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PNN Welcomes a fine selection of National Progressive Journalists and Heros armed with Actual Facts News Director Rick Spisak welcomes our Sisters and Brothers from SEIU and One Miami for another Tallahassee Report.... more
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PNN's host and News Director Rick Spisak welcomes three very special guests Karina Veaudry, Former Executive Director for the Florida Native Plant Society. Landscape Ecologist and Landscape designer for 26 years Involved in statewide... more

PNN - the Tallahassee Report from our sisters and brothers at SEIU and OneMiami Tune in Today or Sunday April 13th

Tune In Sunday at 7pm Eastern Join News Director Rick Spisak asks he talk with this weeks guests. Join us as our sisters and brothers in SEIU / One Miami - present their Tallahassee Report. The we'll be meeting these guests. First will... more

PNN Welcomes our Union Brothers and Sisters from SEIU and One Miami

Join PNN's News Director Rick Spisak as he discusses the TERROR in TALLAHASSEE and the Continuing Effort to protect our Water Resources from Thieves and their ENABLERS in the LEGISLATURE TALLAHASSEE REPORT... more

SEIU One Miami Report

Join PNN's News Director Rick Spisak as he welcomes Ms Meredith L Ockman VP of NOW Florida and her guests: Barbara Devane - Lobbyist for NOW, Meredith just told me she has a surprise guest for our SHOW - Terry O'Neill... more

Join News Director Rick Spisak as he welcomes Rebecca Wakefield from SEIU Local 1991 and Subhash Kateel from OneMiami, here to bring us the SEIU Tallahassee Update. Tune in Sunday 3/23/14 at 7pm (eastern) for our next PNN

News Director Rick Spisak welcomes our sisters and brothers from SEIU for their Tallahassee Report, Then And Eric and Leanne two AIDS Activists from Mind Body & Spirit will give us an update on AIDS in Florida Ms. Jeanne Economos of... more

PNN News Director Rick Spisak and Ms. Anita Stewart will be webcasting from the Studio and Remote from Naples the site of the Last Chance Hearing to BLOCK FRACKING IN FLORIDA If you can't go to Naples - Submit your... more