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  • The warn boyz are back in fairhaven investigating sycamore square.

    in Paranormal

    Travis Fletcher and Brian Lee explore the old town of fairhaven wa and the sycamore square building for paranormal activity. maybe even the haunted trails where dity dan harris cabin is. its a open building so hard to investigate but alot of fun. pics will be up at the W.A.R.N PARANORMAL facebook, twitter and instagram pages. we also do faceook live and periscope live on twitter. W.A.R.N PARANORMAL on Youtube. Come join us as we investigate this awesome building and town and trails!!!

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    Episode 12 (Methow Valley)

    in Travel

    Robert and Tony continue their trek through the Methow Valley and visit the Grand Coulee Dam. They stock up on food, take another rest day, and watch a laser light show, all before jumping on Highway 2 and heading for Spokane.
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  • The Job Mindset

    in Podcasting

    To transform your mind set, we have to come to a place such as Job. Even though life can sucker punch us, lifes clamity can over shadow us and sometimes we even fell left alone. What do you do when your back is against the wall?
    From the author Derrick Smith's stand point, we as believers in the body of Christ, we are charged with spreading the gospel of Jesus throughout the community and the world.
    We are anointed by God with our gifts and talents that we use to usher in the spirit of the living God; ministering to his people through spoken words, song, dance, etc.
    Nevertheless, how do you incite others to praise God and worhsip Him in spirit and truth when your life is in shambles? How can we convince other when we are the ones in need? 
    The answer, we dig deep, stand up tall and proud knowing that our God will supply our needs and we find our war cry, we must develop "The Job Mindset". 

  • Darknite Radio Presents...A special on the infamous Ed and Lorraine Warren

    in Paranormal

    Without a shadow of a doubt this should be one of our best episode to date as we dive deep into the depths of the history of ed and lorraine warren. probably the most trusted and well known investigators in paranormal history. They've wrote several books about these two amazing and made movies like the conjuring about them as well tonight we shall all learn more about these two great people r.i.p. to the both of them

  • The R.I.F.T. Radio- Open Thoughts

    in Paranormal

    The The Hitman as he opens the phone lines for Open Thought night, The Hitman will take all calls and he speaks on his feelings and insight of his mind. Listen in or call in and hear what The Hitman has to say.Hear the Hitman as he speaks on the past, things of the present and what may come out of the future !
     As always The Hitman will give is odd , unique perspective on the on goings of this world and the next. Speaking on everything that may come to him. You never know who will call in or even pop in at the studio here in Va. Tune in see what the fuss is all about. Someone might even give The Hitman a run for his money . Some come tune in Sunday night as the Hitman gives it out, as only he can .
    Call in line: 1-323-870-3877 or follow the Hyperlink to listen in

  • Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: William Jevning

    in Paranormal

    .In the fall of 1974 one evening at dusk, Jevning's dog started barking wildly toward a nearby tree line. When he went to see what the source of the dog’s irritation was, he entered the forest and into the presence of a huge manlike creature, standing within 15 feet of the creature and not knowing what it was or how to react, he fired his rifle into the air hoping to scare it away. Instead of making the creature leave, a second one emerged from behind some bushes prompting Jevning to run for his house.Summer 1975, world famous Sasquatch hunters Rene’ Dahinden and John Green were just 7 miles north of Jevning’s home investigating the “Puyallup Screamer” events. Dahinden went to interview Jevning on his encounter and subsequently invited him to Dahinden’s  and Green’s camp. The group went to Mt. St. Helens in November 1976, there they discovered a line of Sasquatch footprints near Spirit lake. They then went to the location the cabin the miners of the famous 1924 Sasquatch attack had taken place.More than 15,000 hours in the field was catalogued by Jevning personally from 1987 to 1998. During this time previously unknown behaviors were discovered such as the creatures range size and seasonal movement patterns..After Rene Dahinden passed away in April 2001, Jevning’s close friends insisted he start writing books on the subject. To date three books are in print, Notes From the Field, Tracking North America’s Sasquatch, Haunted Valley and In Search of the Unknown. Jevning has also appeared on numerous podcasts, co-hosting one that became very popular, broadcast radio shows such as Darkness radio and the television show America’s Book of Sectrets, The Mystery of Bigfoot.Currently Jevning is working on several new book manuscripts and conducting field work in California, Oregon, Washington and hopes to expand to British Columbia Canada.

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    The Peoples Mic Podcast Ep.#29

    in Podcasting

    Tune in and hear no holds barred, unadulterated, convo without Human Resources intervention!

  • EG Shorts/Music Video's - 11/20/2017

    in Hobbies

    While watching video's on Youtube host Pandorarose found some great little Equestria Girls Shorts, and even an Friendship is Magic special video on Netflix, must have subscription or ask a friend to use their laptop to watch the video.  Due to the limited character space for this box we will not be posting all of the video links on there but rather on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group this way we can get some comments from out listeners.
    The Blind Bag Pony Of the Week:
    Also, join us for our wacky conversations.
    Also we don't take random callers, these are people whom we have not invited to be on the show, or do not message us to tell us who they are and if we have had them on the show before, due to issues we have had with random people in the chat rooms who were inappropriate.  This is a live show and we can not edit anything out that is said.  We want to have this as a family-friendly show and want to keep it that way.


    in Paranormal

     started out as a paranormal investigator at age 11 and have had my own groups since then. The turning point for me was 2013 to 2014 when it became clear to me, my calling was to fight the demonic forces. It wasn't what I had wanted to do, but after a year I finallty accepted it and I have been doing so ever since. Rev. Rita Strugala Director Southern Paranormal Research Society - AL. Division http://www.SouthernParanormal.org Lead Exorcist - The Confraternity of Saint Michael the Archangel - Order of Exorcists (Exorcists/Prayer and Spiritual Warfare) Senior Exorcist - Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry - Celtic Templar Rite - Sacred Order of Exorcists

  • Rogue Talk Radio With Guest Athena Balch

    in Paranormal

    Bio: My name is Athena Balch. I am a medium. I also am a paranormal investigator and researcher. I have been in the field for way over ten years.I have worked with many groups and individuals on cases. For the past three years I have been working on private investigations. Generally we work on more of the darker cases. I generally get called in because what I see. I normally explain to people I see more of the angelic realm. These days I am getting back into research full force. Because I see angels and had many experiences with them I have decided to fully delve in just specialize in this subject.I am hoping in this I can help and contribute more in the field.