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  • Not So Mad Science #HaroldMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Science

    Hosted By: Harold Muhammad
    Harold, an eclectic and voracious reader, began his venture in the world of the written word as a child of 2 years.  Scraps of paper, candy wrappers, dictionary's right through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Yet Harold was driven to books of the sciences. Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, he met them all with great wonder and fascination. He delved into each discipline as if his very life depended upon understanding its depth.
    It was not until the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the essence and understanding of the sciences began to have true purpose and meaning. He said, "all there is to know is written in a book, read".
    Harold began his collegiate pursuit at Hampton Institute; he then forayed to Fairleigh Dickenson University. At FDU the practice of the Social Sciences, public activism, and public speaking became a trusted part of mental fabric.
    Harold is the husband to Celestine Muhammad, and the father of 10 extraordinary children, and 8 grandchildren. Harold has the benefit of having the most exceptional and wondrous teachers to whom he owes all that he has learned, will learn and knows to this very day, The Most  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, his Father Alfred Eatman, and his Grandfather  the Late Captain, Harold D. Hook. 

  • January Jones-What is Fracking? with John Graves

    in Environment

    MEET: John Graves who has been the managing partner of a mid-sized independent financial advisory firm for 28 years. His interest in the world of shale gas and oil sprang up from a question a client asked, “Isn’t this fracking thing dangerous to the Earth?”
    As a concerned citizen and as a financial analyst, he approached the industry from the bottom and worked his way to the top.
    He has visited frack rigs in Texas, refineries on the Gulf, pipelines in the West.

  • HumanLab

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  • Revealing Conversation with Petra Nicoll & Sharon Bauer

    in Energy

    Perception of the Afterlife by Sharon Bauer
    Petra and guest Sharon Bauer invite you listen in as they discuss: Understanding the Role of a Medium.
    Since she was a child, Sharon Bauer has been able to communicate with those whom have passed to the Afterlife. Her first experience with death was when her father passed. She was suddenly overcome with an awareness that her father wasn't walking this earth plane anymore. Her family members didn't believe this at first, and then the phone rang and it soon became apparent to everyone that this was indeed the case. From that point on, she started receiving messages from others in the Afterlife. They would appear before her suddenly and without warning, and whomever appeared was usually related in some way to whomever she was around. Sometimes, she would be driving and suddenly would hear them speak to her; and it was related to a person at the destination she was headed. She enjoys the role she plays as intermediary between us here on this earth and those in the Afterlife. 
    s.bau.err@hotmail.com (541) 830-0459 www.sharonbauermedium.com
    A gift from Sharon: Free 30 minute reading from Sharon personally. Call, write or use the website to book your appointment.
    Transformational Story Coach, Petra Nicoll:  Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra's Ashes: A Transcendental Journey  Get Petra's FREE Meditation MP3 petranicoll.com

  • Psychopaths in Our Lives with Author Dianne Emerson

    in Psychology

    We think of serial killers when we hear the word psychopath, but the vast majority are not in prison. They are walking among us. Lacking a conscience, they leave a path of destruction and despair as they pass through life.
    Today's guest, Author Dianne Emerson has written a groundbreaking book called Psychopaths in Our Lives:My Interviews which gives a chilling view into the minds of psychopaths--the ones for whom you may work, or possibly the one with whom you live.This book goes where no other book has gone before--into the mind of how and why psychopaths do what they do and the sinister thinking behind their actions.
    Dianne's book helps us to recognize the behaviors and the tricks that psychopaths use to manipulate their prey. It teaches us about the mind games they play. We learn not to trust what seems too good to be true because it probably isn't.

  • National Marine Sanctuaries and Triathlons

    in Environment

    Michelle Johnston is a research marine biologist who as a child living in Marion, Ohio was inspired by the ocean.  She got her Scuba diving certification at the age of 14 and the rest they say is history.   After completing her degree from the University of North Carolina where she rehabbed sick sea turtles.  Michelle went on to get her Ph.D in Environmental Health sciences.  She studied the impact of pathogenic bacteria from wildlife in South Carolinas coastal waters.  Michelle is now with The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, where she is a scientific diver and Marine Biologist.  She manages the sanctuary's long term coral monitoring project.  She also has completed in a few triathlons.  Michelle feels that a healthy enviroment plays an important role in triathlons competions.