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A Fine Time for Healing


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A sanctuary for your emotional health and wellbeing. Show host, Life Counselor, and Author Randi G. Fine discusses a wide range of thought provoking, self help and life skill topics aimed at healing and enhancing your unique life experience.

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As a society, when we think of rape or sexual abuse we are likely to assume that the victims are female and the perpretrators are male. That is a gross misconception. There are many more female perpretrators and male victims than most of us are aware of. Today's special guest Donald B. Jeffries, President/Executive Director and founder of Mariposa Men's Wellness Institute, a nonprofit focused on the promotion of men's emotional wellness through education and training, is here to discuss the cultural blindness that exists concerning the prevalence of male sexual abuse and the profound negative effects this abuse has on male victims. Researchers have found that 1 in 6 men (a modest estimate) have been sexually abused before the age of 18. And alarming statistics show that women can and do sexually abuse and assault adult men, though it rarely gets reported. The unfortunate truth is that because males simply aren't allowed to be victims (or at least not allowed to be seen as such), they are are often more emotionally damaged than females by society's refusal or reluctance to accept their victimization. The goal of this show is to raise awareness of the prevalence of male sexual abuse, thereby raising the level of help, compassion, and healing that is available to these victims. This will be a very powerful show. Be sure to save the date and tune in . For more information about Donald B. Jeffries of the Mariposa Men's Wellness Institute, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pub/donald-b-jeffries/6/776/24b
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