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  • The Apostolic Church At New Orleans, 07/31/16, Sunday Morning Worship Service

    in Religion

    The Apostolic Church At New Orleans Sunday Morning services will start at 11:00 a.m. on July 31, 2016.  We will be broadcasting live at 11:00 a.m.  The speaker will be Bishop Kevin J. Boyd Sr. For more information on services time and dates, visit thecano.org.  The Apostolic Church At New Orleans is located at 11700 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70129. 
    "You’ll Love This Church"
    If you miss last Sunday Morning service July 24, 2016, click on the link to listen to http://tobtr.com/9096587

  • News for the Soul - Intuition, Empowerment, Inspiration &...

    in Self Help

    News for the Soul - Intuition, Empowerment, Inspiration & Beyond (646) 595 4274
    Welcome to the BTR Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. NFTS was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the NFTS RADIO NETWORK :::
    Find all of todays NFTS show listings here:  http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows-page/todays-shows/
    Tune in: 

  • Lakota Heart -N- Soul

    in Spirituality

    This show's objective is perpetuate peace among all people, as the foundation of all universes is based on "Mitakuye Oyas'in". The mind, body, soul and emotions are all connected to each other. When you nurture these four parts, you establish peace within yourself. Then you will be at peace with all creation around you.
    Lakota Spirituality: http://www.malakota.com/en_wowapi.html
    Lakota Language: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakotabk.html
    My Music: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidlittleelk2
    My Website: http://www.malakota.com
    Online Seminars: http://www.malakota.com/online_seminar.html
    Online School: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakota_school.html

  • Angelic Hope

    in Spirituality

    Please join Leanne Thomas as she showcases her students who will be giving psychic readings. Leanne Thomas is an international psychic medium and Master Teacher with the LWISSD and personally trained by Lisa Williams. Leanne's students are authentic and honing their gifts with the psychic arts. Call in for your reading and gain insight into your future.

  • Easy Knowing 7/31/16

    in Self Help

    We live in a radically changing world and the old ways are not working anymore. Join me in an interactive call-in show, creating a unique opportunity to talk one on one with each other regarding our spiritual and personal growth. We will discuss how to examine our understanding of what we know differently, through various facets such as our belief systems, conditioning and programming, and everyday language. Change your perspective and you change how you experience your world.

  • Episode 1.1

    in Sports


  • Open Forum w/ the Brothers - Crying COFAH

    in Religion

    Shalom Brothers and Sisters and listening audience Follow along with us as we explore the News, Science, Current Events, Economic Trends, and the Scriptures from a Hebrew Israelite Redeemed & Born-again Perspective 
    C.O.F.A.H is a Network of Messianic believers who are called by Yahweh to warn the inhabitants of the earth of the great evil that has entered into this world. We hold that Yahweh has restored a remnant of the seed of Ysrayl to finish the work that Yahweh first gave to our ancestors the "TRUE" Hebrew Ysraelites. 
    To find out more about the COFAH Network visit us at www.cofah.com you can also visit our cofahstore to view and obtain videos from Yahya Bandele such as "Hebrew or the So Called Negro” to "The Man of Sin One after the Ten" and many more by visiting http://cofahstore.com 

  • power of perception Coaching with Deborah Bishop

    in Motivation

    Born an Intuitive empath and catalyst, Deborah stepped on stage at the age of four and her performing career includes over 100 of her own original theatrical shows produced, being a critically acclaimed actor and award winning recording artist.  A published columnist and popular, sometimes controversial, talk radio and TV talk show host. A serial entrepreneur her creative collaborations include Disneyland Entertainment, Mattel, The Ritz Carlton Corporation and Nightingale Conant. A Non-denominational Minister, Psychic, and Healing Artist, she embraced the magnitude of a highly violent event which almost cost her life and used that to fuel her insatiable appetite for the ongoing attainment of conscious life mastery.
    Developing her methodology that has transformed hundreds of lives, Deborah is an Inner Image Expert; because you’ll never outperform your own self image, Monetization Specialist; once the cash flows everything else is possible, and Transform-tainer; using her original music to embed her message of possibility into the hearts and minds of her audiences. 
    To sum it up, Deborah’s vocation is being a leader in the Deliberate Creation Movement, hence her show “Deliberation Creation Radio” her upcoming book (2017) “The Inner Millionaire” and tag-line; “Peace, Love and Profits!”  It is her quest, over the next decade, to assist 1000 leaders, (entrepreneurs and experts) to attain multi-millionaire status creating positive change on this planet.

  • Special Sunday Sojourn w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

    in Elections

    Al Suarez, BTR Vanguard Youth Radio, joins Ruthann. Al has recently returned from the Democratic National Convention.  What really happened there? Any surprises?  What does this really mean to the American public? We'll also speak of other current happenings around the world-----

  • Free Reading Sunday

    in Spirituality

    Check out Barbara's website ReadingByBarbara.com and learn how you can get your free ebook, "Reading for One!" or sign up for it now via her email list!
    Barbara Graver is a metaphysical author, professional tarot card reader and online shop owner.  She has been reading cards since the age of 13 and has never looked back!  
    After years of reading for herself and for friends, she began reading professionally in 2001. In that time she's read locally through her website ReadingsByBarbara.com, in her own home, at psychic fairs, over the phone, through psychic hotlines, and live on-air on this show and others.  

  • Show 385: To Be Confirmed.

    in Comedy

    Content for this show has yet to be confirmed, please check back often for more news and information.