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    Shey O’Shey - The Soulmate Project: A Journey To Finding Love

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”
    with Shey O’Shey
    in “The Soulmate Project: A Journey To Finding Love”

    Sunday, 19 April 2015
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    A Spiritual Image Productions Event

    Author, speaker, soulmate coach, radio talk show host, spiritual counselor, Reiki master, and minister, Shey O’Shey believes that everyone deserves a loving and lasting relationship. That's why O'Shey created The Soulmate Project. After researching reasons why relationships end, she created the project to help people reduce their chances of becoming involved in a bad relationship. The Soulmate Project is a guide that offers hope to those who have tried everything else and are seeking real help……for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Andrew_Aloha_Live

    For more on Shey O’Shey go to www.thesoulmateproject.com

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For halftime music by Jai Uttal go to @ www.jaiuttal.com

    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    Is He/She My Soulmate?

    in Women

    Welcome to the first episode of The Healing Room!! In this first episode we're going to talk about Soulmates. What is a soulmate? Are we misguided as to the the longevity of a soulmate? Do we incarnate with our soulmate every single lifetime? 

    We'll dive right into this topic from a Spiritual perspective, especially from the perspective of the Akashic Records. We'll take time to take your question if you would like some supportive, unbiased, total non-judgmental advice. I'll hold space for you and honor where you're at in your relationship journey.

    Come join us as we try to understand relationships, how to heal, and move into more self-love.

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    PPRadio Welcomes Sarah and Sophia Soulmate Specialist

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS! 2nd hr, call in early, 347-989-0937  1st hr, Sarah and Sophia are know as the, Psychic Soulmate Specialist!

    Providing Soulmate Readings, Guidence for Love, Romance, Finding and Keeping your Soulmate.

    Sarah and Sophia are professional psychics with over 50 years combined experience providing readings for clients around the world.  They can bring clarity to the confusing situations surrounding you and direct you to the right path for the evolution of your life. Sarah and Sophia specialize in love, relationships, soulmates and twin flames and all of the issues, concerns and difficulties that can occur within these types of relationships. Sarah and Sophia are internationally known for their honesty, accuracy and integrity as well as no nonsense delivery style. They have been certified and tested many times by several psychic organizations but it is their clients who truly know and realize the incredible support, guidance and professionalism they bring to each and every consultation. Sarah and Sophia are also certified life coaches who will work with you to help you isolate what is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams and provide guidance to help you create the life you want and deserve.

    Contact information for Sarah and Sophia- 


    To reach Chrsitina, please visit-


    To contact Solana, please visit-


    Too see which Course and/or Workshop, you are drawn too, please visit-


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    Soulmate or Not pt. II

    in Motivation

    Join us as we welcome author Ebony Janice back to the show. We're talking about soul mates. What is a soulmate and how do you know if you have met your soulmate. There are so many questions and opinions on how to identify ones soulmate. This weeks show will look at soulmates from a spiritual perspective. This is going to be great dialogue. Don't miss it married or not!!

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letitgogirl/2014/08/17/soul-mate-or-not#ixzz3BGokNIOY

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    How to Meet Soulmate/Kindred Spirit and Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I will help you get through this day if you are alone.  I will also give you an exercise on how to meet your soulmate/kindred spirit. You will make a wish list and it works.  It worked for me.  I did this exercise recommended by the late Debbie Ford. 

    I will also discuss the differences between soulmates and kindred spirits.  

    Call in with your psychic questions on romance or on anything. 

    If you want a detailed reading by email or by phone go to http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs

    I will share my reviews.  I am clairvoyant and this is a gift from God.  So, if you have the gift you must be humble. Never exalt yourself as a psychic. It's okay to read your reviews as it makes me happy to know that I am helping others and this is my calling and mission. 

    Love and Light, 








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    Soulmate/Twin Flames learning Self Acceptance

    in Relationships

    The push/pull drama that often comes along with dealing with a soulmate and twin flame will baffle the mind of even the most loving and compassionate mate, and if one is not mindful, doubts, fears and denial of the self will begin to tk over and clobber your self esteem. In this episode, Keesha will talk about Self Acceptance, and callers will also have the opportunity to receive intuitive guidance on helping them feel greater empowerment!

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    The Soulmate Secret with Arielle Ford

    in Women

    Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of international bestseller "The Soulmate Secret" and "Wabi Sabi Love". Arielle has been called The Fairy Godmother of Love. Join us and learn how to find your Soulmate.

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    Soulmate Love, find it and keep it

    in Relationships

    Listen live to Hidden Wisdom Radio for an inspiring, educational "Soulmate Love, find it and keep it." Learn how you might be keeping your soulmate away. If you have already met your soulmate, how do you work through the issues affecting the relationship. Live Chat and Calls 347-324-3891 Hidden Wisdom Radio is Hosted by Personal Development Coaches, Clairvoyant Psychic Bernadette Dickinson and Loren Lapow MSW. Our teachings will help you apply spiritual principles to love, work, family, and many other aspects of daily living. With over 40,000 clients combined, these two have changed thousands of lives for over 20  years in their practices. 

    Hidden Wisdom Radio features discussions about awakening to your own spiritual connections, and how to better facilitate living a purpose fulfilling human experience while pursuing our best physical, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

    For a private consultation you may get more information at the following websites which include links to Facebook:
    Bernadette Dickinson www.bernadettedickinson.com
    Loren Lapow www.theherosmyth.com

    Also, checkout the available Online Courses to Accelerate your personal growth: www.bernadettedickinson.com/workshop.html

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    You Are Not Alone!!!: Twin Flame/Soulmate Connection

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Brenda L. Bates Tuesday April 28, 2015 at 7pm on "You Are Not ALONE!" as she discusses the Twin Flame/Soul Mate connections.  If you'd like to know more please feel free to give her a call or chat with her in the chatroom.

    Phone lines will be open for questions or to discuss the Twin Flame/Soulmate connection. Each call is limited to five minutes in order to assist as many people as we can within the two hour show time period. Call in at (929) 477-1563 with a question or just to listen to the show.

    About Your Host:

    Dr. Brenda L. Bates was inspired in 1998 by Father Bascio who stated in several of his sermons, “There’s a difference between Religion and Spirituality.” That statement sparked something within her to begin searching for the difference between them and has helped her become the person she is today. Her research has taken her into different cultures, belief systems, and religions.

    Dr. Brenda converted to Catholicism in 1992, shortly after her conversion she met Father Patrick Bascio. It would be a quote used in many of his sermons “There’s a difference between Religion and Spirituality” that would inspire her to research the difference between the two. Dr. Brenda became an ordained minister in 2002 and received a Doctorate in Metaphysics in August 2005 and for the past 16 years she has studied under the guidance of a North American Medicine Man. Through her discoveries she has found research is never ending, as new ways and new aspects of connecting with God, Goddess/Source/Spirit/Higher Power is never ending. 


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    The Soulmate Secret with Arielle Ford

    in Relationships

    Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction.  Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love” and today she will share her secrets to manifesting the love of your life. Her show, Big Love with Arielle Ford is heard on Contact Talk Radio where she shares the secrets to finding and keeping love and making life a spiritual adventure. She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. Her websites include www.soulmatesecret.com and www.soulmatekit.com