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A Fine Time for Healing

A Fine Time for Healing


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Internet Radio Show Host, Life Issues Counselor and Author Randi G. Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Topics You Can Relate to Your Own Life--Bringing Insightful and Expert Information that Heal and Enhance Our Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health.

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Today's special guest, Maureen St. Germain, is a modern day mystic, who has become world famous for her trainings in personal development and spiritual awakening in more than two dozen countries. The author of three bestselling books, she is founder of Transformational Enterprises and the Akashic Records Guides International. Living herself in 5D and above (there are 12 dimensions described in the book), she has a unique first-hand perspective that she imparts to those ready to accelerate their transition into the higher dimensions. Whether we are aware of it or not, humanity is increasingly transitioning into the 5th Dimension. Learning how to intentionally and permanently function in 5D changes how you see and act in the world - no more good vs bad thinking, no more competitive striving, no more struggle, no more linear one-way thinking, no more retaining pain and regret over past hurts or relationships, no more worry-no more polarity! Have you ever momentarily lost track of where you are or what you are doing? Or perhaps become astonished at arriving on time for an appointment for which you left so late -- but you made it on time? Or things just happened so synchronistically that you are in a state of wonder? If so, you might just have been flirting with being in the 5th Dimension, according to today's special guest, Maureen St. Germain. This personal growth and spiritual luminary has now written a book that will give you the tools to live a multidimensional life - to operate from the realm of love and joy, instead of the polarized world of the 3D mindset. It is the manual for your vibrational recalibration, so you can rise above the limitations imposed by 3D, and live open to the infinite possibilities that become available to you when activating from a state of love.
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