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Precious Predicaments

Precious Predicaments


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The show is designed to educate, encourage provide resources and empower individuals as they discuss their life challenging issues with a therapist.

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When it comes to sin there is nothing that you can hide from God. No one is without sin. Yet many will justify their actions and often repeat the behavior. It is said that Jesus died for our sins. However as I was putting the show together I... more

When it comes to relationships especially for church members how should adultery be addressed? This is a subject that many pastors as well as others often appear to avoid for many reasons. However it is worth having a... more

Did you know that there are many forms of homelessness? Many may also not know that there are several different causes that can lead to homelessness. One of which being affordable housing. Homelessness affects everyone on many... more

As a Believer it appears that many individuals struggle with understanding the true meaning of repentance. I have heard it be said that God is a forgiving God. However, could it be that like man God also wants to see a commitment to... more

When it comes to self care many individuals have both healthy and unhealthy ways in which one relates to taking care of oneself. However self care is very important for individuals of all ages especially as one age. Today join Bill... more

As a child many children were told to say their prayers especially before going to bed. Such became a common practice. For many that was the time to tell God what they wanted. As one later grew up and some would say felt that God... more

Pain can present itself in a number of forms as one transition through life. However when one has forgiven themself or worked through life challenges why is it that one will attempt to go back and relive past hurts. Inorder for a scab... more

When it comes to the defination of faith many have different perceptions. I have heard sayings such as, " Have Ye Little Faith." And "One having the Faith of a mustard seed." However when trouble comes how does one activate their faith.... more

When it comes to mental health many individuals have reported difficulties with accessing services. This however can create stress, frustration and cause one to give up as it relates to finding appropriate services. Join Ken Struss Treatment... more

As a Believer do you often find that your beliefs and faith are becoming under attack by others? If so how can your handle or respond to another in a non-threatening Christian way. Many have died as a result of their beliefs or... more