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    Finding Your Lane & Creating Your Own Success

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    In a time where everyone is hustling and grinding, the greatest key to success is to discover what makes YOU different and pimp the hell out of it.
    In this episode, Nancy discusses defining success, what it means to you and the importance of finding your lane. From stepping into fear, to learning from failures, to finding your niche, this episode is full of gems that will help you look at success from a different perspective so that you can focus on discovering what you love to genuinely do and create your brand around that. 
    Follow Nancy on social media:
    Instagram: @iamnancyruffin Twitter: @iamnancyruffin Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamnancyruffin Website: www.iamnancyruffin.com If you love the show please let the world know and write a review.

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    Forgiveness and Freedom with Brenda Adelman

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    Brenda Adelman is an award-winning actor with a critically acclaimed one-woman show ( based on her life story) called, My Brooklyn Hamlet.  She’s performed and spoken for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, youth-at-risk, for domestic violence trainers and survivors, at colleges and for theaters from London to Los Angeles.  She received a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project.  Brenda is a coach and online course creator, teaching entrepreneurs and solo-show performers how to uncover the heart of their story and share it boldly, authentically and using their talent on stage and on video for impact, healing and self-expression.  Brenda has been interviewed on Fox TV news and on NPR.
    Her website is http://www.forgivenessandfreedom.com
    Interested in getting to the heart of your story, healing from it, presenting it on stage and changing the world? 
    Get Brenda's free video training Tell Your Story. Heal Yourself. Create More Wealth. at http://www.forgivenessandfreedom.com/freetraining

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    The Astrologer & The Alchemist

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    Shift happens constantly.  And then there are opportunities and planetary alignments that set the stage for major shifts or growth.  The energies (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter all retrograde for a bit) are helping us to embrace the challenge of what can be sudden and substantive changes in our inner and outer lives.  Inner planets are moving in direct motion between now and the end of June.  Where in your life or your innermost world are your efforts focused on forward motion?  Thankfully we have some “air” element in play allowing us to give voice to and speak about what want, need and especially about what we don’t want and perhaps no longer need.  We also have a full moon in juicy and poweScorpio on Sunday, April 29.  Join Astrologer, Anne Ortelee and Alchemist, JeMaja Selas as they discuss what’s going on and how to best go with the flow.  You can Email us at: Astrologer.Alchemist@gmail.com 

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    NOV 7: NYN'S NAVIGATION - Find Your Passion...Is Your Dream Worthy Of You?

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    EVERY WEDNESDAY IN NOVEMBER - Let Nyn Riffat of Nyn's Dreams help you navigate life's highway and give you the roadmap to FIND YOUR PASSION!
    If you’re committed to living a life of amplified aliveness in the year 2019 and beyond, then finally break through whatever is holding you back so you can make more money and more impact…tune in every Wednesday throughout November and let Nyn help you find your passion & expand your vision beyond what you think is possible – and then create the success blueprint for making it happen.
    Every single day is a gift from the Universe to be shaped and actually every day is like a lifetime in miniature. It has a beginning. It has an end. You get to shape that. You may have dreams, we all have them...but before committing all your energy (time, emotions, intellect, money, etc) to this dream, you must validate if this dream is worthy of you putting your life energy into it.
    We explore these 5 questions to ask yourself as a litmus test to discover your true calling.  Please join us in this journey and start by clicking the link below.
    Does Your DREAM Give You Life? Does Your DREAM Align With Your Core Values? Is Your DREAM Going To Require That You Grow? Do You Need Help From A Higher Power? Is There Some Good In Your DREAM For Others? VISIT: https://everythinghomepodcast.com/nageen-riffat-nyns-navigation/ for the FREE Downloadable documents
    Everything Home...the transformational show where we talk about Life, Stuff & Balance!

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    Questions Friday: Put Your Questions Here, Inbox or Chat

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    We all have questions we do not have answers to. And we all have answers that at times we do not know what to do with. If you have a question, let's face it together and let's see what we find. You can inbox, chat or put your questions in comments on this page. I try to get to as many questions as I can! Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM EDT!

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    Establishing a Career as a Writer

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    Writing is a cathartic, transformative experience. The Art of writing can help us tap into aspects of our imagination, feelings, and discoveries in a profound way. Wether it’s journaling, book writing, or poetry writing there is something very centering about the art of writing. The time and attention you’re placing on your thoughts as you connect with your ideas, creativity and emotions in a medium that lets you get those elements in a visible form is an art. So how can you turn this art into a part of or the main component of your career if you so choose? Our guest host Amanda Adams, Author of the “Sangrita Club” and her newest addition “Don’t Hold Your Breath” is going to discuss with us how she made her transition in her career from Corporate America to Author.

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    Exposing the nwo and other Truths brought to Light!

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    ...ALL RIGHTS RESERVED... We have this paper made by masons called the Con - Stitut -ion - think about it cause I have no ponzi contracts that give us rights, Truth be known! We all have the supreme law of The Most High that rules. LIES and false religions of ism's patriot-ism, democratism all going to ROMAN LAW, MARI-TIME LAWS. Moment your birthed you are abandoned at sea! Hence Implied consent. They Assume you give up your rights the moment you don't speak out first if ever approached, don't walk in to their institutions cause that is the CON(scam) don't accept or give consent cause it's bait and tactic of cohersion negotiation tactics, no standing under (Do you understand?(YES is implied consent)) their false claim to "authority or juris my diction scams", STAND OVER knowing your YAH Given Rights, only accept correspondence(letters), cause it's about money ~ root PIE latin - "trickery". They want the funds from your dead entity incorporation of the Rothchilds Reptilian Reserve account and have you sign it off with your signet of the natural man(which is worth gold)!(Research blacks law UNITED STATES=Federal Incorporate and Federal Reserve being privately owned Rothchilds corporation SS #'s and Birth(bond)Certificates are holders of account numbers. Reptilian Monarchs and elongated skull hybrids lurk in the shadows. Research words folks cause our own ignorance secures our OWN OPPRESSION! These topics and more will be discussed. YAHUSHUA/Joshua 1:8-9 AMAT(TRUTH)Free us! Please join us, call in line is 347-826-9733

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    Dear God, What's Love got to with it?

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    Is Love overrated? I can see it now how many can confuse the word "self love" with self obsessed, narcissistic, conceded and the list goes on. Seriously, critics that have bashed books, tv shows, therapists, yogis and activists for using this word as a part of healing. Self love is beyond that. Today I speak to a strong single mother raising a teenager in this day in age where love shouldn't be condemned as something negative but uplifting and empowering and how it all starts with you, I ourselves. I don't know how this mamma does it all the time because I have NEVER ever seen her upset or mad. She is always laughing and smiling but I had to ask her what keeps the sunshine flowers of positivity surfing her aura daily when all I want to do sometimes is slap some sense into people. Get that cafecito and tune in with Lisa from @doggy_dharma 

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    What magical and miraculous BEing have you’ve been unwilling to BE?

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    This week, she welcomes guest, Brian Stovall, to the show. Not only is Brian an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, he is also trained in a number of different healing modalities, all of which have allowed him to facilitate personal clearings, space clearings, energy sessions, classes, and events since 1998. He formed Activate One in 2010 to present the wide array of energy healing options to individuals, shops, and businesses all around the world. To learn more about Brian… www.activateone.com
    About Dr. Sarah
    Dr. Sarah is a doctor of clinical psychology who has been in private practice for 18 years. She’s an international best selling author on the topic of conscious relationships and she has been on both National TV and radio programs as an authority on a variety of psychological topics.
    Contact Dr. Sarah
    Email: radio@drsarahbrotsky.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsarahbrotsky/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsarahbrotsky/
    Twitter: @drsarahb
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwaUZTYIn6Z6VN0gHqtvuIA
    Dr. Sarah's Amazon Book Link: http://amzn.to/2kY30go
    The Question of the Week Pic Quote: https://www.facebook.com/891932507582927/posts/1796907217085447/ 

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    DJ KBA-Enter Da 36th Chambers Mix

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    DJ KBA-Enter Da 36th Chambers Mix
    Peace and  Black Power Family,
    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born.  I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. Join us this evening as we pay hommage to one of the greatest group to ever touch a microphone WU- Tang Clan. We will be playing classic WU that helped shape a generation and a nation with a global impact. Call in live to phone number 929-477-1755 this Liberation Friday 11-9-18 10:30PM EST and press 1 with your questions or comments. Here is the link to listen remotely:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2018/11/10/dj-kba-enter-da-36th-chambers-mix

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    Awkward Relief with Scott Lester: GW Distillery

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    A little about Scott Lester:
    Scott is the CEO and Founder of GW Distillery for CBD Oil and Hemp products. They are changing the world by giving hope to people one person at a time. Because of CBD there is an alternative to the pharmaceutical medications being prescribed by doctors. Scott started this company because of his youngest daughter who has scoliosis, she found CBD to manage the pain she endures every day. If CBD could help her then he wanted to help as many people as he could that are like her. Doctors push too many drugs onto people without caring or understanding what these medications are doing to the human body. A fun fact about him also is for five years he raised trained and raced sled dogs in the state of Michigan as well. Came to Michigan for the snow in 2000.