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    Lets Talk About It

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    Tune in tonight to
    Let Talk About It !
    With your host : Andre Shadee Hill
    Topics for the show
    1) what do you think can be done about parents who are no longer together co-parenting ?
    2) Do you really want for your brother what you want for yourself
    3) is there a time limit on forgiveness once someone has cheated ?
    4) Do you think sexuality has become the new nationality ?

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    BABYSITTING BLESSINGS with In The Know With Mo'!'

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    Hey my Mos-kit-tiers!!!
    Ya girl is back with another thought provoking In The Know With Mo' Show! The topic will be Babysitting Blessings. Child, make sure your lace front is glued down cause your mind might be blown!!! We will uncover... if you've taken the gig and also How to reclaim what's yours. Hope to see you there.

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    G's Power Hour - Host: Gretchen Guest Atty. Nadine Brown

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    G's Power Hour - Host: Gretchen Guest Atty. Nadine Brown

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    Some of the greatest talent in theatre are gracing Atlanta @ 7 Stages October 15th and 16th, the entire cast and creators will be joining us for a ‘LIVE’ discussion just prior to the stage play! UPDATE the opening night is SOLD OUT!!!
    We join the cast of this outstanding stage play which chronicles and talks about the very issues that make us who we are. For those who believe in the Power and Powerful impact of black men this is just for you. Celebrating the many life challenges and opportunities that are present while seeking ‘freedom,’ and Appreciating the specialness of our men.
    Tune in and discover how people can come together to showcase positive aspects of life in a black man’s life.
    Please join with us tonight, as we discuss in this month of SEPTEMBER– RELATIONSHIPS.  
    “Its our collective time to offer knowledge to heal ourselves, our families and our world communities”  Sandy Rodgers.
    See you on the radio

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    The Brothers For Real Radio Show Live - Catching UP - LIVE

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    The Brothers have some catching up to do and they plan on doing a lot of it tonight.  Join in, listen and contribute to the conversation.

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Lynda Paquette (Lynda LAMP)

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    Seward, AK – Lynda Paquette is a top notch Thought Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Consciousness Coach and author of the book Walking Through Your Walls which she penned as Lynda LAMP. LAMP is an acronym made from the initials of her full name.
    Through her coaching, Lynda offers us the tools and techniques to achieve a well-adjusted and fulfilling existence.
    Lynda helps us align with our soul’s wisdom that sustains us on our path to wholeness. She also connects and guides all of us who aspire to help heal our world by bringing us peace through love
    In her current hometown of Seward, Alaska Lynda also runs a very relaxing lodging business called Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC located on the waterfront with spectacular views. In a building she calls The Gathering House she holds retreats focused on personal healing and serving humanity at a higher level.
    Her highly acclaimed book Walking Through Your Walls, is the first of a three volume series for living consciously in the 21st century.   A companion volume to the series, Walking Through Your Chakras is due to be released soon.
    Moreover, Lynda is also wholeheartedly engaged in her community and is the founder of an organization called Civic Engagement Inc., educating people in their civic responsibilities.
    Lynda encourages us to raise our vibrational energy because when we choose a higher frequency, then we embrace the play we are in and our experience will tend to smooth out.
    “My objective is focused on how do we create a world that works for everyone.”
    For more information, visit www.lyndalamp.shop and www.lyndalamp.com

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    Bougie Yet Broken

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    Bougie can be defined as a lifestyle of someone that hold themselves to high standards and may however be perceived as snobby. The Urban Dictionary defines such as pretending to be or thinking they are high class but they really are not. We all have our own defination of being bougie however you may see the person's glory but dont know or perhaps was not there for their story. As you are perhaps celebrating Labor Day, join myself and others as we talk about Bougie Yet Broken. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT. I want to hear your thoughts. Are you bougie or is it perhaps someone that you know?

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    Come Journey With A Former Debt Collector Now HOLDING 3,159 AMC Stock Shares!!!

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    Welcome AMC apes and others,
    The hedge fund market makers are doubling down on shorting AMC Entertainment.  This "Short Squeeze" may unfortunately take some time as they are moving full steam ahead fighting a losing battle continuing their efforts against AMC which is no longer potentially a bankrupt movie theater chain.  AMC is recovering and mounting a come back under it's CEO Adam Aron.  In retaliation the hedge fund market markers are doubling-down on their losing short positions.  As we retail apes 4 million strong continue buying and holding AMC to MOASS aka the "Mother-Of-All-Short-Squeezes" we must be prepared  to "Diamond Hand " our AMC shares for the long haul.  For myself with an extensive background in credit card collections and debt management that means ... getting organized, following a budget, monitoring credit, saving for emergencies and investing only what I can afford to lose (if it comes to that). 
    The hedge funds companies, market markers and wallstreet gansters may have billions of dollars at their disposal to derail us AMC ape retail investors, but if we remain collectively focused, dilegent and mindful that these crooks need our AMC shares to eventually close out of their "MASSIVELY" losing positions - we may have an opportunity at "Generational Life Changing Wealth!"   My goal here is to stay up on my finances, stay motivated and to entertainingly help and support others in doing the same.
    VENT & CHAT:
    *AMC Entertainment *Mailbag *Finances *Late-Night "Scary" News  
    * Entertainment Purposes Only*

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    Inspired by "The Power of Now" With his bestselling spiritual guide "The Power of Now," Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived ?in the now.? In "A New Earth," Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence. "The Power of Now" was a question-and-answer handbook. "A New Earth" has been written as a traditional narrative, offering anecdotes and philosophies in a way that is accessible to all. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting, "A New Earth" is a profoundly spiritual manifesto for a better way of life?and for building a better world.  
    And many others....

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    BE SEEN BE HEARD GET PAID - Complimentary session - bit.ly/chatwithDrrenee
    Named the “100 Top Anesthesiologists” in the country by America's Top Anesthesiologists from Consumer's Research Council of America.
    Dr. Renee Sunday provides coaching and advice to over 197,000 unique connections and growing via www.ReneeSunday.com, her social media channels, and her GOOD DEEDS Radio show a part of her Media Company.
    Dr. Renee Sunday at her core is a humanitarian and has always been deeply inspired by helping others from all walks of life. Dr. Renee Sunday is an award-winning 22 year practicing doctor in the area of Anesthesiology, Media Coach, Self-help and Motivational Speaker, also known as a Grief and Loss Counselor as an Ordained Minister. By the time Dr. Renee was in her teen years she had experienced life ugly side; bullied and nicknamed “Olive Oil” for her tall stature and clothing appearance because everything she wore was simply too short. Her deep drive for humanity was born out of this place where she felt humanity needed more.