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Principles become revealed to the world through our behaviour. Helpful characteristics are not secrets. Nor are they mysteries. They are lessons requiring an open mind an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. While stodgy old men wanted us to believe it sucked the fun out of life, the point of true masonry is just the opposite. It is an acquired, private way of thinking. Is private a secret? I doubt it. MasonicFX

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Is a man's performance always the best measure of his ability? Or isn't it accurate to notice most people underestimate their true ability? So often experience of early childhood set in motion the development of self reinforcing perceptions that limit the exercise of capacity. Until. Until a man or woman realizes for multiple reasons they have been carrying an impression of themself that has held them back, the truth and the perception are at odds. Who am I to presume anything about another person. Yet it is interesting to explore the idea that Masonry is a process that overcomes irrational thinking by acknowledging it and enriching a pathway to thinking that reveals an audacious world of unfamiliar notions, striving, full of self-affirmations, directed at exploring how far a person can go, when they stop being their own judge and jury. No one starts out knowing but we do start out understanding. And in the course of intellectual history, we have watershed periods following the trials and tribulations of ideas, many of which we take for granted today. Once, we used shadows to measure time. Today I wear a wrist watch. If you asked me what is time, I know but I do not understand. We are what we do. A Brotherhood, striding forward, courageous enough to ask questions that focus the mind.
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Fullfilling the mandate- an idea that on one hand seems to absolve a man of responsibility for his life and on the other speaks to moral geometry in the same way mathematics speaks to metaphysics. It took more than an overactive... more

The body of masonic material is always questioned, ensuring masonry is relevent and impartial. This is the state of mind ubiquitous with the Gentle Craft. The zeitgeist has been and continues to challege status quo, recognize humanist... more

Today we are reaping the benefits of quiet diplomacy and the application of ethics fundamental to our Brotherhood. It has the challenges and freedoms of democracy. In a world where subtlety is taken as weakness, where cynicism... more

Each time we meet, each time we open a lodge, each time we lean into a meaningful conversation, we reinvent the occasion of Freemasonry. Lofty words are said about us to others. The secret? No embellishments are needed. They... more

We live in a nation in transition. From a resource based economy today we are knowledge based. In spite of short sighted politics a nation has grown and flourished. The appeal of Canada is often touted to anyone who cares about... more

Unlike those who occupy their time providing for themselves, Freemasonry galvanized men of equal distance in a belief that collaboration builds palaces. Each one, no matter how small the task, makes an essential contribution. If we... more

Since no one is to blame where freemasonry-lite leaves doubt about our capacity to live up to advance billing, then every true mason is responsible. And please let me be within that group of mature masons who assume responsibility is an... more

Waxing philosophic, brushing up against Arthurian legend, historic truth was fluid for many writers to the extent we took all for truth. Until the humour was on us, an organization of such gravitas could not live on fabrication. And it that period, a... more

We know the difference. We know what effort feels like. We know dominating conversation or tossing around ideas as if directing the thoughts of brethren, is not mentoring. It is not even instruction or training. Why then do we struggle to... more

You've heard me talk about discovery. As a little boy walking along the north shores of Prince Edward Island after a storm it was all discovery. Pockets full of them. And I've shared with you the sense that process of Masonry is fluid... more
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