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***BUZZARDSKORNER 'S OF LOVE RADIO*** This is an Inspiring Uplifting Motivating Self Help Show to assist you with moving through life! Great Guests that share their stories and how their experiences in life have changed them! Also we have our Coffee Cup Conversations and Silver Platter Series with Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy. Over 600 Archive Postings to start your day out on a positive note! That and much more...

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Do you BELIEVE that? I have come to discover that the key is BELIEVING that MY GOOD IS already and all I need do is ask, BELIEVE, and wait for it to show up! I AM coming to discover that the "HOW" is not up to me and better left... more

That's right! Angels, life is for living, having fun, not playing it safe being behind walls and fences. We are here to have a good time and the world is our playground and Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy will be sharing with you... more

Living in NEUTRAL is so much better than being in overdrive or stuck in 2nd gear. What I AM coming to experience is that life comes to me with ease and grace when I let go of my "attachments". I will share with you examples from my... more

How many of us have had TEMPER TANTRUMS as an Adult? Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and myself to discover and uncover why that is as we dive into the little child within each of us that has NOT grown up yet. Get great... more

That's right Angels WE are all WORTHY to receive the gifts from this Universe. Join me as I share with you my understandings of what WORTHINESS means to me! We will start the show with a great meditation and I will also have... more

Forgiveness Angels is the KEY to experiencing and creating a better life!! The only person you are hurting is yourself because if you stop and think about it the other person has moved on with their life and are NOT even thinking about... more

Angels, I AM gong to be sharing with you about TRUE TRUST! I find myself in a space where Spirit is asking me to let go of ALL KNOWLEDGE, and DROP ALL THAT I'VE REMEMBERED to allow Spirit to guide me! If that is not TRUE... more

Angels have you ever NOT said something because you choose to be "polite" or you did not desire to "hurt" their feelings? How did that make you feel at the end of the day? I AM a believer that we always need to STAND IN OUR TRUTH... more

Angels if you have any issues of Jealousy in your life I encourage you to listen to my show as I share with you with my experience of Jealousy and how I choose to create something different using the tools of the 5th dimension, releasing and... more

How much Gratitude do you display in life? Are you Aware of how GRATITUDE brings you more of the good things in life? Do you know that GRATITUDE opens the doors to people and things that the small "you" could never of done! Join... more
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