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    Don't Tip Your Hand

    in Jobs

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter talks about the behaviors you may have that tip off that you are looking for a job. 
    Do you think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.
    The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.
    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a career coach and recruiter for what seems like one hundred years.
    JobSearchCoachingHQ.com is there to change that with great advice for job hunters—videos, my books and guides to job hunting, podcasts, articles, PLUS a community for you to ask questions of PLUS the ability to ask me questions where I function as your ally with no conflict of interest answering your questions.
    Connect with me on LinkedIn

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    The Practice of Selling Real Estate

    in Business

    Steve Frankel is one of the most successful realtors in Los Angeles.
    Consistently a Top Producer in sales and volume over the last two decades, Steve has built a reputation within the community as a consummate professional.
    A resident of the Beverly Hills area, Steve is keenly adept at marketing fine homes in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills and the entire Westside. His extraordinary marketing skills have enabled him to provide both Buyers and Sellers with the highest level of service. Steve is a Director at the exclusive Coldwell Banker Previews Estate Division in Beverly Hills. He is a savvy communicator and tough negotiator who always works hard on behalf of his clients and possesses an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market.
    Steve’s unique marketing program combines skill with the latest cutting-edge technology in advertising.
    Steve Frankel Estates Director
    Telephone: 310-281-3981 Cell Phone: 310-508-5008 Email: homes@stevefrankel.com Website: www.stevefrankel.com Address: 301 N Canon Dr. Suite E Beverly Hills 90210
    Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA President and CEO
    The Power Is Now, Inc. Corporate Headquarters 3739 6th Street Riverside, CA 92501 O  800-401-8994 x 703   |  D ? 714-361-2105  |  C 714-475-8629 Skype: 714-845-7263  | Skype ID: frazier.eric eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com  |  www.thepowerisnow.com

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    TEI 087: Metrics and successful product management

    in Business

    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you episode 087 of...
    The Everyday Innovator with host Chad McAllister, PhD.
    The podcast is all about helping people involved in innovation and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.
    About the Episode: I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Saeed Khan. He started the On Product Management blog and has been a career product manager, working in Toronto, Canada and Silicon Valley. He is also a frequent speaker at product management events, including ProductCamps.
    I saw a presentation Saeed did on the topic of successfully using product management metrics. I wanted to explore this topic with him along with what else it takes to be a good product manager, which is what we did in this discussion.
    In the interview Saeed shares four categories of metrics and his 6-stage product model:
    Build It, Nail It, Scale It, Extend It, Milk It, and End It.

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    Tanya Brown The Power Spotlight

    in Business

    Tanya Brown
    Speaker | Author | Life Coach 323-723-2256 Tanya@TanyaBrown.net

  • The MOBE Daily PowerUp Call

    in Entrepreneur

    Join international high-performance coach, inspirational speaker and former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt for your daily dose of adrenaline and inspiration to help you rock your MOBE business!


    in Legal

       C.I.B. Radio Broadcast is an Advanced Consumer Community whose sole focus is to educate Man and Woman on the components of Debt, Credit, Economics, and a specially coined term of C.I.B. "Consumerism". The C.I.B. Team utilizes mainly federal laws to protect from the Oppressive, Destructive, Abusive Debt Collection Cabal. It is all to obvious, this Debt Cabal includes the so called Judicial System, who C.I.B. teaches are also Debt Collectors who aid and abeit the Debt Collection Society, which consist largely of Attorneys, other legal professionals.
        It is our goal to arm the average, above average Consumer with the Most Advanced Intelligence on the Planet. While it is obvious, the legal society of Debt Collectors, has several huge organizations supporting their cause, the Consumer now has C.I.B. which is a community designed to aid their cause. The CFPB, FTC, DOJ and other governmental agencies has been advancing the Reform of the Financial Industry, Courts, Legal Society and Washington. Finally we have a true pioneer effectuating Change in order to destroy the imbalances of a system rigged against the average Consumer.
      C.I.B. has a goal and that is to destroy the illegal Debt Collection Cabal and arm the Consumer with heavy artillary in the form of federal law to turn the tables on the Debt Collection Society. JOIN US each and every Tuesday at 11:00 AM EST, for our four (4) hour Broadcast Marathon. Our call in number is (425) 292-4103. Our community is spearheaded by one of the Most Gifted Minds in Consumer Debt Collection and Education, Brother Sharif.  While there are a few communities out there, C.I.B. is the Best.

  • Kris Gillentine host of #ChatSnap

    in Social Networking

    Storyteller. SM consultant. Journalist now turning PR on its head at @DriveWestComm. Lover of animals, travel, good ppl, good stories. Creator/Host of #ChatSnap
    Kristy Gillentine's career as a communications professional includes more than 13 years of combined experience in print journalism, broadcast journalism, news radio, public relations and social media management. More than half of her career has been devoted to digital communications, including website and social media management, strategy development and implementation, content creation and performance metrics. She loves using her extensive experience and ongoing research in social media and storytelling to help people and brands tell their stories using new technologies and platforms to expand their reach, increase their impact and grow their communities of engaged supporters. [Read More]
    Vist the ChatSnap page on krisgillentine.com that has a description of the chat and a selection of recaps from past chats.

  • The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened At An Open House

    in Real Estate

    The Craziest Things That Ever Happened At An Open House
    Attention Realtors. Share your story with our show host. Be our special LIVE guest on our National Real Estate Radio Show with an audience of over 4,000.
    We want to hear your story. Be Brave and share your experience with us. Our weekly online Real Estate radio show is a hit! Realtors love the authentic content that puts them at ease.
    Internet consumers want to be entertained and that's what live unedited radio does. Join with us as each week we change up the program and give people something worth listening to.
    If you anything special that you think is newsworthy or interesting pitch it to us.
    Who is your show host?
    Shelley Costello
    1. I am a native Orlando resident. I am Shelley Costello, CEO of Creative Web Concepts. I am a social media consultant and corporate trainer.
    2. I am a #1 International Best Selling author
    3. I am a Fox 35 News Social Media Strategist ( I am on regularly at 7:30 AM) catch me this Wednesday.
    4. I have shared the stage with Emmy Award Winning Speaker, Les Brown and I have a personal endorsement from him as being a national renown speaker.
    5. I am a social media contributor to the Orlando Sentinel Tech Talk column.
    6. I am a featured writer on the National Association of Realtors

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    Summer Encore Series: Re-Imagining The O.J. Simpson Trial

    in Legal

    While Alan Dershowitz, a member of O.J. Simpson’s “dream team” calls the acclaimed, Emmy nominated  mini-series, American Crime Story The People vs. O. J. Simpson “a total fabrication,” the show has re-ignited interest in the so-called “Trial of the Century” twenty plus years after the spectacle. We revisit Amy Beth's conversation with top  LA. attorney David Diamond, who, years earlier, clerked for prosecutor Chris Darden.  Dissecting fact from fiction, we examine the way the high-profile  trial and its controversial verdict forever altered trial coverage and America’s fascination with the justice system.  And is there a correlation between the trial’s riveting coverage and the advent of Reality TV, which is set to anoint Sarah Palin the next Judge Judy, despite the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate’s lack of legal education? Tweet 24/7 @abwrites #BigStory #Forgotten45s
     ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and where ever fine work is sold.      
    Original air date: 3/29/ 2016

  • Richard Lowe, Deborrah Ashley

    in Business

    Richard Lowe 
    Deborrah Ashley social media strategist, helps online based entrepreneur to develop and implement social media strategies to increase visibility, connect with their ideal client, and maximize sales
    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com. Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook. Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter. Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez. Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

  • Generating Buzz Around Your Brand with guru Jessica Potts! Call 1-818-572-2910

    in Marketing

    Our guest Jessica Potts of Brand X Consultants will discuss creating buzz “people talking” about your brand (for both existing brands, as well as, startups) to ultimately create demand for your product. 
    What are the 3-5 things the listeners will learn?
    What is buzz and why is it important for both start-ups and existing brands. How to create “buzz”  also known as people discussing your brand, recommending your brand… How to make your existing brand “trendy” so people talk about them. Jessica Potts worked in Corporate America with several top Fortune 100 companies, such as Fandango, Papa John’s, Disney and Apple in growing their market share with launching products, as well as, working within their brand models. After years of working long hours and growing companies bottom line,  she decided to start her own firm in late 2015 to work with small to midsize clients on their branding and marketing strategy.

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