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    GABACast Episode 45: South Carolina Returns Home and Welcomes the Aggies

    in College & High School

    We've got a fresh plate of knee-jerk, #hottaeks headed right at ya in this edition of the GABACast. This is episode we talk about:
    Those punks in LSU's athletic department are bad and they should feel bad. Are you allowed to tackle an offensive lineman? DC3 wants y'all to know that the west is dark and full of terrors. I'm gonna tell you about why all my team's suck. Rhonda's Flop Forecast is back! And good friend of the podcast Langston Moore joins the show to help us preview Texas A&M! Thanks for listening!

  • Dream Theme Thursday!

    in Motivation

    Dream and See. See and Learn. Learn and incorporate. Incorporate and grow. Grow and change. Dreams can be the bigest part of us giving the everyday us a message or two. What do our dreams mean and what do and why do we have them? Give me your dreams and lets see what they say together. Inbox me or put your dreams right on this page and we will talk about it on Dream Theme Thursday! It is a world of information that we never thought to take on and look at in this way. Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30, PST!

  • The LOA Blend w/Alyssa & Liz

    in Spirituality

    The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Liz: One Part Numerology, One Part Channeling, ALL Intuition!
    Join your favorite intuitive numerologist Alyssa Banguilan and your favorite intuitive channel Liz as they discuss life and Law of Attraction with you and the Universal Energy Radio community.  Please call in with your questions and include your name and birth date; Alyssa & Liz will offer their insights and positive feedback....and just tell it like it is!  You can also email your question, name and birth date to LOAblend@gmail.com.

  • The Bigger Picture, Pulse of Northern Neck Radio Show

    in Indie Music

    Look at your life right now some are asking is this it ,there has got to be more to life, and some are saying my life is great I have all that I ever wanted and need, Do You coukd there be more out there waiting for you, well that's what we are going to talk about on this Episode of Pulse of Northern Neck Radio Show,The Bigger Picture


    in Politics Progressive

    1)Ikiganiro cyo kuwa kane kizerekana  uruhare Lera ya FPR ifite mu gushonjesha abaturage. Turakoresha   amakuru ya vuba agishyushye.
    1) kwambura ibishanga abaturage bo mu burasirazuba n'intandaro y'inzara nk'uko babyivugira ku maradiyo mpuzamahanga. byateje inzara abaturage barasuhuka. kwambura abaturage ibishanga byakozwe no mu tundi turere tw'igihugu hashize imyaka kandi naho byahateje inzara.
    2) mu cyumweru gishize Hari abaturage bambuwe ubutaka muli Rubavu maze bakirwanaho. No mu tundi turere  kwambura abaturage ubutaka byateje umwuka mubi  mu baturage.
    3) ikibazo cyo gutegekwa guhinga igihingwa kimwe  no kurandura imyaka y'abaturage cyavuzwe kuva 2007 kandi cyateye inzara n' umwuka mubi mu baturage mu gihugu hose. Abaherutse kurandurirwa ibirayi mu Ngororero baravugako bagiye gushaka itike bagasuhukira Uganda. hari umwuka mubi.
    4) ikigibazo cyo kwamubura abaturage ubutaka no kubahingisha ku munwa w'imbunda ibyo badashaka, kubarandurira imyaka ko byamaze kugira ingaruka ku bukungu zigaragarira buli wese( inzara), ingaruka social na politiki umuntu yakwitega ni izihe ?  Abacurabwenge ba Leta ya Kagame baba bibuka ko iki kibazo cy'ubutaka no kurengana byari ku isonga mu byahembereye revolisiyo yo Muli 1959? baba bazi ko y'agatsiko yicaye ku kirunga?


    in Education


  • Sports Our Way - The Presidential Debate Was Not Presidential and Sports

    in Sports

    Sports talk over the course of the week about really anything and everything. Hollywood and Chaos add what all hosts try to do but they just do a better job of adding some humor, real world takes and some awesome built in. DMAF Weird news and Final thoughts are a staple of the shows, relax and enjoy

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    TTSO Packers Podcast #78: Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

    in Football

    On this week’s edition of Titletown Sound, Chris returns to talk with James and Bobbo about just how amazing Mike Daniels is, whether Aaron Rodgers is fixed and whether Demetri Goodson will return. Also, fashion is discussed for some reason. Almost every subject imaginable is discussed in some way on this edition of Titletown Sound. You should tune in. It’s pretty good.
    TTSO is brought to you by hosts, Jeremy VanderLinden, Chris Kristofco, and David "Bobbo" Bobke. Follow occasional guest host James Korsmo, too!
    TTSO is just one great podcast in a great lineup of Packers's podcasts from the Packers Talk, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.

  • THOE Presents Prophet Gregg Burpee

    in Spirituality

    The House of Ephraim Show

  • The Day of Men Without Chests and the Destruction Evil Ones by God

    in Spirituality

    Long ago C.S. Lewis wrote about Men Without Chests.  They were said to be uncommon men because of the atrophy of the chest that made it seem that their heads were larger than others.  They were little men who believed that they were above the common weal.  It was, however, their tortured arrogance that made them believe that they were "better" men.  Long ago God knew that such men would rise up in the world with mad claims.  The Word of God tells us that the Savior would fight them and completely defeat their terrible plans.

  • Time To Talk About It

    in Christianity

    Logion International Ministries(A.K.A) The City of Victory, is a ministry that teaches and encourage you to grow and increase in substance of thoughts and words, also to express that which is being establish abundantly within. We want to arouse your mind so that the word of God may be spread abroad by your ability to influence. The ministry operates under an Apostolic and Prophetic Anointing, with Restoration, Healing and Deliverance.