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I grew up with a disability, was educated and employed before there were laws on the books guaranteeing people with disabilities these rights. I grew up in a dyfunctional family where there was physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. I grew up have low self esteem. I turned things around for myself by studying both Mental Health, Psychology, and reading self- help books. Because IDEA became law when I was in graduate school, my teachers didn't understand that CP affects how the brain processes information and that I learn differently. I entered the workforce 12 years before ADA became law and since I couldn't find gainful employment I started my own business. Because of where the economy is now people are where I was 25 years ago. That's what makes me an expert on my topic. I have an AAS in Mental Health, BS in Psychology, credits towards MS in Rehabilitation Counseling. I'm a distributor with InScape Publishing and use their assessment profiles to help clients understand their behavioral styles in communication, working in teams, leadership, listening, learning, time management, diversity, dealing with stress, sales, and managing people, so you can reach your maximum potential in life and learn to Live Without Limits.

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The real reason you're not making the money you want to be making is not all your fault. Although after you read see this, you're going to know that it's your responsibility to take action. Now if you really want to blame something, rather than blaming yourself, blame what I call the "Internet Marketing Mafia." Now, I know this sounds like an old gangster movie, but there really is a group of guys who secretly meet behind closed doors to figure out some new trick to hack their way to big bucks. The #1 Thing to Avoid to Have a Successful Online Business Now, this might surprise you…but unless you avoid this one thing, you're in for some serious headaches, heartaches, and not making the money or having the impact you really want. , AFOSs never finish what they start, because once they run into roadblocks or reversals (and they always do), they quit and give up and try to find the next shiny object put forth by the next IM dude. Bottom line: AFOSs never experience the true financial success that they desire, and never have the impact and transformation they know they're capable of. People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches
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