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  • unconsciously overdosed on knowledge ...

    in Education

    Join me the truth Dr and brother b and queen yehma touching on the issue of with all this knowledge that is being learned why is it that we still can't control our own community are we on a knowledge overload because of the internet tune in and bring your opinions to the roundtable on wake up African people ...

  • Guerrilla Radio with Austin Thomas and Liberty Lisa

    in Current Events

    Hard hitting, NEVER scripted! The often immitated/never duplicated Guerrilla Radio is a gritty, in your face expose of modern politics and current events. The perfect show for those who question everything as we have guests on BOTH sides of the spectrum. Join us for our round table discussions every Wednesday. You may hear from a dozen people, or only two....but what you will not hear is a boring, canned, scripted show. You never know what will happen on Guerrilla Radio!

  • Top Star Hip Hop Radio presents PowertalkwithOG LEGENDS OF Hip Hop

    in Hip Hop Music

    This is a new monthly show in which OG Mack Drama @MackDrama1017 along with BMF Publicist Necole Jenkins @Necolej72.  We will be talking with people who helped build the foundation of Hip Hop and paved the way for todays artist to shine!
    This week we interview the legendary Speacial ED @SpecialEd who's hit records "I got it made", "I'm the Magnificent" from The Youngest In Charge established him as a key player in the world of hip hop. His career spans over 20yrs in the game! He's on the comeback so be prepare & be ready for some Magnificent music! Even Jay Z sampled from his music! www.SpecialEdMusic.com
    We also have Onyx in the building. This Rap group has been invovled since 1988 consisting of Fredro Star & Stucky Fingaz both of South Side Jamaica, Queens NY. Home to such artist as 50 Cents & Frenchie of Brick Squade Monopoly. Albums where Bacdafucup, All We Got iz Us, Shut Em Down, Triggernometry www.majorindependents.com, www.onyxhq.com 
    Top Star Hip Hop we feature music from www.topstarhiphop.com & from the artists we interview. We feature a varitey of shows from talk, music, Top 20 weekly Hits, Gospel Hip Hop, Battle Rapping, Powertalk With OG, Real House Wives of Twitter. We have it all plus Entertainment News. We are the voice of the Indy Artist and we rule the streets. We are the streets! @mackdrama1017 #OGMackDramaProduction all rights reserved

  • Conscious Thought

    in Culture

    Family, join Ringing Stone Host Kasim Ra EL building on, this powerful summer sun season, beginning with the summer solstice, moving through the july 4th and our connection with Sirius. now we move to a profound stage of the year called the Lions Gate. where the sun goes into leo ..at this time this gateway is opened. listen in to learn more about this powerful time. Join us on the blogtalkradio.com/ringingstonenetwork or 6469290691. Time 9 pm eastern in CultureWednesday at 9:00 pm 03:0

  • "Messages of Love From Heaven" with Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds

    in Spirituality

    Tonight join your host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds as she facilitates her bi-monthly call in show for listeners.  It's an opportunity to receive a FREE Mediumship Reading.  Pamela will connect with you and then will connect to one of your loved ones in the spirit world..  While connecting to your loved one she will bring you information to prove who your loved one is and a message which is loving, supportive, and healing in nature.
    More About Pamela Marie Edmunds;
    She has a BA in Women's Studies, and a MA in Holistic Leadership.  Pamela is a Medium, Trance Medium, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.
    As a Medium, Pamela has studied with; Rita Berkowitz of Massachusetts, Glynn Edwards, and Brenda Lawrence, both of Great Britain.   She has worked at numerous churches, healing centers and other venues over the past fifteen years doing Mediumship, healing and teaching.  Pamela has her own office in Shirley, Massachusetts where she does sessions by phone, and in person.
    She is the host of "Bridge Between Two Worlds" an online radio show which airs on Blog Talk Radio Network Wednesdays at 9:00 PM EST.

  • Evolved Spirit Radio with Mike and Taylor

    in Spirituality

    Each week join Michael Brazell and Taylor Hammond Foster as they take you on a journey into the spiritual.  Each episode is geared towards facilitating community conversation on a variety of spiritual topics and current events.  We try and blend practical advice with deep conversation.  
    This is a community based show. We want to hear from YOU!  What topics would you like to hear on the show?  What would help you grow as a seeker?  Do you have guest reccomendations?
    We've covered everything from conspiracy to Reiki, meditation to intution.  We love diving into the deep end fo life's journey.
    To contact the hosts:  michael@michaelbrazell.com

  • Pedophile's in the black community!

    in Entertainment

    Black men that like to have sex with little girls and boys.
    This is very sick and needs to be talked about and stopped

  • COMER - what is it, what are they doing and why the news blackout on their case?

    in Politics

    COMER - The Committe for Monetary and Economic Reform - is a Toronto based think tank established in the 1970's to do exactly what their title implies. The impetus to establish the non-governmental organization was due to the decision in 1974 by the Liberal Trudeau government to change the Bank of Canada Act and get Canada on the international private central bank bandwagon.
    The Bank of Canada is unique in the fact that it is owned by the citizens of Canada and its sole duty is to "Act as fiscal agent for the Government of Canada". Using that mandate Canada was able to recover from the Great Depression, to finance the efforts of the Second World War and to undertake massive infrastructure projects like the Trans-Canada Highway and St. Lawrence Seaway while keeping control of the currency here at home. While accumulating a very small debtload in relation to other industrialized nations that were involved in the private banking controlled money supply chain.
    Section 18 of the Bank of Canada Act states "The Bank may" followed by a list of functions allowed by law. In 1974, section 18(m) was amended to allow the Bank to be "agent" for the Bank of International Settlement, the Finacial Stability Board, the International Monetary Fund and any other international financial institution or organization. This in effect ceded control of the government's financial policy and practice.
    Since 2011 a lawsuit demanding a return to independence has been working its way through the system, with COMER winning the right to proceed at every step under the direction of cheif counsel Rocco Galati, the man who lives to defeat the Harper government. Why are Canadians being charged billions of dollars for something they need not use?
    Join The View Up Here to find out what MSM will not report on.

  • Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

    in Self Help

    "Hey baby, what's your sign?" is not just a pickup line. We really want to know!
    On Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 Eastern, we dare you to call (323) 870-3965 and tell us your date of birth. Astrologer, Mimi Truong, will join Fantasy Dating Radio to do live readings just for you!
    Tune into Fantasy Dating Radio to discover how your astrological signs can impact not only who you love but how you love. Mimi will explain how July is full of exciting planetary movements when it comes to love. Plus, she'll share how Venus Retrograde will affect you.
    And if you did last week's dare and set up an online dating profile, we want to hear from you! Call (323) 870-3965 at showtime and share how you dared.
    We dare you.
    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

  • Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show is on the Air 'Live' Wednesday at 6:00pm pacific 9:00 eastern and can be found right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com Tonight we will look back on the WCAN in Raymond Alberta. The Show was there on behalf of Ryno Power Sports Supplements and Pro Action Suspension and caught all the action. 
    We look forward to catching up with this years WCAN Silver Sprocket winner Ryno Power athlete Tyler Unger as well as Yamaha Factory Ride winner Kyle Biro. Our Parts Canada Walton Trans Can amateur national profile continues tonight with Jarret Biro who had a great week in Raymond.
    KTM Racing has teamed up with the Show and tonight in their namesake we will chat with Cooper Martin who also made the trek from the Peace Motocross association down to the WCAN. Ryno Power's Trevor Unger, Donny Ellis from Pro Action Suspension and Jared Stock will also check in on this weeks show. We are also looking forward to chatting with Ryan Lockhart and opening up his Locker. The Lockhart's Locker segment has quickly become a show favourite.
    The Show will also continue our ever popular call in to win giveaways tonight teamed up with MXP Magazine, Ryno Power and 2UNDER. Be ready to call in to win when the gate drops on giveaways at 347-677-0979. Also be sure to log in and hit up the ever popular chat board as the outdoor season is in full swing.
    The Rockstar Nationals resume this weekend in Gopher Dunes, Provincial Champions are yet to be crowned and the 2 biggest amateur nationals in the country have yet to run. Tell a friend the Canadian Moto Show is on the Air Lets Go Racing