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    1st Releasing the Shackles of Shame by Linda Husser
    Yes, you have Herpes. No, it’s not the end of the world. There is no sure shot cure for this condition yet but that should not stop you from living a happy and meaningful life. Consider this as a blessing in disguise for this will teach you how to love and take care of yourself more. Never allow anyone to put you down because of the condition that you’re in. You only have one life and the best choice will always be to live it fully.
    2nd Transformed For A Purpose: A Practical Plan To Get Unstuck And Live A Power-Filled Life by Andrea Humphrey
    Sometimes you know exactly what’s stopping you from living your purpose but you just don’t know what to do about it. In her book, Andrea shares 30 power moves that can transform your life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You will always have the upper hand when you start moving in your purpose.
    3rd Embrace the Process: Through the Fire by Angelina Paul
    Angelina shares her personal story about the miracles that God has done in her life and how these miracles made her realize what her purpose in life is. Her book is one proof that God can and will work in your life if you let go and surrender everything to him. Let go of the things that hinder you from being the best you and living the life that you deserve.

  • S1:E16 techsytalk {unscripted} Interview with Shannon DeSouza

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    Shannon DeSouza joins us for this edition of techsytalk {unscripted} where we'll discuss revenue event marketing, her career and business!

  • Erica Collins, Stefano Scalia

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    Erica Collins is an author, professional speaker, educator, media host/personality, plus model, actress, fmr. Miss Plus America and current International Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneurette and City Leader Washington, D.C. and New York for "Sexy and Wealthy in Heels", SheKnows Expert
    Stefano Scalia marketing director Stefano Scalia of RockTape. RockTape  helps athletes of every level go stronger, longer with the best kinesiology tape, cutting-edge education, and fitness support products. They want people to move more, and move better
    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com. Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook. Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter. Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez. Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

  • Nonprofit Coach: Annie Rhodes on Leveraging Technology: Blackbaud Outcomes™

    in Social Networking

    He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success. 
    Annie Rhodes Director, Foundation Strategy MicroEdge + Blackbaud Annie.Rhodes@blackbaud.com
    Annie Rhodes serves as the Director, Foundation Strategy in the MicroEdge division of Blackbaud. In this role, Annie helps philanthropic organizations leverage technology to optimize how they manage their giving and improve collaboration with funding partners and grant recipients. Annie is also aiding customers evolve from simple grantmaking programs to results-focused giving programs that establish and measure outcomes and drive toward impact. As part of this, Annie led the development of Blackbaud Outcomes™, a technology solution that helps funders and nonprofits track and measure the results of their giving programs. Annie is also currently leading efforts to map Blackbaud Outcomes to the sustainable development goals to provide funders with the opportunity to measure how their grants are contributing toward the broader efforts to achieve the SDGs.   Prior to joining MicroEdge, Annie spent more than 10 years at the Ford Foundation where she managed grants in the Human Rights unit, including working with the Women’s Rights and International Human Rights portfolios.
    Annie received an MBA from Pace University, focusing in Management and International Business, and was also inducted into the Beta Sigma Gamma business honor society. She earned a B.A. in psychology from Manhattan College. 

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    Tax Reform with Dan Johnson on UYWRadio

    in Finance

    Dan Johnson, President of the Tax Revolutions Institute, joins Heather Wagenhals on Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss the elections and more specifically, the Libertarian side of taxes. 
    Tune in as Dan Johnson provides listeners with advice on the question, What's wrong with going with Steve Forbes tax reform plan? And Why every attempt at tax reform has failed. 
    In this interview we hear Dan Johnson discuss the Federal Tax reform and why things are still the same and why no changes or benefits have occurred for the American people. Hear more on this topic as Dan suggests what we can all do to educate ourselves and how make these changes that will benefit the American people.
    Find out how you can better your tax reform on Unlock Your Wealth Radio as Dan Johnson reveals 3 keys tips on how you can use these changes to benefit your taxes. 

  • Jason Drohn On Leverage Masters

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    Jason Drohn has been marketing online for 10 years, working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs through his software apps and done-for-you services.  He’s best know for his ‘quickest path to cash’ strategies where he cuts years of testing and development out of his client’s lives, and delivers sales funnels that that are both automated and profitable.
    Leverage Masters Radio helps you Put Lifestyle Back in Business by getting more done, with less effort, in shorter time so you can build a bigger business that makes a larger impact and lets you live the life of your dreams!
    The Leverage Black Book helps YOU to become a real Leveragist. You'll even think like a Leveragist and when you put the tools and strategies in the Leverage Black Book to use in your business!  Our advice... Get the book!
    Download your copy for free at:
    You can learn more about Jason here ->

  • Messages of Peace From Across The Universe

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    Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe, a book about collections of the late John l and George H ’s thoughts on how to achieve world peace. I have two other book on princess Diana s channeling of solutions for world peace directed to solving the world most troubled spots- the Middle East, with love from Diana, Queen of Hearts, and Princess Diana’s Message of Peace. 
    About Marcia McMahon, M.A. the Angel Messenger
    I am a Spiritual Teacher having taught many online classes, and on ground angelic Reiki retreats. I am channel for the angels The RA Group, Heavenly Host and Elohim. AA Michael, and I’ve written a book , Ascension Teachings with Archangel Michael . I’ve also written Notes from John, Messages from across the Universe, a collection of his words and thoughts from the afterlife of musical notations, humor whit and actual lyrics with late John Lennon. I am not a musician, but this is channeled music from the late and famous medium Robert Murray of Canada. 
    This music airs weekly on my radio show on the Peaceful Planet Show with Marcia Mcmahon at www.bbsradio.com/peacefulplanet SAT at 6 central time.
     I also work with Archangel Metatron, using sound healing tuning forks, and visualizations for world peace. I am a watercolor portrait artist, have my work in museums, and have reached and served as counsel to top diplomats in the United States with my channeling from the late Princess Diana.
    I have hosted my own radio show in the BBS network since 2005, a premier New age network, and I also went thru stage 3-4 breast cancer. I’ve been healed of stage 4 thru my angels, Reiki hypnosis and their guidance!

  • Racketeering - what does it mean and who is involved

    in Legal

    The discussion will be based in exposing the reality of how racketeering isconducted and how the goverment is directly involved on a daily basis.

  • Building the Best Teams for Your Business

    in Marketing

    One of the challenges in business is creating the kind of environment that encourages our people to give their best, and to be their most creative selves. As a business leader, it’s your job to create a healthy team. Part of leadership is creating and implement strategies based on our people’s strengths, thereby creating value for your customers and your community. Which, of course, translates to more profits for you. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your team to work more, make more money, and work more efficiently? Did you know that companies with engaged employees make 47% more than those with unengaged employees?  
    In this interview, Adam talks with Osayi Emokpae Lasisi about why are teams important and how a good business leader can build better ones. If you lead people, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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    Putting your Business to the Dream Test. Dream … or Nightmare? Part 2 #BBSradio

    in Marketing

    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.
    Fractional CMO, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Leadership Keynote Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds to Master the Inner and Outer Game of business. 
    Andrea Waltz, Go For No speaker and author.
     We love rewarding engagement. You are invited to visit radio show blog at www.TheBreakthroughRadio.com  #BBSradio

  • Quid Pro Quo vs Hostile Environment Sexual Harrassment

    in Work

    View our simulcast @ http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com
    There are generally two types of sexual harassment: “quid pro quo” and “hostile environment.” Federal guidelines provide that “unwelcome” sexual conduct constitutes sexual harassment when “submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment.” Learn the distinctions between the types of harassment, when they occur, and how to prevent exposure to such claims in your business on our next show.
    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com bill@wfblegalconsulting.com 949.698.6222
    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com rick@captivate365.com 949.667.1182
    The Bottled Business Sense Show provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies that protect and insure the longevity of your business.