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Progressive News - Activists from across Florida and beyond - featuring Political Cultural and Environmental News hosted by Rick Spisak co produced with Mikki Royce

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Join our Comedy Playhouse acrors for a GLOWING EVENING of Laughter and Merrient - Skits from across the sea bubbling with high energy particles - EXPLODE in Laughter - GigaWatts and Gales of Giggles 8:30pm - 9:30 Friday Nihgts or Anytime
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PNN is expanding! Join us Tuesday night from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM for more PNN news and progressive updates when your new Tuesday night host, Rob Abston, will introduce you to the president of the Environmental Caucus of the Florida... more

Jon News Director Rick Spisak and his guests Ruddy Everglades EarthFirst - will take us along with her, as she discusses the work of Everglades Earth First Dr. Karen Dwyer Stone Crab Alliance on Betrayal of Public interest by Collier... more

Comedy Playhouse a laugh riot, a mirth-fest, a million merry-go-rounds a miraculous madhouse of merriment Laughing languid, liquid and lugubrious, and leaf-peepingly lilting - a half acre of hilarity a halo of HUMOR can be all yours... more

Rob Abston of Florida Media Labs and the Reality Show, will be hosting His guests will include Mohammed Malik [ who will talk about his eye witness accounts of Ferguson Mo and give his perspective on Palestinian Issues ] and... more

Rob's triumphant return to the AIR - with political commentary and more

Jon News Director Rick Spisak and his guests Luis Cuevas Progressive Push Larry Aguilar former Candidate (denied his votes by the State Election Office) Susan Smith - President of Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida... more

The Merriment begins in earnest - With only a Laugh a minute interludes with Verity Biz-Mouff providing the News she Chooses to Lose, Ms Misty Shores providing the latest Education Report via her hand puppet and co-conspirator... more

PNN's Guests this week: Join News Director Rick Spisak with this weeks guests: Ann Fonfa Update on Cancer research / International Research Dr. Rachel Pienta, Campus Vote Project Coordinator, for Florida for the Fair Election Legal... more

Comedy Playhouse and their dazzling dream team of Laugh Riotors and Robots will dare to delight you with a daring dash of Dotty Parker quite freshly and fleshily from the INfamous Algonquin Round Table. And as always we'll squeeze... more

Join News Director Rick Spisak with this weeks guests: PNN's Guests this week: Special Report from State Representative and Democratic Leader Mark Pafford He will discuss the NOT-SO-SPECIAL "Special Session" and what passes for... more