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I want to help entrepreneurs take their online business to the next level. That includes: 1. Overcoming your limiting beliefs that cause you to put the breaks on before you reach your goals. 2. Incorporate digital marketing into your online marketing action plan 3. Create Multiple Streams of Income by re-purposing your products 4. Improve your communication skills so you can communicate more effectively and close more sales The term Live Without Limits is a mindset where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed. As a Career and Personal development Strategy Coach I want to offer you my pledge to make my shows interesting and entertaining

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$50 product x 10 sales/month x 24 months = ? That's $12,000. $12,000 you could make, JUST from: An introductory ($50) product Making only one sale every 3 days And completely stopping after 2 years I can run my business the way I want. That means: No office. If I want to work from my NYC apartment today, cool. Next week, might be my place in SF. Or maybe a coffee shop. I love the flexibility I can choose to ?work hard / play hard? since I have the systems that let me grow even while I'm traveling, like when I took a 3-week vacation to Asia I can choose exactly who I want to serve. I don't tolerate whiners, so I kick their asses out. I offer 98% of my material free, so I don't allow people with CC debt to join my highest-end courses — a strategic decision that's cost me millions of dollars. For me, it's the right thing to do (since they should prioritize their debt #1), and since it's my business, I get to decide what I allow/don't allow TRUTH: If passion was enough, there wouldn't be any starving artists. TRUTH2: If passion was all you need, then the vast majority of online businesses wouldn't fail. The truth is that many unscrupulous marketers sell you on passion because it's a push-button ?burning pain? — see, most people believe they truly have something inside of them that they need to get out (if only somebody would listen). Waa waa etc. Here's the brutal truth. People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches
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