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    A Catch Conversation with Terry Mattingly

    in Lifestyle

    Terry Mattingly has worked as a reporter and religion columnist at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and the Charlotte Observer and the Charlotte News. In 1991, Mattingly began teaching at Denver Seminary. While teaching, he has continued to write the weekly “On Religion” column for Universal, which is sent to about 350 newspapers in North America. He is the founder and editor of the GetReligion website that critiques the mainstream media’s coverage of religion news.

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    Live Your Music – Margaux Joy and Guest Kristen Helmstetter 06/08/22

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Kristen Helmstetter back as my guest for LIVE YOUR MUSIC this week. Tune in for a conversation about how her Coffee Self-Talk books and podcast can help you live your most magical and creative life!
    Kristen Helmstetter is the author of Coffee Self-Talk, which made it onto the UK's Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller list for non-fiction, and she now has over ten books in the Coffee Self-Talk book series.
    Kristen blogs and writes books on topics ranging from food, to travel and personal development, as well as romance novels under the pen name, Brisa Starr.
    Kristen and her family split their time between the USA and Italy.
    For more about Kristen Helmstetter, please visit her online:

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    #IAMRIVIERABEACH Ezsa Allen, Mental Health Therapist, Ann McNeill and Artie Will...

    in Lifestyle

    After reading the book ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell Conwell, I am convinced we are all leaving the diamond mines in our own backyards as we travel around the world looking for larger diamonds, when in fact the diamonds we seek are found within us and our hometown, from whence we came. Therefore, we are calling the podcast, #IAMRIVIERABEACH.  
    Today's Guest: Ezsa Allen
    Throughout time we experience many events that impact our lives in traumatic ways not realizing we must recover from these ailments that alter our daily routines. Ezsa Allen, M.S.,RMHCI, has the power and passion to help her clients identify and overcome their traumas by providing therapeutic and educational services in the West Palm Beach area. For thirteen years, Ms. Allen has been committed to healing her clients, both children and adults, specializing in trauma, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. She focuses on the underserved minority and culturally diverse communities creating means of access to alleviate barriers hindering one from receiving the help they deserve.
    Ms. Allen is able to organically connect with her clients because she too comes from an underserved upbringing. She was raised by a single mother of six, who left her native home of Nicaragua to build a better life for her family in the city of Riviera Beach and Lake Park. Overcoming many obstacles while attending John F. Kennedy Middle and Palm Beach Gardens High School as well as working in various fields throughout her career, she found a passion in helping families acquire the skill set to living healthier.
    Connect with Ms. Allen: 561-563-4061
    Call into the podcast dial 661-554-9219. Join me Ann McNeill, and co-host Dan Callaway 561-531-9184 or 561-848-4991 as we discuss the history, the present, and the future of our great city. Any questions or comments you can reach Ann McNeill at 786-546-0184

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    Discover and Rediscover New Medinah, Mississippi on WORDS-MAKE-PEOPLE

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on Sunday, May 29, 2022, from 1-3 p.m. (Eastern Time) for a thorough discussion with Dr. Rashad Ali of New Medinah, Mississippi, and his team of dedicated Believers who are establishing a town by Muslims for the success of all right-minded people.
    For some this – sure to be an inspiring conversation – will be their first discovery, and for others, it will be their rediscovery of the birth of an active community that will base its city life upon the model of Medina Al-Munawwarah (the City of Lights) in Arabia.
    Imam W. Deen Mohammed broke the first soil for this Muslim town in 1987 as thousands of Muslims cheered him on, “Dig Brother Imam, DIG!!”
    Today this vibrant community wants to share with you their blessings of making tremendous progress. Join us by calling 714 816-4673 (press 1 to speak to the host). Or listen online at –
    This program will be archived and accessible using the above link.

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    Body Positivity - Your Superpower

    in Lifestyle

    Feeling good about your body can be difficult. We hear all the time that all bodies are beautiful, but we don't see it on the cover of magazines, nor do we emulate fuller body types via social media. In this powerful discussion Sonya LaRae - Fashion Psychologist, Educator, and Lifestyle/Relationship Counselor - is going to help you see how "Body" positivity is "YOUR" superpower.
    Have you subscribed to our fabulous Newsletter The Whispers Exchange? Well, don't worry you can join today by clicking the live link and subscribing. You'll receive stunning content and of course our featured cocktail/mocktail of the episode:
    Book your consultation to work with Sonya LaRae - Lifestyle/Relationship Counselor, Fashion Psychologist, and Educator NOW!
    Thank you to our Sponsor(s)
    LaPaz Image Consultants "Where Everything Is Fabulous!"

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    Jennifer Freeman invites us to join in a weight management and self love journey

    in Lifestyle Jennifer Freeman I am integrating in all the elements necessary to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. I am quitting the 30 year struggle with my weight. The shame of being 350lbs (at my highest) no longer defines me. I am excited because I no longer have to struggle, I finally found a program that offers everything I need! I no longer find it hard to fight my temptations, plan my days or decide what to wear in the morning. I am happy, peaceful and energetic. I am so grateful to be part of such an empowering community that I have decided to become a health coach so that I too can help others realize that being healthy doesn’t need to be hard!

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    eZWay Network RBL 06/06/22 S:9 EP: 97 FEAT: Timothy H./ William & Michelle S.

    in Lifestyle

    TEXT EZWAY TO 55678
    Brought to you by BRAINTAP.COM/EZWAY
    Radio Boomers Live
    Like our FB Page
    Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST
    With Host: James Zuley and Reatha Grey
    Reatha Grey Tech Time: Need info and protection
    Guests: Timothy Herington - Retired Marine Sgt. American Legion Riders chapter president, mortgage advisor
    Hot Topic: News Updates...
    Jim's Gem: Stay Focused
    Carmelita's Corner Special Guest:  William "MICKEY" Steveson and Wife Michelle -Motown's 1st A & R man has much to celebrate. As a newly wed to the lovely Michelle Nov 11, 2021 and his upcoming induction into the Songwriter Hall of Fame at the Marriott Marquis in the heart of Times Square, New York June 16 he will be joined the likes of Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics, the Isley Brothers, Steve Miller, Paul Williams.

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    The Dark Side of Joy

    in Lifestyle

    When people think of joy, it’s not atypical for it to be solely associated with sheer positivity, but there is in fact a darker side to joy that doesn’t get quite as much attention. This episode covers that dark side. We’ll talk about both the positive and negative aspects of joy and its roots when it comes from a place of well being and when it comes from a more toxic origin, like resentment, jealousy, or fear.

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    Google "That Street Shit" EPISODE 56

    in Lifestyle

    JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY @11:00 am 
    Tony, Shirley, Robert, and Angie are OPPOSITES - YET EQUAL ~ from the same "HILL"  ~VERY DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE STREET ~ who have each been THROUGH SHIT ~ MEET IN THE MIDDLE on their BLOGTALK radio show  GOOGLE "THAT STREET SHIT" 

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    Some Comments on Uvalde, And Stories About Vacationing In A Pandemic

    in Lifestyle

    Because of the horrific events in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, 2022, while GamerDude was away, he wanted to share some thoughts on the police response to the situation. He remembers what police officers used to be like, and how they've always been depicted on TV and in the movies, and how what happened in Uvalde was nothing like anything he'd ever seen before.
    GamerDude's also shares his stories about vacationing during a pandemic. He talks about how no one wants to admit that COVID is still around, and still a danger, and still a factor in our lives. Because of that, he talks about how it has factored into things he and Mrs. GamerDude plan, like going on vacation and eating out.  He talks about the fact that he and Mrs. GamerDude still wear masks when shopping and going out in closed spaces in public, because it's a small price to pay for a little extra peace of mind. 
    He talks about how he planned a trip to Ocean City, Maryland for the off-season, to avoid crowds. He talks about weighing the risks and benefits of where to stay, and eating out. He discusses how so many of his favorite restaurants have made accommodations for those he want to order take-out, rather than risk sitting in a roomful of strangers.  And, he talks about the first meal in over two years that he and Mrs. GamerDude actually "ate out." Of course, it was at an outside table, and they were seated at least 30 feet from other people, but it was still "eating out."

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