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  • Easy Knowing 7/31/16

    in Self Help

    We live in a radically changing world and the old ways are not working anymore. Join me in an interactive call-in show, creating a unique opportunity to talk one on one with each other regarding our spiritual and personal growth. We will discuss how to examine our understanding of what we know differently, through various facets such as our belief systems, conditioning and programming, and everyday language. Change your perspective and you change how you experience your world.

  • Mark Minard - Helping individuals with special needs through Dreamshine

    in Self Help

    Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor and Bestselling author, Tom too tall Cunningam, interviews Mark Minard.
    Mark Minard is a husband, and father of 5. He is the Owner and Co-Founder of Dreamshine http://www.dreamshine.co, which proudly serves individuals with special needs. He’s the Owner & Host of Elevating Beyond Podcast http://www.ElevatingBeyond.com. He’s the published author of The Story of YOU, Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, Taking You Dreams To The Next Level & Beyond! He’s just an ordinary dude, with an extraordinary faith, believing all things are possible. 

  • power of perception Coaching with Deborah Bishop

    in Motivation

    Born an Intuitive empath and catalyst, Deborah stepped on stage at the age of four and her performing career includes over 100 of her own original theatrical shows produced, being a critically acclaimed actor and award winning recording artist.  A published columnist and popular, sometimes controversial, talk radio and TV talk show host. A serial entrepreneur her creative collaborations include Disneyland Entertainment, Mattel, The Ritz Carlton Corporation and Nightingale Conant. A Non-denominational Minister, Psychic, and Healing Artist, she embraced the magnitude of a highly violent event which almost cost her life and used that to fuel her insatiable appetite for the ongoing attainment of conscious life mastery.
    Developing her methodology that has transformed hundreds of lives, Deborah is an Inner Image Expert; because you’ll never outperform your own self image, Monetization Specialist; once the cash flows everything else is possible, and Transform-tainer; using her original music to embed her message of possibility into the hearts and minds of her audiences. 
    To sum it up, Deborah’s vocation is being a leader in the Deliberate Creation Movement, hence her show “Deliberation Creation Radio” her upcoming book (2017) “The Inner Millionaire” and tag-line; “Peace, Love and Profits!”  It is her quest, over the next decade, to assist 1000 leaders, (entrepreneurs and experts) to attain multi-millionaire status creating positive change on this planet.

  • Lyric Raines Editor In Chief of PC Urban Magazine

    in Motivation

    Editor In Chief Lyric Raines will discuss the importance of living in our purpose

  • Encourage Mint #1 "URGENT! Build Your Ark Now!"

    in Self Help

    Watchman Jen with an urgent "heads up" warning regarding Isaiah 29:6 to whoever has ears to hear.

  • The Empowerment Show - Judith Paterson ,Finding Freedom in Your Life's Journey

    in Self Help

    Judith Paterson is a New Zealand Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner, having trained and completed her Classical Kinesiology Diploma in the UK in 2001. She has been in the health and wellbeing industry since 1993.  
    A former teacher, Judith’s passion is still in educating and facilitating change so people can turn their lives around to live a balanced and happy life.  Judith’s mission: "To provide the opportunity for you to create the life you want. By considering a variety of ‘travel approaches’ you can then make informed decisions about your own, unique, journey and you'll have the guidance you need." 
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    I Reduced Sugar... the easy, step-by-step process that really works!!! 
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  • Heart Checkup

    in Relationships

    Royal Court host, Gozen Soydag is joined by speaker and author Cheesette Cowan to discuss matters of the heart. We will explore the intention of the heart and learn how to check our hearts to ensure that we are full of love and thriving in this journey called life! 

  • EPS 71: Step into your greatness with Dave VanHoose... RB

    in Motivation

    Dave Vanhoose, founder of SpeakingEmpire.com, is a master sales trainer and motivator. Dave is mentor and coach to some of the most experienced experts in the world. His leadership and sales abilities took his first seminar based sales company, Foreclosures Daily, to number 35 on INC Magazines list of 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Within 3 years, Dave’s company had 100 employees, over $30 million in revenue, and was producing 50-100 seminar events per month! Dave has focused his business life on motivating world class people to achieve more than they ever thought possible. His own achievements have led him to channel his success and energy into his new charity foundation Divine Bliss International. 
    Check Dave out at: www.speakingempire.com

  • Style with Trysh

    in Self Help

    Timea G. is a Breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur, communications expert, and SheROCKS
    Visionary with several years of client experience in the communications industry. Timea created a
    company that reflects everything she stands for professionally and personally. At Love Life
    Media, she and her team help emerging, socially conscious brands to establish and expand their
    reach with a positive impact on the local and global communities. To date, Timea has contributed
    to the success of numerous public relations, marketing efforts, and events featuring notable
    celebrities such as Nicole Ari Parker, Lamman Rucker, Dondre Whitfield, veteran NFL linebacker
    Chris Samuels and veteran NBA player and activist Etan Thomas.
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  • Fitness Coach Jeremy Robinson, Ben Gibson on YOUvolution & Paula Atherton on sax

    in Self Help

    Once again, we will be joined by Jeremy Robinson, owner of Austin Holistic Fitness.  Jeremy has been recently voted #1 personal trainer in Austin, TX.  He has made it his life's mission to help people get the results they really want.  Jeremy helps his clients get past their physical and psychological barriers that are holding them back from getting the results they desire and deserve.  Jeremy has over 14 years of experience creating practical, long-term routines which also address muscle imbalances and chronic problems.  Jeremy joins us for a discussion about health and wellness at any age!!
    Ben Gibson, joined us previously to talk about his new organization, YOUvolution.  He joins us once again to talk about how this organization, whose “mission is to bring hope to the hopeless and empower the hopeful" to talk about all of the exciting developments over the past year and 1/2 and some new and exciting directions that they're going in!
    Musician, Paula Atherton, will join us and we'll be playing some of her original music.
    And MORE!