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  • Allow the Pain...

    in Self Help

         Today, we will be looking at – “Allow the Pain”  When you hear the title, the following words probably come to mind, “What – are you crazy – I don’t want pain.”  What if we, as a society, have been taught to run from our pain, not look at what it is attempting to show us and try to sedate it with addictions and anti-depressants?  Could there be another way – by allowing the pain.  Join us for a discussion.
    Contact info for Jyude Allbright:  http://www.beingrecovered.net

  • Spoken Girl: Taking a TIME OUT from social MEDIA; ON HIATUS until 3/20/2018!

    in Relationships

    Spoken Girl, Getting away from social media for a few days!! Time to enjoy some self renewal, spiritual cleansing! Getting spa treatments and massages does the body good! Taking the time to unload the stress of the world! Rest in paradise to Craig Mack and Stephen Hawkings! This FLAVOR IN YOUR EAR podcast is coming on 2 year anniversary on 3/21/2018, time to celebrate my little success!! Thanking all the listeners for your time, support and shares! Please take time to heal YOURSELF! Got a goood story to share with you when I get back on air, so brace yourself;-*
    Check out *Christi's Kitchen* on youtube for new recipe ideas..
    Email me some show ideas at... spokengirlsxyrsh@gmail.com

  • Reset ~ It's Never Too Late to Reset Your Life

    in Self Help

    Reset ~ It's Never Too Late to Reset Your Life with Jacqui Phillips
    RESET tackles 6 categories: Health/Fitness, Relationships, Finances, Emotions, Appearance, and Faith.
    Jacqui Phillips inspires us that it is never too early or late to RESET. No matter how far off track an area of life seems to be, she gives the courage to start anew. Whether you are in need of a small RESET or big RESET, this book will provide the tools and give you the courage to embrace them and make a change.
    Jacqui discusses how she went from bankrupting a business, failing in relationships, gaining weight, and losing her health to recreating not only herself—but also creating a life that turned all that pain into purpose.
    Jacqui Phillips is a TV and Radio Host, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Executive Producer, Public Speaker, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur. Jacqui’s radio show 'RESET' debuted in January 2017 along with her new book of the same title. She is also involved in prison ministry helping those in prison 'RESET' their lives. Jacqui’s mission in life is to inspire others to aspire to be their best selves. As a Certified Life Coach, she encourages others to break the shackles in their lives so they can live their unique divine purpose.
    For more information visit: http://jacquiphillips.tv/
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html

  • 00:26

    The Tea with Ms. Terrell

    in Motivation

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  • WOMEN WHO HAVE IMPACTED & TRANSFORMED YOUR LIFE with your host, Nashawn Turner

    in Motivation

    This is Women's History Month and a time to honor women like never before! All of us have had someone who has spoken into our lives in a way that has influenced and impacted our lives in a powerful way. They have shaped our thinking and have helped us to boldly step into our power to become who we are today.
    On today's special 'CALL IN' show, we are taking the time to honor those women that have personally touched and transformed our lives in a huge way and to celebrate them telling them THANK YOU! 
    Call into the show and share your story regarding the Woman or Women that have been your "Shero"! Tell us how her presence in your life has helped you in your BECOMING. Call 215-383-3846 to be on the show live!
    Don't forget to click on the FOLLOW button to follow me on the show as well as SHARE with others!
    Check me out on Twitter: @Nashawn_Turner
     Facebook: Nashawn Turner-Uniquely Designed Coaching
     Instagram: nashawnlifecoach

  • A Motivational Moment

    in Self Help

    Join me for another powerful segment.

  • "Iv'e Got Your Number" with Lois, Jo Anna and Astrologer Alexander Mallon

    in Self Help

    Host Lois T Martin-Intuitive Numerologist/Spirit Communicator whose expertise spans four + decades, both Inter/National renowned. TV, Radio, Columnist, Lecturer, Private Practice. www.loistmartin.com email: numberpsychic@yahoo.com Facebook: Lois T Martin. 518-989-6349
    Co-anchor JoAnna Garfi McNally-Spiritual Intuitive, Remote Energy Healer. Tutorial classes, Workshops,  lecturer, Nationally/Internationally renowned, serving all communication media. Spanning over forty plus decades. e-mail; jgarfimcnally@gmail.com, Facebook: Jo Anna Garfi McNally, 845-210-7460
    Alexander Mallon: Celebrated Astrologer and Intuitive. Alexander Mallon has practiced professionally for more than 40 years, sharing his gifts with clientele spanning the globe from NY to LA, London to New Zealand.    Discovering his calling very early in life , Alexander began his professional astrological practice by working with clientele from all walks of life/private clients, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, corporate leaders. Over the decades his many media appearances and engagements featured the television program “New Planet” which aired in Manhattan and the San Francisco Bay area.  Alexander holds a Certification from the Astrological Research Center of N.Y., a degree in Art Therapy from LIU School of Visual and Performing Arts, and training in Body Centered Gestalt Therapy at Hartford Family Institute in Hartford, CT.  Known for his compassionate style and also his direct laser-like insight, Alexander provides consultations and life coaching services for individuals, couples, and corporations. Also an avid amateur astronomer, telescope builder and sky observer, Alexander conducts classes and “experientials” in astronomy and sky lore.Follow him on Facebook: Alexander Mallon.

  • Thunder and life out of the commmunity . # 880

    in Motivation

    We have to get back to truth ( Justice ). There is such a thing .

  • Spring 2018-The Rewards Of Cleaning Out Your Closet

    in Self Help

    Do you keep telling yourself you have nothing to wear despite having a closet full of clothes? Are there items in your closet you have invested a lot of money in and will never wear them again but don’t have the time it would take to sell them online? Join me as my guests Janet Wu and Erin Wold share a new way to clean out your closets to make room for the styles you love and wear.
    SilkRoll was founded by Janet Wu, who spent 10 years developing her style and taste in fashion while working around the world as an investment banker.  Her lucrative career allowed her to create the closet of her dreams, but left her always wanting more… With a wealth of financial knowledge Janet took a risk and became the CFO of a cleantech startup and eventually moved to San Francisco where her entire high-end wardrobe became obsolete.  Everyday she looked at the fashion she loved but no longer wore and was unsatisfied with the options to purge this valuable collection.  She contemplated, ”how can I keep the value of this fashion and share it with someone who would appreciate my style?” On the 4th of July, 2015, Janet shared her idea with Erin Wold. Erin always dreamed of owning this kind of fashion but with an abundance of student loan debt her ability to invest in high quality fashion was limited.  By this time, Erin had already spent 4 years in operations at a startup that was in skyrocket growth mode, so she knew her expertise in scaling operations was as valuable as this idea, she became Janet’s co-founder.
    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1836

    in Self Help

    "Current Events, for Better or Worse" -- Public Safety OPEN MIKE discussion show from LACP.org (see: LACP current articles) ~~ Bring your experience and opinions. Tonight we'll discuss the news of the previous week. Every day the LACP Community Policing web site is updated with current news, often from Americas most recognized sources. We scour the obvious newspapers and cable news organizations, but also include articles that appear on noted activist, social media and official government web sites. You'll find crime stories, resources and OPINION pieces on regional, national and International topics. Compiled on a single 'News of the Week' page, and archived year after year, the information we offer the community-based policing activist is enormous .. and growing all the time. LACP volunteers work hard, every day, to deliver our followers a variety of items relevant to keep them up-to-date with what's happening in law enforcement, government and community policing circles. ~~ Join Bill Murray, the well-respected community voice of public safety, violence prevention and a leader in anti-child abuse and trauma efforts. His significant circle of influence includes his work as the founder of both LA Community Policing (LACP) and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA). ~~ "Where is the UNITY in 'community' these days?," Bill asks. "Unless we can learn to set aside our differences and start paying attention to how shockingly similar our experiences, feelings and actions are we'll not make progress."

  • Divorced not Damaged

    in Relationships

    Join N 'Jema Ade and guest Crystal Calhoun Monday on Divorced not Damaged

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