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Fearless Generations


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Mother daughter life coaching team, teaching/discussing the 12 steps to Freedom. While supporting you through the generational gap to who you want to be.

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Looking back on the last 7 steps this year which is standing out to you? Which step was the hardest for you to practice? Which step are you still praciticing? What tool has supported you the most? Which tool do you want more support in understanding? Let us know which step you would like to hear more about and how we can better support you for the rest of the year.
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Join us tonight and lets wrap it up on Surrender.

Surrendering to a higher purpose or supier knowledge of what is needed is not easy. Sometimes we disagree on what we need to learn or how long we go through something. We think we know better or more then what we have... more

Surrendering to your process. Surrendering to your higher power.

What are the cost and benefits of avoiding? There are both or you wouldn't do it. When seeing that you are avoiding a situation or a person or completing a task, ask yourself why. Once you know why you can begin to shift your thoughts and... more

Being present is not always the easiest thing to do. We know life can get distracting. What would happen if we focused on what was right in front of us? Would being present become easier? Would you have more time or more energy... more

The voice of fear and freedom are in our hearts and heads. They are talking to us al the time. But do you know the difference between them? They can sound and feel like when we are un-familur with them. What does fear sound... more

What does it mean to be present in the moment? What does that look like or feel, taste like? When we are being present we are being mindful, aware, and connecting to what is going on right now. We are in the present, not the past or... more

Being accountable to yourself is not always easy. To support yourself it is great to have 5 go to proactive behaviors on hand. Something you can do at any time and anywhere! Proactive behaviors can be anything from smiling to taking a breath.

Do you find yourself stuck, procrastinating, siting around waiting? Are you feeling good about that? Are you beating yourself up about it? This is because your values and not lining up with your actions. As you look at what you really value... more

Confidence will come when you are staying committed to you. When your actions are saying that you are important to you, you will start to believe it. As you continue to say hello, or go to the gym, or wash your dishes each night before... more