    12:38p - Jeremy Newman: Texas Home School Coalition - Take Control of Your Child's Education NOW
    12:48p - Dr. Jennifer Rivera: Healing root issues for physical, emotional & spiritual Wholistic health through biblical integrative medicine
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1:00p - Special Guest ANNA VAN HOEK: She’s the Vice President for the Arizona Chapter of Children’s Health Defense.  Their mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable & establish safeguards so it never happens again.
    Anna has been a parental rights advocate since 2010 when her oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD & Celiac. After doing a deep dive into the research of vaccines, she connected the dots & realized both her daughters are vaccine injured.
    VISIT: For our Partners' Info, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community & Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Much More!
    Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform - Hosted by Michele Swinick "The Queen of Quality Content"
    ONE Location With All The Information!
    We're LIVE every Mon, Wed & Fri @ 12p PT with experts, entrepreneurs & purpose-driven people to provide real-life tangible takeaways to make your life BETTER!

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    How To Maintain A Big Weight Loss

    in Weight Loss

    Learn the 5 keys to maintaining a weight loss of more than 50 pounds for over 10 years. Catherine shares the nutrition, training, mindset, and relationships that have made it possible for her readers and training clients to maintain significant weight loss while enjoying life to the fullest.
    You can find her nutrition program here ==><==
    Notes on this podcast are available at

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    Magical Music for Those Living with Dementia

    in Caregiving

    Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Steve Toll is a classically trained musician and composer. Steve’s interest in the amazing transformative “power of music” inspired him to research and develop a philosophy which uses music as a powerful therapeutic tool. Steve trains caregivers in the use of music for people living with dementia and has a daily live stream program called "Tune in Today" which features memorable songs and interesting musical anecdotes.
    We are live today so call in and join the conversation. 
    Ask your questions or make a comment at (323) 870-4602
    Contact Steve Toll with ComforCare Home Care
    Email          Website:
    Contact Lori La Bey with questions or branding needs at
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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