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    Unwanted Repetitive Thoughts and the Ironic Effect

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with Dr. Joshua Smyth about the nature and mechanisms for unwanted repetitive thought (URT) patterns. These are thought patterns that persist over time and can have a negative effect on a person’s health and psychology. Dr. Smyth explains that these thoughts often have lots of very emotional associations and can be very experiential / visual. Ironically because of this, trying to suppress them consciously typically just reinforces them. They can damage our health because they trigger the body’s threat response.
    Joshua Smyth is a Distinguished Professor of Biobehavioral Health and of Medicine at Penn State and Hershey Medical Center and serves as Associate Director of Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute (SSRI). Smyth is an internationally recognized expert on ambulatory assessment and intervention, with a focus on the interplay of stress, emotion, physiology and behavior in everyday life.   He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, and the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Smyth has served as an editorial referee for more than four dozen journals, served as Editor and Associate Editor for several journals, and has been active in Society leadership for the American Psychosomatic Society, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the Society for Ambulatory Assessment. Dr. Smyth has widely shared his research in interviews with ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, Newsweek, Time and the New York Times, among many others, and recently published (with James Pennebaker) a popular science book on expressive writing interventions. Finally, he is an active and engaged teacher, and has received numerous accolades and awards for teaching and mentoring of students and trainees.

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Cristina Gasparetto, MD Duke University & Mark Newman, OD

    in Health

    All cancer therapies come with some type of side effect. One newly approved therapy called BLENREP, by GSK, is an antibody drug conjugate targeting BCMA that can cause a condition called keratopathy. Keratopathy is an eye condition that can be mild, so patients don't even know they have it, or it can be more severe. Myeloma specialist Dr. Cristina Gasparetto, MD from Duke University and Mark Newman, OD of OPTIX Eye Center will share in this show how keratopathy can be successfully managed for patients on BLENREP. Learn what keratopathy is, how care is coordinated between the myeloma doctor and the eye doctor, and what patients should know about keratopathy before starting on this therapy. 
    Thanks to our episode sponsor, Takeda Oncology

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #356 - Special Guest Dr. Lee Merritt

    in Health

    Running into someone like Dr. Lee Merritt, M.D. (, gives one new hope that this awakening is already happening, and gaining power every day. After following Dr. Merritt's work for a few years, I consider her to be in many ways a model of what real doctors should strive to be, each in his or her unique way. They would learn to regain and keep their humanity, while pursuing real science in the humble service of life.
    How has it been forgotten that real science questions everything, has no ego or arrogance in its search to find and apply truth, and like real medicine, first does no harm? That forgetfulness has been by design of a Satanic elite small group of individuals and families working for the enslavement and extermination of humanity since before our recorded history began. Now they have the technology and organization to finish us off and are excited at what they think will be the successful completion of their long project. But their top leadership knows they have a problem. If we break free of the trance they have put us into, it's all over, and the potential beauty of what life on Earth could be, becomes reality for us and generations to come. Right now, "health" has been chosen as the excuse for our demise. So doctors like Lee Merritt, and others like her, are critical to saving our world. So are law enforcement, military, government officials, people in all professions and walks of life who are regaining the full depth of their humanity and courage to do what they can, with all our lives on the line at this unprecedented turning point in time. Meet Dr. Merritt on Lost Art Radio's Sunday show this weekend, and be encouraged that the future is still in our hands. There are great heroic beings among us, just starting to realize fully who they are. One of them, central to how this all turns out, is you.

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    How Many Reps Should You Do During Every Set To Lose Body Fat?

    in Fitness

    I tell you how many reps per set you need to ldo to ose body fat in this podcast. 
    Be sure to listen to all of the 100 most-often asked questions about fitness older men have podcast here on this platform.
    My Age Optimization System for older men is an intense 12-week private, one-on-one coaching experience. Is it right for you?
    Make sure you sign up to be on my email list for fitness updates at
    Call or text me at 925-352-4366.

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    Sarah McCroskey- Founder of the HumanSpirit Radio Network

    in Health

    Healer, teacher, author and Founder of the HumanSpirit Radio Network, Sarah McCroskey specializes in energy medicine. Trained in the health sciences, counseling, nutrition and metaphysics, Sarah is a Certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and the founding Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay, located in the Richmond hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.
    Down-to-earth, with over two decades of clinical experience, Sarah’s vision of what is possible empowers clients and audiences alike to fearlessly embrace the arc of human evolution and live their unique spark audaciously. Becoming free from conditioning, personally constructed limitation and physical/emotional imbalance — Sarah promotes a living path partnered with Spirit — walking her talk with humor, passion and clear-sightedness.
    Sarah offers one-on-one healing sessions by phone, worldwide.
    For more information about Bioenergy Balancing provides a rich array of archived programs.

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    Phototherapy Patch Q & A with Dr. Karen Kan & Dr. Dennis Lobstein

    in Health

    Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I will air LIVE on Light Warrior Radio Podcast on the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches. 
    Over the last several years, we've spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.
    During this episode, Dr. Dennis and I will be fielding questions from you about almost everything and anything phototherapy-related. Recently I had to bow out of one of my own Facebook groups due to time constraints and Facebook censorship inconveniences. So if you miss "seeing" me in that group, here is your chance to ask your questions LIVE on the show!
    Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I'll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab. 

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    How To Maintain a Big Weight Loss: Key #3

    in Weight Loss

    How to Maintain a Big Weight Loss: Key #3
    September 28, 2021
    How to Maintain a Big Weight Loss: Key #3: Fitness
    The Five Keys to Maintain a Big Weight Loss are:
    2. Food
    3. Fitness
    4. Friends
    5. Fun
    In this blog post, I am going to share the proven training technique for unlocking permanent positive change in your body composition.
    Get a free copy of the original Sugar Freedom Diet here:

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    Testimonial Tuesday with Peg and Sue 10/12/21

    in Health

    Please call in today and share your brief compliant personal testimonial on how using this amazing technology has changed your life! If 515-605-9877 is 'busy' try 323-642-1520 and press 1 to be placed in the queue to share. 
    Compliant means:
    no mention of 'disease names' common in medical field no mention of 'drug names', or the use of words like 'pain', 'cured', 'treatment', etc.  DO NOT give your own 'protocols' or usage tips; there are no protocols, only the BEMER Basic plan Keep it simple and brief mentioning the symptoms you were experiencing and how they may be minimized or gone.  If you're an athlete, tell us how it has improved your performance and recovery.

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    The Neuroscience of Memory with Sherrie D. All on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio

    in Caregiving

    Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Dr. Sherrie D. All, today.  Sherrie is an author, speaker, and psychologist.  She is also the founder of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness (CCCW). Sherrie helps people prevent, respond to, and live well with dementia through her clinic, her speaking and her recent book which we will talk about The Neuroscience of Memory: Seven Skills to Optimize Your Brain Power, Improve Memory and Stay Sharp at Any Age.
    We are live today so call in and join the conversation.  Ask your questions or make a comment at (323) 870-4602
    Contact Dr. Sherrie D. All, PhD
    Call: 773-345-3495?          Toll-Free: 855-264-9355
    Contact Lori La Bey with questions or branding needs at
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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    260: DR. BRYAN ARDIS | Covid19 Plandemic, Hospital Concentration Camps, Vaccines

    in Health

    DR. BRYAN ARDIS DELIVERS TONS OF TRUTH BOMBS & RESOURCES - Everything You Need To Prevent, Treat & Heal From Covid19!
    Protection Protocols & Prevention Cocktails
    Timeline of the Plandemic
    CDC, NIH, NIAID, Lies & Corruption - They Knew The Deaths & Which Adverse Events Would Happen
    Government Patents Filed Years Ago
    How To Navigate The Hospital Protocols & Layers Of Insanity - Patient Advocates
    All Of The Resources Discussed, Exemptions, Additional Covid Interviews, No Vax Jobs, Legal Help & More Are Now In 1 Location
    Dr. Ardis is the CEO of Ardis Labs and was the 1st doctor in America to blow the whistle on Remdesivir "Your Death Is Near" – the Non Approved FDA drug that Anthony Fraudchi made a protocol in all Hospitals, which is literally killing people & has turned hospitals into modern day concentration camps.
    He’s on a mission to deliver the truth about Covid19, Vaccines, Your Health, Prevention, Treatment & the American “Institutes of Health” - the false authorities that have lied to us for decades (the 13 BIGS's...Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Media, Big Tech...) while exposing the Political Propaganda Plandemic. The Great Reset of the Globalists is in full force & it’s the biggest Crime Against Humanity
    He also hosts The Dr. Ardis Show on Brighteon.TV
    VISIT: For our Partners' Info, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community & Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Much More!

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    The Functional Health Coaching Show

    in Health

    In this week's show, here's what we discussed:
    Caller: Clarification on female menstrual cycle diagram Caller: Why would progesterone be elevated in a male Wondering if any of us in this group have had a single "normal" test result. Or are we all a big mess? Not one of my labs is within normal range. Everything is either too high or too low. Except for the GI Map, which in the words of my mentor was almost "pristine". Please share your positive experience, it will give me hope. Caller: help with high blood pressure and high aldosterone on blood test BMX- pro adapt. At what point do we move from nighttime use to daytime use? And when we do move the timing, do we discontinue night time use?  
    Join FDN founder Reed Davis, FDN Mentors, and Special Guests to learn about functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to confidently solve health issues and grow your health coaching business. Submit questions in advance, or better yet, call the show LIVE and join the discussion by calling (347) 637-1378. The live show takes place every Friday at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST.  If you are interested in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Health Coach go to

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