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    TEI 193: Mistakes new (and not so new) product managers should avoid – with Cole

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    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you the next episode of...
    The Everyday Innovator with host Chad McAllister, PhD.
    The podcast is all about helping people involved in innovation and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.
    About the Episode:
    Being a good product manager requires a diverse set of skills, including communicating, influencing, design, technology, product process, and business acumen. New product managers and not-so new product managers have lots of opportunities to make mistakes. When you can, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. That is why I invited Cole Mercer to join us and discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them.
    Cole has a very popular course on Udemy for people wanting to get into product management or who are brand new to it. He also is creating training on LinkedIn Learning for new product managers.
    I also want to tell you about the fastest growing conference for software product management. It is coming up soon, Oct 2-3, 2018 and you still have time to register. It’s called INDUSTRY and they have several product experts (many you will know from listening to this podcast) lined up to share their experience. Everyday Innovators can register for the conference for 30% off. Just use the code EverydayInnovator when you register. Find all the details at www.INDUSTRYconference.com. Now to the discussion for avoiding product management mistakes.

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #561

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    Ghost celebrates Taco Tuesday with a Free-Format edition of True Capitalist Radio. This will be the final LIVE show on BlogTalkRadio. Archives will still be available on BTR for the time being. Ghost will announce the future of True Capitalist Radio and where the show will be broadcasting LIVE from in the very near future. Plus chatroom & Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.
    Follow on Gab.ai:

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    RYW 311 - Open Forum Show - Tax, Legal and Wealth Building Strategies

    in Finance

    The Open Forum Show is always a favorite of our listeners!! Listen in as Mark and Mat fielding questions in a fun and interesting format on Tax Strategies, Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Business Planning. Email your questions in advance to Mark@kkoslawyers.com and Mat@kkoslawyers.com. Learn more at www.refreshyourwealth.com.

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    HR Happy Hour on Alexa - Episode 59

    in Business

    HR Happy Hour Show on Alexa - Episode 59
    Host: Steve Boese
    Welcome to the HR Happy Hour on Alexa. A short, quick version of the popular HR Happy Hour Podcast, where Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane, and Ben Eubanks take on topics on Human Resources, HR technology, work, and the workplace. And more.
    In this episode, Steve talks about workplace email communication and shares some interesting findings from a recent survey by Adobe on email usage and habits.
    To listen to this new version of the HR Happy Hour Show for Alexa - add the HR Happy Hour Skill to your Echo device's Flash Briefing.
    Learn more at www.h3hr.com.
    And to listen to full versions of the HR Happy Hour Show, subscribe to show using Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast app - just search for 'HR Happy Hour'

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    The MOBE Daily PowerUp Call

    in Entrepreneur

    Join international high-performance coach, inspirational speaker and former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt for your daily dose of adrenaline and inspiration to help you rock your MOBE business!

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    in Real Estate

    Long-time Howard Stern Staffer Erik Bleaman, known to the Stern universe as "High Pitch Erik."
    Artie Lange, Shuli, Stuttering John, Robin Quivers and President Trump will probably not be on the show.
    High Pitch conducts a daily blog documenting his life and reviewing the Howard Stern Show.
    Daily Shows air live at 10:30 AM EST Monday through Friday.  Secret shows air throughout the day.

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    What Wage Growth Means for Stocks

    in Finance

    Wages increase at their fastest pace since 2009. Five Below and Okta rack up big returns for shareholders. Tesla falls on news that its Chief Accounting Officer is leaving. And Mattel gets into the movie business. Andy Cross, Matt Argersinger and Ron Gross discuss those stories and share some stocks on their radar. Plus, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Charles Duhigg talks big tech, trade wars, and productivity tips.
    Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/fool and get $50 off your first job post.

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    How To Grow 50% Without Setting Goals

    in Business

    Philip Williams has a unique and valuable viewpoint regarding business growth. He has a great deal of experience helping people grow their small businesses and focuses on the people side over the financial aspects. He was hired as a CEO by a company that didn't know how they were going to pay him. He took this failing business and helped grow its revenue by 50% every year WITHOUT even setting goals.
    Philip’s business education started at the family dinner table when he was about 8 years old. He was raised by a Barber Shop and Auto Salvage Yard owner then climbed the corporate ladder outside the family business. He’s worked in manufacturing, distribution, engineering consulting, and professional services. He's a 3-time Inc5000 honoree after becoming the CEO who took the helm of a 17 year old cash strapped company and grow it at 50% a year for 5 straight years.
    That resulted in two nearly simultaneous acquisition offers from two publicly traded multi-national corporations. He accomplished it all by bootstrapping the business - no outside money. He's bought and sold a couple companies and been through the highs and lows you can only experience through small business ownership. Today, he helps small business owners build profitable and well respected companies through his consulting firm.
    Today's show is sponsored by Audible.com. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

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    The Ray Lucia Show: 09/10/2018, Hour 2

    in Business

    The Ray Lucia Show: 09/10/2018, Hour 2

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    When the Stuff You Own Starts to Own You

    in Finance

    This week we’re all about stuff: Why so many of us have too much of it, how harmful it can be, and what you can do to get rid of it (or help a love one).
    Sponsored link: www.casper.com/fool code fool.

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    3-Day Virtual Immersive With Allyson Byrd Day 1

    in Business

    If you’re ready to steal my trade secrets, learn how I list build + sell to make tons of money every month, hear my #1 tool for booking ideal clients and finally how I get booked on extraordinary stages without major marketing or even a massive online presence, you better show up, take notes and get ready for an explosive time together.
    How I’m scaling to $500K+ per month and what you can apply to your business vision [at any/every level]. *limited QA to follow

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