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Ms January Jones

January Jones sharing Success Stories


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January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones interviews Success Coaches sharing their Stories, their Struggles and their Success Secrets! Ms. Jones has over 2 million BTR listeners to date! Toll Free Number: 877-907-7069

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Meet Thomas B. Dowd III, author of ?Time Management Manifesto: Expert Strategies to Create an Effective Work/Life Balance?: Time management is a disciplined mindset to be able to live in the moment while working toward the... more

Meet Susan McCulley, who with designer, Sheri McCulley have created The Little Cuties series of young children's books. These books are written with playful and creative text that is artistically illustrated to fuel passion and imagination.... more

Meet Stan Garner, Founder of Train Source Inc. Stan does Train Talk with January and takes you into the world of private train ownership. I am frequently asked what it's like and what it takes to own and operate an Amtrak approved... more

Sheeba Majmudar, author of Edible to Incredible is a practicing nutritionist and naturopath who has been interviewed as an expert in her field by BBC Morning News and Channel News Asia. She has mentored with some of the most... more

Meet: Joan Peck who grew up knowing there was more to life than what the human eye can see. After her son died in 2005 of a drug overdose, she returned to her spiritual path and began to better understand and appreciate the... more

Meet Carolyn Green, Carolyn Green, The Energy Nurse, RN, certified life coach, energy medical practitioner, sharing her White Light experiences is the author of, Getting To Know You: Guided Pearls of Wisdom for a More Soulful Experience.... more

Supreme's Motown Magic Welcoming Tom Ingrassia Motown Historian Asst. to Mary Wilson Topic: Working for Mary Wilson Author: coming soon Making a Difference Website: http://www.motivactgroup.com Meet January... more

Hogan Hilling is the Divorce Guru, and author of a revolutionary book about divorce ?When Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again?, (Motivational Press, 2013). Hilling has appeared on Oprah and ABC's Documentary The Story... more

Meet Sporty King discussing with January his work with the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program for Military and their families. As a Cadre Speaker, Sporty believes our Military Member and their Families are the Silent Heroes who... more