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I want to help entrepreneurs take their online business to the next level. That includes: 1. Overcoming your limiting beliefs that cause you to put the breaks on before you reach your goals. 2. Incorporate digital marketing into your online marketing action plan 3. Create Multiple Streams of Income by re-purposing your products 4. Improve your communication skills so you can communicate more effectively and close more sales The term Live Without Limits is a mindset where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed. As a Career and Personal development Strategy Coach I want to offer you my pledge to make my shows interesting and entertaining

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Step 1: Research the eCommerce space and find your niche. The first step in learning how to start an E-commerce business is performing the necessary research. Step 2: Select your business name and choose a legal structure. Once you've solidified the plan for your E-commerce business, the next step is to choose a name. Step 3: Apply for an EIN. Next, you'll want to apply for an EIN, or employer identification number, for your e-commerce business. Although not all business entity types are required to have an EIN, this nine-digit the number can be useful to help you separate your personal and business finances. Step 4: Obtain business permits and licenses. After you've applied for your EIN, you'll now want to obtain any business licenses or permits you need to operate legally within your city and state. People
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meditation enhances your ability to perform in high-stakes situations. Meditators are consistently calmer in critical ?winner take all? moments. Say you're shooting a 3-pointer at the buzzer when you're two points down in the basketball... more

Taking personal responsibility is not about blame but rather about personal power. There are three levels to what I'm talking about: Level 1: The lowest level is living in your mind, where your mind is automatically and unconsciously creating a... more

I recently did a call where everyone participating had a traditional 9-to-5-like job. I've never had that before in a teaching situation. I'm normally involved with a lot of entrepreneurs. But on this call I hardly knew how to talk to... more

Remote Work Tip No. 1: Create a Workspace Rather than take the idea of ?work from anywhere? to the extreme, put some thought (and perhaps a bit of investment) into where you'll be spending your time. Remote Work Tip No. 2:... more

1. Know-How You Spend Your Time Analyze where most of your time is devoted — job, family, personal, recreation, etc. 2. Set Priorities Managing your time effectively requires the distinction between what is important and what is urgent... more

. Working From Home Hurts Productivity The most common fear I hear about remote work is that employees just won't get any work done. Work-from-home employees' productivity went up 13%. The company earned about $2,000 more... more

The truth is, there's a limitless supply of wealth and abundance available to every one of us, we just have to learn how to cultivate and attract it. One thing that highly abundant and wealthy people do well is to keep their energetic vibration... more

Start BEFORE You're Ready The key to writing a book – or anything else of value – is to ?Just Write!? Writing is one thing that you cannot get worse at by doing it. It doesn't matter if you're regularly creating blogs and emails or... more

Does It Actually Help? How does working from home impact employee productivity? Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom and his team attempted to provide an answer in their March 2013 paper entitled ‘Does Working... more
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