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  • Dream chaser special

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  • CHEATERS & How to Become CHEAT-PROOF

    in Relationships

    The Magick of Love Radio Show with The Witch & The Wizard takes on your relationship issues and gives you practical, real world solutions that WORK. Spirituality and love integrate to give you the PERFECT answers to your love questions... TUNE IN & ASCEND

  • Hope City Prayer Call 151

    in Motivation

    Welcome to Hope City Radio. Let's rejoice for our next level of spiritual growth. We will pray, worship and exalt God together. Log on at Blogtalkradio.com/HopeCity or call 319-527-6740.

  • #MorningMOTIVATION 02/20

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    Learn more about Evangelist Rawsi Williams and the #MorningMOTIVATION Broadcasts, and hear prior powerfule archives, at FeelDFire.com. #Feel #D #FIRE!! And, join us LIVE M-F @ 6:30 AM EST by Calling 323-870-4180.  We tackle a New Topic, and assign a New Task for your completion, each day. #EMPOWER Yourself!

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    James Capra Author of Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture

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    Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor Tom too tall Cunningham interviews James L. Capra.
    James Capra is an author, motivational speaker and currently the CEO and Founder of The Front Line Leadership Group.  With his unique experience of over three decades as a warrior and public servant, Mr. Capra shares real world examples and uplifting stories of what it takes to lead in any environment.
    Mr. Capra is the author of Leadership at the Front Line: Lessons Learned about Loving, Leading and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant, and children’s book; The Eagle and the Seagulls: A Wisdom Story for Children and Adults published by Lulu.com.   His third book Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture is scheduled to be available by spring 2017. 
    Jimmy, as he is known by his friends and colleagues, retired after 27 ½ years with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Prior to his retirement, Jimmy served as the Chief of Global Operations responsible for 227 domestic offices and 86 foreign offices in 67 countries.  He has previously testified before the U.S. Senate and House on a host of national security policies impacting the safety and security of the United States.   
    Prior to his DEA career, Jimmy served in the US Navy, US Navy Reserves, Air National Guard and a Military Intelligence Officer.   Jimmy has been married to his wife Shelly for over 34 years and they are the proud parents of six outstanding children, most who have taken up lives as public servants.  

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    Daily Word: Expect Greatness w/ NHL

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    Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to expecting your greatness! Cutting straight to the point…. Today is the day you get rid of the saying that says “Expect the Worst, Hope for the Best!” Today is the day you stop listening to those who urge you to be “realistic!” Today is the day that you realize that reality is what you make it so in order to make it great you must change your thoughts and subsequent actions!! Those who have a pessimistic view on life do so in an attempt to protect themselves from some past disappointment or hurt! Realize that you are what you concentrate on the most, so while you think you’re protecting yourself you are just making things worst!! If you want to be a success then expect success! If you want to be abundant then expect abundance!! If you want to be the best that ever did it then expect to be the best that ever did it! No matter what “It” is, It’s yours if you truly want it!!! I don’t care what is happening in your life right now… You must understand and recognize your greatness! Expect that everything you want in life will be yours and it will!! Your belief is stronger than any other force imaginable!! Stop living in gloom and doom and take back control of your powers! 
    Like. Share. Subscribe. https://facebook.com/LyricalElitist http://www.LyricalElitist.com TLE Radio: https://goo.gl/SXUIHA Donate: http://www.patreon.com/TLENews

  • Wisdom and Wealth

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  • Why Do We Part Ways Badly? Why Can't We Part in Peace?

    in Motivation

    Separating does not mean we have to destroy each other or a job, it simple means we evolved out of each others lives and we live with all the lessons we learned in life while we were together or intersected for a period of time. Why do we feel we have to lash out and take down someone we truly love and loved? It is a departure. Can you imagine changing what we have been taught and celebrating departures rather than trying to destroy each other emotionally, financially and physically at times? Tune in and Join in on the conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM? 

  • Two Photographers Making A Difference in the Lives of Others

    in Motivation

    Two photographers, JP Bruce in Arizona and Liam McNamara in Ireland, have a unique way of helping people in their own communities and in the world.
    Listen to hear how they make a difference!

  • The Business Round-Up

    in Self Help

    Happy President's Day!  Please join us for our special show as we speak with Paul Benitez,  President and CEO of ShaMar Consultants,L.L.C. He will discuss why it's important to have a custom website and much more!
    Please send your questions or comments to msdonnaspeaks@gmail.com.

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Making Decisions in a Struggling Marriage

    in Relationships

    Our next esteemed guest, expert coach Nicola Beer is a leading authority on how to save your marriage, an international best-selling author in 4 books and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network, Huffington Post and Wall Street Select. She works with individuals from all over the world to transform their marital situation, as well as with couples to restore the love, passion, respect and happiness. You can learn more about Nicola at  www.savemymarriageprogram.com
    In this episode of a 3 part series of 'Dealing With a Marriage Crisis - Choosing YOUR Pathway to Happiness' , we'll have the opportunity to really explore that difficult question couples often face of 'Should I stay, or should I go?'
    There are many factors that contribute to why a couple are staying together when they are deeply unhappy.
    In this interview we'll highlight when it's time to make those decisions, how to make a difficult decision like that, and what to do based on that decision.   The GOOD news is that many marital situations are salvageable, and can lead to thriving and happy marriages with the right support.   But how do you know what to do, and when?
    We'll also be discussing the mistakes undecided folks who stay in limbo inadvertantly make, AND how to determine if their marriage can be saved.   This is a life-changing topic that so many people face.
    Join us!  Create an alert by clicking on the icon at the top of the page.  And make a note in your calendar.  That way you can ask questions in the chat while the show is LIVE.
    If you'd like to find out how you can be a guest,or about The Business Springboard program itself, go www.thebusinessspringboard.com.

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