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I want to help entrepreneurs take their online business to the next level. That includes: 1. Overcoming your limiting beliefs that cause you to put the breaks on before you reach your goals. 2. Incorporate digital marketing into your online marketing action plan 3. Create Multiple Streams of Income by re-purposing your products 4. Improve your communication skills so you can communicate more effectively and close more sales The term Live Without Limits is a mindset where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed. As a Career and Personal development Strategy Coach I want to offer you my pledge to make my shows interesting and entertaining

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1. The Increasing Role of AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has always played a major part in the eCommerce industry. However, this advanced form of intelligence is developing an even more significant role in eCommerce. 2. Mobile-Friendly Shopping More and more consumers are viewing mobile shopping as a simple and convenient way to make purchases. 3. Voice Assistants Whether they're searching for the next best product or making a quick purchase, consumers are relying on voice assistants to simplify nearly every step of the shopping process. 4. Digital Wallets As mobile-friendly shopping becomes more prevalent, digital wallets are occupying a larger role in the eCommerce industry. 6. Environmentally Conscious Shopping Efforts to become more environmentally friendly are being embraced by eCommerce businesses everywhere. 7. The Expanding Influence of Social Media Social media has had a prominent role in online shopping for years. However, it's only expected to become more relevant to your eCommerce strategy. 8. Personalized Content Anticipating the needs of your customers is crucial to their overall experience while shopping online. 10. Subscription-Based Services Netflix and Amazon Prime have already shown the world how vital subscription-based services are to eCommerce success. In the approaching months, these services are expected to have an even larger impact on eCommerce businesses. People who should listen to this show are online marketer, career coaches, entrepreneurs
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