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A Fine Time for Healing

A Fine Time for Healing


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A sanctuary for your emotional health and wellbeing. Show host, Life Counselor, and Author Randi G. Fine discusses a wide range of thought provoking, self help and life skill topics aimed at healing and enhancing your unique life experience.

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Numerology, the science of numbers, has existed for thousands of years; it has ancient roots in nearly every religion. Numbers greatly influence our lives. We have birthdates and advance yearly by age. We schedule our lives by the timing of the clock and the days on the calendar. Our society is monetarily based; few of us can live comfortably withouth money. We connect with each other through telephone numbers, and identify where we live by our street numbers and zipcodes. Computer programs are made up of series of numbers. Our social security numbers, drivers licenses, and credit cards are comprised of numbers. The world we live in is composed of energy that can be translated into numbers. These numbers are the language of the Universe. Every date and name can be reduced to a single-digit number, and each number 1 through 9 carries a certain energy. Understanding how numerology works can guide us in all avenues of our lives, from making good decisions to finding the loves of our lives. Through numerology we can understand the karmic cycles that affect our lives and stay in sync with them. Today's special guest, Dr. Carmen Harra is an expert in the science of numerology. She wrote about it in her book The Karma Queen's Guide to Relationships, and uses it to guide the people who come to her for coaching and counseling. Carmen HarraPh.D. is an internationally acclaimed intuitive psychologist, and author of 5 books. She has been featured in numerous publications and appeared on countless television programs. She is a co-chair in the Vital Voices Global Partnership led by Hillary Clinton, as well as other high profile foundations. Today Carmen is visiting A Fine Time for Healing for a second time to intrigue us with her great wisdom and knowledge. To learn more about Carmen Harra, Ph.D.,http://www.carmenharra.com
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