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  • The Ultimate Educator

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    FBI University is a school of Faith Based Instructions. Wherein, we extract the wisdom of God from the text of scripture, fashion it into practical principles of instructions, and present them through daily devotionals. Obedience to these instructions turns beliefs into behavior that advances our economical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing. Now stay tuned as John Marshall teaches you how that by following instructions you coach yourself into the Champion Circle.
    Jesus never sought to change the quality of one’s existence through prayer alone. Jesus sought to change the quality of life by issuing a set of instructions. Even to Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, Jesus gave a set of instructions, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). Had Lazarus dishonored the instructions, he would have remained dead. His quality of life changed due to his willingness to honor the set of instructions that Jesus issued to him. Prayer is a powerful tool. I continually use that God-authorized empowerment tool. However, do not seek to alter your course in life by prayer alone. God seeks to improve your life by giving you a set of instructions.
    (1) The quality of the instructions that you follow helps to produce the quality of life you will enjoy.
    (2) The instructions you follow today create the quality of life you will enjoy tomorrow.
    (3) Yesterday’s programming takes today’s instructions and orchestrate tomorrow’s outcome.
    (4) Therefore, the instructions you massage into your mind today will determine how well you manage your life tomorrow. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God
    (5) Only when you follow divine counsel do you enjoy maximum quality of health within your spirit.

  • January Jones-In Ur Dreams-Dr. Nancy Irwin

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    Dr. Nancy Irwin
    Therapist/Clinical Hypnotist/Author
    Dr Irwin reinvented at age 44, transitioning from stand-up comic to therapist. She uses fear as a motivator, not a reason to play safe in life.
    “As a therapeutic hypnotist and doctor of psychology, I know for a fact that we are all born to win. We learn to fail, and what we learn, we can un-learn.  Therefore, I work to clear away the  negative programming, undesirable  habits, and limiting beliefs to free the  inner winner in my clients.”
    Dr. Nancy Irwin graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California with honors and the Director’s Award. She is a member of the Hypnotists’ Union, the California Psychological Association, the American Academy for Experts in Traumatic Stress, and the California Coalition on Sexual Offending (CCOSO).

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    Why Exercise?

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    Start using all of who you are to achieve the life you dream of.  Pat Council will explain what happens when you exercise your body and how exercise can help you achieve more goals.  Learn to build discipline and stay on course and get some facts about building your physique, so you can build a strong foundation for success.  Find out why exercise may be necessary.  It is easier to stick to a fitness regiment when you know what it can do for you.
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  • Test II!!! Test II

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    Test! Testing! Testing !!! This only a test! Test! Testing! Testing !!! This only a test! Test! Testing! Testing !!! This only a test! Test! Testing! Testing !!! This only a test! Test! Testing! Testing !!! This only a test! Test! Testing! Testing 

  • Breaking the Chains...Recap of Earn, Learn and Return Pt 2 with Lynette Roger

    in Motivation

    I have a dream...Celebrating Our Jubilee!
    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Civil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality.
    So what are we buildiing in our communities today? What are we fostering in the minds of our Black children? How will we strengthen our families and our communities? How will we show the power of LOVE in the world? How are we Leading Change?
    Fifty years ago, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream..." Speech debuted in Detroit and transformed a nation. Today, we Celebrate our Jubilee and join in that movement, teaching us all to evolve in our beliefs, values and purpose for the elevation of our consciousness for unity of all.
    Today, I am grateful for my special guest, Lynnette Rogers, because if it were not for her, I would not have attended the 2015 PowerNetworking Conference hosted by Dr. George C.Fraser, author of Success Runs in Our Race. The event  empowers African-American Professionals to return to their communities, empowering Blacks economically, psychologically, culturally and physically.
    Today we will share more awesomeness about this event and encourage you to attend in 2016, as well as inspire you to become the change you are waiting to see RIGHTnow in your communities!!!  We must unleash the power of our heritage in our communities, so that its transformational the same way our culture has impacted this nation. Remember our value and self-worth comes from our heritage of Kings and Queens, that began long before the years of slavery.
    Join our conversation for ideas that can be transformational in your community today! 
    We are powerful, and together we rise!

  • Show #77- Joy in the Face of Adversity with Greg O’Brien!!!!

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    Guest: Greg O'Brien, Author
    WEB URL:   http://onpluto.org/                                                                 
    TWITTER: @OnPlutoOB  
    Greg was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 at the age of 59.  , Greg decided to tackle his disease and imminent decline by writing frankly about this journey in his latest book, "On Pluto: Inside The Mind of Alzheimer's. "On Pluto" has won numerous awards and Greg is also the subject of the short film, "A Place Called Pluto.” Greg is here to share with us strategies for embracing adversity with strength, determination, optimism and humor.   
    In his book-Greg talks freely about what it is like to slowly lose your mind, and to see slices of your very identity slipping away piece by piece. Because of his more than 35 years of newspaper and magazine experience as a writer, editor, investigative reporter and publisher, this veteran journalist has the outstanding ability to communicate objectively the patient perspective of living with this condition, the symptom burden, longitudinal course of the disease, and its impact on family.

  • Love, Law & Character Development with Issa

    in Goals

    Tune in each and every Tuesday 8am PST/ 9am MST / 10am CST /11am EST
    "Live life freely in love, know the various laws of life, and always continue to develop a positive character" ~ Issa
    “Most people don't grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.”  ? Maya Angelou
    "If it doesn't have redeeming value, then why say or do it" ~ Issa
    Know who YOU are, always follow your spirit, and live a beautiful life.

  • Gerald Rogers author of The Marriage Advice I Wish I Would've Had: What Divorce

    in Relationships

    Gerald Rogers is a bestselling author, transformational leader, speaker and coach. He has helped thousands of individuals discover their purpose, step into their power, and to live a passion filled life.
    Gerald is internationally known for his virtual sensation that has touched millions worldwide­­ The Marriage Advice I Wish I Would’ve Had and his LIVE BIG breakthrough seminars. Gerald’s passion for love, life, and helping others has led him to be featured on The Today Show,  NBC, ABC, the Huffington Post and 100’s of radio shows and blog posts across the world. Recently he was recognized and featured by Pope Francis in an article entitled A man gives you 20 tips to not get a divorce.
    After 16 years of marriage Gerald unexpectedly found himself going through a painful divorce and being thrown into the life of being a single father of four. His experiences inspired him to help other couples by sharing with them the marriage advice he wish he would have had. Through his coaching and mentoring he is on a mission to save over 1,000 marriages.
    Gerald is committed to leading and inspiring individuals to Live BIG!

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    Banish The Victim - Bring passion, detachment and fearlessness into your Life

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    In the east, the illusion our ego projects on the world is called samsara, which is nothing but an ephemeral ocean of stories; the mind seeking meaning and purpose, floating endlessly on the rising waves of karmic patterns, yet behind this whole show lies the simple truth of what we are: unconditioned awareness dreaming itself in a myriad of forms awaiting its unveiling. Once we as a seeming fragment of this awareness take birth in this self-projected reality, we cannot escape the pain of our destined roles. Whether challenging or gratifying, these roles define our life’s journey. The good news is, every role we play,can become a tool for us to realize our true nature, if we only discover how to utilize our role for cultivating greater awareness. 
    Unfortunately due to ego identification, instead of utilizing the role, the role utilizes us. We begin to feel like a victim, either despising the role or clinging to it. To truly fulfill and enjoy our worldly role, it is important that we have both a passion for and a detachment to our role. So how do we do this and fulfill our role gracefully?
    In today’s show Paula and her guest Rashminder Kaur will talk about how we can shift our perspective from that of a Victim to Fearless, and how you can cultivate passion and detachment to live a full life enjoying the multitude of roles we are called to play.
    HOST:  Paula Horan Ph.D. (LaxmiDechenWangmo), is an American psychologist who lives in Asia. A Reiki Master for 25 years and an author of 8 books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness. Her new book Fierce Innocence, which conveys the wisdom of her Jnana Yoga retreats in fostering a radiant self-confidence, is now available at amazon.com/author/paulahoran.

  • UPDATED - 6 Months Into 2015... How Are You Doing??

    in Goals

    You are not alone if you are dealing with the challenges, obstacles and successes of life and sticking to your beginning of year goals and resolutions.
    On today's program, your hostess Bernadette Boas, will help you take control and achieve the goals you set out to tackle this year. CALL IN to 1-818-572-2910 with any specific questions, stories or challenges you are having, and let's create RICHes for you.
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    Each week Bernadette and her guests will discuss current top issues and growth opportunities that women deal with, as well educate and inspire you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH!  FOLLOW the show to get updates and announcements on topics, guests and more.
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  • Are You Trying To Live A Spiritual Fantasy?

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    BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TALK RADIO- Get ready to become inspired and live the life you deserve to live. This 30 minute internet based radio show will inspire you to take inspired action. Listen each week to Chaney Weiner, inspirational speaker and founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential as he discusses the topics that matter most to you in any of the 7 areas of life (financial, relationships, career, spiritual, mindset, health & well being, and social). If you wish to receive regular updates on upcoming show topics please register for the Attraction Secrets newsletter at www.ChaneyWeiner.com