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***BUZZARDSKORNER 'S RADIO*** is a 30 -45 min. show on Self-Empowerment, Positive Thinking, Affirmative Talk, and so much more! Join us on TUESDAYS @ 4pmPST/7pmEST My Weekly radio show will interview a guest on topics such as Empowering The Older Women, Your thoughts about money and life, Conscious Parenting and so much more! It will help you with your Personal Growth, and journey with Life. We will give you tips & tools that you can use to facilitate your healing at a more rapid pace! I AM here to uplift, motivate, encourage, and Inspire YOU by God using BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE as a Vessel! We look forward to seeing you there!

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How many of us have been in relationships way past their purpose? Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and myself as we talk about what makes us choose that, How new ways, thoughts, and ideas can change our experience of relationships and powerful affirmations to help YOU begin creating your life and the type of relationships that YOU choose!!
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It makes a difference in your life. One Energy will take you one way, the other another! I will share with you my experiences of listening to EGO/SPIRIT and why I AM having a different experience NOW because of what I choose! Let me... more

How many times in your life have you HANDED AWAY YOUR PEACE to something or someone else? NOT ANYMORE!! Join Women Of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and myself as we give ways and tips to keep your Power and to live a... more

How often do YOU give yourself LOVE? How often do you tell yourself that you are worthy and deserving of ALL that life has to offer? LOVE is thee most powerful energy in this Universe and I believe that that energy if you allow, will... more

How many times in your life have you given your JOY away to others or circumstances in your life? YOU don't have to live that way! We are meant to be Joyful people and to LOVE life! Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and... more

Join Me in Appreciating and Honoring YOU, our Angels, & Guides! I AM Gratefulness and I AM expressing and sharing my Gratefulness with YOU! Come and discover what YOUR ANGELS & GUIDES have to tell you as you... more

You may be saying that is not possible, and yet it is? 98% of Human BEINGS are SLEEPWALKING through this world! Caught up in Iphones, Games, Computers, Ipads, Ipods, and technology in general and because of that we as a human... more

We have a specail show this week as Women of Wisdom Lynda Kenndey shares with us ways in KEEPING US ALL SAFE as we move through an unsafe world! Man, Women, or Child this Coffee Cup Conversation is just right for YOU!... more

I believe that each and every one of us are moving through a REBIRTH at this time. Not only us humans I believe the entire Universe! I KNOW that I AM moving through a REBIRTH in my life and because that is so I AM going to share with... more

Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE for a great conversation on how we HAND AWAY OUR SEXY to so many people, things, ideas, and circumstances! Discover new ways to HOLD ONTO YOUR... more

Join me Angels for a Powerful Conversation about JUDGMENT! The more Conscious I AM becoming the more Aware I AM that JUDGEMENT only stops me! KNOWING that there is only ONE ENERGY in this Universe by JUDGING... more
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