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    One Direction Talk

    in Radio

    A Radio for Directioners of all kind. I talk about new things and songs. Also you can get talk about the new songs and albums they have. Also subscribe to my youtube channel where i do sing parodies.

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    Divine Direction

    in Lifestyle

    Let's Talk Truth with host, Loyce Bullock will be joined by a variety of guest to discuss the Divine Direction in which our lives are destined to go. There is no straight road from origin to destination. One must and will encounter many hills, valleys, curves and detours before we make it to where we have set out to go. Many of us don't realize that our life must take these same twist and turns to arrive at our purpose. Question is- do we really care whether we make it to our assigned purpose or is life going to always be "What We Want It To Be"? Are there certain requirements that we must follow to travel by Divine Direction? What actually happens to our destiny if we do not follow Divine Direction?  Each individual has a built in GPS that will instruct as well as guide us to our life appointments. Join us this Tuesday at 7:30pm CST and let your voice be heard. We really want to hear from you

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    Guidance and Direction

    in Health

    Join Dr. Weizer as he discusses ‘Guidance and Direction’ after cancer diagnosis. Learn about your Yes-Ohmmeter and No-Ohmmeter. This fancy device doesn’t cost anything, and is already installed. Dr. Weizer will teach you how to turn this device on while finding peace.

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    This Way to Spiritual Direction

    in Women

    Some of the questions we often get asked by mothers who aspire to become entrepreneurs are: “How will I know if this is for me?” “Will I still have time for my family?” “I am unsure if this is what I am meant to do.”

    There are many things to consider before you start your mompreneur journey. And if you’ve been and avid listener of Catholic Mompreneurs on Fire, you will recall that aside from the “business” side of mompreneurhood, there are also other things involved like childcare, dealing with distraction while working at home, etc.

    But these are not meant to discourage you from dipping your toes into the water. Establishing a mom business is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. And the road to mompreneurhood can be made bearable if you are guided by your faith.

    In today’s episode Peggy O’Flaherty, founder of Creating Space, talks how having spiritual direction can address life’s everyday challenges—including those you encounter in your mom business.

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    Wrong Direction

    in Politics

    Thirty percent (30%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey for the week ending January 11. 

    This finding is down three points from the week before which marked the highest level of optimism since April 2013. The number of voters who think the country is heading in the right direction was below 30% most weeks last year. Rasmussen




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    One Direction

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    Finding Direction

    in Lifestyle

    We have all felt lost in life at least once? so finding direction is vital

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    "Vision, Direction, and Wisdom"

    in Religion

    When you ask the Lord for vision, understand that He will begin to reveal to you places, things and people that you may have never considered as being part of God’s plan for your life. Vision far exceeds sight.  You will begin to see in the spirit far beyond what your eyes could ever behold or envision.  Be prepared for others around you to scoff at what you see, simply because it will often be hidden from them.  Don't fault them for this because you're simply walking out your story, God's will for your life.

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    Gods Favorite Direction

    in Religion

    Tonight we discuss gods favorite direction and more insight on the plans he has for you plus prayers

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    I Think I Don't Remember: Distraction versus Direction

    in Self Help

    Life is busy. There are no two ways around it. Demands can come from work or home or relationships or church or neighbors. Sometimes we spend all our days in crisis management mode and not in growth mode just to get things off our plates. Join Barbara Hetzel, Jann Jaffe, and Wendol Buckner in the discussion on how to turn distractions into directions.

    Barbara E. Hetzel is the owner and founder of Ridge Top Coaching, a life and leadership coaching firm that engages leaders and teams in developing and expanding their gifts and talents for the world. As an accomplished professional in the field of training and organizational development, she has over 25 years of experience helping others discover and embrace true calling.

    Jann Jaffe, a graduate of Northwestern University, is an iPEC Certified Professional Life and Career Coach.  A traumatic brain injury cut short her successful career as an international opera and concert singer and drastically altered her life.  As THE WHAT’S NEXT COACH, Jann is dedicated to assisting individuals achieve their highest possible level of excellence and effectiveness and specializes in transition coaching for professionals, opera singers, brain injury survivors and their caretakers.

    Wendolyne C. Buckner, (Wendol) is a Certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Professional Coach with over a decade of experience in shifting mindsets to facilitate change within organizations and individuals. His philosophy in coaching, and in life, focuses on Leadership, Accountability, Character, and Excellence.  He summarizes his core message this way: "Being ‘more’ or ‘better’ is not just a product of focused action, but of focused thought.

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    "How Do I Trust God For Direction?" #518

    in Spirituality

    Now why would any of us talk about the "Anthropology of Man" when seeking best sources of direction in this life?  Well, because it is through Anthropology that we can get a true sense of our identity and thus receive a solid foundation for the best direction possible. 

    The tradition of our world today seems to rely on the Greek Philosophers who provided the huimanistic perspective of man's rational soul or mind being our besst guide on how to get good direction in this world.  And, it seems to work for some but the rest of us who seem to have a lesser capacity of mind have to persevere in other areas of direciton in order to experience fulfillment and satisfaction. 

    This study will look at this and offer an "Anthropology of Man" that is Biblically based and in contrast to the world's ways of experiencing life.  So, let's take some time tyo look at, "How Do I Trust God For Direction?" -- (It's All About Identity). 

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