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It was while she was in graduate school the Individual Disability Education Act became law. For the first time in 1977 people with disabilities were guaranteed the right to an education up to age 21. Davida Shensky has owned her own business for the last 25+ years since she entered the workforce 12 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. it is not the limit she places on herself but the limits that society places on her due to their misunderstanding of the disability community at large. She has had to learn to become her own advocate and to think outside of the box when it comes to employment. Davida started Career Performance Institute and works with clients to help you reach your maximum potential and overcome your personal obstacles (fears) to unlock your potential at the highest level to reach your personal goals and fulfill your destiny.. We work with you to come up with a strategy to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Career opportunities have moved from working for a large firm in a physical place to working from home virtually online. To lower the cost of overhead companies sell their products virtually, online, through websites, and word-of-mouth advertising through affiliates or distributors. We work with you to find the right opportunity in your niche and help you come up with a strategy to build a successful team and skills needed to become a good communicator, team builder, and leader. Among the many things we help you learn : 1. how to break through your personal barriers 2. that life is full of choices for you to make 3. to take control of your life 4. to get rid of your negativity and to learn to think positively

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Here's the Secret You're putting way, way too much pressure on yourself with this whole idea thing. 1. Brainstorm it all out on a piece of paper. To begin, jot out your thoughts and ideas. Even if you think an idea sounds silly, it doesn't matter. Write out anything that you might think is relevant. 2. Look at what businesses are doing. Finished writing down your ideas? Good. Strengths: people tend to ask me to look over essays and writing work for feedback, so I might put ?writing/editing skills? as a strength. Interests: I bake snacks and am on a quest to finding ways to improve their taste. I'll write down ?making baked goods, especially oatmeal-based snacks?. Feel free to write both general and specifics down, since we're putting down whatever comes to mind. Problems: I notice that people around me commonly complain about work-related health issues, such as stress and fatigue. I can put these down too. People should listen to this show are entepreneurs, career coaches
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