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  • MY DARKEST HOUR RADIO w/ Stefan Brigati

    in Paranormal

    This Thursday Night on My Darkest Hour Radio special guest is Researcher/Author/Journalist April Slaughter joins us for a hour of Paranormal Talk. April Slaughter is the author of two books and numerous articles on ghosts, hauntings, psychical research and the unexplained. As an active paranormal researcher for nearly twenty years, she has delved into almost every facet of the unknown from spirits and psychic phenomena to UFO's, Cryptozoology and more. She is one of America's leading researchers into the study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), and is the first to introduce her personal experiences with Induced After Death Communication (IADC) to the paranormal field. So join us and Check it out!!

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    Great Loop Radio: Preparing a Fresh Water Boat for Salt Water

    in Travel

    On this week's episode of Great Loop Radio, we'll discuss what to do to prepare your fresh water boat for the salt water found on parts on the Great Loop route.  Our guests, Captains Chris & Alyse Caldwell, will share tips about your engine coolant, anodes, and the age old question of whether fresh water boats hold their value better than salt water boats.

  • The R.I.F.T. Network special event-Live from the Upper Michigan Para-Con

    in Paranormal

    Join The Hitman & Lisa from Just Short of Crazy as They host this live event Friday afternoon with on site correspondent Rene Odell, as she covers the event , who's there, what lectures are lined up , and where it's taking place. Listen in as Rene , broadcast on location with her open mic style and covering the many events, and speaking with those vendors and groups .Getting there insight of the convention. Find out who's who on location. Hear from guest and those attending on the atmosphere ! Listen in : 1 323-870-3877 A RIFT Production

  • Big Blend Radio: Vacation Station - France, Louisiana & Arizona

    in Travel

    Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Spirit of America Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Vacation Station travel show. On This Episode: - Christmas in Natchitoches – Arlene Gould – Executive Director of Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Sandra Dickens & Jill Leo of Natchitoches Historic District Business Association, discuss the Natchitoches Christmas & Annual Festival of Lights where Louisiana’s oldest city lights up with over 300,000 Christmas lights! - Exploring France – Food, wine and travel writer Hilarie Larson, owner of Northwinds Wine Consulting, shares her adventures in France, where explored the Bandol region, Cassis and Sanary-sur-Mer. - Yuma Civic Center – Carrie Ring talks about the Yuma, Arizona’s favorite event space as well as upcoming events such as the 2017 Fiestas Patrias Street Fair Celebration, New Year's Eve Family Fun Night and Robert Burns Scottish Supper.

  • Living on Pitch -- The Parker J Cole Show

    in Blogs

    There's a woman at my church who is classically trained. Every time she sings, goosebumps appear on my arms. Her voice is crystal clear and exuberant. When she hits a high note, it rings around the auditorium like a bell. She ALWAYS gets a standing ovation. I've yet to hear her sing off key and her pitch is perfect.
    In the same way, I wonder if my life is similar. Is my life on pitch? The notes and tunes I exude, are they pleasing sounds and sights to the Lord? Since He is my audience and my life the song I sing to Him, I want to receive a reward for my performance. After all, He's already paid the price of my ticket for me to appear before Him -- shouldn't I do the best I can?  Thankfully, I'm not alone on the stage. Jesus is with me, helping me when my voice cracks, orchestrating the melody, training me to make sure I live my life on pitch so at the end of the performance, I'll hear a singular clap and a voice that says, "Well done! Well done!" For inspiration and instruction, join me as I talked with blogger and music lover, Lori Williams as we discuss living our lives on pitch. You can call in at 646-668-8485 and press 1 to be live on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/10193173

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    Ask Julie Ryan: EPISODE 63 - Remember Rockefeller Center

    in Paranormal

    This week on the Ask Julie Ryan Show, Julie talks with several callers who have medical questions ranging from back pain and thyroid issues to what is causing fatigue and bloating. Each situation warrants a quick scan and guidance on how best to heal. In addition, Julie talks with a woman wanting to know if her mother regretted not sharing her emotions when she was alive. The deceased mother communicates with her daughter through Julie and her answers may surprise you. Also, a caller wants to talk with her deceased sister about the Christmas trip to New York they were supposed to take. As usual, Julie provides lots of suggestions and insights based on the psychic information she accesses and receives. It is an enlightening and fun hour. Please join us and call in with your question next week. Thursdays at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT. (712) 770-4160 Access Code: 533677# For more information go to askjulieryan.com

  • Hr. of Enlightenment Jake's Scariest Experiences

    in Paranormal

    I have investigated sanatoriums, indian burial mounds, cemeteries, and many more places, and I have had experiences that have terrified me. Tonight on Hour of Enlightenment join me as I talk about some of my sacriest experiences. From Demonic Enties to Native American Curses, andCreatures, hear about some of the scariest thing I have ever run into.

  • Big Blend Radio: Champagne Sundays - Travel & History

    in Travel

    Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Spirit of America Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays Variety Show! On This Episode: - La Posada de Santa Fe - Travel writer Debbie Stone shares her experience at the La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, a luxury destination nestled on six beautifully landscaped acres in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. - Robin Hood – Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours, discusses the legendary story of Robin Hood, as well as Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle in England. - Fall Fun in San Benito County – From a giant corn maize to the county fair, Juli Vieira - Chief Executive Officer of the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, talks about all the fun fall events and activities in San Benito County, gateway to Pinnacles National Park in central California. 

  • Isshinryu Today presents Margie Smith Sensei

    in Podcasting

    Good evening and welcome to Isshinryu Today, tonight our featured guest is Margie Heavlow Sensei of the USIKA. Please join our Host Renshi Kyle Forrest and his Co-Host Kancho Dan Vena for this 2 hour exclusive interview. We will be talking about her extraordinary martial arts journey. Call into the show at 6 pm est to listen in live and if you have a question or comment please press 1 on your keypad and we will be alerted you have a question or comment for our featured guest.

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    Chambers of the Paranormal Sci-Fi Radio Classics

    in Paranormal

    With Paul and Myst just getting Back from The MI Paracon we will not be live this Sunday but for your entertainment loaded for the show arentwo Sci-Fi Radio Classics please enjoy a BBC Journey into Space and Caltex Radio Theater FORBIDDEN PLANET. Join us next week on Sept 3rd as we talk about the MI Paracon.
     A tid bit or two about Myst is a Paranormal Investigator, and Co-Host of another Mystical Awakenings Radio Network Show airing Thursday Nights called Paranormal Ex; The Ex-Files. Also a member of the Michigan Area Paranormal Investigation Team (M.A.P.I.T.) she will be bringing her knowledge of the paranormal field, desire to learn and teach, and her quirky sense of humor to the show. Myst also has like Paul been pursuing her own spirituality and awakening of her abilities. So please tune in this Sunday at 8pm.
    A little about Paul A Carpenter and a Tradesman and newest member of M.A.P.I.T. who for so long kept what he saw. As a child I started seeing things around five years old. First I wasn't sure if they were day dreams or not. As I got a little older I realized the people and one friend in particular no one else could see besides me. I began to realize I was a Medium and was able to see and hear those who had passed along. 

  • The R.I.F.T. Radio - Our new Playground

    in Paranormal

    Join Dawn and The Hitman in their new playground. This is a open mic night. Call in ask question, hang with us, get insight into the spiritual world, life, emotions... experience the crazy side of our host as they speak on any topic while at the same time helping with general life thoughts.
     Hear how they see the world and their out takes on life and how they perceive the good and the bad while giving some insight on how to handle different situations, how you may perceive emotions. Come hear the real side of this duo , as they speak on everything and let their verbal guns loose…  See what The Hitman is really like, and the intelligence of Dawn’s intellect. Hear the power of words and the openness of their minds as they play…. In Their playground!
     Call in and speak with the Host of The R.I.F.T. . Radio