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The Craft is a learning opportunity. The grail we all aspire toward, some level of transformation to a better person is unclear, as is the way one achieves it. As you will find, this is not a short-cut. It is a thought map designed to shape behaviour. I"m inclined to think it places us in an atmosphere of arguments about truth. There is room at this table for one more. A new language, emphasis on control of emotion, it is more like finishing school that combat training. MasonicFX is simply and extension of that. An acquired taste where conversation is about possibilities. Sit in as you like. We stumble along, still trying to find the edge of this interesting universe!

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Maybe I've missed the point entirely. It wouldn't be the first or the last time. Maybe I've read it all wrong, thinking my observations are at all accurately portraying meaning. But I will admit, there is a relationship between masonry and each of us who asked to be connected through ideas. I know there is clamour about the experience. The freshness is compelling, become aware of your connection with everyone who like you, is practicing the Arts & Science. Even the terms convey as sense of old world romanticism. It is the darndest thing realizing the Craft takes us from the perception of safety fitting our thinking to mainstream into the state of independence. Critical thought changes from disruptive to being a source of stability. What is this alchemy happening while we are learning new combinations of ideas. We wandered unaware, into a warren of ideas as profound as a man can handle. The knowledge is revealed only to those capable of it. If we aren't already of that ilk, masonry helps us understand and accept what makes us unique and similar at the same time. Context and perspective, concentrated in observations are created as if exclusive to our Order when in fact it is a distortion. All ideas are shared, all the time, everywhere. Why just the other day I became excited learning Kant found joy in good intentions, and Hegel found joy in the consequences of those good intentions. I have so many pennies dropping I am sure to die a rich man. What I truly value has changed. Influence and power are no longer influence and power. We are all confirming differences and those differences are important because they connect us to paths of awareness and change, stories with no ending.
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