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  • Celebrate Life welcomes Diane Winbush, CEO

    in Lifestyle

    On today's broadcast of the Celebrate Life show, your host Jean Bailey Robor welcomes Diane Winbush, CEO for Extraordinary Women Ministries. Diane focuses on empowering women to live better, more successful lives. She supports them in financial growth, healthy living, spiritual empowerment, daily living and self motivation. As a speaker, her topics include entrepreneurship and domestic violence. Listen in to find out more about Diane and how she can help you lead a better life! 

  • Overcoming Fear & Staying Fear Free

    in Christianity

    Continuing our Strongholds series, Minister and Teacher, Jonathan Hill will discuss overcoming fear by the power of God. Fear has crippled many in the body of Christ. Why do not have to live with fear - it is not of God.  You must know you have the authority and power to pull-down this stronghold!  
    The only one we should fear is God. The fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom - Paalm 111:10
    Eliashib Power Ministries
    July 9th, 6:30PM
    Show Times (EST)

  • Underground Hip Hop with Shadow Cat

    in Music

    On Thursday 7/9/15 @ 5:30pm, Hype Mic Radio will be Introducing ShadowCats first ever music video. One of a kind hip hop. Presenting music with deep meaning. 90's vibe. True Hip-hop. Touching the soul. https://youtu.be/iSR_nyS0o_A First music video. Track titled I Pray..
    Connect with Shadow Cat:
    ,Tune in to Hypoe Mic Radio
    ALL ARTIST  Submit all music to ladyflame_11@yahoo.com for  interview Consideration.

  • Not So Mad Science #HaroldMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Science

    Hosted By: Harold Muhammad
    Harold, an eclectic and voracious reader, began his venture in the world of the written word as a child of 2 years.  Scraps of paper, candy wrappers, dictionary's right through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Yet Harold was driven to books of the sciences. Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, he met them all with great wonder and fascination. He delved into each discipline as if his very life depended upon understanding its depth.
    It was not until the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the essence and understanding of the sciences began to have true purpose and meaning. He said, "all there is to know is written in a book, read".
    Harold began his collegiate pursuit at Hampton Institute; he then forayed to Fairleigh Dickenson University. At FDU the practice of the Social Sciences, public activism, and public speaking became a trusted part of mental fabric.
    Harold is the husband to Celestine Muhammad, and the father of 10 extraordinary children, and 8 grandchildren. Harold has the benefit of having the most exceptional and wondrous teachers to whom he owes all that he has learned, will learn and knows to this very day, The Most  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, his Father Alfred Eatman, and his Grandfather  the Late Captain, Harold D. Hook. 

  • Greetings from Beyond Radio

    in Paranormal

    Join Rich Valdes every Thursday night from 7-8pm, est. as he discusses everything in the Paranormal and he inteviews some amazing guests!


    in Culture

    ENVISION THIS: You are all the ones you have been waiting for!
    Peter Moon's four volume Yeshu’a The Hidden Life of Jesus, heals the Christian story by reconciling and bringing to full-flower the Feminine within everyone and everything.  These books, written under the pen name Pietro de la Luna, are an intimate autobiographical account of the hidden life of Jesus. Detailing his family life and Initiate training, the lost years, and the Essenes, Yeshu'a as well reveals the true history of the world and speaks of the transformational times in which we now live.  Significantly, his website is  www.yeshuamagdalen.com.  He is also currently forming a film/music production company devoted to Spirit, Love itself. 
    Reminiscent of the prayer attributed to Saint Francis, he writes:“Wherever there is despair may i bring hope; where there is strife may i birth peace; where there is discord may i issue harmony and wisdom; where there is disease may i by the Light heal it. Ever bestow upon me the words of wisdom to cure any folly of mind, the heart to heal the sick, to cure all error, to uplift Humanity.  
    (Notice the non-capitalization of the “i”!   Peter is adamant that the title “Christ” belongs to all humanity, male and female, that recognizes and reveals the “I AM” within ourselves.)
    Peter is a devoted healer and works with healing circles around the world. He has been a successful conduit in curing various forms of cancer, angina, Parkinson's Disease, and blindness, as well as many other conditions. He has also been a successful conduit in dissipating severe weather events. Working with Light, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional energies, Peter is an etheric surgeon.


    in Sports

    Former Braves publicist Glen Serra, who worked for the team during its 14-year title run, talks about that record and the great players who contributed when he visits BRAVES BANTER at 7p Thursday July 9 at 7p on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.com.

  • Bloom Where You Are Planted

    in Christianity

    Every time you turn around...there is always something compelling us to "keep it moving". Run, sprint, jog, leap or walk away from it all.  Little do we know that we are suppose to STAND!  Regardless of our efforts - the wind blows, rain falls and thunder rolls on our journey.  You and I were planted in a specific soil to nurture our seeds of greatness.  Join Apostle Bronner, as she encourages you to rest, release and relax in your appointed space through the garden of life! 

  • The Appearance Portal (070915) Suddenly

    in Christianity

    Augusto's powerful and heartening message from the Encounter on the Suwannee Conference over Memorial Day Weekend in Live Oak, FL


    in Education


  • 02:00

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes David Kirby

    in Politics Conservative

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome David Kirby.
    David is an investigative journalist,He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Take Part.He was a correspondent in Mexico and Central America from 1986-1990.Currently he is working on a book about government overreach and the erosion of Constitutional Rights.His previous books included works on mercury in vaccines and autism,factory farming and killer whales at SeaWorld.
    His websites are:
    http://www.davidkirbycoaches.com and http://www.deathatseaworld.com