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    Keep The Faith

    in Motivation

    Faith is defined as a belief with a strong conviction. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. And without faith it is impossible to please Him. Join myself and other as we talk about keeping the faith. Despite what we are seeing, experiencing and hearing we must continue to believe in, trust and support even when it is difficult to do so. Today I will provide information as to how to keep one's faith even when life becomes difficult; How to maintain one's faith in a seemingly faithless world; How to practice your faith daily as well as why one may be wavering in their faith. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT

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    The Songs We Sing !

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    What is the song you sing over your life . What is it you want to create? What are the ways you want to create your experiences. Who do you need to be to create or recreate the song of your life. 

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    What Is the Courageous Heart?

    in Motivation

    Let's talk about what it actually means to have a Courageous Heart.
    Maya Angelou said that Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without it we cannot practice any of the other virtues consistently.
    Are you ready to activate your courage?

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    VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Redd Roxx - an amazing and inspirational woman

    in Motivation

    #ReddRoxx #VH1Love&andHipHop Atlanta #celebrityinterviews Social media: @RadioReddRoxx Website: Maria "ReddRoxx" Redd began her radio career as an intern at 93.7 WBLK, the largest hip hop station in Western New York and has been there ever since. She landed her first radio show just a few short months after her internship concluded. Down to earth and relatable, her life experiences as a mother of three, domestic violence survivor and growing up on the East Side of Buffalo, allows ReddRoxx to easily connect with her listeners and followers. With a naturally inquisitive nature, she discovered her niche as an interviewer while interviewing some of your favorite celebrities. She then took things to the next level with her web show "On The Roxx" where she gets personal and have uncut conversations with some of the industry's biggest stars. In 2019, ReddRoxx became a contributor for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. Growing up, she and her siblings weren't really allowed to listen to hip hop music that much so music magazines was the next best thing and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine was definitely one of her favorites. Now as a contributor of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine then tapped as Brand Manager for the re-launch of Hip Hop Weekly Radio, it was a dream come true. ReddRoxx wants to help other woman realize their dreams and know that no matter what they go through, they can get through it! Most importantly, they're not alone which has inspired her latest book which is also a workbook, "10 Bad B*tch Commandments" slated to be released Spring of 2021.

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    It's My Time - Embracing Your Truth

    in Motivation

    Join us today as I share my heart abotu embracing my purpose and allowing my light to shine.  My daughter wrote this as a foreword in my first book, and today it blessed me all over again. 
    "Growing up, I often felt like an outsider.  I wasn't around my mom as much as my sisters. I looked different, I felt different, I didn't understand my place; and that was no fault of my mom, but because of my insecurities.  I now know, through watching my mom's journey, that sometimes God just creates people to stand out.  My mom is one of those people, and I can say that every since she started embracing this (purpose), her light has shined so much brighter.  Thank you mom, for doing your best, always, even when it seemed as if you had nothing left to give and especially when we didn't appreciate it.  I'm proud of you.  I love you.  It's your time! - Tiffany Webb, Esq.
    It's My Time!  
    To learn more about Empowerment Place Ministries, visit our website at or 

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    You Were Born To Win!

    in Motivation

    *Warning: IMORTANT!* LOL!! I must have unconsciously repeated the word "Important" at least 10 Times within the first 20 min. must be filled with Drop!:)
    This week’s Meditation Circle covers Chapter 18 in Rev. Ike's  Science Of Living Study Guide ; God has given you winning power! 
    So what is this winning power? It’s the power of your consciousness; your human imagination, your ability to generate and hold thoughts and feelings, and the physical wherewithal to take action on them. Remember, our thoughts and feelings affect the invisible and material realms.
    The meditative focus is on The CAN’Ts in our lives. The excuses we tell ourselves why we CAN’T achieve our good desires. We tap into the subconscious  store house of ways to turn those CAN’Ts into CANS!!
    Get the Books:
    Rev. Ike's Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity, For YOU: A Science Of Living Study Guide
    Biology of belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton
    Health, Wisdom & Power,

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    The Psychic Inside Show: Amy Cathryn

    in Motivation

    Everyone is psychic! We are all born with gifts and abilities, but do not always recognize or accept them. Join host Joelle, The Viberarian, for a weekly conversation with people who have opened to the psychic inside. 
    Special Guest: Amy Cathryn 
    Amy Cathryn is a psychic medium, tarot reader, energy reader, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and intuitive with over a decade's worth of experience since the start of her spiritual path. She is also an ordained minister, an astrologer, a shaman, an Usui/Essential Reiki Master and a psychic medium trained through the Sandy Anastasi system for psychic development. Amy combines her intuitive gifts with spiritual counseling to not only assist in aligning clients with their life path, but also connect them with their angels, guides and loved ones on the other side.
    The Psychic Inside Show airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, on The Viberary Radio Network. Stream live on your PC or mobile phone. You can also call (646) 787-8436 to listen,and press #1 to join the conversation. My special guests will be taking your questions about their "psychic life". 
    *Note: Some psychic readers provide free psychic readings during the show! 
    The VIberary Radio Network Visit for the upcoming broadcast schedule. Join the #GoodVibeTribe and #GetLifted

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    Presenting Hope Thoughts to Keep You Hopeful

    in Motivation

    Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Lewis Tompkins chats with members of the Christ Vision Tribe, Nettie Walker Palmore, and Sharon Durham as they release the brand new, hot off the press, tool of 20 Days of Hope Thoughts designed to keep you hopeful. On this podcast Hopeologist Rosalind shares five (5) of the 20 Days of Hope Thoughts:
    Day 1 Laughter is the Sound of Hope Day 5 Expect Great Things Day 9 Watch Out for the Hope Killers Day 12 Hope is Like Ice Cream for the Soul Day 19 We Walk by Faith and We Run By Hope Listen up and be encouraged and lifted by these powerful Hope Thoughts that are biblically based and inspirational. Please go and get your Hope Thoughts today at All proceeds benefit the non-profit organization Mothers In Crisis.

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    in Motivation

    The full title is “Her 12th Year: She’s not so little anymore” is written by Dr. Lisa T Sistrunk. She says “this is not simply a book, it’s a movement!”
    Dr. Lisa desires to help families build and maintain a bond of trust through meaningful communications. In all she does, Dr. Lisa affirms young girls and boys, women, men and families through tools and information to assist their growth. 
    Dr. Lisa works with various communities and wellness organizations to assist in elevating the lives of individuals and families. 
    Join us tonight!!
    See you on the radio

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    So Where All My N*ggas At?

    in Motivation

    So where all my nigga's at?
    Your reaction when your friends don't show up in a place they were supposed to come.
    I'm looking for Up-Leveled Men to show up at the party!
    In this first episode, I'll share with you why I chose to create this podcast and why I named it the Up-Leveled Man, and who I'm inviting to join me on this journey to Up-Level and have it ALL.
    If this show resonated with you, and you find value in it please share it and subscribe.
    I'm so looking forward to connecting with my up-leveled brothers. In next week's episode, I'm going to share with you the one question a marriage and family counselor asked me in our very first session that first angered me, and I got super defensive.
    He kept asking me the same question over and over again until I answered it.
    The answer saved my 20-year marriage and open space for more intimacy and love in our marriage.

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    in Motivation

    I AM NOT MY HAIR! Join the conversation. Saturday, 8 am EST Dial-in 516-453-6065 or listen online. Special guest Gloria Robinson Simon. - Essence Magazine says, "IT’S EASY TO AGREE THAT OUR HAIR CAN DEPICT HOW WE FEEL; IT’S AN EXTENSION OF OUR PERSONALITY, EVEN OUR SPIRITUAL BELIEFS. BUT, ARE WE MORE THAN THAT? While that is true, reality illustrates that women believe the opposite of the statement. We know our hair is an extension of ourselves. However, we must also understand that our hair should not be the sole deciding factor on how we are to be perceived by others and ourselves. Though our hair is a part of us, it’s not all of us. As India Arie greatly puts it, we are the soul that lives within. At the end of the day, it’s just hair". Women have always questioned their hairstyles. In this rapidly diverse world, we have become more accepting of diverse styles, as well as cultures. Yet somehow, mustering up coverage to go bald is still a thing. Meet Gloria - Lynchburg, VA City Schools: English teacher, Asst Principal, Personnel Director,  Roanoke, Virginia, Schools: Exec Director HR, Loudoun Schools: Dir Recruiting & Staffing, Chico’s: Store Manager, Sweet Briar: Senior Admissions Counselor, Motlow Community College/TN: interim Exec Director HR, Team Synergy/Quebec: HR Consultant, And community theater performer. Gloria has no hair. We know everyone experiences hair shedding, and it happens to each of us every day, most people lose 50 to 100 hairs per day as part of this natural cycle, more on days you wash your hair. But what if you check your pillow, shower drain, or comb and it looks like you’re suddenly losing much more than that? YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS CONVERSATION... Did you know the medical term for hair loss is alopecia, regardless of the cause? COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME!