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  • Pray14Another

    in Religion

        Our mission is to pray as well as bring spiritual guidance to anyone who is in a crisis.  Tune in and Witness the power of prayer with Host Evangelist Hilda, she is truly a prayer warrior.  Weather it’s a prayer of Thanks Giving, Petition, Intercession, Healing, Confession or Corporate prayer.   You will be blessed by this truly anointed women of God.  Glory Hallelujah deliverance is just a phone call away and here is the best news, there’s no charge.   Just call our hotline (626) 213-5681 every Monday Through Friday Evangelist Hilda will be taking prayer requests and at 4:30pm  you can share your thoughts on our Topic of The Day with Co - Host Sister Barbara,  There's more At 5pm. Est. Monday’s through Wedensday Join our bible study with Prophet Wiggins.  Thirsty for the Word! listen every Thursday at  5pm. The Holy Ghost Fire of Reverend Dubois,  every Friday at 5pm.  The dynamic preaching  of Apostle Jackson, every Saturday at 10am  Est. Here Apostle Mother Wiggins of HMC Ministries, and every Sunday at 8pm. Est. Join our Partnership Worship Service and enjoy the Round table of the Five Fold Ministry.   All for the edification of the Body of Christ.   
    Pastor Prophet R.D.Wiggins of HMC Ministries

  • The PPI Women of Power Hours: Celebrity Interview

    in Women

    The PPI Women of Power Hours are intriguing, provocative, informative shows dedicated to the career, business, and personal interests of all Women. Host: Fey Ugokwe Esq. 

  • Zeta Report on Situational Preparedness

    in Education

    In partnership with USAEBN, the Zeta Report will be discussing current news and how this relates to your safety in the future.
    #SitPrep will explore all the recent events that can change your situational awareness and your family emergency plans.
    FB: Madtown Preppers
    Powered by NebShip Shop
    "There's a Difference between Knowing the Path, and Walking the Path."
    In order to save as many lives as we can please share the link to our site, whatever you need to do to share this information.
    USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has opened up some Sponsorship and Commercial opportunities. Help us get the Preparedness message out to millions of listeners. For more information visit http://usaebn.org/web/index.php/advertise-with-usa-ebn
    Remember: Research everything before you Believe anything!!

  • Tuning in with Betsy

    in The Bible

    Hear all the latest breaking End Times News and updates.  When you hear and see Bible prophecy matching the daily news headlines you know we are close to the Return off Jesus the Christ.  Are you ready?  Are you prepared? Are you Rapture Ready or will you be Left Behind?
    How do you recognize the antichrist.  What is the mark of the beast?  Is it too late to prepare?  What is the Day of Atonemeeent?  The Shemetah? Feast of Trumpets?  Why is September 13, Septembber 27, September 28, 2015 so important and significant?
    Learn to discern the signs of the times, The End Times, daily at 5 on Tuning in with Betsy.  Listen and learn.  Better yet, Be still, listen, and know Who is God. He is in charge.


    in Spirituality

    Join us this Monday for the welcome return of-
    Cindy Bentley RN International Energy Practitioner.
    Cindy has practiced for 15 years working with Divine Beings to clear & transmute negative energies & attachments in clients energy fields allowing them to hold higher frequencies. 
    She is a renowned speaker & teacher helping one navigate their life to attract more clarity & joy. Cindy  works to help heal homes, land & sacred sites around the Planet.
    Cindy will offer a powerful healing Meditation on the show for all those who desire to release blocks to hold higher frequencies of Divine Light.
    She is the author of the book "Celestial Being: How to Shift to Fifth Dimensional Living" found on amazon & on her website www.dnareconnection.com.
    "My desire is for all beings to find the truth of their Soul"
    Call us at 5Pm Est 10Pm Bst


    in Hip Hop Music

    One of the top rising Indie Artist coming out of Alabama.  Tjames is very special and his lyrics showcase his culture, struggle, pain, and undeniable passion for music.  

  • 00:57

    Vintage Show from the 80's | K8387

    in Self Help

    Website – http://www.fhu.com
    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com
    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K150827.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Vintage Show from the 80's
    Visit - FhuEngland.com

  • Pilot: Author Vanessa Hogle

    in Writing

    Paranormal author Vanessa Hogle will discuss her recent book, how she became interested in the paranormal community and her writing experiences. Come listen and see what she has to say, and be on board with us from the very beginning!

  • Everything with Kathy B, Mark & Michaela, Terry Bams, Fred Shaw

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Be sure to tune in to Relationship Mondays with Kathy B and Parents & Teens Talk with Chevonna Johnson tomorrow night.
    At 6:15, join us as Kathy B welcomes husband and wife Mark & Michaela Logue into the studio to discuss, HAVING THE APPROPRIATE KEY IN BEING ABLE TO ATTRACT THAT PERFECT PERSON FOR YOU.
    Mark and Michaela Logue are both Certified Master Neurostrategists and coaches with a combined 20+ years experience coaching individuals, couples and entrepreneurs. Their workshops and motivational speeches on Love, Sex and Relationships are inspiring, energizing and life-changing. You and your spouse, or your partner will walk away with a renewed sense of connection. Get the tools you need to stay connected and increase passion in your relationship.
    At 7:15, Author Terry Bams is back in the studio to discuss another chapter from his first #1 Selling Book, The Mind Of A Womanizer. Tune in to hear the details.
    At 8:15, Join Host Chevonna Johnson for another informative show as she welcomes
    Listen in by calling, 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

  • An Examination of Bernie Sander's Presidential Platform

    in Politics Progressive

    In this episode we will discuss why Bernie's presidential platform is important whether he wins the election or not, and what it means for the US, the world eonomy overall. If you don't know, his platform includes the following:
    Universal healthcare Free/affordable public college Transform our energy system Overturn Citizens United Raise the minimum wage to $15 In the war on drugs We bill our crumbling instructor Raise taxes on the 1% Stop it was military spending Expand Social Security End police brutality Demilitarized the police

  • 02:00

    Podcast Interview with Social Media Consultant John Lusher

    in Social Networking

    What's Up #Diamonds!
    I cannot be on the show live Monday due to two deaths in my family in the same week, yes! My family has been gathering and I need to be with them during this time of sympathy. No worries though because I've left you with one of my favorite interviews podcast.
    This is a podcast withe one of my new social friends Social Media Consultant John Lusher, get ready to hear some good conversation! We talked about brand building in social networks all the time on this show and it's nice to welcome different opinions in the field that can add some strategic insights on a few of the best practices in social networking.  Listen in... you won't want to miss this one again. You can find John on Facebook I call him the #coffeeman because he's always saying hello to his followers with a cup of coffee. This is a podcast, phone lines will be closed.
    Don't forget to check out September's calendar! Find out who's the new classic interview. Classic interviews  are interviews of guest from 2014. Also read my August recap,
    the recap is a series of paragraphs with the dates of different guest that came my show this month, and at the end of the paragraph you will find a link to the show so you can listen to that episode.
    If you would like to be a guest on the show to get some free exposure for your business or book send me an email it’s that easy to guest@LJDNShow.com, I only have about 2 to 3 slots open for the year, if you want one you need to email me like now. If you have music that you would like to be promoted on the show email music@LJDNShow.com. For general questions email LJDN show@Gmail.com. I will see you in the social realm, God bless.

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