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  • Man Talk 101: Is there Life After Infidelity?

    in Relationships

    Join The Softer Side of #ManTalk101 this Saturday as she shares the stage with a Guest Host.  This Saturday they will explore why men hurt so deeply when infidelity happens within the relationship or marriage. But they are not gonna stop there. They will provide a couple of solutions to get you moving forward. Let's see who's in the Vault as well.  It all goes down this Saturday Oct 10, 11 am eastern. Dial 845-241-9898 or listen at blogtalkradio.com/Iammeradio 

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    Romance ~ Myths about 'sex' therapy - a short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy

    in Self Help

    Romance ~ 
    Myths about 'sex' therapy - a short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy.
    This is Dr. Kenner's "Today's Podcast" at http://bit.ly/auKJV8 and is also listed as podcast number 1. After today it will remain available but move down in the list. All past podcasts are also listed.

  • Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert Welcomes Author Maria Hoskins

    in Relationships

    Author Maria Hoskins Joins Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert
    I'm so excited to speak with author Maria Hoskins as she introduces her wonderful holiday books as we are quickly ushered into the holiday season!  If you love the holidays like I do, you do NOT want to miss this show.
    Maria tells us about her enchanting chiuldrens books- "Christmas Night On The Farm: and "Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner".
    Maria is a native of Mayflower, Arkansas and a graduate of Philander Smith College where she received a B.A. in English and Communications.
    Be sure to stock up on your holiday books as gifts:


    in Self Help

    NEED ANSWERS??? Love & Relationship, Career, Finances, Business . . . Life’s Everyday Questions Answered! TALK “LIVE” with IYAFADARA! An Amazingly Accurate, Gifted & Compassionate Psychic Tarot Reader! Saturday 12:00PM CST Call Today (1-347-326-9678) with your question about life, love & more. . . Iya is a direct descendant of High Priests & Priestesses, Seers, Spiritualists, Diviners & successful Fortune Tellers dating back thousands of years from the Holy City of Ile Ife. Iya warmly embraces & happily shares with her clients. Throughout the years, Iya's UNCANNY INTUITION has guided people to more successful lives.

  • Spirituality part 2 with Imam Benjamin Bilal

    in Self Help

    Imam Benjamin Bilal will the guest speaker on this re-broadcast show addressing the timely topic of Spirituality part 2, continuing his discussion from his last visit. Regarding Spirituality he says the following: "Spirituality" is not to be seen as separate from the material and social life of man. The material life is actually the densest form of spiritual existence, which is the "true" existence. Real life is pertaining to the life of the soul, or what I have dubbed the 'breathing conscience'. It gives birth to proper emotional, mental and psychic life - all of which are invisible and represent aspects of the spiritual life. In reality, they are all ONE! "Spirit" only means "influence" and if you can get control of the invisible things that influence your visible life on a daily basis, you can maintain control over all of the various manifestations of that life, which will allow you access to peace, freedom, and wellness. He will also compare ideals in various religions and talk about the 7 Chakras as it relates to gratitude and spirituality. 

  • Attracting the Light in Within PT2: Interview with Mr. Timothy Brinson

    in Self Help

    Join us for our show as we interview the awesome husband of our last week's guest with Mrs. LaTasha Brinson as he shares his journey to love, independence and freedom a powerful man with a powerful message. Hear him as he shares his struggles and victories to the road to freedom and experience what is now his own personal stress free and spirit filled ife.  Embrace how he found himself and how he is now learning how to walk and living in the freedom of his own attraction because light attracts light!   YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT!

  • Luxury Travel with strategic infusion of person development - Empowerment Travel

    in Self Help

    The Women's Inner Circle Exclusive Experiences is meeting a real need in the marketplace for women. In addition, one of the most pleasurable things in life is travel, but there is a big difference between just going to a destination and “experiencing” the amazing things it has to offer.
    The majority of people miss  out on the best and most experiential things the destination has to offer. Most of them see these different places but do NOT experience them. The true wonder and magic of travel lies in the experience ~ including learning about the culture and traditions, sampling the food indigenous to the area and appreciating the beautiful scenery. This is one of the focuses of our trips ~ THE EXPERIENCES.
    Through experiencing different things and stretching our comfort zone, we increase our self esteem and become more empowered to tackle whatever life throws our way. 
    Our guest Holli Rovenger had been living in the lap of luxury for more than 20 years, only to wake up one day and find out that her (then) husband had lost all of their money. She relates her experiences over the last several years to being left adrift in the middle of the ocean without any paddles and needing to learn to get back to shore. Her self-confidence and ability to deal with life situations are what helped her learn how to “Dance in the Rain*,” survive and thrive with a smile always on her face.
    Her mission is to empower women to step into their best lives.
    She is friendly, optimistic, and extremely honest and trustworthy. She has never met a stranger and is as comfortable speaking with the Queen of England as she is with a janitor.
    Learn more at http://www.exclusiveluxuryexperiences.com/ 

  • Get $36,000 Making Anyone Look Like A Tea Making Genius

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/ and http://lesko.com/videoebooks interviews John Pujol of http://www.novelteatins.com/ about how keeping your tea bags can be so much fun and classy with these beautifully illustrated tea tins.
    Support NovelTea Tins: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559433165/noveltea-tins
    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9MK-J_lgxg


    in Self Help

    Dietary deficiencies are disorders that occur because of a lack of essential nutrients in the diet, or because the body cannot absorb and process those nutrients once they are eaten. Most dietary deficiency diseases are caused by a lack of protein, vitamins, or minerals.
    The recommended daily amount (RDA) of a nutrient is determined by how much the body needs to stay healthy. Nutrients can be obtained in a variety of ways—from eating a varied diet to taking vitamin supplements.
    A nutritional deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t absorb the necessary amount of a nutrient. Deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems, such as problems of digestion, skin problems, stunted or defective bone growth, and even dementia.
    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Host of THE SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, to discuss the different types of Nutritional Deficiencies and the mineral and vitamin needed to correct the issue.

  • I.A.M.S.:iMMa MoMMa aCuMeNS...Awaken 2 LOVE

    in Self Help

    Kings & Queens Affirm: I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the divine presence I AM is the Source and the Substance of all my good.
    And as so, I now give myself permission to be TRUE to myself.**
    A WORD FROM Ci MoMMA “Missy Mello”
    No one likes to be called a rookie. We like to think we know more than nothing about everything, especially when it comes to dealing with relationships. But, as much as what we like to think we know, the sky-rocket increase of the online Boo-Up sites and the overrated lover’s dual  reality shows, display many of us don’t know as much as we think we do.
    It’s interesting to see how we are quickly to point out potential round-away-rats and the dogs who are no longer walking on fours; but when it comes to dealing out our own sinner pies, we become muted saints. Its as if we are embarrassed to be seen as anything less than our own perfect perception of what we think others should see us as. Roles like the Video Vixen, the Goody-2-Shoes and the Intellectual are played according to what we feel we are capable of perfecting and which would insure us the validation of which we are in search of. As long as we are able to hold that picture, it’s all good. In result, subconsciously, we allow our weaknesses to be pushed to the back burner so we can move on to more important things that requires less of our time; or so we think.
    **Ref. The Abundance Book/Healing With The Fairies

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