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A Fine Time for Healing

A Fine Time for Healing


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Internet Radio Show Host, Life Issues Counselor and Author Randi G. Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Topics You Can Relate to Your Own Life--Bringing Insightful and Expert Information that Heal and Enhance Our Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health.

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Living with an emotionally absent partner can be overwhelming. Constantly combating outright hostility or overcoming subtle distance can leave you with the sense that the give-and-take in your relationship has disappeared. But, with the right tools, even the most broken relationship can be reinvigorated. Through her new book, If We're Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone: How to Build Intimacy with and Emotionally Unavailable Partner, today's special guest, Harvard University clinical psychologist Dr. Holly Parker, rescues readers from the desperate, hopeless feelings that have come to define their relationship and their lives. Offering numerous relatable and compassionate stories, as well as a practical and systematic program based on neuroscientific studies on how our brains are affected by physical contact, trauma, verbal expressiveness, non-verbal cues, etc., this guide provides readers with the tools to confront the crucial issues undermining their ailing and emotionally-starved relationships. Dr. Parker will be discussing: How to identify unavailable personality types, such as the Critic, the Sponge, the Iceberg, the Emotional Silencer, and the Defender How to create healthy emotional connections and boost physical intimacy How to eliminate habits that trigger self-sabotaging behavior How to set realistic goals for relationships
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In light of the recent election, our country has become entirely polarized. Whether in the political arena, a business environment, or within one's church or circle of friends or family, the need for kindness has never been greater. If we are to heal... more

Get ready to be inspired and entertained. Today's special guest, Dr. Kathy Gruver, delivers life-changing information in a fun and down-to-earth manner. She is an award-winning author, health practitioner, PhD, hip-hop dancer and trapeze... more

As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse myself I know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing this disorder can be to deal with. As an experienced counselor I know that issues dealing with this problem are always arising. I am fully aware that... more

The funny thing is that today's special guest, Sarah Elliston, never realized she was "a difficult person," someone who harangued people until she got her way, threw snip fits and temper tantrums, talked over her bosses and pointed... more

Today's special guest Kent Heckenlively, the father of a child stricken with autism after being vaccinated who remains unable to speak, and author of the book Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism is no stranger to controversy.... more

Honored guest, Laura Lee, popular professional and "radio-medium" is back on the show by popular demand. The topic that will be discussed on today's show is "School of Life." Laura will be taking your calls and giving free readings. Please... more

The image of anger as a beast is a familiar one. We have all experienced the transformation that can occur when the beast awakens; the momentary sense of power, the confidence that what we are doing is correct, and the overwhelming... more

Today's special guest, Joseph Emet, is a beloved Dharma teacher and the author of Finding the Blue Sky: A Mindful Approach to Choosing Happiness Here and Now. In this insightful title, Emet shows readers how to use multiple mindfulness... more

THE TOPIC OF TODAY'S SHOW IS: ADULT CHILDREN OF NARCISSISTIC ABUSE Transcript As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse myself I know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing this disorder can be to deal with. As an... more
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